spiritual dance

when you’re the only one in the group that understands how to do the project

“Until we have peace in our own heart, we can’t hope for peace in the world. Peace is the natural state of the mind. It is there, inside, to be discovered in meditation, maintained through self-control, and then radiated out to others. The best way to promote peace is to teach families to be peaceful within their own homes by settling all conflicts quickly. At a national and international level, we will enjoy more peace as we become more tolerant. Religious leaders can help by teaching their congregations how to live in a world of differences without feeling threatened, without forcing their ways or will on others. World bodies can make laws which deplore and work to prevent crimes of violence. It is only when the higher-nature people are in charge that peace will truly come. There is no other way, because the problems of conflict reside within the low-minded group who only know retaliation as a way of life. The Vedas beseech, "Peace be to the earth and to airy spaces! Peace be to heaven, peace to the waters, peace to the plants and peace to the trees! May all the Gods grant to me peace! By this invocation of peace may peace be diffused!” Aum Namah Sivaya.“
—  Gurudeva - Dancing with Siva

Do you like ever tell yourself “yes I’m going to watch my bias, yes that’s my baby” but then yet again you watch another member instead?? SO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HURT YOUR BIAS AND SO YOU WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL YOU FOCUS ON YOUR BIAS???


El texto sigue en Español depues del Ingles

Quetzalcoátl plays the conch trumpet in the four corners of the underworld. In this painting from the Quetzalcoátl cycle, The Plumed Serpent has already descended to the underworld to ask for the bones of the ancestors in the keeping of the Lord of Death to create the new race of men for this, the Fifth Universe. However, Mictlantecuhtli, the Teótl of Death, agrees to give up the bones only on the condition that Quetzalcoátl play a conch trumpet at the four corners of Mictlán. This is a trick, however, for the trumpet has no holes, and can therefore make no sound. Xolotl, the Spirit Animal of Quetzalcoátl, tells him to summon the wasps and worms to enter the shell; the worms dig holes and the wasps beat their wings, causing the trumpet to reverberate. Thereupon Quetzalcoátl and his Nagual traverse the four corners of the underworld, playing the trumpet, and causing all Mictlán to ring with its thunder. You can find this and other paintings from my book as prints in my Etsy store, at this link. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MexicaHeart

Quetzalcoátl toca la trompeta de caracol en los cuatro rincones del inframundo. En esta pintura del ciclo de Quetzalcoatl, la Serpiente Emplumada ya ha descendido al inframundo para pedir los huesos de los ancestres en el cuidado del Señor de la Muerte para crear la nueva raza de hombres para esto, la Quinta Universo. Sin embargo, Mictlantecuhtli, el Téotl de la Muerte, se compromete a renunciar a los huesos sólo a condición de que Quetzalcóatl juega una trompeta de caracol en las cuatro esquinas de Mictlán. Este es un truco, sin embargo, porque la trompeta no tiene agujeros, y por lo tanto no puede hacer ningún sonido. Xólotl, el Animal Espíritu de Quetzalcoatl, le dice que se convocará a las avispas y gusanos para entrar en la concha; los gusanos cavan agujeros y las avispas baten sus alas, haciendo que la trompeta reverbera. Entonces Quetzalcóatl y su Nagual atraviesan las cuatro esquinas del mundo subterráneo, tocando la trompeta, y causando todo Mictlán a sonar con su trueno.

  • I smile,
  • Because I don't want you to see my pain.
  • I laugh,
  • Because if I don't, I'd cry
  • I play around,
  • Because if I wouldn't, I'd be more depressed
  • I love,
  • Because if I wouldn't, I'd be an empty shell.
  • I care,
  • Because I know so many people out there need a helping hand.
  • I sing,
  • Not because I think I can, but because it makes me happy, because it gives me joy.
  • I write,
  • Because I don't know of any other way to say what I feel, without screaming.
  • I dance,
  • Even though I trip and my movements are clumsy,
  • Because I know that life is like that
  • I LIVE,
  • Because if I wouldn't, I'd want to die,
  • And death, even though appealing won't let me enjoy the perks of life.
  • So just listen,
  • There are people that SMILE,
  • People that LAUGH,
  • People that PLAY,
  • People that CARE,
  • People that LOVE,
  • There are people that SING
  • People that DANCE
  • Not because everything is fine,
  • But because they want to make it better.

Está traducido al Español despues del Inglés.

The Descent of Qutzalcoátl, part 1. The finished painting, and details. Here, Quetzalcoátl and Xolotl descend through the 12 layers of the heavens (there is a 13th layer above them), in order to enter the underworld and recover the bones of the ancestors, to create the new race of men. They descend on a rope adorned with eagle plumes, which represents the milky way, and enter through the nave of Coatlicue, Teótl of the Earth. This is available as a poster on my Etsy shop, at this link https://www.etsy.com/…/the-descent-of-quetzalcoatl-1-fine-a…

El descenso de Qutzalcoátl , parte 1. El cuadro terminado, y varios detalles. Aquí, Quetzalcóatl y Xólotl descienden a través de las 12 capas de los cielos (hay una capa de 13 por encima de ellos ) , con el fin de entrar en el inframundo y recuperar los huesos de los ancestres, para crear la nueva raza de hombres. Descienden en una cuerda adornada con plumas de águila, que representa la Vía Láctea, y entran a través de la nave de Coatlicue, Téotl de la Tierra. Si tienes interes en una impresion de mi obra, y vives en Mexico, escribeme aqui!

Astrology Temples: Esoteric Houses
  • The First House: The aura, soul, spiritual body, dancing of the will, soul movement, illumination of soul pathway
  • The Second House: Container of the heavenly resources, the development and investment into spiritual values, godly manipulation of the material plane
  • The Third House: Mental energy, telepathy and cerebral sorcery, harmonizing higher and lower selves, acquisition of soul sisters
  • The Fourth House: Inherited karmic energy, relationship with the Goddess/Mother, the tap root of the soul, the home of the Disciple and Spirit Guide
  • The Fifth House: The dance of spiritual will, love pouring through the exhibition of the self, soul centered creativity, generosity of the spirit
  • The Sixth House: Service to humanity, protection of the Animal Kingdom, the meeting of the higher and the middle mind
  • The Seventh House: Residing by the threshold, reuniting with the soul mate or twin flame, uniting the soul with the body
  • The Eighth House: The pathway to Discipleship and Salvation, Rebirth of soul into body, alchemizing material resources into spiritual riches, sublimating potent power into healing rays, enabling the soul to radiate
  • The Ninth House: The Spiritual Pathway, the divine temple, the ancient wisdom of all teachings, the relationship between all beliefs and religions, the energy of the higher mind, cosmic and spiritual law, Akashic Records
  • The Tenth House: Gurus, Gods, Mentors, and Masters, the pathway to spiritual ascension, understanding the service owed to the Divine, crystallizes Divine plans
  • The Eleventh House: Spiritual dreams and ideals, Service to Humanity, elevation of consciousness through connective group activity
  • The Twelfth House: Unresolved karma, the inner experience, Soul service to humanity and God, soaking into the collective ocean, resurrecting as the Divine savior