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W's been making a 'web' that connects both of us to our friends. At the brief return, he made a 'strand' for O that leads to my headspace. But it isn't the same. The connection is weak because E is actively repressing him, and my spiritphone (??) interprets spirittalk into W's speech patterns. (And even astral sex does not compare to just listening to O talk. I have never met anyone else, corp or non-corp, with such a way with words.)

I would say that your best bet would probably be to actively feed that connection/thread and override any of the repression that E could be putting on it. Finding a way to connect non-physically is going to probably be the best way to bypass the problems that are presenting in the physical. Obvs, it’ll not be quite the same (non-physical relationships are always going to vary from physical relationships), but it would at least allow you to see O without making E upset :<