Did you do the Charlie Charlie challenge, or have you been playing with spirits? Here’s how to protect yourself.

My inbox has been flooded the last three days because of a warning I posted about the Charlie Charlie challenge (read here about why it’s a bad idea to play those games). Rather than answer the same anonymous messages and asks over and over again, I’m putting a guide here should you need help.

Did you watch people play this game or other attempted demon summonings but you didn’t directly participate?

You should be perfectly fine. If you don’t invite entities to have contact with you and you’re not otherwise sensitive to spirits and energies, you’re not likely to be affected by observing other people do it. Seeing people attempt contact is no more dangerous than watching videos or popular scary movies. However, if you live with people who succeed at summoning a spirit or demon, you should take some precautions that I’ll list below.

Did you participate in the Charlie Charlie challenge, or have you been playing with Ouija/spirit boards?

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dragons-of-the-khaleesi asked:

Hi, my friend just told me that she thinfs there a spirits in her house and she is pretty afraid of it. I want to give her a little protection bag but I have no idea what to put inside, do you have any tips?

Any of the following, in multiples of threes if you want to get all traditional about it (ensure all plants are thoroughly dried):

  • Salt
  • Black salt
  • Hematite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Mullein
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon (a stick will probably serve better than ground)
  • A paper charm written with intent of safety

anonymous asked:

My friends were talking about the CharlieCharlie Challenge the other day and They were joking about letting him loose in the school right before they graduate. None of them are witches and they don't know I am. We usually eat lunch out of the cafeteria under the stairs and when I got there my friend either started to or did summon him. I haven't noticed anything weird so I think they didn't actually do it but I'd really like some advice on how to protect myself and them.

Hello there~ ☽♡☾

While this challenge is very, very dangerous for people not educated in spiritual matters, it is also possible that your friend’s attempt was all-for-not. As a very old and powerful spirit mentioned in Mexican folklore, it’s hard to believe it can be summoned with a few pencils and an eraser! All the same; all you can do for now is to carry a protective charm or item with you until school lets out, and preferably not hang around that area if you experience any heavily negative or harmful energies from now on.

I’m not sure if you joked with them too, but in the future, simply take a neutral stance against things like this. It is not personally your fault that they chose to do something promoted all over the internet, and there is nothing further you can do. It is very good that nothing seemed to happen, though!

Hopefully this continues to be the case until the end of the year, and let me know if anything further happens or you need any advice ~ Have a wonderful day

➺ Rainy

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but this has been on my mind for the past week. After we die, what happens? Does everyone become a spirit upon death? How are demons created? Sorry to bother you but I'm desperate for answers.

Hello! To answer your question, the best way I can explain it according to the teachings passed down in my family is this:

You don’t “become” a spirit. Your spirit is your soul, life force, consciousness, etc., whatever term you want to use, so you already are a spirit. To understand dying, you have to stop thinking of yourself as a body with a spirit and start thinking of yourself as a spirit living in a temporary body. Your physical body is just like a set of clothes you wear for a while, and once those clothes wear out, you’ll shed them and maybe get new clothes.

I believe that when we die, if we’re aware of the death, we make the choice whether to remain among the physical as a “haunting” for whatever reason, or go on to the afterlife. What is the afterlife? Christians call it Heaven. I just call it “home”. There, we recuperate, heal, and review the life we just lived. At a point of our choosing, we begin planning a new life and then reincarnate to continue our lessons. People who are not aware of their deaths are another type of haunting and won’t move on until they’ve accepted their deaths. I’m slimming my beliefs down a lot but that’s it in a nutshell.

Demons are debatable. It’s a theological question rather than a literal one. If you ask Christians, demons are either created by the devil in Hell or they’re all fallen angels who rebelled against God in Heaven and were cast out with Lucifer. Many pagans don’t believe in Hell in the Christian sense and therefore don’t believe in demons.

What we all do agree on is that there are very dark entities out there, just as there are very light entities too. There are just as many neutral entities that can go either way as well. Terminology varies from tradition to tradition though.

As to how they’re created, nobody can answer that with any certainty. They’re not human entities, but in truth, humans are a minority in the greater picture. There are so many more types of spirits, entities, whatever, than just human ghosts wandering around out there. In my experience, people asking for help with demons don’t really have demons at all but something completely different. I’ve only encountered two things in my 33 years that I would really call demons, mainly because I don’t have another word for them. Real demonic problems are rare. It’s far more likely to be plagued by angry human spirits or some other kind of entity.

I hope that helps answer your questions!


It is an old Mexican ritual of using a sort of séance to contact a young boy’s spirit. Since so many people are doing it, Charlie must hop from place to place very quickly, leaving portals open. THESE PORTALS ARE ENTRYWAYS FOR DEMONS. If you for whatever reason do this challenge make sure that before you end you ask Charlie to leave and then say goodbye before you end. IF YOU START TO EXPERIENCE SHADOWS, VOICES, OR ANY OTHER PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES GET PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. please spread the word I love you all so much take care.


‘The Island of Madness’

Poveglia Island is one of many island in the lagoons of Venice, Italy but instead of being a place of beauty, the island is a festering blemish in the shimmering sea and is not only regarded as one of the most haunted locations on the planet, but also one of the most evil places in the world.  Today no one visits save to harvest the vineyards. Fishermen even steer clear of the island for fear that they will catch human bones in their nets.

As the plague tightened its grip, the population began to panic and those residents showing the slightest sign of sickness were taken from their homes and to the island of Poveglia kicking and screaming and pleading. They were thrown onto piles of rotting corpses and set ablaze.  Men, women, children… all left to die in agony. It’s estimated that the tiny island saw as many as 160,000 bodies during this time.

As if the story was not disturbing enough, it gets worse. In 1922 the island became home to a psychiatric hospital complete with a large and very impressive bell tower. The patients of this hospital immediately began to report that they would see ghosts of plague victims on the island and that they would be kept up at night hearing the tortured wails of the suffering spirits. Because they were already considered mad by the hospital staff, these complaints were largely ignored.

To add to the anguish of the poor souls populating this island hospital, one doctor there decided to make a name for himself by experimenting on his subjects all to find a cure for insanity. Lobotomies were performed on his pitiable patients using crude tools like hand drills, chisels, and hammers. Those patients and even the ones who were not privy to the doctor’s special attentions were taken to the bell tower where they were tortured and subjected to a number of inhumane horrors. 



The new fad right now is this Charliecharlie game, which seems to have come out of nowhere and taken the internet by storm. There are two ways to play.

1) Two people hold a pencil in their hands and two others pointing at each others with the erasers touching. You ask a question to Charlie and the pencils move. This is exactly the same thing as dowsing, it’s been around for centuries, and is nothing new.

2) Get two pencils, write yes and no on a piece of paper, and place the pencils in a cross shape on the paper. Ask Charlie questions and the pencil on top will move to yes or no. 

A lot of people are panicking about this because apparently it works. I couldn’t get it to work, but then again, I can’t get a Ouija board to work on my own, so that’s probably on the same vein.

Apparently this all started in Mexico, which is a country that takes its spirits very, very seriously (much like Japan or Iceland, among others). Charlie is supposed to be a child that you invoke with the game, and then he haunts your home.


I can guarantee you that if you play this game you are not invoking a Mexican child named Charlie. You are probably just invoking whatever spirit is nearby. Given that thousands of people have been playing this game in the last few days, there’s no way one child can go to each one. 

The other concern is that this game will invite demons into your home.

Even bigger sigh.

YOU CANNOT SUMMON A DEMON USING A PIECE OF PAPER AND TWO PENCILS. I can’t believe I have to say that, but given the flood of asks I’ve received lately, it needs to be said. I’ll say it again just in case.


Another big rule in this game is to make sure you ask Charlie if it’s okay to stop, like saying “Goodbye” on a Ouija board. If you don’t, you get haunted. Which seems pretty accurate. I mean, you summoned a spirit to play with you, and when it actually worked you freaked out and stopped. That’s kind of unfair to the spirit. They want to talk to you, and they’ll use the fear you’ve given off as fuel to get your attention. If you want to play this game, actually play it and say goodbye when you’re done.

Basically all the rules of Ouija boards apply with this game:

-Be polite.

-It’s not dangerous.

-It’s not a portal.

And so on.

Given the many, MANY asks I’ve got about this game in the past twenty-four hours, I’m not going to talk about it anymore. It’s a fad. By this time next month, nobody will remember it. This is my final say on the subject.

Warning about the Charlie Charlie Challenge everyone should consider.

There is some kind of internet trend going around now with the younger crowd called the Charlie Charlie Challenge. It involves attempting to summon a demon and communicating with two pencils, as I understand it, though I may be wrong about the particulars. It’s not the details that matter. When I read that it’s become a sudden fad for inexperienced, impressionable people to attempt summoning of any kind, I had one reaction.

The existence of demons is debatable. I’m a witch and most witches don’t believe in them (I do but not necessarily in the God/Devil dynamic). No matter what name you apply to negative entities, energies, or spirits, they do exist and they can damage your life, your body, and your spirit.

It takes a great deal of practice and education before anyone should attempt any kind of spirit communication. This is not what people looking for excitement want to hear, but a few conversations with families damaged by conjuring, summoning, and attachment will put such people in their places. Inviting spirits or entities to have contact with you opens a door that takes a lot of control to maintain. Additionally, the “door closing” described in the Charlie Charlie Challenge is, to put it bluntly, an ineffective joke.

Here is the very simple truth: inviting the spirit world into your life opens a door that can never fully be closed. Once you decide to go down that road, you can’t undo it. You can rid yourself of unwanted energies and entities as they arrive through various means but you can’t shut yourself off from being contacted ever again. In simple terms, once the spirit world knows your face, it won’t forget. This is not a simple game.

I may sound preachy, but I’ve had to assist numerous people with the cleanup after playing with Ouija boards and other divination games. People don’t understand what they’re getting into and I don’t feel right without posting a warning about this Charlie Charlie fad.

If you have no experience with the spirit world, don’t touch it.

If you really want to touch the spirit world, seek out more experienced people who can educate you. Read everything you can get your hands on. Talk to people who have had both good and bad experiences. Weigh the risks and search yourself why you’re really getting into it.

Be safe.

OKAY SO GUYS, not only does this show END, but it literally shows the story of Natsu becoming end. He dies, sleeps for a long time in the egg thing (which most likely has to so with Igneel), is resurrected by the star, which could maybe be celestial magic or just magic, but the rock, I have no clue about the rock. BUT SERIOUSLY it was all there so many chapters ago. We might finally get the link between Zeref and Layla or just celestial spirits. Btw I did not create this image, but I found it online.

“The Green Witch knows of the connection of all things, the immortality of life, and draws upon the Power of the Divine directly, or through the Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, or such spirits, devas, and Other People as may be helpful. The Elementals are the Kith and Kin of the Green Witch, for body and strength are of Earth, breath and thought are of Air, energy and drive are of Fire, and emotions and vital fluids are of Water. In olden days, The People learned in the ways of the Old Religion were called Wicce — voiced in the Middle English speech as Weetch’ie — meaning Wise, and the use of that wisdom was called the Craft of the Wise — WicceCraft, from whence comes the word Witchcraft. The Green Tradition of Witchcraft sees the Practice of the Craft as spirituality, and holds the word Witch as honorable and spiritual.”

- Ann Moura
Grimoire for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows

Image Credit: Emma Sjolin

if y’all are gonna do this shit heres some tips

sprinkle a ring of salt around you and stay in it till the ritual is over

light white candles (after  you’re done to cleanse the space)

if you are religious have a religious protection symbol nearby (ie a cross, holy water, the bible, holy water, whatever)


try not to panic that will make it worse

black candles help protect you from negative energy like the fucking demon you decided to invite into your house

if you feel a lingering dark presence you may want to look up ways to banish spirits if it doesnt work call a fucking priest or medium or some shit im not kidding 

or perhaps dont invite demons into your house

Ouija Board fact MASTERPOST

1) Nothing can come out of a Ouija board and haunt you.

2) You cannot contact an actual demon on the Ouija board and you will not become possessed by one. However, demonic hauntings and possessions are a thing, here’s what they are like, but they will not happen because you played with a Ouija board.

3) Be polite and patient to the spirits you’re talking to, you don’t know who they are.

4) Halloween is the best time to use a Ouija board.

5) Ouija boards are not dangerous unless you are a moron.

6) There are three kinds of spirits you can contact on the Ouija board, don’t get fooled by the tricksters.

7) Ouija boards aren’t portals to the other side.

8) There are no rules about getting rid of a Ouija board, do it however you like.

9) Ouija boards were invented to be board games, they are still board games.

10) It is very important to say Goodbye after each session.

11) Do not play the Ouija board if you are scared of it, suffering from depression or any other debilitating mental illness, from a strong religious background that is fearful of death, or have no idea what you’re doing. And please don’t play if you’re taking a mind-altering substance.

12) Zozo, Mama, and all other forms of this name are not a demon, it’s more like spiritual Catfish. Zozo is not real.

13) Don’t believe everything the Ouija board says, chances are it’s just made up to scare you. 

14) I do not recommend playing the Ouija board alone, and I wrote two blog posts about this.

15) If the planchette moves in circles, figure 8s, comes off the board, or anything else strange, it doesn’t mean anything.

16) Ouija boards are safe to play in a graveyard.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Manuel Orazi - Calendrier Magique, 1985.

A rare piece of Occultist ephemera, printed in an edition of 777 copies to commemorate Magic for the coming year of 1896. Each double page spread mimics the Christian Calendar in some respect (name days, iconography). The document is at once a spoof and an attempt to chart the year of Magic. Its surviving interest resides in the extravagant and compelling illustrations, especially the full-page right hand plates.

Plate 1 - Book Cover
Plate 2 - Chart or various good end evil Spirits; chart of Planetary influences upon hours of the days of the week; lions; owl; snake; bird food / chart of the good and bad Spirits/influences that can be Magically used on the different days of the week
Plate 3a - Naked hag with book open in lap, sitting on stool, within circle set with candles; gold flames; pentagram, star of David
Plate 3b - Owl carrying keys; bat carrying seal
Plate 4a - January: Diagram of Solar System; listing of dates for days of the week; chant / naked women at Sabbat; Satan as winged anthropomorphous goat
Plate 4b - February: Sun with cloud interior indicating cardinal directions; charts; spells / bearded man holding up open book; Death gazing down; naked woman in foreground
Plate 5a - March: Chart of days of week; Pentagram with broken circle; le maudit blaspheme / dark angel, naked; moon and skyline
Plate 5b - April: Star of David; medieval frieze: procession of priests and nobility; tarot card The World / skeleton of king in coffin; single candle; crowns, sword, staffs, orb
Plate 6a - May: Tree; chalises; frog; bird; love potion / exhibitionist bat-winged woman; necromancer gazing, gesturing into glowing cauldron, with familiar strutting on his head
Plate 6b - June: Poem; frog / naked woman in arms of dark man; feminine Demons coming from smoke of extinguished candle; creatures of the night
Plate 7a - July: Laboratory instruments; poem / Alchimist lying on floor of his laboratory, black cat at his feet
Plate 7b - August: Chalice on table with legs, ears / woman lying prone on table with chalice on back; men in dark robes around her; Satan as goat
Plate 8a - September: Charts; poem / Demon rolling past moon; procession of dark-robed people into cemetary; Abracadabra
Plate 8b - October: Charts, bound Demon / entranced naked woman crouched down looking upon embers of crosses burning within a circle, a Demon is just visible in the smoke
Plate 9a - November: Calendar chart; spell / naked old man sitting, creating voodoo doll; bird-like Demon silhouetted by Moon; hand gripping sword; row of dolls; heart pierced by nails, knife
Plate 9b - December: Poem ‘le Héraut’; calendar chart; Star diagram with Suns at points, labeled: l’être est, réalité, justice, raison, vérité / man in ecclesiastical garb, bearing flag with crosses, holds forth an opened message with broken seal; figures tied to stakes and village rooftops in background

Spiritual PSA

For the dumbasses that like the mess with spirits: Fucking don’t. 

They are NOT something to mess with like a toy for your own amusement. You need extensive knowledge to properly contact them, and more often than not, you need to be gifted in having communication with them to some degree. You can’t just decide to talk to the spirits out of your own boredom for amusement. 

Spirits deserve our respect, not to be treated like a game for this “Charlie Charlie Challenge” or “One Man Chit Chat” or those “Dare A Day” things from Sixpenceee. I know I have blogged these games before, but for my own amused reading. Do not, under ANY circumstances just try to open doors to talk to the spirits, because it is a bad fucking idea! 

Really, most spirits, from what I’ve learned from my mother, who is a well practiced and well studied medium, is that a majority of spirits are kind hearted, not malicious. But the ones that you “invite” in during those games, even the ones that act kind, are anything but! They are dark, twisted, cruel, and oftenmost take advantage of the fact you are opening a door that you likely don’t know how to close. Spirits like that are horrid, they will cause harm and wreck havoc. 

And by showing such disrespect to people who base  their lives and beliefs around giving spirits the respect they deserve is horrible. This stuff isn’t a fucking game. Read about it, read stories and instructions for entertainment, but don’t fucking do it! Ever! You don’t know what you’re doing, and you could get hurt.

And for the idiots that do try these dumb games: be sure you really ended the session! I cannot stress that enough. Look up how to end whatever game you did, and be 120% sure you end it! 

After that, cleanse your home. My mother has taught me to smudge the house and a person, a more Native American custom, but it is used across cultures, and you can learn how to do properly here

Use blessed salt or holy water or whatever else you need to, just be sure to get the malicious and negative spirits and energies out of your home ASAP!

And just don’t play with spirits. They are not a toy. They deserve respect. Don’t risk your wellbeing for some disrespectful “thrill” of a “game”.