Monday, December 16, 2013


I’m on Christmas Countdown, so only 9 days to go till the big day.

Yay! I haven’t bought a single present yet though, so I’d better get on that. Giving presents and seeing people’s eyes light up when they get them is one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

Here’s who I’m going to buy for this year:

Mum, Rupert (her Fiancé!), Grandma and Granddad Burrows, Grandma Woodburn, The Girls (Amy, Libby and Phoebe), probably Luke (male best friend … but not sure if he’s getting me anything) and Miss Angel at school. That’s 10 presents.

I’ve been saving my baby sitting money for the last few months so I’ve got enough. The girls and I decided that we’d only spend a fiver on each other because otherwise it gets all too expensive.

I’ve just made mince pies and a Christmas cake with Mum and Rupert and didn’t pig out while making them. I just had one mince pie when they were cooked. I did have it with some whipped cream which was a lot of calories but I enjoyed every mouthful and I’m trying not to count calories anymore … so whatever, I had one mince pie—big deal.We’re taking the pies to the neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday but the cake is for us. Can’t wait to ice it.

OMG! You won’t believe what happened in choir practice for the Christmas Concert this afternoon … Ben looked at me! Not just a glance but a sort of long stare. And he smiled. I had to look around to see if there was someone standing behind me that he was looking at, but there wasn’t anyone. I think he was even going to come and talk to me but as he began to get up, Katie Pollock skipped over to him and sat on his lap! She’s outrageous. He whispered something in her ear and she got off him in a sulk. I wonder what he said? I thought they were going out together.

I used to fancy him like mad but I don’t anymore. It’s funny that now I don’t want him, he seems to want me! OK I’d better sign off because I’ve got to get some sleep. I need to prepare myself for when I see Pollock in Form Time tomorrow.

When I got home this evening I’d got a text from her saying “I saw that btw! I’m watching you” OMG how childish is that!

Nighty night

Alex xxx

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