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Fun Facts: Rising

Aries Rising

  • strong likes and dislikes
  • reputation of a troublemaker 
  • accident-prone
  • clumsy af
  • tendency to trip and fall
  • dictates activities
  • likes to be noticed 
  • uncomfortable with lies 
  • likes to get right to the point 

Taurus Rising

  • a basic calmness to them
  • never push their opinions on others
  • owning things can be a mania 
  • extremely jealous lovers
  • adept at hiding their possessiveness
  • rarely forgives 
  • endless patience
  • slave to routine  
  • prone to being overweight  

Gemini Rising

  • can’t sit still for the life of them
  • always discontented in some way
  • tends to worry and fret quite audibly 
  • role-players
  • great story-tellers
  • takes on other people’s personality 
  • can use words with amazing clarity
  • disorganized messes
  • youthful and childish 

Cancer Rising

  • snappish temper
  • appears very motherly
  • talks slow
  • sensitive to emotional signals
  • impatient at times
  • round features
  • takes a while to let someone in
  • never give up 
  • great imagination

Leo Rising

  • magnanimous in spirit 
  • soft spot for children 
  • likes to spoil people
  • big-hearted and kind
  • wonderful sense of humor
  • attention hog
  • great sense of showmanship
  • can easily turn arrogant
  • has nobility of character 

Virgo Rising

  • analytical out-look
  • fixed in opinion 
  • hates stupid people
  • hard-working
  • aloof and shy
  • often suffer from poor health
  • may appear frail 
  • caring
  • assistant managers 

Libra Rising

  • a little boy-girl crazy
  • gay and genial personality
  • deeply upset by violence  
  • dislikes hard-work
  • tendency to backstab  
  • hates being single
  • artistic flair
  • aloof 
  • fantasizes about happy tomorrows 

Scorpio Rising

  • bit of a lone wolf
  • great at hypnotizing
  • sharp temper
  • can be cruel and biting
  • always comes out victorious  
  • acute powers of observation
  • knows how to use mind-control
  • persuasive 
  • quietly domineering 

Sagittarius Rising

  • humanitarians
  • care deeply about injustice
  • reckless and impulsive
  • honest
  • generous
  • tries to never restrict others
  • prefer the simple life
  • frank
  • don’t give a fuck 

Capricorn Rising

  • melancholy mind
  • can come across as arrogant pricks
  • calculating 
  • resting bitch face 
  • independent 
  • hates whiny people
  • likes to do their “own thing”
  • loyal and protective
  • hates facing emotion

Aquarius Rising

  • wickedly sarcastic
  • system of paradoxes 
  • inflexible and intolerant at times
  • quirky 
  • makes weird noises
  • easily alienated 
  • may have a “stick up their ass”
  • perfectly content when alone
  • always speaks the truth

Pisces Rising

  • drawn to the past
  • talent for mimicry
  • sometimes talks too much
  • moved by sad stories
  • changeable 
  • disorganized and a bit careless
  • distressed and disillusioned 
  • constantly loosing things
  • chameleon-like

Inktober- day 17 - Ascensionem Mechanica

Toll the Great Bell Once!

Pull the Lever forward to engage the

Piston and Pump…

Toll the Great Bell Twice!

With push of Button fire the Engine

And spark Turbine into life…

Toll the Great Bell Thrice!

Sing Praise to the

God of All Machines” - Catechism of the Autoculus of Mars

Ghosts exist. To prevent them from terrorizing the general public, willing citizens are paid handsomely to have beacons fitted to their homes that will lure the spirits to one spot. It’s your first night on the job.

Hufflepuff: *turns the radio to Christmas channel*

Gryffindor: Really, Puff? It’s only November 1.

Slytherin: Halloween was yesterday…

Hufflepuff: It’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit!

Gryffindor: *spots Ravenclaw* Raven, tell Puff that it’s too early for Christmas music.

Ravenclaw: *pulls earbud out* I listen to Christmas music year round. *high fives Hufflepuff*

Day 2 - Divided

Done over two A5 Pages

This… is by far… the most ambitious piece of art I have EVER done

My eyes are bleary from concentrating

I absolutely adore Thrilling Intent to the very core. And if it weren’t for them I am not sure I would have ever tried something like this, nor would I be drawing as much as I am right now

There’s mistakes but… I don’t think I could have ever expected it to come out this well… I am exhausted. But I can’t express how accomplished I feel

[may try to get a slightly better scan tomorrow…. made it. BARELY! only 22 minutes of October 2nd left to spare!!!]


└ Takizawa Karen’s four-character descriptions Arashi:

Ninomiya Kazunari: 趣味在宅 “hobbies in his home”

Sakurai Sho: 服装迷走 “clothing fashion run astray”

Aiba Masaki: 馬鹿脱皮 “fool shedding its skin”  (though she explains it’s to do with his association with animals ‘馬’ is horse while ‘鹿’ is deer, though ‘馬鹿’ sounds suspiciously like ‘baka’ in Japanese)

Ohno Satoshi: 海釣地藏 “fishing in ocean terrain”

Matsumoto Jun:俺松本潤 “I am Matsumoto Jun” 

J: “There’s no difference from when I introduce myself~” (^_^;;;)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.11.2017

anonymous asked:

Hii can you do one where Betty is in denial about her feelings so Veronica and jughead fake date to get her to show her true feelings?

This ones cute! I’m gonna kind of spin it where both Betty and jughead don’t realize the others feelings.

“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” Jughead winced, rubbing the back of his neck as Veronica gripped his free hand with hers, dragging him into pops.

Kevin was walking beside the pair, rolling his eyes.
“Of course it is Jughead, you want Betty to be happy don’t you?” Kevin smirked raising a brow in question.

Jughead lifted his head sharply and nodded
“Obviously I do.” He growled “but do we really think Archie is the guy for her? His track record isn’t that great with Betty. I mean I know you guys say she’s like in love with him or whatever.” He trailed off mumbling, his eyes darkening at the thought before he continued “..but come on, Archie’s my best friend but Betty deserves better, she deserves someone who’s going to be all about her. Someone who notices when she’s not eating because of her anxiety, or when she flicks her fingers because she’s excited, or even when..” Jughead was smiling now, thinking about the beautiful blonde, Veronica cut him off.

“Well Betty told me she was interested in someone, she wouldn’t tell me who, but she mentioned he would never feel the same way so she couldn’t tell him.” Veronica cut a glance over to Kevin who was smirking at Jughead “we can only assume that’s Archie based off of history, so once she sees us as together, ya know an unexpected couple, she’ll be filled with courage and finally tell him. It’s fool proof.” Veronica nodded proudly.

Jughead sighed
“I don’t get how pretending we’re a couple is going to affect her at all, but whatever. If it helps bets I’ll give it a try.”

Veronica smiled, pulling him through the doors.
“That’s the spirit.”

Kevin snorted, immediately spotting the red head and the blonde. He pulled veronica towards him and whispered for only her to hear

“Operation bughead is a go. Carry on soldier.”

Veronica flipped her long black hair and wrapped herself around Jughead as he stiffened, Veronica knew this was uncomfortable for him, he only ever let Betty get that close. She felt bad for half a second before she noticed the way her beautiful best friend was staring at them from the booth in the corner.

Oh this was gonna be fun.

Veronica practically squealed.

“Betty! Archiekins! We had no idea you were going to be here! We just wanted to stop by for a milkshake, Jughead just took me on the absolute best date. Right Juggiekins?” She put on her very best puppy dog eyes staring at the dark haired boy.

He just shrugged and nodded
“Yeah, it was great.”

The boy needed to take some acting lessons, she rolled her eyes sliding in across from the pair sitting practically on top of Jughead.

Archie seemed to be choking on his fries as he asked
“You two are dating? Like together? Together together?”

Veronica nodded happily
“It’s new, but yes. We’re a couple.”

Betty seemed close to tears, as she smiled shakily at the pair
“Congratulations you guys.”

Jughead eyed the way her fingernails dug into her palms, ducking his head to meet her eyes he frowned, Betty responded by pulling her sleeves over her hands and smiling sadly.

Woah, she was hiding from him. She never hid from him. What was going on?

Veronica felt awful, her heart hurting at causing her best friend pain, but it had to be done or nothing would change.

“Anyway” she continued “what are you two up too?”

Archie looked pissed and just shrugged his shoulder, nodding at the paper in front of them
“Homework” he grumbled, getting up he began walking over to the counter. “I’m getting a soda, Anyone want anything?”

Betty shook her head, going back to her own work. Veronica nodded

“I’ll take a cherry coke, and jughead he’ll have what he always has, a burger and a Pepsi.” She rolled her eyes

“A coke. ” Betty whispered from her side of the booth. Archie looked over to her and raised a brow “what?”

She looked up locking eyes on Veronica
“He likes coke, he hates Pepsi. It tastes flat, and don’t forget he doesn’t like ketchup, pops always puts it on the burgers, you have to clarify. You’re his girlfriend shouldn’t you know that?” Betty bit out, resting her pen on the table and pushing her shoulders back.

Veronica raised a brow, laying her hands flat on the table and smiling, here we go.
“I know plenty about Jughead, Betty. He’s my boyfriend.”

Betty tightened her pony tail

“Oh yeah? Well do you know he hates to sit on the outside of the booth? Kind of like your forcing him too right now. Or how about the fact that he never once has eaten a piece of broccoli. Do you help sew his beanie back together when it gets holes? Since you’re his girlfriend you obviously pack an extra sandwich for lunch because you know how hungry he gets. Did you know that he’s probably the best person in this entire world?” Her lips were trembling and she stood abruptly “Im sorry, I have to go. Excuse me.” She bolted out of the booth, wrapping her arms around herself as she sprinted out the door.

“Betty!” Veronica called.

Jughead was out of the booth in seconds flat, following the blonde quickly. His phone long forgotten.

He caught up to the gorgeous, crying blonde about half way down Main Street.

“Betty!” He called nearly bumping into her, grabbing her wrist with his hand and spinning her around, taking in her watery eyes and red nose he felt his heart ache.

“What’s the matter bets? What happened?” He whispered

She looked into his eyes with a shaky breath
“I’m happy for you Juggie. I’m happy you’re happy. I just… I don’t know. I can’t… what does she have that I don’t?” She knew she sounded pathetic but she was too far gone.

He looked absolutely confused.
“What? Who? Veronica? Betty I…”

She cut him off
“I know I’m damaged, and I know I’m just a whole bunch of baggage but I can be good for you. I know you Jughead, more than she does, and okay I’m not as stunning or exotic as she is, but maybe if I wore tighter..”

It was his turn to cut her off , pressing his lips to hers and flexing his fingers on her waist.

Perfect. Jughead hated that word, but this moment with her lips on his, her hands pressed into his chest, her soft honey blonde hair tickling his cheeks, it was perfect.

Pulling away to smile at the dazed girl next door, he tucked her hands in his and nuzzled his nose into hers.

“Veronica and me were pretending, she wanted you to see that anything could happen so you would gain enough courage to ask Archie out.”

She pulled away a confused expression marring her face
“Archie? Why would I want Archie. That’s history.”

He tugged her back into him

“I don’t want Veronica, I don’t want anyone. I want you. I want you and now that I have you, I’m not giving you up. You’re everything to me.”

She smiled waterey eyed, as she pressed a soft kiss on his lips

“I’m not losing you either Jughead.”

He smiled, intertwining their fingers as they walked back to pops

“Come on l, I think we owe Veronica a milkshake.”


Title: Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,500

Warning: This is angsty, fluffy, soul touching and heart breaking all at once

A/N: Okay guys, this is my first ever soulmate piece and I worked really REALLY hard on this. It took a very long time to outline and smooth out so that it all flows right. PLEASE send feedback!! Major shout out to @mysteriouslyme81 for giving me the inspiration for this many months ago and helping me find the perfect song for the final part. 

The Beginning

Every single one of us would go to extremes for the one we love.

When the Alzheimer’s treatments stopped working and you couldn’t remember the simplest of things, Dean got desperate.

Shuffling his way into the familiar witch’s work room Dean grabbed a pen and paper and listened carefully.

“Only give her this on the worst of days”

“Remind her of a happy time, you will both be transported to that time, and upon return the memory will remain”

“This magic must be used carefully, only the strongest of loves will power it”

“I will give you enough for 7 memories to be restored to start”

“Remember though, giving her everything may cost you everything”

Dean Winchester never let warnings stop him. Eighty-five years old and watching the only true love of his life slip away he sure as hell wasn’t going to start listening to them now.

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ASK THE MODS:  How are you celebrating Samhain?

Originally posted by i-alwayslikedstrangecharacters

We thought it would be fun to ask WHC’s mods what their plans were for Samhain this year!  Reblog and let us know what you are doing to ring in the witchy new year!

SAMMA: So, I wanna head this with the fact that I am definitely ready for Halloween, but Samhain? Not so much. See, I celebrated it six months ago by sitting a Dumb Supper with the spirits of my deceased pets, and by pledging myself to my craft. I’m Australian, so it’s Spring right now, which means that on the 31st I should be celebrating Beltane.

Note that I said should, though. Will I? Probably not as much. Samhain is just so much cooler! But it does mean that I will probably do the official Beltane/Walpurgisnacht stuff and the fun Samhain stuff. I’ll encourage my friends in their Samhain adventures, and see in the new year for them by acknowledging any of their pledges or resolutions they make. I’ll probably do a major tarot spread for myself, light some candles, a spot of spiritwork, and definitely some Astral stuff (Southern Hemisphere or not, the 31st is a Very Important Date and I have Obligations!)

And for shenanigans? I’m throwing a Halloween party with my housemates, and I’m offering to read tarot cards for anyone that attends. I’m dressing as a witch/demon thing (I dunno, I just decided to go gothic and spooky), so if you’re on the server, keep your eyes peeled for selfies. If not, look for me @auroraliferous on Tumblr! I might post a selfie there too.

SMOKEY: On Samhain, I’m also celebrating the creation of my witchblr @little-mahika! I’m still a secret witch, so I’m planning on just celebrating with chocolates and enchanting sweets with blessings to the kids in my neighborhood. I haven’t got any major plans so far, but I’m trying to slowly ease into it because once I move out, I’m going all out witchy.

Samhain, for me, isn’t just about Halloween. It’s also about respecting the dead and remembering them. I want to honor the loved ones I have lost and share the peaceful energy I have with them. What I love most about Samhain is this raised energy from the Veil being so thin on this night. As an Empath and budding energy worker, it’s one of the best times to practice on my skills and reflect on my progress so far on my path as a witch. After all, October is the “spookiest” month of all!

But for now, I’m sticking to my chocolate stash, maybe bake a few monstrous goodies, and probably take a good trip to the astral.

LIV: The first thing you need to know before I tell you about my Samhain is that Halloween, as a celebration isn’t really part of French culture. Finding items for an altar, events or the like is a real hassle, especially if you do not live in a big city. But still, Halloween or not, the 31st has always been an important day for me, for reasons I’m only starting to understand now that I’m getting more and more into my practice.

So there will not be any big ceremonies for me, nor coven meeting or big spell. I’ll keep things simple. Cleanse my place big time, probably go visit an old graveyard to go pay my respects to the dead. Then it will all be about candles, cider and divination. Probably some astral travel, a spooky movie, candies and some make-up, all for a night of remembrance and magic to celebrate the Summer’s end.

CASS: Hey y’all, it’s Samhain! So I actually don’t celebrate the holidays, they are typically pagan holidays.  My witchcraft is secular and I know that these days are powerful for others, but they’re just another day for me. Instead of what I am going to do, which will sadly be studying for a lab practical and taking a test, I’m gonna give you all some info about Samhain.

For those of you who have no idea what’s going on Samhain is a celebration of the deceased and the start of winter, typically on the 31st of October. Most people call this date, Halloween, but Samhain is celebrated at a few different times depending on the witch. Some celebrate Samhain from the night of the 31st of October to the morning of the 1st of November, others celebrate on the closest full moon, and others celebrate on the 6th of November because it’s more in between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, whenever you celebrate it is fine, pick something that you like and stick to it.

Now, what can you do for Samhain? You can decorate your space or altar in the traditional colors, yellow, orange, purple, black, gold, and silver. You could add items like marigolds, or scarecrows(to scare away the dead), or pumpkins and gourds or apples(which are coming into season and very cheap). I like warm spicy scents for the season, so chai scented things, or dragon’s blood or frankincense are all great options, so are the more “stereotypical” pumpkin spice and cinnamon. It’s a great time to explore your family tree and honor your ancestors, and it is also a great time for divination or getting in contact with spirits and updating your protection. I hope you all enjoy a lovely Samhain and have some nice ideas to celebrate.

KIT: Hello children, it’s spoopy time! If you know me at all you know that I am a devout death witch - and that means this is a great season for me! I’ve already increased how much work I’ve been doing and come Samhain I’ll be doing even more. This is such a good time to call on ancestors, help wayward spirits find their way, and practice energy work! Aside from that, though, I’m a total sucker for the aesthetics of Autumn and Halloween, so it’s my favorite time of year for plenty of reasons!

This year I’m excitedly planning a silent supper for some ancestors. Not blood ancestors, mind you, but ancestors I venerate as artistic forebears. This includes Thoreau, Jane Austen, and Vincent van Gogh, just to give you an idea of what’s going on at my house this holiday. That means that I’ll have the opportunity to incorporate my kitchen witching with my death work (one of my favorite things is incorporating different parts of my practice into each other). Before the supper I’ll probably cleanse my house, recast my wards, and make sure the energy is just right. Of course, it’s Halloween so I’ll also be munching on some candy and doing mundane things like dressing up, taking my brothers trick or treating, and reading spooky stories to my family.

BELF:  Hiya Hellions! I’m sure this comes as a huge shock to you all, but guess what? I ADORE HALLOWEEN! Of course, it’s not like I haven’t just spent the past… oh, I don’t know, entire time since last Halloween screaming happily about the arrival of the most spooky of seasons ;)

Anyhow, I will be celebrating Samhain with the lighting of many candles (safely, of course), the excessive decorating of the entire house including the outside (trick or treaters love it, we are quite the Halloween attraction!), a goodly amount of divination and a dash of spirit communication- and who knows what else, I’m not all that great at planning ahead.

What I do know though is that for me, Samhain is a time for reflection, cleansing and protection, and honoring the dead. I spend some time thinking back on my year so far, and acknowledging what has been good and what has been, well, not so good. I pay my respects to the departed, familial and otherwise- Halloween is quite the time for a medium- and I dedicate some time to cleansing myself and my home, and checking or rebuilding my wards.

This year though, things are gonna run a little differently since Kyla, your lovely Mumpkin, will be joining me for some Halloween hoopla! Together we plan to raise a little hell- not literally guys, please raise hell responsibly- in the historic little English city that I call home. A little ghostly activity, a bit of exploring, some time out in nature and a sprinkle of spell work- all in all, a very Happy Halloween!

KYLA:  Hey loves! How are we all? Happy Samhain!! I’m going to let you all in on a secret… I’ve never been able to celebrate the holiday before. I come from a family that gives the word mundane a whole new meaning but this year that’ll change as I am spending Halloween with fellow moderator Bel!! (I know right, she’s about to have the best Halloween ever!.

We plan to do some rituals of our own which I’m positive will include ALL of the candles, but to also explore the town she now calls home in the midlands and hopefully go on a planned spoopy ghost walk which will be super exciting for me or we’ll end up planning our own, we are training mediums after all…  I’ve never done anything like this before!!

I myself will also do a spot of spirit work on the night too as not only is Samhain about Halloween fun but for me it’s also about remembering your ancestors and respecting the dead in general. So hey, maybe just take a second to think of all of the lives that have come before you and hope they’ve all found peace, that alone is enough.

KAI: Hey guys! This will actually be my very first Samhain as a practicing witch so I’m learning about the holiday. I know that a lot of witches go crazy this time of year, but I’m still getting used to witchcraft. A lot of that means figuring out what holidays mean to me. I like taking the opportunity to cleanse and reflect on how things are moving in my life, as well as thinking about my next steps and where I want to go.

This Samhain I’m looking forward to giving my dorm room a really thorough cleansing, I’ve been saving a special Yankee Candle Halloween wax melt, one of the Forbidden Apple ones. Out with those negative energies and replace them with something more positive and calming. I found a special Samhain tarot spread and I’m looking forward to seeing what the cards have to say. I might also try to do a bit of past life meditation, because I’ve been trying to delve more into that lately, and if I still have energy astralling sounds like a great way to finish off the night. I am very sad that I can’t spend this holiday with my best (also a witch) friend, but hopefully the next one.