Can you imagine Xiaolin Showdown Go tho?

Like, being able to start showdowns with random people on the street.
The showdown layout actually being based on your surroundings.
Choosing whether you’re on the Heylin or Xiaolin side.
And subsequently, choosing your Wu tracker: dragon, 1500 year old evil spirit, or robot.

@ChristyHui888 we need this

Capsule Review:  Robot Damashii Gundam G-Self

Sometimes I love this mobile suit’s design, other times I just can’t be bothered with it.  It was designed by Ippei Gyoubu, a Japanese artist I discovered via a Comickers volume Harper Collins put out around 2004, and whose work left me in awe.  This carries a lot of his markers, more than the mobile suits he designed for Iron Blooded Orphans, which is probably why I occasionally love it, but is still the weakest of his suit designs for Reconguista in G.

On the toy the colours are crisp, as is the sculpt, the shield is lovely and chunky (something I’ve loathed so far about the Robot Damashii Gundam SEED figures), but there’s nothing exciting about this toy, no touches of brilliance like the RD Zeta Gundam has, instead it’s more akin to the relative sedateness of the RD Mk II Gundam.  Oh, and those thigh (calf?) boosters just won’t stay the fuck on.  Bloody irritating.  It looks really ace in this photo, though, so that’s a thing.  I didn’t include the atmostpheric backpack in the photo because ugh it’s an ugly thing, feeling alien to the suit, and just bugs me for some reason.

A solid C+ if ever there was one.

The Spirit of Robot Wars Returns!

Robot Wars is back, and it’s good! It was never really gonna live up to the hype and there are quite a few niggles I have with it but generally, I enjoyed it!

The fights where as amazing as ever, if not even better, though where somewhat hampered by shoddy editing and cuts.

Awesome theme music and epic fight music have be replaced with… nothing? Disappointed with that.

Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon do well as the new presenters and kill it in the team interviews, though it could take them a series or two for them to really get feel for things and get into their groove.

12 years of the air has left Robot wars a little rusty leading to a slightly off atmosphere. That said it took two series of the original run for Robot Wars to really work out what it was and get into its stride. Once it sorts out the kinks the new series could ascend to the lofty heights of the hay day of the original run if not that, it could go beyond.

All in all a good solid bases to work off of and improve on and I have faith they will. It’s just this series suffers from the same issues as the rather poor First Wars, not knowing what it’s really supposed to be as well being somewhat rushed together.

Give it time, and Robot Wars will return to its former glory. For now though, we just have a damn enjoyable show.

Sailor Fabulous and her such-awesome-spirit-robot-and-again-spirit-guardian. If you don’t know -my friend @sailorasgore made me one of the main characters in his au. Check out his blog!

This month is pretty crazy for me. I just came back from motorcykle festiwal and tomorrow I’m going to my parents place for a week. But  soon I’ll be back and I’m gonna open a commission! I’ll draw some OC for #sailortale ;)

Just wait for it!

Love you all!!

You know what’s really interesting in Bionicle?


This world is full of beings that put frankly, can’t die. Unless slain or injured of course. Their mortality is not necessarily a certainty, more a possibility. A potential. But in the same way, they have the potential to live on forever. But still, there is the inescapable possibility of death. Everyone, every being in the universe could die. It didn’t matter if you controlled a planet-sized robotic body and wielded infinite cosmic power, you were just one shove into a moon away from being destroyed forever. 

It’s so fascinating. It makes me wonder if Makuta was actually just terribly afraid of death and though the Great Spirit Robot would make him immortal; and it almost did. He probably wouldn’t have been counting on Mata Nui jump starting the prototype to face him, or losing the fight for that matter. 

It’s almost pitiful how his life ended. So close to achieving his will, cut just short. Sad really.