spiritual camp

i have a date tomorrow with a guy i really like so far, since we started talking I haven’t even looked at OKC and we’ve been texting daily 

i’m really really really hoping I haven’t built this up more than i should and tomorrow is going to go as awesome as I hope :’DD

If you REALLY wanted to (and I mean truly, madly, deeply wanted to), you COULD live in a different town by this time tomorrow, make new friends, change your dietary choices, quit smoking or drinking, start all over regardless of your age or how long you’ve been doing the same thing every day. But if you don’t really want to, then make sure you fully enjoy the life you’re choosing by not complaining about it. Celebrate Life!
—  ​Buddhist Boot Camp

WIP “Church and State”

I’m now fully invested in Daniel becoming Mad King’s new henchman. Two manipulative bastards, the younger is bloodthirsty and zealous while the elder is strategic and regal. I’d say that Daniel would be like MK’s protege, except we all know that MK intends to live forever.

So yeah, they bust out of Arkham together and wreck unholy destruction upon the tri-state area. Maybe MK convinced Daniel that he’s one of gods Daniel worships. Or maybe Daniel convinced MK…
All that matters is that they’re now searching for magic items and still using that squiggly ritual dagger.

People who are “enlightened” are just like you and I, they simply win the battle with temptation more frequently. That’s all it takes: a pause between impulse and action. That’s the definition of mindfulness. That’s the doorway to living in line with your values, thereby eliminating any internal conflict. That’s bliss. That’s euphoria.
—  ​Buddhist Boot Camp

Two pages of a journal Rachel shared with her friend Mark Bodiford.

Mark Bodiford :  “We shared journals in the form of notebooks as I went to masters commission in 98 , and was not allowed to talk to girls the 1st year, as it is a intense “spiritual boot camp” type of ministry school. I saw Rachel 2 times a week at a bible study, and our youth group Breakthrough and we would pass the journals back and forth as a form to communicate, as I didnt want to do the program because it was going to keep me from Rachel, so she came up with the idea… I gave those journals to her mother Beth at the time of Rachels death in a honor and to let Beth get to know her real daughter.”

In the smallest nutshell possible, the Buddha taught that we cause our own suffering when we get attached to impermanent things. Even though we intellectually know that nothing lasts forever, we cling to people, feelings, health, and youth. That’s why the concept of “letting go” is so fundamental to Buddhism. Acknowledge that everything in the world is like a cloud in the sky: fleeting. Some are beautiful and fluffy while others are dark and cold.. but they’re all impermanent. So just observe the show while it goes on like a movie, knowing full well that the credits will eventually roll when it ends. It’s not depressing at all.. it’s exciting! I see it as an invitation to enjoy the movie instead of worrying about what to do when the movie ends. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there :) For now, pay attention. The sequel will make a lot more sense if you do.
—  Buddhist Boot Camp

I went camping tonight with my geography club but i dont own a sleeping bag, and after two hours of sleep i couldnt sleep from the cold anymore. So now Im sitting under a full moon whittling some wood listening to TWIABP, with my feet over the embers of our fire. Some wolves just howled in the distance, and I actually feel just really spiritually at peace? Im happy for the first time in a bit.