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First thing first know that Jesus Christ is the Realest! He’s THE real TBE. He’s God made Flesh who walk this Earth, Remained Sinless and Perfect. He took the beating, was crucified, died and came back to life so that we can live a righteous life. His name is the only name that has Power in it! When he died on the Cross and said, IT IS FINISHED that meant , You are complete in God. When those three words were proclaimed, it meant
there is no waiting for something more to happen. You are complete now. Separation,
condemnation, fear and guilt are man-made…man-created prisons of the mind and not love. God
is love. “It is finished.”

God said, “I come that you may have LIFE and LIFE more ABUNDANTLY.” If you don’t know about who Jesus Christ is email me. Jesus has already paid the cost for you to live righteous, happy, abundant life all you got to do is trust in him and receive happiness, peace, great health, abundance, righteousness, love, and prosperity.

In the words of my dude Floyd Money Mayweather “Money ain’t everything it’s the only thing.” That’s a lie.

God is the Only and Everything, he’s Everywhere, can do Anything and knows each one of us by name. GOD IS GREAT!

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We feed ourselves into so much, some of it unnecessary but how many of us stop and step away from the things & the people that are distracting us just to rejuvenate and feed our souls&spirits back up? We can’t keep pouring ourselves out with out taking the time to allow things to be poured back in. Pockets, bellies, and buttock’s aren’t the only things that “need” to be fat…. Think about that 👌☺️💭
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Spirit Fed:

When you’re waiting and waiting for a certain thing to happen or waiting and waiting for God shower you with blessings just keep having GREAT TRUST IN GOD. Weather you’re going through a good or bad time God wants all of your Trust ALL THE TIME. Let God be your Source. Nothing or nobody can give you the grace and favor God provides. Trust God completely!

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Just chase God relentlessly! Never get out of communication with God. Always brag on how Good God is even in tough times. Let God be your Lord and watch God bless you with your heart’s desire. God is greater than Great and Bigger than Big and he controls everything. God never gets tired and is never busy to handle everything! You are important to God! Yes you!

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Reading God word allows you insight of his promises. Don’t be lazy read the Bible! It’s better than Reality TV and it can change your Reality. God’s promises is in the Bible over 7,000 of them and I know God to never fail, forsake or break a promise. Trust God and meditate on his word.

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With so much going on in this world we can get distracted by things that are not good and not healthy for our lives. Let’s not loose sight and get off course. Stay focus and stand firm on the promises of God. Just know that with God before you and in you; you are Victorious! Keep the Faith.

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Spirit Fed:

Some days you just don’t want to have faith, you feel like giving up, and you can’t see no breaks at all. On those day push to God with the last little strength you have. Break through those negative feelings and know God is working in the background on your behalf. God will never leave you.

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Your Father wants you to have the best of everything! You are His child so believe that you deserve the abundance! Believe This Completely! Deut.28:11 -“The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity….”
There is no lack in the kingdom! When we were kids and we wanted something, we asked our Parent(s) for it and believed we would get it…Guess what that’s ALL you have to do with GOD..Ask & Believe and unlike our natural parents who on occasion didn’t or couldn’t…. Your Spiritual Father Never Disappoints!! #claimit #youareblessed #wealthmindset #spiritled #spiritfed