The main quality that a shaman has to have in order to be a shaman at all is the ability to communicate with his or her shamanic, helping spirits. For all shamans it is a different process: some communicate in a trance, some communicate using certain tools, some communicate during shamanic journeying to non-ordinary reality, some communicate mainly in a dream reality, some communicate in their meditations, some have clear telepathic communication. The best way is to have an opportunity to use all of these methods at different times for different purposes. When a person’s energy channel opens it usually brings some gift that a person never had before. I started to telepathically hear clearly and easily the voices of my shamanic, helping spirits in addition to the other methods I already used before.  At first, it is really earth shuttering and it takes a while to get used to… but now I can’t really imagine anymore how I used to live otherwise. 

Основное качество которое должно быть у шамана для того чтобы он вообще мог быть шаманом это способность общаться со своими шаманскими, помогающими духами. Для всех шаманов это разный процесс: некоторые могут общаться в трансе, некоторые общаются используя определённые вспомогательные средства, некоторые общаются во время шаманских путешествий в другие реальности, некоторые общаются в основном во время снов, некоторые общаются во время своих медитаций, некоторые имеют чёткое телепатическое общение. Самое лучшее это иметь возможность использовать все эти способы в разное время для разных целей. Когда энергетический канал человека открывается, он обычно приносит какую то новую способность, которой до этого не было. Я начала телепатически слышать голоса своих шаманских, помогающих духов, чётко и легко как добавление к другим методам которые я уже использовала до этого. Вначале это очень сильно поражает и требует досточно долгого времени что бы привыкнуть к такому… но теперь я уже не представляю себе как я раньше жила по другому.

Shamanic, helping spirits specialize in certain, specific tasks. It could be healing of certain physical conditions, spiritual advice in difficult life situations or other possibilities depending on which helpings spirits are working with a shaman. All shamans are as different as people are. The helping spirits that work with shamans are also as different as people are.  The only common similarity among shamanic helping spirits is their desire to help people. The effectiveness of the work of the shaman doesn’t really depend on the shaman. It depends on the strength of the shamanic helping spirits that work with the shaman. The helping spirits choose the person to bring their wisdom and power to this physical dimension according to the personality traits and interests of the future shaman.

Each shaman needs to develop a way of life that cultivates personal spiritual power and the connection and communion with his or her shamanic helping spirits. It is through them a shaman is able to perform sometimes seemingly extraordinary things. Personal power allows a shaman to tap into spiritual part of his or her being. People who are centered only on the desires of their physical bodies, neglect their natural spiritual personal power and thus become weak and blind spiritually.

Our home is the continuation of our body. Our home is alive organism that plays the role of intermediary between me and the Universe.

Наш дом это продолжение нашего тела. Дом это живой организм, выполняющий роль посредника между мной и Вселенной.

Everyone knows about the fact that shamans let their shamanic helping spirits use their bodies during rituals, healing sessions as well as for other purposes. Somehow, nobody talks about possession of the spirits by shamans. The main non-physical Spiritual/Spirit Teacher a shaman has: is connected to him or her 24 hours 7 days a week! What does it mean? It means that all emotions that shaman has are felt by his or her Spirit Teacher fully!

My relationship with my non-physical Spiritual Teachers, my Power Animals and other shamanic Helping Spirits is extremely personal and it is not “airy, fairy, I hope someone hears my prayers” type of spirituality but it is very practical, very personal, very real and immensely satisfying relationship. I ask - they answer. They tell - I hear. Together we are a team. We are partners. I am in the physical world and they are in the non-physical. 

First communication between two people always happens non-verbally. If people unconsciously feel that there is something similar, something to share, something to be amazed about then both of them become aware of the presence of the other. They light up, become visible to each other, feel interest in one another and only then they proceed with the words.
—   My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.