voltron self insert hahahahaha ha…….. 

so you know my attachment to the north star/ursa minor so her codename’s little bear. i was trying to think of a name for the dragon bot and whenever i need a name i always pop open my skymap app and look around for a star with a cool name. it turns out ursa minor is cradled within the tail of the draco constellation… that’s so perfect. ;-; there’s a star called altais in draco, so i named the bot altias. I love them.

anonymous asked:

The ghost robot rabbit child is surrounded in mystery

Anonymous said:ghost robot rabbit child is an amazing name for hal

Anonymous said:what’s hal’s deal?

hey he’s just trying to go about his simple spirit rabbit robot life, doing his spirit robot rabbit thing, nothing suspicious here  

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Did the Order knew that their Great Spirit was a giant robot, and that they lived inside said robot?

“Frankly, I have no clue. The order kept many things hidden from us, and the fact I have spent the last couple centuries guarding the Ignika on a secluded island didn’t help much.”