A Gift of Family

My sister’s baby boy was born in early December and was brought home with much excitement and anticipation for all of us.  What was it going to be like with a newborn in the house? We had all grown so accustomed to the two girls (2.5 and 3) running around together playing, using the potty like big girls, and communicating not only when they felt hungry but what they wanted to eat.  

Watching my sister and her husband begin to introduce baby Trent into their family was so interesting and also helpful for me considering I am in a very similar position.  I am due with our 2nd (a boy) in late March.  To be quite honest, I jumped onto a fear train about a month and a half ago with the thought of bringing home our new son to this house.  It’s so funny where you think you will be at a certain point in your life. Within the last 5-6 or so months, we had all thought that before my son was born, we would be in our own two separate homes.  

About a month and a half ago as I was saying, the time for the birth of my son was drawing nearer, and doors of possible new living situations had begun to close at that point.  I started to hopelessly think that between two baby boys (0-3 months old), and two girls ages 2.5 and 3, that my sister and I would be able to do nothing to maintain a peaceful home.    

Even after you just read the latter paragraph of my hopelessness, I will say again that this season has been helpful.  Helpful because I have since started to come to a realization that I need to take a flying leap onto the FAITH train vs. the fear train. The good news is, the Faith train is always at the platform waiting to be taken.  Be aware though, the Fear train is just as available as the Faith…Crouching at the door, prowling and ready to devour. These two trains both beginning with the same letter, both always available, are two very strong and powerful ones at their heights. 

I will quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” has been the theme that I have realized I MUST forcibly and proactively dwell upon. Might I add AND to do these things well and with JOY! Also, my Lord and my God’s plans supersede the finite understanding of my own mind… And, the funny thing is, I am starting to feel a huge weight lifted off of me knowing that I will be bringing my son home to this house. It has become in my mind, more of a privilege than anything being able to live with my sister, her husband and their daughter and son for longer than I had planned. Only Jesus can change the depths of our hearts. It just takes trust (faith) and belief in Him.  If the faith isn’t there, then calling upon him to ask for that help is what you can do!  Be encouraged!