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I’ll keep it short. Two years ago, I converted NOT FORMALLY, just in terms of general beliefs, to Judaism, after a rather tormented spiritual path in my life, in general. I’m not Jewish though, not according to Jewish law, not by birth and not by formal conversion. Calling myself a Jew, in my opinion, would be pretty wrong because I just don’t meet the criteria. What’s the best term to describe someone like me who is in this state, a Judaism believer, but not “Halakhically” Jewish? I find it very confusing when people ask me about my faith, and I don’t feel like calling myself a Jew for the reasons I mentioned above (not born Jewish, not raised Jewish, not formally converted). 

I think - (and I mean this seriously, legitimately: I began to make a post one day that took this premise as tongue-in-cheek and discarded it because I realized it rang too true, from everything everyone said about him, even his children liked him unreservedly -) that Leonard Nimoy was one of the 36 tzaddikim upon whose continued goodness the world depends.

Jewish lore holds that 36 (or more) holy individuals exist who may not know who and what they are, but sow decency and wisdom with their every small act. I think perhaps I read this first in Nimoy’s writings, though I don’t have them close to hand so my memory could deceive me.

And now Nimoy is no longer. The office has passed.

Lore holds that it could be any of us. Live each day as well as you can.

anonymous asked:

Is there such thing as being a "spiritual jew"? As in you follow the majority of the ways of Judaism but perhaps you don't know Hebrew or don't recite all the prayers throughout the day?

Hello anon!

That would depend on who you ask! Some Jews would only say you’re Jewish if you do X, Y, and Z. Other Jews would say that you’re only Jewish if you are officially a “member of the tribe”.

I know several Jews who do not recite all of the prayers each day. I actually know more than just a few! I also know Jews who don’t know Hebrew!

If you have any more personal questions like this— feel free to message me off anon and I can answer things privately if you would like!


A good reminder, every time you go to write something. Begin your page with BS"D. It means B'siyata d'shamaya. To remind you that not only is what you write done only with the help of heaven, but the fact that you are here to write is only at the whim of the master of the world. I heard an interesting quote -first hand- today from Rav Goldberg. He asked a group of students “Who is the greatest lover of mankind?”

The students all had their own answers, different philanthropists and the like.

The Rabbi said “It’s Hashem. The Ribono Shel Olam.”

The students asked “how do you know?”

He answered “because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t continue to create us, and we would revert into nothingness as if we never were.”

The Palestinians are not the only victims of Zionism. Spiritual and universal Jews and Judaism have been its first victims. The Zionist ideology advocates that Jews would never be safe in the Gentile world. Instead of working on improving conditions for Jews in their countries of origin, Zionism works to transport and settle them in Palestine.