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Jacob Baugh Token!  So he requested a DBZ spirit bomb pose for his Energy token, borrowing some energy from bears in particular. Super cool direction/ request on a show that I grew up watching and had a blast recreating. I originally was going to paint him with a more fearsome expression, but he was such a happy guy to talk to I wanted to keep it in. 

These tokens will be in orders over 5 bucks at SCG soon!

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Spirited Away Bath Tokens

Here’s to me contributing to society. wheeuu I hope.

Last Halloween, I made bath tokens for an old No Face costume from leftover wood-textured window blinds; colored them with gold paint, red and black permanent marker, and I think they turned out rather well? idk.

I also looked through all the Spirited Away clips with bath tokens, and these were all the ones I could make out.

I’m pretty sure someone out there has probably already made better ones, but I’m too lazy to check. Hope this gives some good ideas!

Matt Tabak, Ladies and Gentleman

So Matt wanted to contribute a joke for this week’s “Tales from the Pit” Templated lyrics theme. It didn’t come close to fitting but it was to good not to let you all see it.


Cast Christmas only if you have a teammate and that teammate is your true love.
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a day counter on Christmas. Then create twelve 1/1 green Human Spellshaper creature tokens with “G, T, Discard a card: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn” if there are twelve or more day counters on Christmas. Then create eleven 1/1 green Elf Shaman creature tokens with “G, T: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield” if there are eleven or more day counters on Christmas. Then create ten 1/1 white Human Lord creature tokens with “U: This creature gains flying until end of turn” if there are ten or more day counters on Christmas. Then create nine 2/2 green Centaur creature tokens with forestwalk if there nine or more day counters on Christmas. Then create eight 1/1 green Elf creature tokens with “G: Target creature gains trample until end of turn” if there are eight or more day counters on Christmas. Then create seven 4/3 white and blue Bird Spirit creature tokens with flying and “If a source would deal damage to this creature, prevent that damage. The source’s controller draws cards equal to the damage prevented this way” if there are seven or more day counters on Christmas. Then create six 1/1 white Bird creature tokens with flying and “T: Create a 0/1 white Egg creature token” if there are six or more day counters on Christmas. Then choose two or more colors and create five Ring artifact tokens that are the chosen colors if there are five or more day counters on Christmas. Then take a breath. Then create four 2/2 blue Bird creature tokens with flying and “T: Target attacking creature has base power 0 until end of turn” if there are four or more day counters on Christmas. Puis créez trois jetons de creature 1/1 blanche Oiseau avec le vol si elle a au moins trois marqueurs jour sur Noël. Then create two 2/2 blue and green Turtle Bird creature tokens if there are two or more day counters on Christmas. Then create a 2/2 green Bird creature token with flying and bands with Treefolk. Then put Christmas on the bottom of its owner’s library if there are twelve counters on Christmas.

nightmarework wrote me the sweetest charm for my birthday!

“Something simple, to ease a heart at worry. Take a blanket, a pillow, a stuffed animal. Something soft and something warm. Gently fold if a blanket or gently place in moonlight. Clap twice and think, ask the spirits who may be listening for a small help. As always, be polite when asking them for anything. Ask them to carry the good in your object to the one you wish and offer the spirits some small token in exchange (Sweets are a good choice I find). Its simple as that!”


The Great Wild Spirits

Freljordians worship animal spirits that are said to watch over and guide the Freljord in its entirety.  This religion emerged some time after the fall of the three sisters, and it has been practiced for centuries ever since. The Great Spirits created the Freljord and they rule over it. Some say that a person’s token spirit will appear to them in a spectral form in time of need, but this is a rare occurrence. 

At the age of seventeen, Freljord’s age of adulthood, one will choose a single Great Spirit as their token through ceremony. They then live to exhibit the qualities and characteristics of that spirit, they make their offerings to that one spirit, and they often decorate their homes/weapons/clothing with that Spirit’s motifs, horns, or pelts. It’s rare that families will all share a token Spirit, but there have been times where a person will choose the token spirit of their parent or that of an intended partner’s parent to gain favor.

Boar - Token of Hunters. Fearlessness, Strength, Self-preservation, Will Power.

Hawk - Token of Diplomats. Noble, Compassionate, Patience, Insight.

Wolf - Token of Warriors. Survival, Courage, Endurance, Assertiveness.

Bear - Token of Traders. Prosperity, Luck, Guile, Confidence.

Stag - Token of Leaders and Guardians. Determination, Stability, Intelligence, Humility.

Owl -  Token of Healers. Solitude, Justice, Independence, Vigilance.

Sea Serpent - Token of Sailors and Navigators. Focus, Awareness, Inelegancy, Adventurous. 

Raven - Token of Mystics. Change, Creativity, Spiritual Strength, Wisdom.

Fox -  Token of Travelers. Sharpness, Industriousness, Determined, Efficent.

Rabbit -  Token of Fools and Tricksters. Curiosity, Slyness, Cunning, Fertility.


My latest attempt at making MTG tokens. Decided to go for completely black and white art on a custom template of my own design. I must say, I’m quite pleased with how these came out! Might do more. Or not. We’ll see.

If you want to print them out and use them, that’s okay! But a lot of effort went into them, so if you also want to throw a couple bucks at me via Paypal, that’d be greatly appreciated.


          IT WASN’T unusual for Octavia to come away from a case with a new trinket in hand. Often, she took these objects in order to research them, to make sure that she had done her job as thoroughly as possible, others they were tokens of spirits who did not wish to be forgotten. The Dawson female was as good as her word, she never forgot a single one of them. Her last case had been simple enough; a trapped father whose only wish was to reunite with his family though his traumatic death prevented it. Still, even simple cases took time and over the period of a few weeks, Octavia knew the old rickety house the man was trapped in well. 
          Then, in the sudden and almost unnatural quietness of this very house, Octavia found something that she had not noticed before.  The medallion ring was so out of place because it had certainly not been there before but it was cleaner than just about everything else, discolored with time and strewn with dust. There hadn’t been any hesitation, the Medium had plucked it up with every intention of discovering just what was unusual about it and returned home. Only then, as it always did, work got in the way.
          It had been at least four months since Octavia had returned home, the medallion ring was stored in the top drawer of her bedside cabinet and all but forgotten in the chaos of the female’s life. Exhausted, the Medium fell through the door of her spacious flat in the city and sighed as she closed it behind her. Her arms and legs ached, she was breathless and overall, pretty sure she would wake up with new bruises in a few hours when the dreams inevitably came. Wanting to stay that knowledge a little longer, the brunette headed into the kitchen and fixed herself a drink.

Seduce Me

Download Link

(((Oh man, I wrote up a whole walkthrough but after looking at the creator’s tumblr it seems like they want people to take some time to try and find the endings themselves. I will not post the walkthrough, but if you are really stuck on a route or CG be sure to message me and I’ll help you out!)))

Seduce Me is a game by Serafim Entertainment with the unusual goal of supporting consent in relationships. Obviously, I think consent is vital, but the way it was advertised I was initially concerned the game might be preachy and educational rather than cute or fun. God, was I wrong. Although the message is definitely there, it’s reflected more in the behavior of the characters than in any direct message. This game is so incredible from start to finish, and my only complaint is that it severely interfered with my sleep schedule because I couldn’t pull myself away. The writing is great, the plot is great, the art is great, the voice acting (in a free game? What a treat!) is absolutely fantastic. Most if not all the choices you make seem to have real consequences for the plot and endings. Just… Wow. This game is amazing, and I really hope you play it.

The premise of the game is that the 18-year-old protagonist is in her senior year of high school when her grandfather, the head and founder of the company Anderson Family Toys, passes away. She finds out that he left practically everything to her in his will, and she is quickly moved into her grandfather’s mansion upon her father’s insistence. However, she is surprised by a group of five boys lying bloody on her floor as she steps into the building. The rest of the game revolves around her new life as an independent woman and the housemate of five incubi. The mechanics of the game are conventional for a visual novel; click to advance the text and make choices from set lists in order to influence the plot and endings.

The game is tagged as steamy because there are multiple scenes beyond simple kissing, including one (completely optional) sex scene for each incubus’ route. Nothing is shown or described explicitly, but each sex scene does have a somewhat tasteful CG and a non-explicit description. Each incubus route involves a fight scene ending in death. There is one rather disturbing scene involving suicide. Swearing is present but used sparingly.

Suzu: Tomboy Lesbian Type

Oh, Suzu. From your short hair and boyish clothes to your anger issues and love of violent video games, your aura screams out to be labelled a tomboy lesbian type character and I love you for it. What you lack in levelheadedness you make up for in sheer kickass cuteness. I also want to give some serious props to Suzu’s voice actress for the confession scene on her route. Well written, well acted, adorable CG. I can’t even handle it.

Naomi: Token Lesbian Type

I feel bad calling Naomi a token lesbian character, since she’s far more fleshed out than the vast majority. However, she really does fit the mould very well. She’s very feminine, as you can likely tell just by looking at her, and is generally a relatively shy and passive person (as shown in her interactions with Lisette and, if you pursue her path, the protagonist at the end of the game. Naomi does have a little bit of fight to her, especially with her friends, so I actually found her a fairly realistic and interesting character. However, her personality (and the fact that she’s never been with a woman or considered dating girls before) are truly in the spirit of the token lesbian character.

Diana: Interesting Lesbian Type

Damn, Diana is a cool character. Confident, seductive, powerful, but still capable of being flustered, conflicted, hurt, or maybe even in love. Even though she’s such an unearthly being, she still felt three-dimensional and believable considering her backstory. I was glad to have played her route before any of the guys’, since I could understand her actions even though she was sort of the “antagonist” in the incubi’s routes. Overall, Diana is just hella. Play her route.

Andrew: Friendly Type

Andrew is in a very similar position to the protagonist, as his dad is pushing him to become CEO of Anderson Family Toys while he is uncertain what he wants for his future. Andrew is formal when he has to be, as in his first encounter with the protagonist at the housewarming party, but generally is just relaxed and somewhat goofy. His silly, energetic nature is best illustrated in the car ride to the company’s offices on his romantic route. There, away from the expectations of his father, he’s constantly laughing and telling jokes to cheer up the protagonist. Although Andrew quickly falls for the protagonist, he never really flirts with her, even as he takes her on what seems for all intents and purposes to be a date. However, don’t let that scare you off his route, since his confession scene and subsequent storyline is ADORABLE oh my god. I went into Andrew’s path thinking he would be my least favorite of the boys and left cursing the fact that he’s fictional.

Matthew: Shota Type

When I first saw Matthew, I wondered, “is he a shota type?” As soon as he opened his mouth, I realized the answer was yes. He’s so excitable and cute, and he seems to be the most easily scared and flustered member of the group. The boys even seem to view him as a child and refer to him as such, which seems to upset Matthew (understandably). For me, though, Matthew’s cuteness was less about his childishness per se and more about his enthusiasm and the way he became flustered fairly easily. If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that shota types really aren’t my thing at all. But although Matthew definitely is the most youthful romantic character in both body and spirit, I think he looked and acted mature enough in certain ways for him to still be attractive to me. If you ask me, Matthew is a shota type character done right.

Erik: Player Type

Erik is one of the most saccharine players I have ever come across. This boy does not miss a single moment to shamelessly flirt with the protagonist. Like any player type worth his salt, the protagonist sees him flirting with another women, inciting jealousy (although in the past, rather than the present) and causing her to doubt his true feeling for her. Like many player types, Erik uses the women he seduces for personal gain, but changes his ways after falling in love with the protagonist. Although there’s honestly nothing new or special about Erik’s route, I loved every second of it regardless. Erik seems to feel the most guilty when pursued by the protagonist, repeatedly saying how she “spoils” him and that he “doesn’t deserve her.” Without expressly stating it, he seems to regret the way in which he acted towards women, including the protagonist, in the past. I feel like that fact, to have something about a character’s feelings or motivations be clear without actually saying them, is one of the marks of a three dimensional, well-written and, in this case, well voice-acted character.

Damien: Mysterious Type

Damien is the quietest of the incubus boys. He tries to avoid talking about himself much, and attempts to dodge the protagonist’s questions about himself. However, he does start to open up as he learns to trust the protagonist and as she pushes him to tell her more. Damien’s mystery is heightened by the fact that he can read minds, so the fact that he knows everything about the protagonist (and others) is juxtaposed by how little they know about him. Despite Damien’s relative silence, however, he is still a friendly and fairly jovial person who treats the protagonist well. Be warned, even though Damien does have an (actually really adorable holy shit) good end, his path is probably the saddest and is the reason I have the suicide mention up at the top.

Sam: Jerk Type

Sam is, as the protagonist puts it, the “bad boy” of the group. He obnoxiously kisses the protagonist right after meeting her without consent, then makes fun of her for being upset. He’s easily irritated, by the protagonist and others, and is the only member of the group that isn’t interested in staying in the protagonist’s house when she offers. Of course, Sam warms to the protagonist with time, especially when she pursues his route. Although he doesn’t have the easiest time expressing his emotions, his initial frustration at admitting his feelings makes his words that much sweeter since you can tell they’re spoken so grudgingly. Sam does explain his behavior with his back story, although I must admit that it’s not much more or less tragic than that of most of the other incubus boys.

James: Responsible Type

James is such a sweetheart. He seems to be the one most concerned for the protagonist’s well-being from the very start of the game, and is consistently kind and helpful towards her. He is also the most concerned with paying off the protagonist’s favors by performing the duties that they have all signed up for without any complaint. James isn’t responsible in every way, as his route shows, since he did ultimately shirk his duties as the heir to the Demon Lord. However, he retains a responsible attitude towards his brothers and the protagonist and (in some endings) successfully manages Anderson Family Toys as the CEO, and personally I felt like that made him a more realistic character than someone who absolutely always meets expectations. James doesn’t really flirt with the protagonist, but does compliment her often, and the way he calls her “miss” may or may not make your heart melt into a puddle of sludge like it did to mine.


Combo of the Day (3-3-16): $1.34
Sekki, Seasons’ Guide - $0.98
Warstorm Surge - $0.36

With Warstorm Surge on the field, cast Sekki triggering Surge. Deal that 8 damage to Sekki, giving you 8 1/1 Spirits, each doing 1 damage to your opponent(s). Sacrifice all 8 Spirit tokens, recurring Sekki, and start all over. Keep doing this until your opponent(s) is dead.