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The Spiritual Roller Coaster

This post is based off of my experiences. YMMV.

In any normal skill, you advance and progress at a predictable rate. You practice the piano for 30 minutes a day and you can expect to progress at a steady rate.

That’s not how it works for spirituality, however!

Spirituality is like a roller coaster. You can advance at rapid rates, have plateaus, and even drop down.

This can be immensely frustrating for people who are trying hard to advance, especially following an intense period of growth or an “upswing” in magical power. Not to mention the ennui that can result from a “drop” or period of stagnation.

BREAKTHROUGHS can happen surrounding an initiation, a period of intense revelation, following hard work, after drug use, or as fated by your natural spiritual cycle. This period makes you feel like you have reached the “next step” in your practice. Following the roller coaster analogy, it feels like you are zooming “up” and forward on your path. New spiritual abilities, greater strength and endurance, and a shift in perspective may happen following a breakthrough.

GROWTH is a natural state that occurs when you put a focus on improving yourself both physically and spiritually. The more you learn and practice, the more fulfilling and likely to occur a phase of growth is. Growth is not as intense as a breakthrough, but it is more stable, less intense, and very satisfying.

PLATEAU is a phase where growth does not seem to be happening. A plateau phase is likely to occur after a long period of growth. A plateau is a phase where you can seek rest, stabilization, and grounding. It is a place where you can explore your new powers and abilities, and see what you can really do. Plateaus are often frustrating for people who would like to see continual growth without breaks, but it is an important phase which reminds us that rest is necessary. A plateau is an excellent opportunity to test what you know and become familiar with your spiritual path and magical powers.

DOWNSWING is a frustrating phase that I relate to ‘cocooning’. Sometimes it is necessary for us to withdraw and focus on the physical while our spiritual powers can rest and evolve. A downswing may occur immediately after a big breakthrough so new powers have a chance to assimilate. A downswing is like turning the water off so pluming can be safely fixed and improved. Sometimes, downswings are not related to spiritual advancement and are just a natural period of darkness. While it can be scary to feel as though you have lost your connection and powers, rest assured that a downswing such as the ones I am speaking of are temporary. If a downswing occurs after a breakthrough, a period of growth is likely to follow.