It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… that is being naked.
—  Rob Bell
unusual truths about the signs

aries: can actually be super fearful. mask emotions by being rash and reckless because they fear, more than anything, messing something they care about up. they feel that their emotions get in the way of making good decisions. 

taurus: not lazy; picky where they spend their energy. taurus’ can be very passionate, being ruled by venus, and when it’s something they care about taurus will go to the ends of the earth to achieve what they want. 

gemini: feels extremely deeply. always trying to dissect why they feel the way they do instead of embracing it. mask pain with wittiness and sarcasm. never honest with themselves though they can be so brutally blunt with others. 

cancer: probably has anger issues or anxiety. because cancer’s feel so deeply, they look for an outlet to release these emotions. anger is the one i’ve seen the most - cancer’s are volatile and find a way to hurt the person they take their anger out on - they go for the kill shot. 

leo: way more insecure than they front. many leo’s are physically confident, as we all know, but, like gemini’s, leo’s couldn’t be more emotionally insecure. they love the idea of love, but they’re terrified of emotional intimacy. 

virgo: their controlling organization comes from a lack of control over their heart. virgo’s - much like gemini - can have flitting attraction. their interest is temporary, as they enjoy a mystery, but only for so long. it’s a very fine line to keep the affections of a virgo, as they’re extremely picky with who they settle. 

libra: can be completely cold-hearted. scorpio’s and cancer’s get angry, but usually out of emotion, and it’s evident that no matter what they say they still care. libra’s however, have a switch that completely detaches them from all feelings when they’re pissed. will make you question if they ever even cared. 

scorpio: common perception of scorpio’s is that they’re kinky and sexual bastards, when really they are one of the few signs who views sex as an act of love rather than of physical feelings. scorpio’s only have sex with people they love - it’s more their heart than body. 

sagittarius: that wanderlust spirit is rooted deeply in fear. sagittarius fear attachment to one place or person for too long; it’s why they tend to travel. either physically or emotionally, locking down a sagittarius is very difficult, but not because they just want to see the world, but because they are very distrustful in nature. 

capricorn: like gemini, capricorn are very emotional. however, capricorn tend to ignore feelings instead of trying to understand them. known as driven, they tend to focus all their energy on a single thing, and think that emotion is a distraction from their goals.  

aquarius: super loyal. even though aquarius are very opportunistic and tend to take the route they think is the best for themselves, they also have a very compassionate side to those they sympathize with. aquarius’ hearts are difficult to capture, but once you do they’re also difficult to lose.

pisces: much more manipulative than perceived. pisces may feel deeply - as a water sign - but they use this to their advantage. pisces have a wicked accurate gut feeling due to how deeply in tune their are with their own emotions. if a pisces thinks that you can benefit them, they will use you.

The Astral Temple Meditation

The spiritual temple meditation is created to help foster your connection with your higher self. This exercise helps you to use your imagination as a tool for unlocking the truths of your subconscious mind. When we are working with energy, spirits, or the divine, our messages are delivered through psychic means from the energy sent to us from these sources. This practice helps to give a physical representation to that energy, and opens the message of that energy to conscious interpretation. With continued practice, this meditation will help you to develop your intuition, help you to speak with your guides, and allows you to create a safe place to gain clarity whenever you need it.

Spiritual Temple Meditation

Start this meditation by making sure you are in a quiet and calm area where you will not be disturbed. Give yourself time to work on this meditation and progress at your own pace. Do not force the visions you want to see, but observe them as they present themselves from your subconscious.

  • Make sure you are grounded, centered, and shielded.
  • Begin by aligning and energizing the chakras.
  • After these steps, start this meditation by imagining that you are floating in complete darkness.
  • Begin to walk forward, feel that there is solid ground beneath you and start to feel it become more present and solid as you walk forward.
  • As you begin to feel the ground become more solid, focus now on the darkness before you and see a spot of white light in the distance.
  • Keep walking towards the white light, and watch as it becomes a larger and larger circle until you pass between the darkness into the light.
  • Continue to walk forward, feeling the same solid ground and acknowledging that the light is not indeed solid, but occurs in bright streams.
  • Look between these streams of white light and see the shapes and pictures between the bright streams.
  • Keep walking and watching as the streams become more and more thin and see how a clear picture forms of the world of spirit you are now entering.
  • When you can see the world you are in clearly manifest, you will notice that you are walking straight up behind a spirit.
  • Observe the features of this spirit.
  • You can observe your spirit as it acts, from this third person perspective, or you may step into it and experience this new realm as your spirit in first person.
  • Notice how the vibrations of your higher self-feel, walk around your environment. This is your spiritual happy place and the dwelling place of your spirit in your subconscious mind.
  • Journal your experiences and feelings and the surroundings.
  • If you wish to go further, look for other spirits in this realm, these are your spiritual guardians.
  • Use this meditation to begin to build an understanding of the energies of your spirit and the guardians around you.
  • When you wish to ask questions of spirit, come to this space. It is a space of communion and safety! You can commune with your higher self, ancestors, or spirit guides here without fear, as it is a location sequestered just for you.
It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… that is being naked.
—  Rob Bell
Spirits and the danger of spirit work, FAQ

Whenever the topic of spirit work comes up, the two messages I receive more than any other are, “how dangerous is this?” and, “I want to do spirit work, but I’m scared to.”

I can offer nothing but my own experiences. I am going to make this FAQ style to address a lot of the questions I have received over time.

My first and best advice is, if you are afraid of spirits, don’t do spirit work.

Certain spirits can sense fear, and some spirits want you to be afraid so they can feed off of you. When we are afraid, it is difficult to think straight. Some spirits will take advantage of this in order to confuse us and make us susceptible to attack or manipulation.

When you approach spirit work from a place of fear, you present yourself as prey.

If you feel called to do spirit work, yet you are afraid of it, try a lot of introspective journaling and meditation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are spirits?
  • Where do spirits live?
  • Why am I afraid of spirits?
  • What do I think will happen if I communicate with spirits?
  • Why do I want to contact spirits?
  • Where did my fear come from?
  • Do I believe all spirits are more powerful than I am? Why or why not?
  • Am I called or destined to work with spirits?

At some point, you were a soul waiting to be reborn in to human form. When you looked upon the world you saw evil and danger, yet you chose to take the risk. Why? Because the rewards of living this life far outweigh the negatives. Because you were called to be human again. Because you knew it was your destiny.

Spirit work is much the same. We can view the world of spirits and recognize there is danger there, and we can also accept this danger and step in to their world anyway. Just because there is danger does not mean it will destroy you if you encounter it, no more than a fender bender will destroy your life in the human world. Just because there is evil does not mean you are guaranteed to encounter it.

Q: Why should I try spirit work?

A: I find people are often eager to try spirit work, perhaps for a number of reasons. I think maybe the main reason is that they want proof or validation that magic and spirits are real. Maybe the second reason is that they want to get something out of it. Well, I have excellent news: both of these things are yours for the taking.

If you want to work with spirits, you have to face both sides of the coin. You must recognize that danger exists in the spirit world, just as it exists in our human world. You must recognize that if you go to the wrong places and interact with the wrong people, you could get hurt. You must take responsibility for your own actions and carefully think about what you do before you do it. But in exchange, you can get a lot. You can get help with magic, or even spirits who will perform magic for you. You can even be taught important magical techniques that you will not find online. You can receive visions of what it is like to live in other worlds, fly as a bird in the sky, or live as a sea urchin deep in the ocean. You can experience what the life of a flame is like, or how it feels to be a cloud. You can find spirits who will spy on others for you and return to you with information. You can contact spirits of wealth and beauty to work out contracts with them. You can evolve yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can do much.

I am not here to convince anyone that they should try spirit work. In fact I am of the mind that many people should not. But I am not about to encourage abstinence-only education.

Q: What is my chance of getting hurt?

A: If you lack common sense and are obsessed with the “getting stuff” side of the coin, I’d say your chances are pretty high. If you crave validation and spirit contact and will do anything to get it, your chances are high. If you have zero experience with magic and could not banish a fly, your chances are high.

If you are very mindful of dangers, if you are willing to send spirits away, if you have experience banishing and cleansing, your chances are reduced. If you put safety as your top priority, above validation, above getting stuff, above proving how badass you are, your chances of being hurt go way down.

Q: How should I prepare for spirit work?

A: You must be confident and comfortable with your ability to handle whatever you are about to experience. It could be the spirit of a moth, and you still must be confident that A) you can handle interacting with it, and B) you can send it away when it is time.

Interacting with it means, if it takes on a scary form, will you be afraid? Or will you recognize that the form a creature takes cannot harm you? A moth is still a moth no matter if it looks like a moth or a scary demon. If it takes a beautiful and kind form, are you going to believe everything it says?

Sending it away, 98% of the time, means simply asking. “I am ready for you to leave now. Please go as you came, freely. Thank you for your time.” 2% of the time, it means banishing. I have interacted with a LOT of spirits and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to perform a real banishing.

In pragmatic terms, you will simply want to feel confident about what you are about to do. Be calm and patient. Have with you a notebook or laptop to record everything that happens (it is totally fine to use technology during rituals; I regularly bring my laptop in to my circle). If you feel it is necessary, wear a protective amulet. Have with you various offerings and your tools of banishment. Go to a safe space where you feel confident. If you feel nervous about working in your home, go outside. If you prefer the safety of your home, go inside.

Clearly write your calls and exactly what you say and do. Keep meticulous records.

Q: What are offerings? Why do I use them? What do I do after I am done with them?

A: Offerings = gifts. They are a sign of appreciation. When you invite someone important to your house, you probably want to make them feel comfortable. “What can I get you? Do you want a snack or maybe a glass of water?” When we invite spirits in to our space, we do the same thing. Instead of leaving the question open ended, simply offer them what you have. “Thank you for coming. May I offer you some incense or this glass of water?”

Offerings that spirits tend to like are the same kinds of things that humans tend to like. Tobacco, any alcohol, any food (unprocessed is best), beverages like tea or coffee with real sugar, fresh water, or incense will work great.

If you know what kind of spirit you are going to contact (which, you definitely should) then gather offerings specific to what they like. A dog spirit would like meat or bones; a cat spirit may enjoy catnip. Bird spirits may enjoy seed or fish. If you don’t know what to offer, simply follow the generic list above.

When I give offerings, I wait until the time is right. For certain friends I will give offerings immediately. For others I will wait until the end of the interaction. I can see when spirits are enjoying offerings, so I wait until I see that they are done. If you cannot see when spirits are enjoying offerings, wait five to ten minutes before disposal. Before disposal, say, “thank you for appreciating my gift to you. It is time for you to go, thank you for coming.” Then simply throw the offerings away.

Pour beverages on to the ground if you can, otherwise pour them down the drain. Bury foods if you can, otherwise toss them in the trash. Throw away ashes from incense.

Q: What are tools of banishment? How do I use them?

A: These tools are anything you can use to banish spirits. I use salt (for protection) and flying devil oil (as a weapon). I may post some stuff on banishment later, but right now actual banishment rituals are outside the scope of this FAQ.

Other banishment tools could include any type of banishment powder or oil, a wand, protective or aggressive stones, and a variety of plants such as mullein, rosemary, bay leaf, or basil which can be burned or scattered.

If possible, you would want to burn a purifying and protective plant before and during your spirit work. This will keep malicious spirits at bay and make your working space more comfortable to benevolent spirits. If this is not possible, make a hot tea out of these plants and sprinkle the tea around your space, then let the tea sit and fill the room with steam.

Make a protective grid out of stones and sit in the middle of the grid. Bless a candle and let it’s radiating light keep away malicious spirits. Sprinkle a circle of salt around you (it really does work).

If a spirit is refusing to leave, ask the plant or stone spirits to help you send away this intruder. Mentally force the spirit away while you are in your protected space. Say stuff like, “by the power of rosemary I send you away.” If you are mean like me, corner the spirit and attack it until it is willing to leave of it’s own accord.

Q: What is proper spirit work etiquette?

A: Be polite. Avoid being aggressive. Ask yourself what the spirit is getting out of its interaction with you. Make your time with spirits a two-way street; ensure they get something out of it as well. Often, this will be offerings. When it is time for a spirit to leave, there is no need to shout at it or threaten it. “Thank you for coming. Please leave my home.” If a spirit does not leave, offer it a fair warning. “I am prepared to defend my home and send you away by force.” Most spirits do not respond when I threaten them. They respond when I pick up a weapon. At this point they will often try to flee. I recommend letting them go instead of being sadistic and torturing them. If a spirit seems prepared to fight, well, it’s time to fight.

Offer your gifts once to each spirit, either as they arrive or before you ask them to leave. Give them five to ten minutes to enjoy the offerings. It makes more sense to me to wait until the spirit leaves to share the offerings, otherwise they may feed then leave before you have a chance to talk! Always be humble and thankful.

Remember to never ask the spirit for it’s name, and never share your name. Rather, say, “what may I call you?” and say, “you may call me [magical name]. It is alright if a spirit does not want to give you anything to call it by.

Never force a spirit to stay in your life if it is angry, causes you fear, or wishes to move on. Once I received a series of messages from a young spirit worker who found a spirit’s home and brought it to her house. The spirit was clearly enraged and sent her visions to return him to his resting place, yet she refused – because this was the first spirit she encountered, and she wanted that “real” experience. Do not be like this person. Leave spirits alone if they want to be left alone.

Q: How do I know a spirit is gone if I do banish it?

A: The spirit will no longer appear in your mind’s eye. You will not feel as if there is a presence in your home. You should feel alone and unwatched.

Q: How do I craft protections for spirit work?

A: Simply research any magical protections. Any solid spell will do.

Q: How do I fight a spirit if I need to?

A: I’m not going to post this one publicly. If you already have a spirit that won’t leave without a fight, send me a private message.

Q: What are some red flags?

A: Again, this is all from my experience. Here are all the common spirit “scams” that I am familiar with.

The spirit will begin asking for things over and above what you are prepared to give. Any polite spirit will stick with what you have to offer and appreciate the gesture. Be very, very wary if a spirit starts requesting other things in exchange for its time. Wait until you have more experience before you agree to share things beyond simple offerings.

If a spirit tries to trick you in to sharing personal information, especially your real name, send it away immediately. Spirits can use this information to manipulate you. I would not even tell a spirit the name of my dog before getting to know it very, very well.

The spirit presents itself as being ancient or powerful. Such beings have better things to do then mess with ouija boards or entertain young spirit-workers.

The spirit presents itself as having been with you your entire life, possibly over the course of many lifetimes. It is your special, powerful soul mate and all you have to do to receive your true powers is accept this spirit in to your mind and body. Don’t believe it for one second – send this spirit very, very far away.

The spirit beings to tell you that you are the chosen one, that you are very special and powerful, and that it is ready to serve you. You are being manipulated.

The spirit, for any reason, tries to be granted access to your mind and body. It may offer you great gifts if you agree to it, or assure you that the only way you will find what you seek is to let yourself be open to a powerful creature such as him. This spirit is ready to possess you! All it needs is permission to enter your mind and it will take over. As someone who has battled personal possession before, I do not recommend letting it get to this stage. Send the spirit far, far away.

Q: I got involved in spirit work and things went really, really wrong. What do I do?

A: Send me a message.

Psalm 56:3-4 says: “When I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid.” Here, David talks about making a conscious decision to put his trust in God when he is fearful. He also reveals the basis for his trust in God - his faith in God’s Word.“ David knew his God, and he knew God’s promises to him. .
"When you are afraid, put your confidence in God. Trust the promises of God. Here are a few verses to ponder-
2 Timothy 1:7 "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
Hebrews 13:6 “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.”
Psalm 23:4 “Even when walking through the dark valley of death I will not be afraid, for You are close beside me, guarding, guiding all the way.”
Psalm 27:1 “With God on my side, I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing”

If you want to be better make an effort. Don’t just settle where you are and hope for the best.
Be brave and cut everything that’s holding you from reaching your purpose.
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭
Listen to His voice, not the enemy’s.
You can do it in the name of Jesus!

tlcinbflo  asked:

calming sentence starters: Just breathe. Sirius and Reyes. ;)

Wow. This ended up being a lot longer than I meant for it to be. It will also probably end up being in one of the next chapters of my Sirius and Reyes fic. I’ve put most of it behind a cut. Trigger warning for mentions of torture, gore, blood, and violence.

Just breathe, Reyes told himself as he approached the shivering form huddled in the seat. One breath in, one breath out. Repeat. Don’t stop. Don’t think too hard about what you’re seeing. Don’t think too hard about what he did to her. She’ll be fine; she has to be.

Sirius had been missing for three days. Three very long days during which Reyes had felt as though he were going slowly mad as he put all of his resources and contacts to use trying to locate her. She had gone out by herself in the Nomad on a mission, and hadn’t come back from the badlands. At first he had been sure that she would waltz through the door of Tartarus at any moment and airily explain that she had been delayed by a fiend or an outpost of Outlaws as she usually did, but this time she hadn’t come back.

And then he’d discovered the reason why.

One of his own men, a Collective agent who had been operating deep in the badlands, had mistaken her for one of Sloane’s Outlaws and had taken her in for an interrogation. Interrogation meaning torture. The Collective representative who had called Reyes with the information had been terrified of what he would do; the agent hadn’t believed she was the Pathfinder, she’d explained, he still didn’t, and was holding her at a remote facility at Spirits Ledge.

Reyes had gone immediately, fear and anger boiling within him, the emotions growing even stronger when the mountains around Spirits Ledge prevented him from contacting the agent by radio. By the time he arrived he hadn’t wanted to listen to the man’s excuses, so he hadn’t given him a chance to explain. There was nothing he could he say that would absolve him of what he had done anyway.

Nothing, Reyes thought furiously as his eyes lingered on the blood splattered on the floor around Sirius. Nothing could make up for this. 

A bullet had shut the agent up, and he had left him lying where he’d fallen.

Reyes gave himself a small shake and forced himself to walk, one foot in front of that other, over the blood slicked floor; his boots crunching and slithering over chunks of meat and bone that should have been attached to people but no longer were. None of the pieces had come from Sirius, of that he was sure, but he hated to think who they had come from; he had never authorised this kind of torture and never would have. His representative who had called the information in would have known what was happening here; she would have to be dealt with too.

The coppery scent of blood was suffocating, cloying, and he he swallowed thickly as the smell seemed to creep over his tongue. He’d been around blood and death before, more times than he cared to admit, but this was different. This time it was someone he cared about who was hurt, it was her blood he could smell, and it was, unavoidably, his fault that she had ended up like this. Guilt curled within him, fighting for a place alongside the fear and anger.

Reyes kept moving, though each step closer to her fueled the pain and rage he was feeling. Sirius was slumped in the chair that the Collective agent, one of his own men, had tied her to. Her clothing was bloodied and torn, and her long hair mattered with dried blood and dirt. He didn’t want to see what the agent had done to her, was almost frightened to see what he had done, but he made himself look as he drew alongside her.

“Ryder?” He spoke softly and dropped to a crouch, too scared to touch her, too frightened in case he made things worse. “Sirius?”

His stomach knotted as he took in her bloodied form; there were deep cuts and lacerations up one arm, and he could see bloodied marks around each wrist where she had been struggling to break free. He gritted his teeth, refusing to think of how scared she had been or how much pain she had suffered. Instead he cut the bonds that were keeping her secured and caught her as she fell sideways into his arms, a small mewl of pain escaping her.

“Shit,” he cursed as he saw the gleam of white bone sticking through the flesh of her other arm, the flesh around it a sickly reddish purple colour.

His chest tight with panic, Reyes settled her into his arms more securely, and pushed her hair back from her face, anxiously scanning her features.

He froze.

She was filthy, covered in dirt and blood, with bruises covering one side of her face. But it wasn’t that which had made him pause; it was the clean spots. Two twin streaks of pale skin were visible down her face, clean spots where her tears had fallen as she’d cried. Reyes stared down at her, trembling as his guilt and anger broke over him like desperate swimmers reaching the surface of a pool, and he dragged in a strangled breath.

She hated crying.

“Siri?” He tried again, his voice cracking as he struggled to keep his fear in check when she failed to respond. “Come on, Bluebird-”

Sirius moved abruptly. She whimpered faintly and pushed against him, her hand feeble against his chest as she struggled to get away from him. Reyes shushed her as quietly as he could and gathered her close, reassuring her quietly in both Spanish and English as he told he that everything would be alright, that she was safe now, that she would be fine.

Slowly, her eyes opened, and her luminous gaze fixed on him; her glowing biotic eyes focusing on him with a look that was both relieved and incredulous. She tried to speak and failed, though the word she mouthed looked suspiciously like his name. Reyes pressed gentle kisses down on her face and lips, and held her as tightly and carefully as he dared. He buried his face in her hair, oblivious to the dirt and blood he was getting over himself.

He didn’t care. 

All he wanted was to get her back home and to make sure she was alright. He was torn between the possessive desire to take care of Sirius; to make sure she was safe and protected, and a violently dangerous need to rain down revenge on everybody who had played a part in her ending up like this. Reyes closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth, his anger spearing inwards as some small internal voice reminded him that he led the the Collective and it was one of his own people who had done this. 

If Sirius ever found out he was the Charlatan … .

Reyes eyes snapped open and a chill shot through his bones. If she ever found out that one of his men had done this, if she got it into his head that he condoned this kind of behaviour, or thought that he had played any part in what had happened to her, then he would lose her. She would vanish from his life forever. He knew it as surely as he knew the sun would rise tomorrow.

Sirius couldn’t find out that he was the Charlatan. At least, not yet. Eventually he would tell her who he was, but that time was not now. Not when she was so fragile and when his operation had just proved itself to just every bit as violent as Sloane’s could be.  If it meant more lies between them so be it; that was a choice he was willing to make.

He wouldn’t lose Sirius, not because of this. 


I’ve been thinking of the route that Dragon Age 4 could take story wise. If it is indeed the battle with Solas as the end result I had a sudden chilling fear of who may be at Solas’ side. Velanna from Awakening and Merrill both seem like potential allies of Solas, I’d hope not but they seem like the two I could guess off the top of my head. Also since Solas has such a bond with spirits I feared that maybe Dragon Age 2 wasn’t the last time that we saw of Anders, who is possessed by the Spirit of Justice/Vengence so I wonder if he will appear on the enemy side potentially? Either way I think that the enemies we face alongside Solas will probably be very dangerous and ones that we should be rightfully weary of.