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My Method for Contacting Pop-Culture Spirits

As the title says, this is simply how I go about contacting pop-culture spirits. This isn’t the only way to meet them and there’s definitely easier, safer, and more efficient ways to do this.


Many people might not believe that pop-culture characters can become spirits but I’m of the opinion that anything can have a spirit, no matter its origins nor form. All it takes is belief and energy. It is my UPG that pop-culture spirits (PC spirits) are formed by the energy that humans put into them when consuming the media that they are a part of. All of the fanart, fanfiction, and even just conversing or thinking about them lends them the power that they need to form into egregores. Extremely popular characters like Pikachu or Mario can become extremely powerful egregores and even godforms.

Since a lot of their energy comes from multiple sources they are influenced by a lot of people's’ perceptions of them. That is to say that it is very possible for two people to meet the same PC character spirit but have them behave differently. Sometimes they’ll act a bit differently or even contradict their canon personality if the belief in them being different is strong enough. For example, Flandre Scarlet from Touhou has two major personalities that the fandom has flanderized her as ascribed to her: excitable child who can’t control her powers or sadistic murderer. If one were to call the PC spirit of Flandre while being of the belief that she is Flandre the murderer, then most likely they’ll meet the aspect of the PC spirit that has the qualities of the murderer. Likewise, if someone believed that she is Flandre the child then they are more likely to meet the aspect of her PC spirit that is Flandre the child.

I’m not 100% sure why this can happen but I think it’s because of belief and subconscious…things. Belief is the basis for a lot of magical paths and that applies to spirit work too. One’s belief of how a spirit “should” behave will influence how they behave, especially with PC spirits which are easily molded by human belief due to their nature. So when a lot of people believe that a PC spirit should behave a certain way due to their canon or popular fanon interpretations, then the spirit will more likely conform to those beliefs. Even if one doesn’t fully believe in one interpretation of the character, if they know of and have that interpretation in the back of their mind when meeting the PC spirit, then it’s possible that their subconscious will influence how the spirit appears.

If you want to meet a PC spirit that isn’t influenced by your preconceived notions then you’ll need to learn how to cut out all of your mental noise. It’s not an easy task and it isn’t even necessary. Your influence on how the spirit behaves isn’t a bad thing and even if you were to stop your influence, everyone else’s beliefs are still exerting on the spirit. Unless you have a specific goal in mind when working with the spirit then you really don’t need to worry about your influence on them. Especially because, even though I just spent the last few paragraphs talking about the contrary, the spirit will most likely behave as their canon/lore dictates as your belief in a different behavior isn’t strong enough to override that.

Since I haven’t seen too much info about pop-culture spirits out there, I wanted to discuss these experiences that I’ve had. But, basically, just keep an open mind on how the spirit will behave if you don’t want to influence them too much with your preconceived notions. And if you don’t agree with any of this then feel free to ignore everything I just said! These are just my beliefs after all.    

For this post I will outline my procedure for contacting any pop-culture spirit while also provided a specific example in italics of me using this method to contact a PC spirit of one of my favorite pokemon, scolipede. This is so that it may be easier for someone to follow the procedure.


Despite being human made, PC spirits can pose a threat to your well being just like all spirits. Some safety basics are: be able to ward, banish, and cleanse and don’t call characters who are dangerous according to lore if you don’t think you’ll be able to handle them. Just like when calling local spirits into your home, I would recommend constructing a circle to help protect yourself from harm. You can read more about the basics of circle-making on that post [link].

Another thing is that if you want to add more punch to your banishing, use banishing materials that you know the character doesn’t like. For example, if the character doesn’t like bread, get a bag of bread and throw it at them if you need to banish them. A comical example, yes, but the concept is still something that should be considered when making banishing tools.

Malignant spirits can also have a field day with impersonating PC spirits. We’re much more inclined to trust a character spirit than some random spirit, especially if that character is a hero or cute. Be real, how many of you would be suspicious of an adorable pikachu spirit that showed up in your house one day? Well now I’m telling you to be suspicious until you are able to discern whether or not the spirit is actually what it appears as. When doing the call, you can prevent any malignant spirits from sneaking in by having the room that you’re working in warded. Of course, it should always be warded if you’re planning on doing spirit work, I’m just telling you one of the reasons “why” that is so. A sneaky spirit might still be able to hijack the call and impersonate the character so just keep on your toes.

For safety, I read up on scolipede’s canon info so that I am acutely informed about the spirit before calling it. I then use energy work to check the stability of my wards, making sure that everything is active and that there are no weak or damaged parts. The energy barrier on my window is cracked so I patch with new energy (more specifically, I put etheric duct tape over the cracks xP). If I were in a house rather than a dorm room, I would reinforce the wards with protections that don’t allow any spirit that I call to access the rest of the house. This would be helpful if the spirit turns malicious for their range and any damage that they do would be concentrated to only one room.


An image, symbol, or sigil representing the entity that you wish to call. It’d be best to use an official image rather than fanwork or personal drawings but you can still use those if you have to. You can also write their name out if you lack the ability to print or draw. You could even bring up the image on your phone or computer but this runs into the problem of there being a lot of “background noise” that might make it harder to connect with them. Also you will need to make sure that your device does not shut off in the middle of the evocation. You can cleanse the image if you want to remove anything that’s not the character that might be attached to it.

An offering for the entity. Depending on who you call, they might not want an offering but I think it’s best to be prepared just in case. Generic offerings like water, food, or incense would most likely work but if you know of anything that the character likes, such as a particular kind of food or something to do with their favorite color or whatever, then that would be better! Obviously avoid giving them anything that you know that they won’t like. Offerings can also be things like fanart, fanfiction, or even just playing their theme song if they have one! Indulging in their media makes them more powerful after all.

Banishing tools that you are prepared to use if the spirit becomes hostile, any materials that you use for your circle, and any tools that you need for communication.

For my materials I use an official image of scolipede that I bring up on my phone. I change my phone’s settings so that it will give me enough time to talk with the spirit before going to sleep. I use my lily-of-the-valley as my offering for it is poisonous and I believe that the poison-type scolipede would be able to draw power from it. For banishing equipment, I keep flying devil oil and fire salts on hand. Scolipede is weak to fire-type moves so I think fire-based tools would be effective in banishing if something goes wrong. I do not use any objects or tools for my circle or for communication because I personally don’t need them.  

The Procedure

1) Set up your preparations. Place the image and offering next to each other and in front of you. Construct your circle so that both things are outside of it. Have your banishing and communication tools in the circle with you.

2) Focus on the image and say the call. The call can really be anything you want but here’s a basic template that I use:

“I call to [Character’s Name], [Character’s Title (Optional)] of [Story’s setting/Character’s birthplace (optional)] from [Name of work]. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you [Offering].

That’s a bit cluttered so here’s some filled in examples:

“I call to Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokemon of the Hoenn region from Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of water.”

“I call to Pyroar from Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of fire.”

If you want to get more direct and specific, you can add in more details such as relationships with other characters and other things. It’s up to you whether this makes the call more effective or unnecessarily cumbersome.

“I call to Remilia Scarlet, The Scarlet Devil and older sister of Flandre Scarlet from the Scarlet Devil Mansion of Gensokyo of Touhou Project.”

So yeah, like I said the call can really be anything you want. However, make sure that the words you use are not forcing the spirit to come to you. You “invite”, you “request”, you “ask”. It might seem silly but sometimes the little things can make all the difference. I like the first example that I gave the best but what you choose is up to you.

3) Talk with the spirit and give them the offering! Now in my experience, I’ve never had a PC spirit not show up. At most they showed up and then immediately left. I suspect that this has something to do with our relationships to them and roles as their creators. HOWEVER, do not take this as a guarantee that they’ll show up. I don’t know of the factors affecting you when you do this call and anything that goes down with you and your experience is completely separate from me and my experience.

4) Say goodbye. If you are ready to say goodbye and they haven’t already left on their own then you can let them know that you’re ready for them to depart:

“[Character name], thank you for coming but it is now time for you depart. Please leave respectfully and in peace.”

If they don’t leave, throw out your demands and your commands, be forceful. If they still don’t leave, banish them.

Now this all probably seems awfully over formal, especially for calling little pokemon spirits and the like, because it is, in a way. You could totally give the spirit a “hey man I’m tired, is it alright if you left now?” However, I think starting out formal and then shifting to casual when you’re more comfortable with spirit work is helpful. It gets you in the mindset for spirit work time. It also helps teach you the “proper” and “respectful” ways of doing things so that when you do deviate from them, you can do so without being disrespectful for you understand the fundamentals.

5) Cleanse! If you feel the need to, cleanse after the spirit has left. If you had to force the spirit out then definitely cleanse but even if nothing bad happened, scan the room anyway just to see if you maybe should.

I set the lily-of-the-valley next to my phone which already has the picture of Scolipede brought up. I step away from it so that I may construct my circle, calling upon the four elements and my gods. Beside me are the banishing tools and my laptop so that I may listen to instrumental music that will help me focus in addition to using it for typing up notes on the encounter. I clear my mind by going into a light meditative state and then focus on the image of Scolipede. “I call upon Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon of the Unova region of Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of Lily-of-the-Valley which will help boost your poisonous power,” I say in my mind rather than out loud. As I do so, I direct my thoughts at the image.A scolipede appears beside my phone. I see him in my mind’s eye, he doesn’t physically manifest (and neither will any spirit that you call). He greets me using telepathy, “Scolipede! Scolipede!” I forgot to specify that I would like a spirit that can speak english in the call. Most pokemon spirits that I’ve met can’t. However, when I ask him if he can speak english, he does so. Our chat is short: he tells me that I didn’t provide enough of the offering for it to be a useful power boost but he likes my room. When we finish talking I say to him, “Scolipede, thank you for coming but it is now time for you to depart. Please leave respectfully and in peace.” He says his goodbyes and then leaves through the image of him on my phone. I close my circle and put my tools away.  

Final Notes

Despite being a pretty simple procedure you must remember all of the other things that go into it. You should be able to ward, banish, construct a circle, discern the presence of a spirit, discern the identity of a spirit, and be comfortable in your communication methods to say the least. That might seem like a lot to a beginner but the only way to really gain those skills is through practice! And guess what? This right here is a good way to practice ^^. Calling things like magikarps or weak mooks from other video games can be a safe way to start gaining that experience needed for calling stronger spirits. (If you start calling to magikarps pls tell me. I want to read about all the magikarp spirits XD)

While working with PC spirits, especially ones that are friendly in canon, can be a safer way to get into spirit work, never forget that they are still spirits and they can still do you harm. Also, do not call a spirit just for the sake of calling them. If you want to practice, then call them but make sure they are rewarded for their time and energy and chat with them, if they’re up for it. Don’t keep calling the same spirit if they have made it clear that they don’t want to work with you or be called anymore (w/ pokemon it’s a little different cause there’s more than one but yeah you get what I mean). Along that note, don’t assume that all spirits who come want to work with you. Some just want a quick meal, others maybe want to chat, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be your friend or that they’re obligated to help or associate with you in anyway.

The Klebolds' letters to the victims' families

The letters that Sue and Tom Klebold wrote to the families of those who had been murdered have been mentioned and quoted in several sources.

The letter to the Bernalls (from Misty Bernall’s book She Said Yes, p. 148-149, and repeated in Dave Cullen’s Columbine, p. 254-255):

Dear Bernall family,

It is with great difficulty and humility that we write to express our profound sorrow over the loss of your beautiful daughter, Cassie. She brought joy and love to the world,and she was taken in a moment of madness. We wish we had had the opportunity to know her and be uplifted by her loving spirit.

We will never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it. We apologize for the role our son had in your Cassie’s death. We never saw anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life when we watched in helpless horror with the rest of the world. The reality that our son shared in the responsibility for this tragedy is still incredibly difficult for us to comprehend.

May God comfort you and your loved ones. May He bring peace and understanding to all of our wounded hearts.

Sue and Tom Klebold

From the letter to Brian Rohrbough (from Jeff Kass’s Columbine, p. 225):

“Our hearts are breaking for you over the loss you’ve experienced,” the Klebolds wrote to Brian Rohrbough, whose son Dan was killed. “Dan was so young, yet so full of selfless courage. He’ll never have the chance to do any of the things he wanted to do because he was taken from you in a moment of madness. We’ll never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it. We apologize for the role our son had in your son’s death. We did not see anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life when we watched in helpless horror with the rest of the world.”

From the letter to the Shoels family (also from Jeff Kass’s Columbine, p. 278):

But now all the Shoels had to depend on were small accounts, like the slightly personalized victim letter they received from the Klebolds. “We read that Isaiah brought so much joy to those who knew him,” according to the three paragraphs that appear handwritten by a female and signed by Tom and Sue. “He was a young man with self-respect, courage and love who was taken from you in a moment of madness.” But they said they still didn’t know why their son killed Isaiah.

The letter sent to the Mauser family (from Tom Mauser’s book, Walking in Daniel’s Shoes p. 305-306):

Within a few weeks of the massacre Linda and I, and apparently all the other Columbine parents, received a sympathy card from the parents of Dylan Klebold, who wrote, “It is with indescribable sorrow and humility that we write to wish you comfort.” The handwritten card asked that God comfort us and our loved ones. They were comforting words, yet we weren’t quite sure how to react to them. It was so soon after the massacre, too early for us to react rationally.

At the time the card seemed to offer little acceptance of responsibility for what had happened, saying Daniel was taken “in a moment of madness” and that they would “never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it.” We felt as if the words didn’t come from the heart, but rather were suggested by an attorney. We were dissatisfied with what we received and chose not to respond to it. The card was tossed onto a pile of Columbine-related papers and forgotten.

While uncovering some Columbine papers recently I discovered that card from the Klebolds. I hadn’t seen it for years. I must admit that now, after I’ve read it again, I’m not quite as cynical about it as I was in 1999. Back then I cringed at the statement, “we never saw anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life,” because I felt the Klebolds were in denial and refused to accept responsibility. But in reading it again, I realized they weren’t quite as unresponsive as I had originally thought. “We apologize for the role our son played in your son’s death.” Their words didn’t seem as hurtful, or contrived or unrepentant as they did in 1999.

In the documentary 13 Families, Lauren Townsend’s stepfather, Bruce Beck, says much the same thing about his opinion of the Klebolds’ letter (from 1:13:00 - 1:13:45).

You know, Klebold’s parents sent us a card that basically had been written by their lawyer–you know, no compassion in it–basically, you know, saying they’re quote-unquote “sorry,” but “sorry” really didn’t come through in the words.  The Harrises–we sat across the table from them, and not once did they say “We’re sorry that you lost your daughter,” you know.  They didn’t say it because they know they own some responsibility in this.  They know they own some responsibility in it, and it’s one of those things that, you know, will drive me crazy for the rest of my life.

The letter to the Curnows (from the “Afterword” to the paperback edition of Dave Cullen’s Columbine, p. 365which is not in the e-book, by the way):

Sue Klebold wrote letters to the Thirteen the first spring, but Bob did not receive his.  It went to his ex-wife.  He heard about the letter and asked for a copy.  She provided one.  Then he asked for the envelope.  He received a copy of the backside.  At first it ticked him off, but then he noticed something.  Sue had written her home address on the flap.  He smiled.  He sent a letter back.  He sent another through the Harris attorney.  For years, he got no response.  That wasn’t so important.  He knew he had been heard.  Meetings came, in time…[he meets with both families and keeps in touch with the Klebolds].

The Harris family also sent letters to families of the victims, but they (foolishly, as it turned out) trusted them to the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office where they basically sat on them instead of delivering them to their intended recipients!

One letter, to injured victim Mark Taylor, read, “Please accept our heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery from your injuries. There are no words to express the tragic events of that day. We would have given our lives to prevent them.

“May you have the strength and the support to continue your healing process.”

It was signed, “Sincerely, Wayne, Kathy and Kevin Harris.”

Jeff Kass, Columbine, p. 244.

The Ideomotor Effect

About once a month I get a message from some Anon that informs me (as if I had never heard of it before) that our own brains are moving the planchette in a phenomenon called the Ideomotor Effect.

The Ideomotor Effect has been tested many times and it is, in fact, a thing. It’s basically when your brain is moving something in a way that makes it feel like you aren’t moving the thing yourself. The fact that this is an actual thing makes skeptics go “WELL THEN, all Ouija boards, pendulum dowsing, spirit writing, and so on are FAKE.”

I’ve found that most people who say this have never played the Ouija board successfully. But I mean, what spirit would want to talk to someone who thinks they’re not real?

But people who have played before can tell you that sometimes the board spells out things that aren’t buried deep in your subconscious. Lots of times you think it’s about to spell out something, and you’re certain it will spell out that thing, and according to the theory it should spell out that thing, and the planchette can suddenly change direction. Like you could ask the spirit its name, and it can spell out “D-A-V-” and you think, oh, sure it’s Dave or David, and then be shocked when it goes to “O” or some other strange letter. It’s always shocking when you think the planchette is going to go one way and it goes another. 

The main proof behind the theory, however, is that if you blindfold the participants, the Ouija board cannot spell out anything, just gibberish. Ah HA! Surely that means that without looking at the board, it’s impossible for your brain to make up something and to push your hands around the board!

But frequent users can tell you that the board spells out gibberish all the time, even if you’re not blindfolded.

To wrap this up, I have a question and the theory. Here is the question: Why does the ideomotor effect only exist in the world of Ouija boards and spirit communication? Why doesn’t it happen when we’re absentmindedly writing, or dusting, or typing, or doing anything else with our hands that we aren’t paying attention to? Skeptics love the ideomotor theory because it was invented by skeptics for skeptics, but nobody seems to be able to answer WHY it exists, other than to disprove the Ouija board. 

And a theory. Spirits in their weakest form cannot move anything, and need energy from any kind of power source to do so. Using our energy is really beneficial to them, especially when we hand it over to them willingly. When we play the board, we are asking spirits to use our energy to send us a message. The spirits then can manipulate our energy to move the planchette. They don’t have their “hands” on the planchette, or are sitting beside you as you play. They can be anywhere in the room, using your energy to spell out what they want. It could be quite possible that we ARE moving the planchette subconsciously, because the spirit is manipulating our energy to do so. The spirits are causing the ideomotor effect to come into play and spell out their message. 

Our bodies do a lot of things instinctively. When you feel an itch, you scratch it. When something is in your nose, you sneeze. Heck, breathing is instinctive, you’re doing it right now without thinking about it. But your brain isn’t going to move your hands around to spell out some subconscious message. And if you don’t believe me, I suggest you try a Ouija board. If it’s just your brain, what’s the harm?

I do want to end this blog post with the note that a few people have messaged me saying that they invented their own way of communicating with spirits by having them twitch their fingers, or that they know when a spirit is around because they “feel someone watching them”, and those are, in fact, brain tricks. Read more about those here. And if you have any other spirit communication or Ouija board questions, feel free to ask.

It’s like, it’s just like dude that’s not you. That’s not the guy that I know. But apparently that’s who he is now, and I….I just don’t wanna be a part of that. The guy that I know, wasn’t the guy that I’ve seen him becoming. The things he was doing, the people he was hanging out with, he was just changing. He isn’t a bad guy, he’s got great spirit, that’s why I was with him. But you know…things happen. People make mistakes. but like, when I really care about someone, I can only focus them. And yes, he’s done some petty shit, but you know…you get petty when you still love somebody and still care about ‘em. He’s his own person. But I don’t know, it’s just out of my hands at this point.
—  Amber Rose

disaster-waiting-to-happen  asked:

I don't mean to be silly, but do you believe it is possible to have a tree or houseplant as a familiar? I can see why you couldn't, but at the same time I feel really connected to all aspects of nature. I have specific trees in my life that I've felt an intense connection to and it felt quite similar to all the animals I've connected with. I do apologize if this is a silly question.

Oh damn, sorry I didn’t see this sooner! But no, it’s not silly at all!

Familiars aren’t just animals, but they can also be spirits. Plants have spirits, so why not?

I’ve definitely heard of plant familiars happening before

Translation of Komaeda's free time events

Since I’ve practically translated every piece of side material regarding Komaeda, it just doesn’t feel right to leave out his free time events…so here they are.

Extremely image-heavy post, as well as spoilers for the game.Here’s a google doc link if that works better with the images.

Komaeda: Hinata-kun…are you feeling not so well?

Hinata: Huh? No, not at all.

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koala-lul  asked:

Okay so exorcist iwa-chan and annoying haunting spirit oikawa

Okay…but what if Iwaizumi gets the job to get rid of Oikawa?



Oikawa is Iwaizumi’s old partner. Iwaizumi had to watch Oikawa get murdered in front of him, so that’s why he doesn’t mind Oikawa’s presence. Because even though Oikawa’s physical body is unable to be used, Iwaizumi still has Oikawa…even if he can’t hug him, or whatever, Oikawa is still there and that’s all that matters. 

But then he gets that job? And he’s so confused, because they only get rid of spirits that are bad? Oikawa hasn’t done anything bad?

So he sits at home, Oikawa yammering beside him. So Iwaizumi asks. 

And Oikawa looks at him, then walks through the wall and doesn’t answer, disappearing for the whole night and the morning after. 

Iwaizumi goes to work the next day to see a pissed of Matsukawa, but his partner, Makki, isn’t around. So he cautiously asks what’s happening, and Matsukawa just grabs Iwaizumi by the collar of his shirt and pulls him forward, tears in his eyes. 

“Oikawa was our friend, so why?”

And Iwaizumi is just…so confused. Until he sees Hanamaki walk through a wall, walk through the desks and chairs until he’s standing beside Matsukawa. 

Spirits only stay around if they have unfinished business. 

So Hanamaki won’t be leaving until Iwaizumi gets rid of Oikawa. But Iwaizumi is still confused? What happened to Hanamaki? Why is he a spirit now? Where is Oikawa? Why did Oikawa act so weirdly?

Then Hanamaki frowns. 

“Oikawa killed me,” he says. 

And Iwaizumi just freezes. 

Hey guys, I need you to know something.  I have been crucified on this hell site ever since I gained a voice in this part of the Sherlock fandom – I don’t use my ask box in any way because of that. I thought it would be over after The Final Problem.  I was wrong.  I thought it’d be over today – I was wrong again.  I thought my heart would be crushed and I’d leave this Tinfoil Hat Club tonight because what use is it after tonight? Trust me when I say I understand completely anyone washing their hands of this whole thing – as a queer person I absolutely do understand and I don’t wish for you to struggle with this cruel joke any longer, whatever the joke may be.  But I have to tell you something: I’m not even the least bit put off by not getting anything new tonight.  I thought I would be.  But I’m not. The fact that every day we make more and more sense of The Final Problem and incredible metas come out of what’s happening is why I haven’t lost my spirit. I do not, I repeat, I do not want anyone subjecting themselves to more meta and theories of mine if it hurts too much. Please. Take care of yourselves.  I’ve produced the same metas, fics, and videos this whole year and I’m not stopping. I can absolutely handle sticking to what I love and what I believe in even though now more people will throw insults my way. I don’t expect everyone to do this. I don’t expect to keep all my followers because of this – but I’ve never cared if I had 15 followers or 15,000, I’ve produced the same content the whole time. That is not changing.  So it is up to you what you want to do.  Whatever that is, I support you. I will be continuing as usual, for the rest of the week, until 22:30 on 29/1.  

I love you guys very much.  Take care of yourselves.  


I have never cried so much for some character’s death ok?

The only moments of happiness he had, were when he finally got married to Annie but then, again, that didn’t last.

They both had their whole lives ahead of them. They would raise their son and live happily. Finnick had tried so much for having these moments with Annie and he had truly believed in the spirit of the rebellion.

That’s why when…. it…. happened he shouted Katniss’ name. He wanted to remind her that they were on a war and his sucrifice wouldn’t be in vain. For the rebellion. For a better Panem. But most of all, for Annie.



over and over, when i ask god why all of these injustices are allowed to exist in the world, i can feel the spirit whisper to me, “you tell me why we allow this to happen. you are my body, my hands, my feet.”

we are not a voice for the voiceless. the truth is that there are is a lot of noise out there drowning out quiet voices, and many people have stopped listening to the cries of their neighbors. lots of folks have put their hands over their ears to drown out the suffering. institutions have distanced themselves from the disturbing cries… it is a beautiful thing when folks in poverty are no longer just a missions project but become genuine friends and family with whom we laugh, cry, dream, and struggle.

shane claiborne; the irresistible revolution: living as an ordinary radical \

NaLu Week (Day 3- Ribbon)

Title: Ribbon

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: K

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Warnings: None

Notes: Written for NaLu week! Hope you enjoy. Oh and there may or may not be some out of character-ness from the other guild members…it’s really hard to write them because anime/manga is so abstract >.<

Also I apologise if anyone gets offended by Loke, particularly if you’re a LoLu shipper (no offence if you are, but why are you reading my NaLu fics?!)

On the other hand I really like the beginning of this one >///<

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The Red-Eye Theory

Okay, SO! There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to this theory, and people do not seem to understand how it works exactly. So I’m going to be as thorough as I can, and if you have any questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!

So let’s begin!

First, What is the Red-Eye Theory?

The theory involves the red eyes and ‘magic’ of the Underfell Universe and was originated between @underfellsansrp​ and I. I believe this is where the confusion began because it was only really discussed from the perspective of Sans- AKA Edgy- and the diagram centered on him, which you can find here.

Monsters in the UF world all typically have red eyes, or near it, and their magic tends to center around red. Because it’s ‘edgier’. BUT! We decided to have a reason as to why that is, and thus the theory was born.

What Does it Mean to Have Red Eyes?

Our headcanon is that all the monsters, every one of them, actually had the same colored eyes as the ‘original’ characters from Undertale when they were born and grew up. 

UF Sans had white eyes like UT Sans.
UF Papyrus had orange eyes like UT Papyrus. 

And so on.

But at one point or another, their eyes would change to red. In the UF Universe, this was seen as a sign of maturity. When a monster’s eyes turned red- which typically tended to happen as an adolescent- it meant they were maturing and growing up. 

What REALLY happens is that the monster’s spirit was crushed and their hope is lost.

This is why this usually happens when a monster is somewhere within their teen years or as a young adult. All their innocence as children is fading away and they’re seeing just how cruel the world can be. And when you live in a world where its ‘Kill or be Killed’, it’s difficult as hell to find something to be happy about when you can be backstabbed, robbed, betrayed, among many other awful things at any given point. You could get the sh*t beat out of you if you so much as look a guy wrong. 

So red eyes, Underfell’s default red that every UF Sans has as well as every UF Papyrus and nearly any UF monster out there, are what monsters have when they lose their hope and their spirit has been crushed by the cruel reality of their situation and they no longer see a reason to hope for things to be better. They just deal with it the best they can.

What and Who the Red-Theory Effects

Going from this headcanon, this means ANYONE could end up with red eyes. This means that UT Sans and even UT Papyrus could end up with reds eyes if they were to lose their hope and their spirits have been crushed. They don’t need to be in the Underfell Universe. I even have a UT Sans who follows this theory and ended up with red eyes.

HOWEVER! Please NOTE that red eyes are not dependent on mood. Eyes do not become red out of anger or intense feeling. This isn’t a process that turns on-and-off like a light switch. When a monster’s eyes turn red, it’s devastating. A lot of emotional scarring and even trauma is initially the cause of turning a monsters’ eyes red. That shit don’t heal overnight folks. In fact, a monster whose eyes are red could still be moderately happy and not have their eyes changed, just as a monster who doesn’t have red eyes could still be miserable.

The Stages of the Red-Eye Theory

There are a total of FOUR stages. Recently two more have been added, but I won’t get into those right now. I might add them later, but right now we’ll only worry about the bases. 


Your typical Underfell monster. Edgy, nasty, mean spirited, the works. Their eyes are a normal red color, and they’re typically either miserable or hostile, or both. Not necessarily evil, eyes do not affect mood but rather the other way around. Mood affects eyes, but even a jerk or someone with bad intentions could have normal eye color and not turn red at all. 

Hopeless & Dead Inside

This is an even worse stage than the default red. The eyes are much darker, which means that the darker the eyes, the less hope the monster has and the more their spirit is crushed. Having them revert back is a much harder task and sometimes near impossible. There’s just no point anymore, it’s a bother just getting out of bed alone, and there’s nothing to look forward to or enjoy. 

You literally feel dead on the inside.


The worse possible stage. When a monster becomes shattered, that’s it.

There’s no going back.
There’s no healing.
Their eyes will never change back to their original eye color OR to default red. 

>>>>>>>There’s no SAVING them<<<<<<<

Shattered eyes typically look like static or shattered glass, or a combination of the two. When a monster becomes shattered, they lose all positive emotion. No hope, joy, humor, love… nothing. At best, they feel lingering effects of emotions they might of either had right before shattering or ones that strongly effected them before they became shattered, hatred being the most dominant in a lot of cases.

Shattering doesn’t happen if a monster just feels super super sad. It’s usually a long process. There has yet to be an account of a monster who has their normal eye color, the color they’ve had since birth, and then suddenly go straight from that to shattering. 

When a monster shatters, it means they have nothing to live for anymore. Everything really IS pointless, meaningless, and just not worth bothering anymore. Nothing is going to change, they can’t make it change, and nothing ever will change. They’re the most miserable, and usually something very traumatizing and/or horrible had to have happened to them before it leads to the monster shattering. 

Last, but not least, HOPEFUL

This is where things tend to get confusing. When a monster who has red eyes becomes ‘hopeful’, it means the red is receding from their eyes. AKA, the red is fading.

Eyes DO NOT TURN PINK OR WHITE. Only Sans’ does because his original eye color IS white, SO! When Edgy became ‘hopeful’, his eyes turn pink, as they are right now in current RP. Why? Because when the red is fading from his eyes, they’re becoming lighter, and so it’s showing more of the white that he has. White mixed with red is pink. 

Get it?

To explain further, lets talk about my muse, UF Papyrus. Aka, Chompy. 

Chompy actually has red-orange eyes, meaning there’s orange mixed in. This is because Chompy has actually been ‘hopeful’ this entire time. His eyes had never gone entirely red except at a young age when his brother threw a rubix cube at him, and then during the ‘Heartless verse’ through RP. For the former, he became crushed by his brother’s sudden show of violence and being hurt by him, but after running away and confronting ‘himself’, the red receded, showing some of the orange he had once more. In the Heartless verse, he closed himself off entirely in order to protect himself, which made his eyes red. They turned back when Edgy stepped up and helped his brother through the pain the last reset had brought him.

So Chompy’s ‘Hopeful Eyes’ are red-orange. NOT PINK.

Void ( @a-void-gaster ), originally had yellow eyes as a kid/adolescent. This is why his eyes are now currently orange, because the red has faded and red-and-yellow make orange. Void’s ‘Hopeful Eyes’ are ORANGE.

Basically: hopeful eyes ARE NOT ONE SPECIFIC COLOR, but just the red fading away to show more of their original eye color.


Red represents the amount of hopelessness
Hope makes it fade
Specific colors do not represent specific moods
Shattered is bad and can’t be cured

There is no penalty for killing, imprisoning , raping, mocking, stealing from or disrespecting black people.

We just gonna get shake our heads or pray about, right?

People of the African Diaspora are the most exploited people on earth.

Cops still killing us at alarming rates , beating innocent Black Women, and Children. Judges Locking Black men up like crazy for petty crimes.

No matter how Blatant the celebs like Donald Sterling and Justin Bieber may show how racist they are the masses of Black People are apologizing for them , making excuses, or ignoring it.

In 2014 what does it take to prove ones racist, Goddamn if video aint enough idk what can.

What happen to the revolutionary spirit? Why aren’t you more upset? Peace


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But this is why it’s called “Kuvira's Gambit”

I keep seeing posts of how Kuvira is so heartless that she’d kill her own fiancé (and I will admit to thinking the same thing at one moment), but that’s not the reason she fired at him. She didn’t blast their location because they have him and she didn’t want them to have any leverage on her or him. No. She blasted this location because he was with Korra

Gambit - “an opening in which a player sacrifices, (typically a pawn), for the sake of compensating advantage.” Of course we all know Baatar Jr was the pawn, but what exactly was the advantage? Killing the Avatar.

Kuvira has stated that the Avatar can’t even stand in her way but does she really mean it?

If she really thought Korra wasn’t a threat, this scene wouldn’t’ve happened. I mean, why waste perfectly good spirit vines on someone you don’t even think can stop you? Because Kuvira isn’t going to underestimate her. She knows exactly how powerful the Avatar is and she isn’t going to let that get in the way. But look at her face when she says, “no one can stop us”. She reminds me of Azula when she was trying to keep it together before her coronation. It’s as if Kuvira was saying this to reassure herself that Korra wasn’t a threat.

This scene, about Kuvira blowing up their location, isn’t about Kuvira’s non-love for Baatar or how she’s turned “heartless”. This scene was about Kuvira gaining the advantage she needed to take anything and everything she wanted, including the new Avatar (assuming so since they are going to be born in the Earth Empire).

But she stayed true to what she said if you think about it.

“This city isn’t worth sacrificing our life together.” The city isn't worth sacrificing their life together. But the death of the Avatar is.