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Horoscope for July 18th, 2016
  • Aries:The current aspects encourage cultivating your spirituality. However advanced you are on your spiritual journey, there are revelations, awakenings, and new experiences waiting. Visit a church or a secluded spot in nature that speaks to you and soak up the energy. Indulge in some investigation. Check out some books on spirituality and symbols, and pay attention to your dreams.
  • Taurus:A new opportunity could come your way today. It might seem like a dream come true, the chance you've been waiting for, but you'll still want to think about it a bit. The reason is that it could well disrupt your life, including your romantic circumstances. Before you commit to anything, check the facts carefully to make sure it's as good as it seems. Either way, you'll be glad you did.
  • Gemini:New communications equipment may make whatever work you do that much easier to do. You might have some doubts about your ability to use it, but don't worry. You'll be able to deal with it as well as anyone. You'll find that it will open up new doors for you, both with regard to compiling information and staying in contact with old and new friends. Go to it!
  • Cancer:A long-term friendship could suddenly develop into something more now. You could see this person in a new light and realize that this is a very attractive human being. It might come as a shock to you, however, and the idea could take a little time to get used to. Don't ignore it for that reason. Just approach with caution and see where it takes you. Go with the flow!
  • Leo:Too much is on your mind right now, and so you could have trouble sleeping. When you do manage to drop off, you could experience bizarre dreams. This is the only downside to your present situation, however. Everything else should be going very well. It might help to take a walk at night before you go to bed. This clears your head, gets the endorphins going, and works off excess energy.
  • Virgo:Some enlightening conversations could occur today with a partner, possibly romantic, possibly career-related. New methods of operation could come to your attention, perhaps involving modern technology that could speed up the process and increase your income. Bear in mind that some of what you hear may not be feasible for a while. Other ideas may never be practicable. Remember to remain objective and check out the facts.
  • Libra:Hard work on a particular enterprise for too long a time could finally lead to an increase in income. Creativity or innovation could be involved. Don't be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of compliments. You'll be feeling proud and confident, and you certainly have good reason. Buy yourself a present. Take your partner out for a celebration. You deserve it.
  • Scorpio:You tend to be adventurous at the calmest of times. Today you could be feeling especially daring. You might be tempted to make some radical changes in your life, particularly where your profession is concerned. You could decide to make your living in an offbeat way, or possibly move to a place you've never considered before. Think about it for a few days. The impetus might pass. If it doesn't, then follow your heart.
  • Sagittarius:You tend to be rather intuitive, but today your psychic abilities could seem more focused than usual. You're better able to tune in to thoughts, feelings, and events. If you give readings, this is a good day for it, because you're apt to be more accurate than usual. Don't do too many or you could lose your focus and not do anyone else any good. Work steadily and pace yourself.
  • Capricorn:Today your mind is apt to be turning to discussions of money. Conversations, perhaps job related, perhaps social encounters with friends, could turn to the subject of new income opportunities through modern technology. This is a good time to look into such matters, although you'll probably want to consider several before making a decision. Unless you absolutely know what you want, shop around!
  • Aquarius:New opportunities, perhaps involving writing or speaking, could appear on the horizon along with the current planetary energy. You aren't one to take risks on the spur of the moment, so you might want to take all the information into consideration before committing to anything. It isn't a good idea to wait too long. Things could change! If what you hear appeals to you, look into it so you don't miss the boat.
  • Pisces:Letters, phone calls, or emails from afar could put you in touch with new, interesting people. These people could well bring some fascinating ideas your way. Shared knowledge can lead to mutual advancement on material and spiritual levels. This process just might turn a casual acquaintance into a firm friend. Expect a lot of contact with these people for a long time to come. Enjoy your day.

♈ Aries; Outward (Cardinal) Fire –flames exploding outward–
Archetypes: Warrior, Pioneer, Dare-Devil, Lightbearer 
Planetary Reflector: Mars ♂ Courage 
Symbolism: Courage and Initiative
Shadow: anger, pushiness, impulsiveness, and destructiveness 
Spiritual Principle: Activity 
The symbol for Aries is an exploding fountain of flames, forever daring to rush forth and initiate new experiences. It also resembles a ram’s head. The symbol for Mars, the planetary reflector of the Arian archetype, is the Cross of Matter, the pointing arrow, projecting out of the Circle of Spirit. It means giving spiritual energy direction and life through the power of human will and desire. It’s about sexual desire and your ability to get “fired” up about living an exciting life. 

♉ Taurus; Inward (Fixed) Earth –a tranquil nature setting– 
Archetypes: Nature-Lover, Provider, Druid, Earth Mother, Gardener
Planetary Reflector: Venus ♀ Love
 Affinity: Ceres Abundance 
Symbolism: Nature and Tranquility 
Shadow: laziness, stubbornness, and materialism 
Spiritual Principle: Presence 
The Glyph for Taurus is the Arc of heart receptivity and Awareness over the Circle of Spirit, symbolizing the ability to listen to Spirit; being open to the flow through engaging the silence of the soul and finding spiritual peace. The glyph for Ceres is the Arc of Awareness growing out of the Cross of Matter, the four elements of life. It means being open and receptive to the elements of creation through the practice of nature reverence. It’s also the grain goddess’ scythe that she uses to harvest the crops, providing humanity with abundance and nourishment. With her receptor focused in one direction, she has a tendency to overindulge in the comforts of life, avoiding unpleasantness.  

♊ Gemini; Spiral (Mutable) Air –a whirlwind of change– 
Archetypes: Writer, Teacher, Messenger, Trickster, Storyteller 
Planetary Reflector: Mercury ☿ Perception 
Symbolism: Curiosity and Understanding 
Shadow: over-intellectualism, trivial nature, and knowledge without feeling 
Spiritual Principle: Cyclic change 
The Glyph of Gemini represents pillars of knowledge and the dual essence of cyclic interplay, meaning that there are multiple paths back to Spirit. For Gemini, there must always be a polar opposite, thus the twins served as a flitting metaphor symbolizing Yin and Yang standing apart, but unified by the lines of Heaven and Earth. Mercury’s glyph resembles an antennae of receptor dish trying to work through the Cross of Matter to comprehend creative Spirit. Mercury is the messenger of the mythic gods, sending dual-natured light rays across space for communication.

♋ Cancer; Outward (Cardinal) Water –healing waves flowing outward– 
Archetypes: Mother, Healer, Nurturer, Caretaker
Planetary Reflector: Moon ☽  Feeling
Symbolism: Nuturing and Emotion 
Shadow: manipulativeness, crabbiness, and excessive worrying 
Spiritual Principle: Compassion 
The Glyph for Cancer represents a mother nurturing her baby at the bosom, two souls in loving union. Like the pincers of the crab, the Arcs of heart receptivity and Awareness extend from the creative center within both individuals, the realization of familial bonds. This symbol reveals the Oneness of all life. Two Arcs of Awareness turned within, the Moon represents the heart and soul of humanity. She is the eternal mother within, the lady of magic, mystery, and change who consorts with the Underworld. If you divide the Circle of Spirit in half and reverse one arc, you create the symbol for the Moon. The Moon is the essence underlying the Sun. The Moon symbolizes Spirit listening to its own being.  

♌ Leo; Inward (Fixed) Fire –glowing embers of the heart– 
Archetypes: Performer, Magical Child, King/Queen, Troubadour
 Planetary Reflector: Solar Core ☉
Symbolism: Performance and Pride
 Shadow: egotism, arrogance, domination and excessive pride
 Spiritual Principle: Creativity 
The Glyph for Leo represents creative essence pouring from the Circle of Spirit. It is the cosmic sperm and flow of blood through the chambers of the heart. It is also the generous spirit and radiant mane of the royal lion. The Sun glyph is a dot with the Circle of Spirit. Within the core of the universe, as in every star and every life form, all energy unites in a blinding creative flash of fused awareness. The dot represents a unique point in space and time, an individual awareness surrounded by the ocean of Spirit. It is the Solar Core, diplomatic center of awareness and life giver to all other dimensions of consciousness.

♍ Virgo: Spiral (Mutable) Earth –garden rows in perfect order– 
Archetypes: Wise Mentor, Servant, Zen Master, Craftsperson 
Planetary Reflector: Mercury ☿
Affinity: Chiron Surrender 
Symbolism: Perfection and Sacrifice 
Shadow: retentiveness, self-effacement, and excessive criticism 
Spiritual Principle: Process 
Virgo’s glyph, a triple mountain crest, symbolizes the quest for perfection in the body, mind and Spirit. The Spirit crest is locked at the bottom to indicate the heart wisdom of self-reflection and living in the Here and Now. For Virgo, life is always in the moment. The glyph is also the symbol for the womb, an intricate matrix of life generation and harvesting that allows the Spirit to keep evolving through human experience. Chiron’s glyph is the cosmic key to the attainment of expanded states of awareness. It is the quincunx Aspect rising out of the Circle of Spirit symbolizing the need to surrender to Spirit or adjust your life to incorporate spirituality. A Sextile Aspect coming out of the Circle of Spirit would be another interesting symbol for Chiron representing the seed of life rising out of Spirit.  

♎ Libra; Outward (Cardinal) Air –socializing air currents– 
Archetypes: Artist, diplomat, Peacemaker, Lover Planetary 
Reflector: Venus ♀ Love 
Symbolism: Equilibrium and Harmony 
Shadow: Indecision, vanity, conceit
Spiritual Principle: Balance 
Libra’s association with the 7th Realm of Intimacy, where the sun sets each day, is a perfectly symbolized in this glyph. It represents achieving balance through aesthetic pursuits and diplomatic relationships. With Virgo (womb) adjacent to Libra and Scorpio (desire) on the opposite side, Libra seeks to forge a cosmic union or divine marriage between perfection and rebirth, skill and transformation. It is the Arc of Awareness ready to sink into layers of the Underworld. And relationships are the form people use to explore their own inner depths! The Venus glyph is the Circle of Spirit rising out of the Cross of Matter. The Goddess of Love seeks unity with Spirit through her dealings with the material world. Venus elevates Spirit over matter, inner above outer. Thus the feminine component of astropsychology is created. She symbolizes relation with Spirit through material beings. 

♏ Scorpio; Inward (Fixed) Water –torrential rivers flowing inward– 
Archetypes: Detective, Hypnotist, Alchemist, Investigator, Transformer Planetary Reflector/Affinity: Pluto ♇ Transformation, Mars  ♂  
Symbolism: Intensity and Mystery 
Shadow: Seduction, Jealousy, possessiveness, and moodiness
Spiritual Principle: Surrender 
Scorpio, like Virgo, represents the three crest of body, heart, and Spirit. Yet, for Scorpio, the barbed tail indicates a direct penetration to the heart of any matter. This is the style of desire and ultimate change. Where Virgo concentrates on skill, efficiency, and details, Scorpio delves beneath the surface of these things finding power, resourcefulness, and depth. The glyph for Pluto is the Cross of Matter supporting the Arc of Awareness, both levitating the Circle of Spirit. It represents the flow from body, to consciousness, to Spirit, the phoenix rising out of the ashes or the snake shedding its skin. It is the holy grail which holds the life force of the universe, the only symbol where the Circle of Spirit is not connected to an arc or cross. It represents galactic awareness.

♐ Sagittarius; Spiral (Mutable) Fire –seeking the essence of life– 
Archetypes: Traveler, Philosopher, Explorer, Truth-Seeker
Planetary Reflector: Jupiter ♃ Expansion
Symbolism: Experience and Cultural Exploration 
Shadow: Overindulgence, judgement, and excessive faith 
Spiritual Principle: Faith 
The Glyph for Sagittarius is Chiron the Centaur’s arrow flying toward higher awareness. When Chiron liberated Prometheus by sacrificing his life for the fire-stealing deity, Zeus (Jupiter) placed his essence in the heavens as Sagittarius the Archer. The symbol implies that you must overcome the random urges of the flesh and actually channel your desires into ultimate truth. Jupiter is the Arc of Awareness over the Cross of Matter, meaning that higher consciousness emerges out of the material world. Life is the training ground of the soul. Jupiter’s receptor points to the left indicating a tendency to overindulge or exaggerate in one direction.

♑ Capricorn; Outward (Cardinal) Earth –activating a valley of wisdom– 
Archetypes: Father, Hermit, Wise Elder, Executive, Councilor 
Planetary Reflector: Saturn ♄ Solitude
Symbolism: Ambition and Accomplishment
Shadow: Loneliness, cynicism, pessimism, and rigidity 
Spiritual Principle: Integrity 
The Glyph for Capricorn is complex. The “V” represents a hermit delving down into the abyss of life to find deep truth and battle the dragons of falsehood. Then he must climb out of the depths bringing new wisdom into the world. Confronting popular paradigms, he must plan his life work (symbolized by the loop) in order to introduce this wisdom through a society role. Then he must follow this plan by bringing others to the truth by setting a reflective example of that truth (symbolized by the Arc of Awareness curving back to the abyss). Saturn’s glyph is the Cross of Matter above the Arc of Awareness. It means people have to deal with the reality of the material world, integrating idealism into society and merging it with common sense to produce the wisdom of the hermit. 

♒ Aquarius; inward (Fixed) air –socializing air currents– 
Archetypes: Genius, Revolutionary, Scientist, Sage, Humanitarian 
Planetary Reflector/Affinity: Uranus ♅ Intuition, Saturn ♄
Symbolism: Originality and Community 
Shadow: rebelliousness, aloofness, and unreliability 
Spiritual Principle: Freedom
The Aquarius Glyph symbolizes cosmic energy flowing through life, two serpent-like waves of knowledge. In ancient times water was the symbol for knowledge, hence the name “Waterbearer”. Aquarius is the knowledge bearer who has the ability to tune into the Universal Mind symbolized by the waves. Uranus is the Circle of Spirit connected to the Cross of Matter and two Arcs of Awareness! It symbolizes the Spirit working through Matter to unite the Yin and Yang poles of the universe. In the book “Prometheus the Awakener” by Richard Tarnus, the argument is laid for the changing of this planet’s name from Uranus to Prometheus because of the higher degree of mythological similarity.

♓ Pisces; Spiral (Mutable) Water –a dream-like vortex of soul energy–
Archetypes: Dreamer, Poet, Mystic, Psychic 
Planetary Reflector/Affinity: Neptune ♆ Imagination, Jupiter ♃ 
Symbolism: Awareness and Compassion
Shadow: Escapism, vulnerability, and evasiveness
Spiritual Principle: Unity 
The glyph for Pisces shows two Arcs of Awareness joined by a line, symbolizing the multi-dimensional universe and the unification of Heaven and Earth. One fish swims upstream while the other swims downstream. In this way, the whole river of life is explored, and yet the two fishes are always one. It represents the ability to see all dualities as part of one rhythmic universe. The Pisces glyph is the astrological version of the eternal Tao. Christ and his followers carried Pisces as their emblem. Neptune symbolizes the Cross of Matter piercing the Arc of Awareness. This is the only symbol where the arc are cross actually blend into each other. It suggests the unity of awareness and matter as the astral realm of dream vision penetrates the world, like the cosmic muse who inspires compassion. 


Ankh (“crux ansata”, the Egyptian cross) in Egyptian mythology hieroglyph meaning … Life (most of all “eternal life” as a gift from gods). Recognized as the first sign of Coptic Christians. To this day, considered to be one of their main symbols. In the early dynastic period ,Ankh’ equated with holy family: Virgin Mother Isis, Osiris who died and was resurrected, and their son… sun-god Horus. Connected with the Amon-Ra as a “breath of God” (= the equivalent of the Holy Spirit). The word “Amen” in Christian prayer, comes from the Egyptian word “Amon”, did you know? All the rest main figures of the holy family are also present in today’s Christianity (just as the idea of the Last Judgement). In Byzantine times, Jesus was called Sol Invictus, just as Horus. Also, many other elements of Christianity comes from the Egyptian religion, which took its own myths from even older sources from Mesopotamia (from Sumerian and Babylonian times).

“The idea that we are to be absorbed into the Absolut is Gnostic in its origins and is quite antithetical to judeochristianity. The Gnostic’s passionate adoration of Sophia was known as philosophia – ,the love of Sophia’ – a mystical communication with divine feminine wisdom, having little to do with the strictly intellectual, most often masculine, pursuit currently labeled “philosophy.”

~ R. Alan Woods & Zeena Schreck


Antoine Court de Gébelin (1725-1784) ~ was a former Protestant pastor, born at Nîmes, who initiated the interpretation of the Tarot as an arcane repository of timeless esoteric wisdom in 1781. His centers of focus are the familiar ones of universal origins of languages in deep time and the hermeneutics of symbolism. It was his immediate perception, the first time he saw the Tarot deck, that it held the secrets of the Egyptians. Writing without the benefit of Champollion’s deciphering of the Egyptian language, Court de Gébelin developed a reconstruction of Tarot history, without producing any historical evidence, which was that Egyptian priests had distilled the ancient Book of Thoth into these images. These they brought to Rome, where they were secretly known to the popes, who brought them to Avignon in the 14th century, whence they were introduced into France. An essay by the Comte de Mellet included in Court de Gebelin’s Monde primitif is responsible for the mystical connection of the Tarot’s 21 trumps and the fool with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. An essay appended to this gave suggestions for cartomancy; within two years the fortune-teller known as “Etteilla” published a technique for reading the tarot, and the practice of tarot reading was born.


Artist & Photographer:

David Hochbaum

“Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time warp

  It has been such a long ass time since my last post, and so I will not even attempt to try and fill the gaps of things that have happened. The cliff notes version is this. I moved to Somerville. I love it. Ok enough reminiscing. I am going to do my best to keep better tabs here of my goings on. I am starting with my most recent series of works titles “Totems”. The totem has been used for centuries as the representation of a spiritual being or sacred symbol. It has served as protection or warning to the evil who would do harm to those who the totem represents. They were also a symbol of heritage using an animal, which represented the character of the individual or group of people it was serving. Many civilizations on earth utilize the totem to pay homage to the invisible duality that exists amongst the waking life. The totem is the earliest form of ritualistic worship, the backbone for religion and magic. For me, this series represents a personal inward reflection. It is a search for spirituality and perspective through a meditation on nature. Each totem in the series takes the form of one of more animals or human faces. One can find even more when the image is inverted. The process: The work for this series is a combination of processes. It begins with a photograph, shot on black and white medium format film. The negative is scanned, dissected and inverted. Then a pigment print is made on a Japanese Kozo, a rice paper made from the mulberry tree. The print is then mounted on a prepared substrate and sized with a PVA solution. The entire print is then coated with a homemade encaustic made of beeswax, dammar crystals and carnauba wax. After it is cooled, it is hand buffed. The image is then mounted in a hand crafted custom frame made of pine with a border accent of hand cut and hammered aluminum. The piece is wired with the option to hang two ways. It is displayed in the gallery in the artist’s preferred direction. “

Robert Fitzgerald - Phoenix, “Arcanum Bestiarum”, 2012.

In #Alchemy, the #Mythical #Phoenix bird represents the culmination of the #Opus. Understanding the #mythology of this fantastic creature reveals the reason alchemists chose it to represent successful completion of their work. As far as we know humans alone possess the Knowledge of their own Mortality. That we know we will Die gives meaning to our days. In myth, the Phoenix was endowed with this #Sacred Knowledge. Thus, in seeing its Death draw near, the Phoenix prepared a nest of wood and resin upon which it would perch itself. It then exposed the nest to the full force of the Sun’s rays. The embers, bursting into flames, consumed the Phoenix and reduced it to ashes. Out of these ashes arose another Phoenix. The Rebirth of the Phoenix reflects the aspect of #Immortality associated with the #PhilosophersStone.
Alchemically, this fabulous bird represents #Regeneration. But there can be no Regeneration with first there being a process of Dissolution. “No Generation without Corruption” is an alchemical recipe that succintly describes this process and explains the Phoenix’s Death and Resurrection. Death of the body (the matter) is necessary in order to eliminate the coarse, unconscious elements from the Prima Materia. The method used to accomplish this is Calcinatio, the Fire operation.
In China, the Phoenix is particularly well known as a #symbol of the #Sun. Ash in Alchemy symbolizes the resulting matter left behind in this act of #Purification. The matter, in other words, is reduced to its most Essential and Pure State. It provides the ground (the Salt) from which a new #Spiritual Body is Born. We need physically Die in order to have this Rebirth Experience. Every moment offers us the opportunity to Transform #Consciousness into a more Awakened State. The Phoenix is an excellent symbol that reminds us of the ever-transforming cycles of Life and Death. #occult #esoteric #art #blackandwhite #occultism

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