Is a ghost throwing physical objects, causing traumatic visions, or making loud noises in the night?

It’s okay! The ghost probably just needs a feeling of acknowledgement and accomplishment. Teach the ghost positive self-affirmations.

“There is nothing to fear except fear itself, which I pretty much am.”

“My corpse is beautiful because it is mine.”

“Being dead is great! I don’t have to worry about dying. Been there, done that.”

“I believe in myself and my paranormal abilities.”

“I’m good enough, I’m spooky enough, and doggone it: people fear me.”


My 2015

6. ‘The World and Under’

-Gif 1: Photo by me taken in Nara, JAPAN (characters from Princess Mononoke, Studio Ghibli) 

I made this gif especially for the review because I thought it would be a nice little conclusion for my adventures in Japan this summer. 

Inspired by Japan and Asian culture.This series is dedicated to all the forest Gods, spirits and souls. 

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Let’s talk Ouija!

Ouija boards are one of my favorite things in this universe, and it saddens me to see them being so demonized and misunderstood, so I want to talk about that a little. I know there are tons of posts like these, butttt everyone has their own experiences, and it can never hurt to be informed.

First, some misconceptions about Ouija Boards

- If you use one, you’re inviting spirits into your house.
One thing I want to get clear, is if you contact a spirit through a ouija board (in your house, of course), it is already in your house, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, spirits are literally everywhere, and Ouija boards aren’t some sort of summoning portal, the spirit is going to be there whether you contact it or not.

- Ouija boards are evil.
While in some religions contacting spirits is considered an “evil” practice, that doesn’t mean the board itself is evil. Its cardboard, with words on it, it’s not like each one is made with a drop of satan’s blood. It’s basically like playing those “letter blocks” with a child, except, you know, with spirits.

- You can see spirits through the planchette glass.
No. Just, no. It’s glass, it’s not some sort of crystal disk to another dimension, if a spirit wants to be seen, chances are it’s not going to wait for you to stick a plastic triangle to your eye. (I’m talking to you Ouija movie)

- You can contact demons with a spirit board.
There’s a reason it’s called a spirit board, because it’s for spirits. It is in no way a “portal to hell” or anything like that, if an entity is telling you it’s a demon, it is lying, simply to mess with your mind. (Which happens often.)

- Ouija boards open portals that cannot be closed, or allow other spirits to come through.
Again, there is no magic portal being opened or anything, any spirits you communicate with through a spirit board are already present.

- Having a ouija board in your house is inviting to spirits.
If this were the truth, every target and walmart in sight would be haunted. It just doesn’t work that way. I cannot stress it enough, it is only cardboard.

- A spirit can “kill” you, if you use a ouija board.
You are much stronger than any spirit, and they cannot hurt you. There is no need to be afraid, they can sense fear, and they “feed” off your negative energy, aka they find it entertaining.

Do’s and Don’ts!


- Treat them like you would want to be treated, don’t expect a spirit to be nice to you if you aren’t nice in return.

- Be respectful, treat them like a friend, you are the one bothering them after all.

- Say goodbye when you’re finished, don’t leave them hanging, it’s rude.


- Play the ouija board while intoxicated, you don’t want to end up saying something you will regret in the morning.

- Ask a spirit how it died, where it died, how old it is, or anything you could imagine being invasive, they have feelings too.

- Be too serious about it, it’s a game, it’s meant to be played for fun. However, you should never treat it like a joke, or go in with “negative” intentions.

- Let someone pressure you into playing, talking to spirits is a very personal thing, it should be your decision, and it is not necessary to play with more than one person. (in most cases.)

- Don’t expect a spirit to communicate with you, spirits are not obligated to talk to you.

- Burn the board after playing, it’s unnecessary. The spirit isn’t going to leave if you do that, because it was there to start with.

- Believe everything a spirit says, spirits can lie too.

- Be afraid, sometimes weird things happen when contacting spirits, things may move, or you might hear a noise or two, don’t fret, they’re only trying to scare you. Not all spirits are nice.

If you are scared and want to stop playing, simply say goodbye politely (always say goodbye, just because they’re being mean doesn’t mean you have to also,) and stop playing. Even leave the room if it makes you feel better, get some fresh air.

Let the spirit know you are not afraid, let the spirit know you are stronger than them. Eventually the spirit will leave if they don’t find you entertaining enough.

Feel free to ask any questions you want!

,also thanks to some of the posts I used for reference here. <3


Guardian angels (on behance)

these are my new experiments, so far so good :)

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