Could you tell me one of the most famous photographer?

Let me think… Yes for sure!

He is Brandon Stanton, American photographer and blogger.

As I read that in the summer of 2010, the photographer set out on an ambitious project: to single-handedly create a photographic census of NYC. Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, covering thousands of miles on foot, all in an attempt to capture New Yorkers and their stories. The result of these efforts was a vibrant blog he called” Humans of NY”, in which his photos were featured alongside quotes and anecdotes. With four hundred color photos, including exclusive portraits and all-new-stories.
Suprising and moving, as I saw that HONY; is a celebration of individuality and tribute to the spirit of the city. That’s the perfect match between etnicity of the city,multicultural society, to the spirit of the city that I have ever seen…

By the way, His photos have appeared on Vogue.com and TheAtlantic.com. David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, called” Humans of NY” his favorite Tumblr blog.

And you? Could you tell me one more?