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On Judaism

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts and feelings about Judaism recently. It’s like, suddenly, I truly realized for the first time that a person can actually convert to Judaism. I know at least one person who’s done it, and obviously there are converts in the Bible, but it just has never occurred to me before now that I could convert to Judaism.

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Don't Wait For the Mystery God!!!

No, God or God/Goddess is going save you from this oppression to gain true freedom, justice, equality from nature destroying, economic slavery, mental slavery, nor protect your family, start your business, keep your business going and much more.

I havent seen one yet.

We are the embodiment or living divinities in the flesh.  We are the saviours of our home, city/town, regions, nation and the world.

“Firewood will not collect itself” -Namibian Proverb

Driven to Distraction

Ever looked back on a week and wondered where it went to? It’s Friday afternoon; you’re absolutely exhausted but no better off than you were on Monday morning. You didn’t get enough done and are faced with the exciting prospect of doing it all again next week.

Worse than ignoring financial opportunities is the sad fact that we didn’t develop spiritually, as Jews. I’m no more spiritual, no more dedicated and perhaps even more cynical than I was last week. What have I done for G‑d lately, and if not, why not?

What went wrong? I had such high expectations of the week ahead but got sidetracked into irrelevancies and dead-end tasks. It’s not from lack of desire, but lack of focus. There are too many distractions competing for our time and, unfortunately, we sacrifice the purposeful for the pleasurable and procrastinate away our weeks.

I knew that I should have ignored the phone, the internet, TV, day-dreaming, movies, newspapers, email, car-spotting, novels and sudoku, but their charms were too tempting and they pulled me in to their vortex. Much as I wanted to, I couldn’t escape being sucked down into the quicksand flowing through the hourglass of my life.

Successful people in life have self-discipline; the ability to prioritize and set goals. They know how to plan work and work to plan, but so many of us are struggling. Spiritual people set G‑d as their lodestar and guiding light, but many others waste their soul on meaningless drivel and missed opportunities.

I wish I had some way of forcing myself to stay on message. If only I could be locked away in a cell with no distractions and no excuses, can you imagine how much I would accomplish?

Locked in a Cave

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Kabbalistic classic the Zohar, whose yahrtzeit we commemorate on Lag BaOmer had just that chance. Fleeing from the Romans, he and his son were forced to hide out for 13 years in a cave. They went nowhere, saw nobody, yet it was the most precious time of their lives. A stream of water and a carob tree miraculously appeared to supply them with food and drink and, with no distractions, no disturbances, no complications and no excuses, they spent their time immersed in study.

When the threat level had diminished they left the cave, but what an impact that time they spent inside that cave made on history. Rabbi Shimon went in as a follower and came out a leader. Possibly the most influential Jew of that period, his opinion is quoted in virtually every chapter of the Talmud. The mysticism revolution that he engendered changed the face of Judaism, and until today shapes and colors the way we think, feel and interact with each other and with G‑d.

A Time to Grow

We live in a wonderful climate of freedom and in a time of opportunity. The soldiers aren’t on the prowl and no danger threatens our lives. Ostensibly we are free, yet in reality we are under constant attack. The distractions described above are all tools in the arsenal of our evil inclination; attempting to prevent us from connecting with G‑d and living His way of life.

Nah, you can’t be woke and be a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew because the first thing you recognize is that Religions are made to enslave and Spirituality is practiced to liberate.

Too many Black christians, and muslims, and jews practice a religion that they don’t know the history of, barely read the texts to, and get mad when people call them out.

1) Every single aforementioned religious system took sweet time to shit on ALL african based religious systems, called them primitive and savage, and inferior the system and the practitioners.

2) Every single aforementioned religion was used to justify the murder, rape, robbery, and enslaving of African peoples around the globe whether it be in Africa or West Papua New Guinea or int he Americas or Australia.  Wherever practitioners of Christianity, Islam and Judaism go, oppression, and exploitation are not far behind. 

3) Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, if taken seriously have practitioner’s believing in some of the dumbest shit, I mean propaganda around, like things that have long since been proven scientifically unsound. Religion reduces the intelligence of the practitioner to that of a child. 

4) Whenever someone questions Christianity, it’s merits and veracity, its usefulness, practitioners like to denigrate the criticizers by calling them “ankhs” which is fucking hilarious being that the foundation of these three religions are bastardized versions of African spiritual beliefs and myths.  So these Black cult members attempt to denigrate African spiritual symbols in order to defend bogus, fugazi, fake ass systems. They are often insane, irrational, and illogical.  That’s because the propaganda of these religions is embedded in the heart, sort to say, so that the practitioners will defend beyond the point of reason,in fact it is not even about reason, these religions provide emotional fulfillment and escapist delusions. 

5) If you are a Christian or Muslim or Jew you are not woke, you may be aware but you are willfully blind because you still choose to believe in fairytales and practices that have resulted in enslaved Black folk.   You will ride with your pastor, imam, or rabbi over the revolution because you worship an invisible man in the sky in whose name our ancestors were murdered, raped, and enslaved. 

6) A Black Christian, Muslim or Jew is not part of the revolution, they are agents of the state.  They are enemies, their ideology and alliances are diametrically opposed to Black liberation when it is closely examined.  Black Christians, Jews, and Muslims are subordinate to their paler counterparts, this I have seen numerous times with my own eyes.  Tho they may say this is not true, teeth and tongue can say anything, but actions speak louder than words. 

7) You can’t be woke, and you either fear hell, or believe it’s a place that actually exists.  

Neolog Synagogue in Brasov, Romania, last restored in 2001 for its 100th anniversary. 

“All the threads of spirituality of the Romanian Jews, from all generations, have been brought together here, in a sort of biography of ideas in a counterpoint style. A hundred years ago, when this temple was erected, Romanian Judaism was cutting its way through. Today, it renews itself.” — engineer Tiberiu Roth, president of the Jewish Community in Brasov.

“Hebrew is the language all Jews share”

Ok, apparently I missed the dramafest with this one, because I only just noticed all the sturm und drang going on. Here’s the two cents from me that no one asked for.

Saying “Hebrew is the language all Jews share” a) is not exclusionary, because it b) does not remotely imply that all Jews have any facility in Hebrew. All it means, unless you’re looking for insults where none exist, is that it is a Jewish language that is common to all Jews, unlike Ladino (specific to Sefardim), Yiddish (specific to Ashkenazim), Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Persian, and so on and so forth. Those languages are no less Jewish, but they are vernaculars- in Yiddish, mame-loshn, not lashon hakodesh. Hebrew is the holy language of Jews. It is the language all Jews historically have prayed in, regardless of their geographic location, or minhag. 

That’s what makes it the language of all Jews. Not the idea that all Jews know Hebrew- which, really, does anyone think that? The majority of Jews live in the diaspora! Even for those of us who know some Hebrew, it’s our second language at most, and I’m willing to bet that the vast majority are at best able to read with niqqudot, or have memorized prayers by rote, or know a few basics of tourist Modern Hebrew. Some people know more. Some people less. 

If you don’t know Hebrew, that’s ok. You don’t have to. Hebrew is part of your cultural and spiritual heritage as a Jew whether or not you have any facility in speaking, reading or writing it.

Noting that Hebrew is an important part of Judaism and Jewishness is not inherently exclusionary, and acting like it is is frankly absurd.

A good reminder, every time you go to write something. Begin your page with BS"D. It means B'siyata d'shamaya. To remind you that not only is what you write done only with the help of heaven, but the fact that you are here to write is only at the whim of the master of the world. I heard an interesting quote -first hand- today from Rav Goldberg. He asked a group of students “Who is the greatest lover of mankind?”

The students all had their own answers, different philanthropists and the like.

The Rabbi said “It’s Hashem. The Ribono Shel Olam.”

The students asked “how do you know?”

He answered “because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t continue to create us, and we would revert into nothingness as if we never were.”

anonymous asked:

Is there such thing as being a "spiritual jew"? As in you follow the majority of the ways of Judaism but perhaps you don't know Hebrew or don't recite all the prayers throughout the day?

Hello anon!

That would depend on who you ask! Some Jews would only say you’re Jewish if you do X, Y, and Z. Other Jews would say that you’re only Jewish if you are officially a “member of the tribe”.

I know several Jews who do not recite all of the prayers each day. I actually know more than just a few! I also know Jews who don’t know Hebrew!

If you have any more personal questions like this— feel free to message me off anon and I can answer things privately if you would like!


I think - (and I mean this seriously, legitimately: I began to make a post one day that took this premise as tongue-in-cheek and discarded it because I realized it rang too true, from everything everyone said about him, even his children liked him unreservedly -) that Leonard Nimoy was one of the 36 tzaddikim upon whose continued goodness the world depends.

Jewish lore holds that 36 (or more) holy individuals exist who may not know who and what they are, but sow decency and wisdom with their every small act. I think perhaps I read this first in Nimoy’s writings, though I don’t have them close to hand so my memory could deceive me.

And now Nimoy is no longer. The office has passed.

Lore holds that it could be any of us. Live each day as well as you can.

The Palestinians are not the only victims of Zionism. Spiritual and universal Jews and Judaism have been its first victims. The Zionist ideology advocates that Jews would never be safe in the Gentile world. Instead of working on improving conditions for Jews in their countries of origin, Zionism works to transport and settle them in Palestine.