spirit of zoro

Title: our shores of starlight (come sailing in)
Name: kurgaya & trashyscarface
Character focus/Pairing(s): Zoro/Luffy; Straw Hat Pirates
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 46k
Warnings: Canon-typical violence
Summary: At Shells Town, Luffy does not meet Roronoa Zoro. Instead, he acquires a sword.

“You spoke, didn’t you?” he asks, convinced that he had heard somebody calling him into consciousness. The sword says nothing, but Luffy gets the impression that it wants to say more – if it could, or if he could hear it, and he frowns, turning back to the front door.

Fic: Tumblr I AO3

Zolu Spirited Away AU Chapter 4

TITLE: The tide brings you home (chapter 4)

RELATIONSHIP: Monkey D. Luffy/Roronoa Zoro

SUMMARY:  Zoro had not been expecting much when he and his family decided to move from the mainland to a small island. Another expected event was Perona making them stop at an abandoned town on the way there and Mihawk going along with the idea. Now Zoro is separated from his family and lost in an unknown world. A chance meeting with a strange boy throws Zoro headfirst into chaos and he finds himself stuck in a bathhouse at the whims of the spirits in charge.

Chapter can be found here on Ao3


TOP 10 MOTIVATING ANIME/ANIMATED Characters!! That Make ya wanna workout!!!

From Fighting Intergalactic Warriors, City Crushing Monsters, Prepping for Tournaments or just looking to save the World these characters make your Asses wanna start training! These are my picks for the most kickass badasses around who will make you want at least start doing pushups daily.


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thank you. i’m glad you enjoyed it.

i actually was going to include davy back and somehow forgot. i guess i felt the thing was getting too long already and i didn’t want to be redundant. 

but i’ve got a couple examples from that fight that tie into the overarching theme of my post, which i assume is what you’re looking for. (because i have a lot to say about zosan and davy back but i’m going to keep it under a narrower scope for your consideration haha).

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years in hell

So a bunch of people demanded a continuation of this 500 chapter and giljethepinkgrinch just said some very sweet and awesome things to me that made me blush so I’m writing this continuation for her to show my love. I hope you all enjoy!

“Why would you do that to me Nami?” Zoro hisses under his breath as Sanji laughs loudly across the room, daring Usopp to lick Franky’s armpits or else tell a truth. He’s distracted enough, so Zoro can have this conversation if he’s careful.

“What ever do you mean?” Nami asks, batting her eyelashes at him in faux innocence.

“You KNOW what I mean! Putting me in there with Sanji!” He snaps at her as quietly as he can, keeping a careful watch on Sanji.

“I didn’t do anything, the bottle spun and picked the two of you.” She shrugs.

“Yeah and you were the one that spun it, I’m not so dumb to think that you didn’t pick us in particular.” Zoro points out. He’s known Nami for years and he’s wise to her trickery.

“Even if I did, so what? You’ve had a thing for him since you met him and you got a chance to kiss him. You should be happy.” Nami sighs, flicking her long red hair over her shoulder.

Zoro groans and rubs his face in his hands. Nami is right on one part, Sanji stole his affections from day one. He blew into Zoro’s life courtesy of Luffy and his sharp temper, fighting spirit and smart mouth got Zoro hooked. 

Shit, he should not have thought about Sanji’s mouth just then. The mere word is enough to drag his mind back to his hands on Sanji’s sides in the dark, holding him close and the cook actually kissing him back.

“Now I know what the thing I want so bad could be like, thanks for that torture you witch.” He whines miserably. Kissing Sanji is going to be burnt into his brain for the rest of his life and he’s never going to get to do it ever again.

“Well for someone who cares you sure walked out of there looking like you couldn’t have cared less about kissing the guy you’ve wanted to date forever.” Nami snorts loudly.

“Keep your voice down! And of course I had to, if I didn’t Sanji would have known!” He insists. Nami shuts her eyes and sighs, like she’s exhausted or annoyed but Zoro can’t tell which.

“Yeah, Sanji knowing would be a disaster.” She mutters and walks off with a shake of her head.

Zoro looks over at Sanji again, just in time to see Usopp pull back from Franky desperately wiping his tongue on his hands. Franky and Sanji are close to dying with laughter. Zoro smiles softly, seeing Sanji laugh has always made him sentimental. Sanji is just so radiant when he laughs.

The cook pauses though, maybe sensing Zoro’s eyes on him and looks over. They lock eyes for a moment and Zoro’s mind flashes him the feeling of Sanji’s lips against his own, the taste of his mouth and the way he seemed breathless with it. Sanji’s cheeks turn red and he wrenches his gaze away awkwardly. Zoro’s heart sinks, what if Sanji knows? What if it’s obvious now? Everything is ruined all because he’s in love with his best friend.

2014 ZoSan Christmas Exchange Master List

On this list you will find the fics in the 2014 ZoSan Christmas Exchange. For now, it is only writers with their tentative titles and summaries, but it will be updated with links and everything as fics are posted (starting December 1). Stay tuned! 

Exchange Guidelines

1. Death: On Christmas by xpiester333x - Zoro is the incarnation of Death, and Sanji’s mortal life is resting in his hands. Sanji seems determined to get himself killed on this day in particular, but maybe for Christmas it’s worth the effort.

2. thequeenoffish - Coming soon!

3. The ghosts of Christmas Past by irlrobin - Christmas has individual meanings to people, no matter where they are or their occupation. Even at the nightclub „Dix Fleurs“ the employees are facing more than just a flood of lonely holiday-customers. While Roronoa, the latest addition to the staff is mostly troubled with his additional workload and his roommates whimsical festive spirit, barkeeper Sanji seems to have darker things burdening his mind. What does it take to leave the past behind and give Christmas a new significance?

4. The Secret Season by imperialmint - After corporations took over the festive season, celebrating Christmas has been banned by the government. Underground organisations are pushing to bring the celebration back, and both Sanji and Zoro join the campaign. As they attend secret celebrations, they end up finding more than prohibited food and secretive presents.

5. as natural as the air we breathe by caelumxiv - The unoccupied spaces between his ribcage and the curve of his spine are as cold as the frozen lake that crackles with broken ice. Zoro doesn’t remember why.

6. End Over End by kumiko-sama-chan - It’s amazing, the things that can be lost in one impromptu trip down a mountain side. But so much can also be gained. A ski AU

7. No Victory in Hesitation by eudaimonarisornae - Zoro has a lot of things he wants to say to Sanji, but he just needs one more day. (Zosan, character death warning)

8. The Past Has Its Lessons by vageege a.k.a. okama-kenpo - Zoro tries to fix a mistake he made in the past.

9. More than this by turtlefriedrice - Was he insane? Perhaps. But there was more than his sanity that Sanji was willing to put aside for this Christmas

10. the heart of this storm by myladyday - Six months didn’t seem like such a long time to be apart, not when they had a lifetime together ahead of them, but the frozen battlefield between them brimmed with nothing but uncertainty.

11. Sir Sanji and the Green Knight by aerle - Sir Sanji accepts a challenge from a mysterious green warrior, but had never expected he had to live up to his end of the bargain.

12. Where There Is A Key… by chibikanakonyu - Indulging in a bet on a pre-Chirstmas party, Sanji realizes that there indeed exists a land called Retardia - and he just got the key.

13. Rauchnächte by viv-heart - Before Christianity came, the old Germanic tribes celebrated “Rau(ch)Nächte” between 25.12 and 6.1. Not knowing the traditions and beliefs, the young Roman soldier Zoro gets confused why the saxon warrior Sanji gets so excited over his green hair.

14. Self fulfilling by kyuunonana - After a seer gives every Straw Hat a vision of their future, Sanji thinks it’s safe to share his prediction with Zoro. After all, the marimo couldn’t care less if he died, right?

15. Sickly Musings by becausethereisonepiece - Zoro’s delusional, it’s really cold, and Christmas is ruined. What else is new?

16. Christmas Wrapping by thisfairytalegonebad - Luffy decides to get Sanji a present of a very special kind.

17. Parallel Destinations by orangelies - Zoro isn’t looking forward to Christmas. Not at all. For instance, he had to travel across the country to reach his destination by train and it that isn’t tiring already, his new drinking buddy is a blond who acts weird right from the second they meet. Unbeknownst to Zoro, they have quite some similarities.

18. trinitychaos

19. soupcutie

20. strawhat-sanji

21. The Longest Night by nightrhain

22. blackbarbooks

23. xkuramaxhieix

24. In Your Warm Embrace by marimoliciousness - Sanji’s about to find out that getting caught in a freak snow storm may not be entirely bad when the one you’re lost with is a certain moss-headed furnace.

25. imagine-who

26. Blizzard of Love by xhelloxbeautifullx - Zoro and Sanji have been dating for an entire year and are celebrating Christmas together for the first time. A terrible blizzard occurs when Zoro is on his way to see Sanji and everything is at stake. Christmas dinner with Zeff, and a surprise for Sanji that’s better than any gift. 

27. utukis

28. On the Balcony by blackat-greneys - Just after the clock hits midnight on Christmas Eve Sanji steps out for a smoke, with Zoro following after.

29. Snow Storms and Awkward Situations by booty-alliance - Being tricked into taking home a homeless marimo wasn’t the worst of Sanji’s problems. The worst hits when they get stuck inside his apartment thanks to a snow storm, and it’s Christmas Eve! Sanji hadn’t planned on spending the holiday with surly, yet very attractive, Zoro. Things wouldn’t turn out too bad, right?

30. A Pleasant Christmas Morning by gumballbat - Our favorite cook and Kendo master are now getting older - and they’ve finally settled down and started a family. Modern AU.

31. sa-mu-uu