spiritual oasis

Summer Heat

I want to be the summer of your heart
intoxicating late-night, twilight moons

a warm dance that idles in your mind
enchanting, painted hues
sultry as soft winds
dancing, nuanced I love yous
as rustling leaves move through lofty trees
we…consummate in sultry heat

our affair…an oasis, a spiritual retreat
hushed by the sound of midnight’s hour
caressing comfort, embracing lust

you are first and forever after

outsoaring my mind
my black rose, my resplendent flower

your tantalizing silken petals
are my longing just past dusk
when shadows and darkness of twilight
overtake searing summer sun
and our unspoken, forbidden love
sears and smolders
upon silent, saturated sheets…

you are my unusual summer heat

A beautiful poetry collaboration between the very talented writer
Chris B @followcb and myself Lauren @lzlabs

Thank you Chris for this.