spiritual guardian

To Help Summon Your Familiar/Spiritual Familiar


“ Guardians of the dream world,
I call you to my side.
Reveal my familiar, my protector and guide.
Show me the power, beauty, and grace
in the radiant eyes of my guardian’s face ”

Within a few days time, visions of your familiar/spirit familiar shall come to you in your dreams.

Note: Try and right down the description of your guide, this may help become more close and aid in locating your familiar

A while ago I asked for help choosing between two different Triforce design options. Here is the winner! This one received over 2/3 of the vote, but what actually solidified my decision was the comments some of you left explaining your choice.

People in both sides argued that their preferred design “fit” better, but this one was called more “elegant, sleek, and elven”. A few people made comparisons to visual similarities to the guardian spirits/spiritual stones. Several others pointed out that the arrows guide the eye toward the rest of the panel – I didn’t even realize at the time that there were other arrows nearby in the applique design.

I’m a pretty introverted person and I spend most of my time working alone in my workshop, which is how I like it. But sometimes I miss working alongside other artists and bouncing ideas off of each other. Thank you all for the thoughtful feedback – I’m positive we made the right choice!

I love that the oa has so many religious and spiritual themes.
Most interesting I find the shamanism.

Shamans are people that can contact and travel to the spiritual world and can heal people… they often experienced visions as a child and had a severe illness or a near death experience after which they began to be able to travel to the spiritual world through different methods, mostly drums but also singing, dancing etc. … they get help from their spiritual guardians (khatun in prairies case) and often get knowledge and guidance from spiritual animals.
Homer talks about thinking that there was a light at the end of the tunnel , but realising in his 2nd nde, that it was a place instead, which is what shamans say seperates them from normal people which had an nde: to go through the light and be able to turn back…


Who are Guides? People believe you can have many guides and others believe you may only have one  guide. From personal experience, I had many guides throughout different times. Some of these guides will be around you your entire life, others will come and go as they please. 

Some of these spirits actually had lived at one point. They know how to handle the struggles you are about to face. They aren’t here to give you the lottery numbers, they are here to guide you. Usually these spirits aren’t your relatives, this is rare, but it happens.

Your guides could be someone you had known or someone you’ve never even heard of. I consider Gabriel to be my guide and friend. I notice that he is teaching me and helping me through things. He also is a messenger, like I am with my blog. Athena comes and goes as she pleases, but tries to lead me in the right direction when it comes to my life. So yes, they can even be deities.

How do  Guides help? The questions you ask yourself, “Is this right for me?”, “Who will I meet?”, these kind of questions are the questions your guides will help you decide. I asked these questions so many times that I didn’t realize that these individuals were my guides helping me answer these questions.

They can even be demons if you wish. Good demons actually work on you as a person, where angels try to work on the good of people as a whole. 

Guides mostly work on you to help you, whether it’s decisions or healing purposes. You can even consider them to be guardian angels, but not all are angels. Supposedly they can save you from car accidents, they can help safe your life. They can redirect you from danger. These are your guides trying to help you.

They can actually send people to you to help you. I have seen this happen a few times and it has helped. They send you signs, they even give you those “gut feelings”.

What are Guardian Angels? Now, this is a fine line to touch because not everyone believes in Angels. I will tell you what happened to me previously before I started working with angels. 

I have never been in the line of danger and if I was, I would direct myself somewhere else. I always trusted my gut and if that was my Guardian Angel, so be it. Supposedly Guardian Angels redirect us if we are in the line of danger.

They are the most humanoid appearing angels. They do have a set of wings as well. These are the angels you can call on if you need any sort of comfort or protection.  

How do Guardian Angels help? Guardian Angels come while we are in a moment of crisis. They try to direct us away from it as much as possible. The purpose of these angels are to protect. Some of us that are in tune with angels can get clearer signs. Others may get gut feelings or thoughts in our minds that are warning us. Some of us just “know” that we are in danger. 

They can be called upon. I have read somewhere that we all have at least one Guardian Angel or protective being around us. I also believe that guardian angels do not get too close into your life, they are mostly there to protect you.


This is what I believe is the difference between the two. So I hope this can clear a few things for everyone.  

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I thank you Saint Michael for protection me and my family also my close friends.

Thank you Saint Michael for guidance me. Thank you Saint Michael for help me so much on my life struggle and hardship.

Whoever need help from Saint Michael I’m glad to talk to you about my experience dealing my guardian angel Saint Michael.

I am willing to help you with Saint Michael. He is the protectors of the light against the darkness of evils. Show him love and respect for Saint Michael.

Saint Michael is amazing angel indeed.

Mayan Star Glyphs [keywords]
  • Learn your Maya Day Sign here:
  • http: //www.mymayansign.com/
  • Imix: primordial mother, source of life, primal truth and nourishment, roots of creation
  • Ik: winds of inspiration, co-creator of reality, spirit truth, fertilizing cosmic force
  • Abkal: mystery, abyss, womb, journey into self, dreamtime, stillness, darkness
  • Kan: seed of manifestation, opening, solar plexus, creation of will
  • Chicchan: kundalini serpent, instinct, purification, sacred flame igniting
  • Cimi: surrender, transmutation, release, death
  • Manik: completion, gateway, priest/priestess, dance, divination
  • Lamat: harmony, starseed, expanded love, gateway to fith dimension, star crossed relationships
  • Muluc: lunar wisdom, divine guidance, self rememberance, cosmic communication
  • Oc: breakthrough, new beginnings, companions of destiny, spiritual strength, guardians and guides
  • Chuen: innocence, divine child, trickster, artistry, humor, spontaneous
  • Eb: abundance, harvest, gratitude, open vessel, emptiness, electromagnetic tuning
  • Ben: angelic messenger, mysterious journey, new directions, time/space traveler
  • Ix: jaguar, shaman, magic, imitation, alignment with divine will, heart intuition
  • Men: commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams and visions, planetary mind
  • Cib: grace, trust, following inner guidance, galactic conduit, cosmic consciousness, mystic transmission
  • Caban: synergy, galactic alignment, earth keeper, fluid world resonance, shield, plant and herb wisdom, crystal healing, earth force
  • Etznab: timelessness, spiritual warriorship, sword of truth, facing shadow, hall of mirrors
  • Cauac: final surrender, purification, activation of the light being, ecstasy of freedom, lightening path
  • Ahau: Union, wholeness, cosmic consciousness, solar mastery, limitless bliss, unconditional love


In Finnish Folklore, all places and things, and also human beings, have a Haltija (a Genie, Guardian Spirit) of their own. One such Haltija is called Etiäinen - an image, doppelgänger or just an impression that goes ahead of a person, doing things the person in question later does. For example, people waiting at home might hear the door close or even see a shadow or a silhouette, only to realize that no one has yet arrived. Etiäinen can also refer to some kind of a feeling that something is going to happen. Sometimes it could, for example, warn of a bad year coming.

One explanation given for the detail of the apparition is that when a person is waiting for someone, their anticipation can magnify everyday sounds, for example of a cat or the wind, and bring to consciousness a vivid recollection of the person. This recollection will tend to produce the feeling that the remembered person is “coming”. If no one comes, the “possible Etiäinen” is forgotten. The failure of this explanation is that Etiäinen is not necessary when you expect someone to come. It more often indicates an unexpected visitor who would otherwise come as a surprise without phone calls or any kind of announcement beforehand.

Little thing for anyone and everyone living under the guidance and protection of Lion, be it guide, spirit animal, “persona”, character, kin or simply spiritual link!

Since most people tend to use the male as a symbol, I figured I would go with the real strength of the pride, the Lioness :)

Planning on making a series of these “power animals”!

Let them hear you roar!