“The sign of the Cross adopted by the Christians does not belong to them exclusively. It is also kabalistic, and represents the contrasts, and the quaternary equilibrium of the elements, The sign of the Cross is absolutely and magnificently kabbalistic.”

“Let the water return to water! Let a fire burn! Let air circulate! Let earth fall upon the earth.”

~Eliphas Levi: Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual

In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth.
They are cyborgs inhabiting the planetary system (exclusive of the earth, sun and moon), which is described as a virtual world (stereoma) they construct by imitating the geometric forms emanated from the Pleroma, the realm of the Generators, the Cosmic Gods. The Archons are a genuine species with their own proper habitat, and may even be considered to be god-like, but they lack intentionality (ennoia: self-directive capacity), and they have a nasty tendency to stray from their boundaries and intrude on the human realm. Archons are said to feel intense envy toward humanity because we possess the intentionality they lack.
—  John Lash

In this numerological 9 year, with the return of karma, and justice, and reaping what we have sown, it is vital to look at the hand that we have played in shaping our life’s situations, and the roles that we have landed ourselves in, due to our thoughts behaviours and actions.
Ofcourse, in this vast universe, the game of chance exists, and I would like to think that every now and then the most high tosses a coin, and let’s balance and free will step in and find a way to coordinate with ‘divine law, and divine fate’, however I also believe that many experiences that are drawn to us arrive because they are to shine a light on the ways that we have been living, and the marks that we have made on the world.

This is especially true for twin flames. If one of the blockages associated with you, and your twin is your complex about not trusting others to be faithful to you, or devoted to you, think about the ways in which you may have been dishonest or unfaithful in the past? Perhaps your intense fear of betrayal is a by product of the resentment you have towards yourself for the times in which you have betrayed yourself. Therefore, you may shut out love, and shut out any opportunities for others to prove themselves to you. Once again, being the perpetrator of your own 'betrayal’.


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