spirit: stallion of the cimmarron


Spirit And Bambi-My Immortal

I think that this song fits Bambi and Spirit pretty well, and I wanted a somewhat easy song to do. xD;;;
Trolls Headcanons

Sorry for the Trolls spam. That movie has stolen my heart in about eight different ways.  But anyway, have some headcanons.

Branch finds everything obscenely funny when he’s sleep deprived.  Poppy once found him laughing like an insane person in the middle of her pantry surrounded by opened chip bags.  Apparently he thought the sound of opening bags was hilarious at the time.

Cooper goes on exercise runs quite often. His workout playlist of choice is the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron soundtrack.

Branch is the kind of guy who does housework in nothing but his underwear and rocking out to early 2000’s boy bands.  And when he gets into it, he gets into it. Like singing into a feather duster and dancing with a mop into it.  Poppy herself has seen it and thinks it’s the cutest thing ever, but she’s decided not to say anything.

King Gristle believes in dragons.

Smidge is forbidden from picking out what they watch on movie night. She picked ‘The Exorcist’ one night and it scared everyone so bad they couldn’t sleep for days.

Apples to Apples and The Game of Things are Poppy’s favorite games.

Biggie is a very skilled gardener; His watermelons and tomatoes are the best in the area.

Branch often has nightmares about losing Poppy, be it by accidental death or betrayal by the Bergens. When he has these bad dreams he’ll wake up in tears and breathing heavily.  Poppy usually wakes up right afterward and consoles him, holding him tight until they both fall back to sleep.

Fuzzbert’s favorite movie is The Addams Family.

After the events of the movie, Satin and Chenille offered King Gristle and Bridget their services as their clothing designers.  They’re paid quite handsomely.

Bridget and Smidge often hang out and knit.  Most of their conversations involve discussions about their favorite heavy metal bands.  Aside from their constant bickering over whether or not Nightwish or Within Temptation is better  they get along swimmingly

The Trolls helped Bridget fix up her room into something much nicer, building her a wardrobe and even sewing her some new clothes.

anonymous asked:

The emperor, The hanged man, The tower

the emperor: what are some names that you like? 

Off the top of my head some names that I quite enjoy are Astor, Peter, and Fulcrum.

the hanged man: favorite movie soundtrack?

Literally anything from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron’s soundtrack is good to me. I can’t think of any OSTs off the top of my head other than LOTR’s please forgive me.

the tower: favorite colors to wear?

This is… actually an interesting question in that I have no answer for it. But I tend to wear a lot of more drab colors than pastels. *shrug emoji* 

nattikay  asked:

While on the topic of music, you should know that because of your blog, I've been listening to the Spirit soundtrack for the past three days at least.

And another one bites the dust.