‘Spirited Away’ bath

Quite literally, a spell to ‘take your spirit away’ into the astral realm aka astral projecting. Also good for lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, and spirit communication.

🌌Ingredients: mugwort, valerian root, chamomile, sandalwood

🌌Place some mugwort underneath your pillow, preferably before the bath so you don’t forget.

🌌Make a satchel or sprinkle these herbs loosely in your bath.

🌌Light some white candles and line the tub with clear quartz, burn mugwort incense - optional.

🌌While in the bath, do your usual meditations for astral projection. I recommend listening to some binaural beats. Meditate and visualize yourself already astral projecting. Imagine your spirit separating from your body, see yourself sitting up and getting out of bed/the bath. Try to envision this for the entire bath, remember you are already astral projecting.

🌌Take this bath right before bed. You might also want to drink some mugwort tea. 

**Pregnant people should NOT drink mugwort as it can induce premature labour. Please research any herbs before using them.


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Here are a few samples of my art:


And here are my pieces for The Enchanted World of Miyazaki: Tribute Show!!

It was such a wild weekend with such an incredible turnout of people and I got to meet so many of them (although I’m sorry if I missed you; I was only there for certain times). I’m extremely honored that I was able to be a part of such an experience as my first time as a part of a gallery! There was a lot of love and effort put into it and I can’t thank everyone who put it together and made it possible enough. And thank you so much if you were able to make it and I’m sorry to those who couldn’t. 

Prints are available on my Storenvy


Fifteen years ago today, I saw Spirited Away for the first time. It made an indescribably huge impact on me and has been an important part of my life ever since - I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, or how many hours I’ve spent thinking about it.

This is my tribute to a story that that gave eight-year old me courage to grow and a deep sense of wonder towards the world that’s still with me to this day.

what she says: im fine

what she means: in spirited away (2001), chihiro is told to go to the top floor to meet yubaba to get a job, but the radish spirit gets on the elevator with her, indicating with one pointed finger that he wants to go up too. when chihiro gets to the top floor, the radish spirit is still there!!!!! where is he going!!!! she got off at the top floor!!! does the elevtor go to the roof?? whats he gonna do up there??? go have a smoke break??? wheres my spinoff movie about the adventures of the radish spirit i gotta know what this guys story is. this has haunted me for over ten years