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What The Moon Signs Need

ARIES: attention, excitement, challenges, to feel loved and care for

TAURUS: comfort, affection, stability, reassurance that they aren’t wasting their time

GEMINI: new ideas, communication, kindred spirits

CANCER: nurturing, safety, family, good food, comfy clothes

LEO: attention, entertainment, excitement, to express leadership

VIRGO: mental stimulation, order, to feel helpful, to be the friend that gives good advice

LIBRA: harmony, companionship, equality

SCORPIO: privacy, intensity, “soul bonding”, to feel loved

SAGITTARIUS: adventure, wisdom, new experiences, variety

CAPRICORN: solitude, aspirations, determination, to feel like what they’re doing is right

AQUARIUS: collaboration, individuality, to please others, freedom

PISCES: compassion, security, creative outlets, ways to escape own thoughts

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Gemini Moon

Gemini moons are witty, nervous, easily distracted, and usually mentally all over the place. Being ruled by mercury, showing and understanding emotions is not their strong point. When confronted with the emotions of others a Gemini moon often simply lets their mind wander to another topic instead of staying in the moment, which can make them appear insensitive. They themselves have a hard time staying focused on their emotions, or anything for that matter. Their mind is extremely rich and vivacious, always jumping from one thought to another. These individuals are generally physically jumpy and unstable, quite often you can see their eyes lose focus and their hands fidget. They might not always work well in traditional learning environments, but they have a deep need to learn and cultivate their interests. These people often teach themselves more than anyone else ever could. They have an endless array of knowledge at their disposal, making them excellent conversation partners. Gemini moons would benefit from learning patience, they particularly need to work on consciously staying focused on areas that need improving. Gemini moons would also benefit from writing down their emotions, as this would help them to attach them to something real and therefor giving them means to address them later on.

The higher you vibrate the clearer the signs become, the clearer the way becomes, the clear your overall spiritual vision becomes.
—  Lalah Delia
The Signs and Their Corresponding Chakras

Root Chakra (Basic Instinct, Survival): Aries, Capricorn

Sacral Chakra (Sexuality, Desire): Taurus

Solar Plexus (Sense of Self, Personal Power): Leo, Virgo

Heart Chakra (Self Love, Unconditional love): Libra, Cancer

Throat Chakra (Self confidence, Communication): Gemini

Third Eye Chakra (Intuition, Spirituality): Scorpio, Sagittarius

Crown Chakra (Transcendence): Aquarius, Pisces

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system and represents at the same time the highest God in Roman mythology. Portraying the greatest of spiritual searching and finding beyond the borders of Earth, only Jupiter’s very size indicates its significance.

What Jupiter symbolizes in astrology:

  • your taste of humour in association with your over time gained wisdom
  • your inner spirit that disconnects from all earthly things
  • in which way you see yourself as part of the cosmos
  • how strong you connect your spiritual way of being with your earthly everyday  interactions
  • how much the stars have destined for you to become drawn to ethics, philosophy and leaving the world of things
  • how you see yourself as part of the society and which part of your personality you share and give away
  • if, how and in which ways you grow and broaden your horizon
  • where you can seize the chance to enhance financial/material opportunities
  • if you are prone to the past catching up with you and if this might be troubling you
  • if you oftentimes feel blessed with the way things worked out for you (and the degree of importance of those things)
  • how much you pay attention to the little things and appreciate them
  • how mature your soul is destined to become

Key traits if Jupiter’s set in…

• Aries: leadership and renewal, creative power, social and intellectual improvement, encouraging action, enthusiasm and self-confidence, evolutionary thinking and growth, the courage to realise great plans
Be careful not to: boil the ocean, act rashly, ignore advice, become too reckless, react stormy towards unexpected difficulties

• Taurus: appreciation of art and music, organisation and commitment, sense for providing security, turning what is given to something useful, knowledge of the power of solidarity, sustainment and expansion, endurance and determination and therefore wealth
Be careful not to: become resigned and too materialistic, be too proud of your achievements, live to lavish, let your intolerance towards spirituality gain the upper hand

• Gemini: openness and complaisance, a desire to travel, joviality and popularity, intellectual curiosity, critical dealing with society, communication and urbanity, writing and researching, an adequacy of word choice
Be careful not to: give in to restlessness, appear superficial, become snobbish and theoretical, lose focus, neglect long-time friendships, cling to the wrong people, ignore your gut feelings

• Cancer: great creativity, wealth of emotions, quite preparation and sudden glamorous performance, excellent manners, parental love, devotion and trust, comfort and homely flourishing, taste in food and fashion, idealism and good will
Be careful not to: lose yourself in utopian rhapsodies, be too sentimental with yourself, have fear of breaking up old bondings, hold back your true opinion

• Leo: glory and recognition, optimism and energy, generosity and ecstasy, fondness for religion/fate and history, passion for display of splendour, honour and honest radiating of encouragement and benevolence, authentic affection for children
Be careful not to: expect others to have the same energy as you, take to a big liking in yourself, leave your friends behind in favour of your personal interests, lose yourself in resignation

• Virgo: all or nothing, from apprentice to master, choosing details over the big picture, adviser and attendant of society, honour and essentiality, filtering out the truth from delusion, perfection and guidance, orderliness in clothing and behaviour
Be careful not to: lose sight of the overall situation and what really matters in the end, overwork yourself, be offended by things not concerning you, attend to things not meant to be

• Libra: justice and moral principles, estimation and appreciation, giving and forgiving, knowing how far is too far, harmony and loyalty, socialism and love of animals, thoughtfulness of other people’s needs, emphasis of personal beliefs
Be careful not to: decide for others, try for everybody to be happy, develop double standards, expect others to always be considerate or favouring towards you, let jealousy win

• Scorpio: passion for all things of interest, dear holding of opinions, practicality and routine, distinguishing oneself  at any cost, falling down and picking oneself up, life and death, feeling the invisible, observing and striking, deep worthiness and mannerliness
Be careful not to: become set on something, get stuck in your own head and perceptions, misjudge without even asking, see yourself as the centre of everything

• Sagittarius: discovering the backgrounds, mores and etiquette, idealism over materialism, adventure and riskiness, systematics and life principles, respect and admiration, criticality and curiosity, strange cultures and centuries, knowledge of the upcoming
Be careful not to: be overcritical, balk at new ways of approaching things, become blinkered or denying, fall for outdated dogmas, be too trusting, let others use your joviality

• Capricorn: clarity of aims, responsibility and endurance, knowing for what can be achieved, circumspection and humbleness, clown on the outside, young soul – old mind, maturity and excellent humour, family ties, status and high quality
Be careful not to: become detached to status symbols and the outward, burry your feelings inside, let yourself be deterred quirkiness and unconventionality, set the wrong goals

• Aquarius: graveness and sincere gratitude, in search of renewal and improvement, abomination of phoniness, realism and acceptance, humanitarianism and seeing life as a preciousness, forceful challenging of traditions, forgiveness and will to approach
Be careful not to: neglect the care of friendships, think too unrealistically or revolutionary, isolate yourself from conservative ways of dealing, split your energy

• Pisces: meaningfulness and dedication, intensity and solitude, waiting for a deeper sense, love and willpower, emerge from behind the curtain, universal mind and searching for a purpose, fusion of mind and soul and desire
Be careful not to: sink in self-pity, blame others too much, sit back on a higher throne, dam up your emotions until eruption, lose sight of what you are capable of

Gimmick: (This is just for fun, pls don’t take it too seriously :)

MTL drawn to the impact of Jupiter (or how lucky your Jupiter sign is):

  • Aquarius
  • Scorpio
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces
  • Virgo
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn
  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Taurus
What People Think The Signs Are  vs What They Actually Are
  • Aries (what people think): Bossy, cocky, hyper, chatty, optimistic
  • Aries (what they are): Insecure, under-pressure to succeed
  • Taurus (what people think): Stubborn, lazy, boring, opinionated, introverted
  • Taurus (what they are): Afraid of change and the unknown, sensitive, cut-off
  • Gemini (what people think): Chatty, know-it-all, nosy, hyper, shallow, joyful, stress-free
  • Gemini (what they are): Has relationship problems, lonely, moody, self-discouraged
  • Cancer (what people think): Complicated, unpredictable, sulky, possessive, clingy
  • Cancer (what they are): Cut-off, lonely, resentful, pessimistic, depressed, sensitive, nostalgic, shy, insecure, observant, intelligent, peace-loving,stubborn
  • Leo (what people think): Bossy, attention-seeking, spoiled, ambitious
  • Leo (what they are): Sensitive, warm-hearted, easily hurt, needs to be needed
  • Virgo (what people think): Cold, know-it-all, perfectionist, picky, honest
  • Virgo (what they are): Deep, over-analysing, orderly, ambitious, wants a purpose and to thrust, sensitive, wants to be appreciated
  • Libra (what people think): Attention-seeking, popular, chilled out, spoiled, eager to please, indecisive, push-over, fake
  • Libra (what they are): Peace-loving, confused, insecure, resentful, fearful, emotional
  • Scorpio (what people think): Detached, cold, penetrative, manipulative, dominating, secretive, mysterious
  • Scorpio (what they are): Misunderstood, chaos-fearing, emotional, intense, jealous, resentful, fear of failure, cut-off, unthrusting, intense lover, passionate, greedy
  • Sagittarius (what people think): Optimistic, foolish, nosy, reckless, irresponsible
  • Sagittarius (what they are): Well-adjusted, don't care what people think of them, adventurous, fun-loving, happy, hate selfishness
  • Capricorn (what people think): Bossy, shallow, manipulative, gloomy
  • Capricorn (what they are): Insecure, needs to prove their worth, lonely, self contained
  • Aquarius (what people think): Know-it-all, independent, weird, stubborn, confusing, push-over, wisecracker, manipulative, arrogant, special little snowflake, detached
  • Aquarius (what they are): Wise, observant, collected, honest, open-minded, kind, intelligent, questions why they're so different, wants to be appreciated
  • Pisces (what people think): Mysterious, weird, intense, junky, strange, pushover
  • Pisces (what they are): Thrusts their instincts, sensitive, unable to reject, considerate, brings bad luck onto themselves, emotionally unstable, spiritual, imaginative
Pisces Moon

Pisces moon soaks up whatever emotion it feels, these people are extremely empathetic and often get overloaded with their own as well as others emotions. They have a hard time facing problems and prefer to ignore them or have others work them out for them. they are often visibly very upset when faced with issues such as poverty, natural disasters, and overall human suffering on a large scale. They often have problems with procrastination and are seen as overly sensitive by others. These people require alone time to recharge after social interactions as well as to contemplate, their imaginative world is rich and provides a safe haven for them which they love to retreat to. Pisces moons are creative and have an innate desire to help others, the problem lies in their self-doubts which regularly prevents them from doing what they desire to do. They often wish for praise and approval from others, particularly for any charitable deed they may have done, but are reluctant to ask for it, which can make them harbor silent resentment. These people generally do not work well under pressure, and when placed under it they can erupt and feel victimised. They do not take insults or constructive criticism well. Pisces moons can make some of the most understanding friends, they feel deeply and are always prepared to give a shoulder to cry on.

A sign of spiritual awakening is when you start to trust your connection with the source of life. Example: Answering your own questions and healing yourself. Teaching, mentoring, guiding and healing others. Pruning and purging outmoded beliefs. Eliminating stress. Living with integrity and speaking truth. Being your own role model and forging your own unique path.

the signs a short extracts i wrote

Aries: She swallowed water, salty sea water, almost drowning from the waves. A spear in her right hand she stabbed after the big fish that was circling her right underneath the surface of the water. She tasted blood on her lips and tried to breathe. She did not feel anxious, no, rather the mere will to survive. Rage, panic, adrenaline, she felt like she was one with the most ancient and oldest feeling of life.

Taurus: Laying on his cloud, he heard the other angels debating on what to do for the day. “Shall we help the poor or watch out for the dying?”, he repeated their words mockingly, biting in his apple with relish. He hummed a lullaby and closed his tired eyes before he drifted off to sleep. “Their heads are full of worries.” They all hated his careless attitude and doubted the effectiveness of his help. In the end, they always forgot that he indeed was the angel of joy.

Gemini: “Tell me a story!”, the boy said to his sister and hand in hand they jumped through the forest, searching for the purest fruit of wisdom. “I could tell so many, but you probably know them all already!”, she responded and her eyes lightened up as she spotted a piece of the blue sky through the crowns of the dark trees. “Yeah, that must be true”, he answered. They smiled happily, being together was all they had. Little did they know, that they walked in circles for days. 

Cancer: The prince watched out of his window, directly onto the water of the seemingly black sea. The moon reflected on its surface and the night silently spoke to him, like an old friend, told him that his sorrows will be gone soon. Sighing he closed his eyes and recreated the dream he had last night. On the lowest point of the sea, hitting the cold, muddy ground he searched for something? But what could it be? His thoughts where interrupted by the crashing waves and he smiled as he looked into the face of a young mermaid. “Loreley?” 

Leo: She watched the something on the throne. It was not her. It was an old, wrinkled beast, already having its best years behind it, being touched by the life taking hand of the universe. It looked dead to her. She touched its leather like skin and shook her head in disapproval. The crown on its head was shining in the most beautiful colors and overwhelmed by its appearance she lifted it up and placed on the top of her head. Then suddenly, the beasts eyes moved and she knew that was it. 

Virgo: She was porcelain. Her hands where slim and her fingers long, her neck looked as fragile as the one of a swan and her long, silver gown, made out of spider webs,  enveloped her thin body. She was cold. Everything she touched turned to ice and as the queen of the country, the most disloyal of her followers adorned her cupboards as little ice figures now. She showed no gesture on her face. She was all alone. 

Libra: “Sir, you need to decide”, the woman told him coldly and looked him dead in the eye. He was sweating already and close to the edge. He needed to escape but his limbs were tied to the chair. “Let me out!!”, he shouted and tried to move, tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. “Sir, you need to decide.” 
“No, no, let me out!!!”
“Sir, there is only once chance.” 

Scorpio: As the cat spoke to her she thought she completely lost her mind. It was the late afternoon as the neighbors cat - that mysteriously always stood in front of her window - told her to “not go to the old cottage near the forest”. She knew she was going insane. And she knew usually people said there was no one living inside of that little abandoned house. But there were flowers planted around the cottage and smoke came out of the chimney. Maybe she was insane. Maybe she just wanted to see the truth.

Sagittarius: He never breathed such clean air. He never tasted this freshness, this pureness on his lips. The cold air surrounded him, tried to get through his clothes and down to his body, but his heart was warm. Warm and pounding to the sound of the wind and mountains, humming a quiet song to the movement of the earth, to the building and children of mother nature. He wanted to kiss the cold, untouched earth and he imagined the landscape in front of him during spring. “Finally, I am home.”

Capricorn: As he walked down the street, busy as always, the crowd of people seemed to squash him, as they all wanted to get home as quick as possible since work was over. It started to rain. Cold, dirty rain that was pouring down on a cold, grey and dirty city. He opened his umbrella and continued his way to the bus stop as suddenly a tall man in black clothes, with a black box in his left hand and a pocket watch in his right stood a few foot steps away right in front of him. Fear grabbed the working man. He started to run. 

Aquarius: “Sir do you need something to eat? It’s almost 9 pm and you hadn’t have any dinner so far”, the assistance asked worried. He smiled, knowing she always worried about him but he was busy watching the little creatures on the red globe in front of him. They moved and talked, creating new things and build friendships, started fights, wars and made peace. All that in just matter of seconds. As the woman looked over his shoulder she instantly grinned. “You love to look at the past of your creations, don’t you?” He laughed shortly and lifted up his gaze, looking out of the window, right to the stars. “Well, I made them after all.”

Pisces: She held him close as the night arrived and everything was covered in complete darkness. “Don’t let me go”, he whispered, his voice shaking but she just smiled gently and kissed his cheek. “Look.” Her hands glowed as she formed little animal sculptures out of bright bubbles that ran around their heads before disappearing in the night sky. His eyes widened in amazement as he looked at the art she just did. “How do you…”, he started but stopped as he looked into her stark-like eyes. She asked him: “Do you believe in the fairy tales you read?”

the signs as metaphysical phenomena

ARIES- seeing auras, giving power boosts, being a healer through power, showing someone how to come into their power by coming into their own, kundalini power

TAURUS- being a healer through plants/crystals, reiki, being someone’s “rock”, seeing music, feelings through art

GEMINI- believing in the supernatural, believing in the otherworldly, being able to sense the outcome of certain situations, intuition

CANCER- sensing other’s vibes, feeling other’s feelings, true sympathy, telepathy

LEO- being a power booster, being the natural leader, having everyone revolve around you, being talked to by 3 different people at the same time, healing people with pieces of their hearts (there’s surely enough to go around)

VIRGO- healing through plants, crystals, predicting the future, being a seer, symbolism, synchronization

LIBRA- synchronization, telepathy, healing through energy work, finding balance in duality, bliss in understanding

SCORPIO- communication with the spirit realm, being used as a vessel for communication, seeing ghosts, kundalini power

SAGITTARIUS- the power of inspiration, ‘fire in his eyes’, power booster, precision, understanding one consciousness

CAPRICORN- seeing spirits, seeing shadowpeople, seeing demons and gods, communicating with them, coming into your own'god’ or 'demon’ power

AQUARIUS- seeing demons and angels, learning the most from spiritual experiences, seeing otherworldly beings, feeling vibes

PISCES- seeing auras, feeling vibes, true empathy, telepathy, healing through fluid dynamic motion or through the energy of water, communicating with spirit.

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moon are quite possibly the most emotional moon sign. They feel every emotion intensely, emotions for them are so powerful that they often feel them physically. It is because of this that Scorpio moons regard emotions as a threat which others can use against them, resulting in them suppressing and hiding them from prying eyes. Beneath the hard exterior however lies a perceptive, passionate, and loyal core. Scorpio moons will protect the people they care about no matter what. They have a tendency towards suspicion, which makes them tense and guarded. Because of that they desire the freedom to relax and express their deepest worries. What a Scorpio wants more than anything is to be themselves without the fear of being used. They require intimacy in all its forms, for them secrets are a sacred bond. Their intense emotional nature may cause them to be like a ticking bomb, calm one minute and exploding the next. A Scorpio moon must learn to balance their feelings instead of shifting from one extreme to the next.

sister signs

Aries/Libra: the Self vs Others, conflict vs peace, independence vs cooperation

Taurus/Scorpio: life/beginnings vs death/endings, beautiful vs ugly, material vs intangible

Gemini/Sagittarius: knowing vs understanding, student vs teacher, messenger(logic/reason) vs traveler(intuition/experience)

Cancer/Capricorn: cosmic mother vs cosmic father, privacy vs recognition, inner child vs inner adult, emotions vs sense 

Leo/Aquarius: receiving love vs giving love, the identity vs humanity, king(attention) vs rebel(detachment)

Virgo/Pisces: service to humanity vs service to the universe(God), the mundane vs the celestial, mental growth vs spiritual growth

Mercury Signs ☿
  • Mercury ☿ in Aries ♈: Speaks with her leadership
  • Mercury ☿ in Taurus ♉: Speaks with her tenacity
  • Mercury ☿ in Gemini ♊: Speaks with her personality
  • Mercury ☿ in Cancer ♋: Speaks with her emotions
  • Mercury ☿ in Leo ♌: Speaks with her charm
  • Mercury ☿ in Virgo ♍: Speaks with her mind
  • Mercury ☿ in Libra ♎: Speaks with her peace
  • Mercury ☿ in Scorpio ♏: Speaks with her eyes
  • Mercury ☿ in Sagittarius ♐: Speaks with her freedom
  • Mercury ☿ in Capricorn ♑: Speaks with her pen
  • Mercury ☿ in Aquarius ♒: Speaks with her madness
  • Mercury ☿ in Pisces ♓: Speaks with her spirituality

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Virgo Moon

Virgo moons are innately analytical, nervous, critical, and emotional closed off. To a Virgo moon, emotions are ‘dirty’ and the native would much rather occupy themselves with things that they view as more mature and less of a bother. Large emotional displays actually make them quite uncomfortable, in fact you can sometimes see them visually cringe when seeing someone cry. This is perhaps also because at the core of themselves, they deeply wish to be able to embrace their emotions. Virgo moons may be emotionally unaware, but this is not to say that they are cold. On the contrary, while they may appear indifferent, Virgo moons feel a personal duty to give back to the world and help others. Their advice, while hard to face, is often exactly what you need. A Virgo moon prides themselves on their accuracy, simply because they internally criticise everything before releasing it, making sure that it is perfect. Their perfectionists nature can also be their downfall, as they easily get very overwhelmed when things don’t go their way. They will do anything however to hide this from others. Know that when a Virgo moon shows affection, they mean it. A Virgo moon will never try to sugarcoat or lie to you, no matter how harsh what they say is they will tell you the truth and nothing else.