spirit of the plains

Once you reach the desert’s soul,
It is always with you.
A soul of sand that makes you whole,
The spirit of the land grants you virtue.
—  A.P. (1.28.16)
Color of the sign’s breath

Aries: Red - a flume of red every time they exhale, strong and passionate, courageous. A true fire sign proven with such oxygen they produce, should be feared and taken seriously when they speak their mind.

Taurus: Pink - pink breath that shows the true Venus within this Earth sign. Secure, strong-willed, comforting, loving, cautious, protective. Should never be taken advantage of, for they can be oh so soft at heart.

Gemini: Yellow - could be mistaken for rays of sunshine; wise and filled with contentment. Energetic and clever, their yellow breath spreads happiness and brings smiles upon those you see it.

Cancer: White - like winter’s breath, they come off cold and distant but really the most lovely and plain spirits can this sign create. Peaceful and emotional, yet strong. Is it just because it’s cold or is it the sign’s breath? You wouldn’t know, they’re most likely to be mistaken for something most of the time.

Leo: Gold - rich color, the gods’ gave such a gift for this Sun ruler. Pure and optimistic, they are looked up to. They earn their royalty, they’re the strongest for they believe in themselves before others.

Virgo: Navy - a steady color for a blunt Earth sign. They play no games, and take their work seriously. It’s color so dark to prove to people they have no time for children, and have very high expectations that they wish to reach.

Libra: Pastel - Aphrodite’s gift from her palace. Balance seeking, romantic, and sociable. They create a fairy tale with their oxygen, wishing for you to be comfortable with them and guide you to a peaceful place.

Scorpio: Dark red - shown as dark and deep, like blood. A strong sign, who wishes to find people to trust. They come off as distant, mysterious and destructive but their passion can just be felt anywhere they breathe.

Sagittarius: Purple - a calming color for a freedom loving sign. They have faith and want inner calm. Everything they want will give off this energy to those around them, making those feel what they feel.

Capricorn: Black - gives off a dark presence, and strong vibes. But they’re loyal and seek power. May seem like the villain but will respect those who respects them the same. A poison that hides the true self within.

Aquarius: Turquoise - Integrity and innovation, cool and collected. The oxygen/energy they give off is refreshed and calm. The mind is at ease wherever this sign breathes. 

Pisces: Sea green - the compassionate gift from the sea god’s. The dreams and understanding, they will give open your arms to share the ideas that make no sense because to them it does. Dreams could be felt around them.


November 27th, 1991 - The Hummingbird, Birmingham, UK

Drain You
Floyd The Barber
Smells Like Teen Spirit
About A Girl
Been A Son
On A Plain
Negative Creep
Endless, Nameless

“To fly higher than the eagle, to run faster than the deer, to swim as freely as the fish, to have the cunning of the coyote and the sleekness of the lion ― this is to possess the spirit that sings in the wind and cries in the fire, the spirit that shall never leave my home.”

All Together Now...........

If you are not native, you cannot identify as being Two Spirit.

Plain and simple.

If you do you are being racist, discriminating, committing cultural appropriation and being a downright asshole.  But ultimately, you are making fun of all the people who have identified as being Two Spirit and who have fought and died to pave the way for a better life for the generations to be of two spirit individuals.

Being Two Spirit might fit your description of who you want to identify as, but it is an EXCLUSIVELY Native American gender identification.

Get to know the God (celestial entity)

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Title: Sagma, Saddle-back, The Deed-doer

Domain: Enforcement of the law, doing wicked deeds for the greater good, moral greyness, self-imposed punishment, espionage, engaging in falsehoods or false identities.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (However, works for to a Lawful Good pantheon)

Residence: Anywhere there is a strict code of law, and a necessity for it to be upheld. Battlefields. Places of espionage and intelligence. Particularly common around Praxis.


Disposition: Downright friendly, if somewhat callous. Hedonistic when without aim, focused and cold when undergoing a task.

Weaponry: Energy lance, sniper rifle, stasis cuffs, chain

Powers: Teleportation through shadows, ability to alter appearance as needed, supernatural stamina and hunting skills.

Attire: Simple, plain. Regardless of human or cybertronian spirit, Sagma always appears in the garb of local law enforcement.

Patronage: Assassins, spies, hitmen, police officers, enforcers, bounty hunters, those in hiding.

Symbolic flora: Queen Anne’s Lace / Hemlock

Symbolic fauna: Domesticated Hound

Symbolic satellite:  None

Symbolic gemstone: Snowflake Obsidian

Symbolic consumable: Anything cheap and alcoholic/straight engex

Favored offerings: Pleasures, snacks, bottles of drinks, ammo, condoms, bloodied bandages.

Favored Blessings: Victory in hunting, mercy for one’s soul, blessings over extrajudicial killings or surreptitious intel gathering. The kind of thing the actual Gods who favor her tend to dislike being associated with. Maintaining a false identity.

QUOTE: “Never play an Ace when a Two will do.”

the signs as nirvana songs
  • Aries: 'In Bloom'
  • Taurus: 'Drain You'
  • Gemini: 'Lithium'
  • Cancer: 'About a Girl'
  • Leo: 'Territorial Pissings'
  • Virgo: 'Something in the Way'
  • Libra: 'Come as You Are'
  • Scorpio: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
  • Sagittarius: 'On a Plain'
  • Capricorn: "Breed'
  • Aquarius: 'Dumb"
  • Pisces: 'Heart-Shaped Box'
the signs as nevermind songs
  • aries: breed
  • taurus: stay away
  • gemini: in bloom
  • cancer: something in the way
  • leo: lounge act
  • virgo: drain you
  • libra: polly
  • scorpio: territorial pissings
  • sagittarius: smells like teen spirit
  • capricorn: on a plain
  • aquarius: come as you are
  • pisces: lithium

OOAK art toy “Leaf spirit" 

Buy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/243427973/ooak-art-toy-leaf-spirit-doll-fantasy?ref=shop_home_active_4  

 Size: 3.6 inches high (9 cm)
Made of polimer clay, faux fur and glass eyes. Hand painted.
OOAK - one of a kind.

Newborn Leaf Spirit is a little child of the Northen Forest, in future he will become a big oak spirit and will guard his own plain. But for now he is a happy little adventure lover who is looking forward to make some nes friends.

Characters and clothing
  • Kaiba: Immaculate white suits, dramatic coat flared just so to catch the wind. its like he's saying 'fuck you' with nothing more than his clothing
  • Anzu: Cute, stylish, could be brand-name. Feel The Team Spirit! Prepped for dancing and shit
  • Jou: Plain, sometimes uniform. Literally gives zero fucks at all
  • Yugi: School uniform, school uniform, school uniform... also black leather. why are you wearing that, its sunday. also we are on an island far away from any school. you don't even care about school. why is it suddenly a cape
#609: Chandelure

Being consumed in Chandelure’s flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind.

Chandelure, like most ghost pokemon, is plain spooky. According to this entry, its flames don’t burn anything except for the soul. Fire is generally regarded as hungry, uncontrollable, spreads relentlessly. So is there such a thing as a fire only burning up a specific substance, leaving everything else untouched?

Short answer, no, there is nothing like this in our world. But, for the sake of science, let’s explore this more.

Fire is a pretty strange substance. Its not really a substance at all in the way that solids, liquids and gas are. Instead, fire is a chemical reaction. The fire we’re familiar with is burning oxygen. Without any oxygen, there is no fire. 

So we may be on to something here. Chandelure’s fire could be a new, strange kind of fire that doesn’t consume oxygen but rather is fueled by souls. But, we run into a problem very quickly. Our fire spreads quickly. It will burn trees, skin, a marshmallow, pretty much anything it can get its hands on. Chandlure’s flame doesn’t do this, even though its blue, indicating that it is very hot.

But, it is possible to play with fire and not get burned. If you’ve ever seen someone walk on hot coals, or juggle torches, you might be thinking this now. In this case, its not that the performers don’t get burned, but rather the heat doesn’t have enough time to transfer to the skin to harm it enough.

Now we’re finally getting to the point. There’s a popular magic trick that involves setting a dollar bill on fire, but remarkably, it doesn’t burn up or crumble to ash like you would expect paper to do. In fact, immediately after the flames are out, it doesn’t even feel warm.

(Obligatory do not try this at home). The trick is that money is first dipped in a solution of alcohol and water. Alcohol, gasoline, and similar compounds as you probably know, are easier to burn than water. In this case, because the alcohol is easier to burn, the fire consumes the alcohol without even touching the rest of the bill.

So it might not be that Chandelure is incapable of burning anything but the soul, but rather the spirit is far easier for it to burn than anything else, so it will consume it without touching the rest.

To Chandelure’s flame, souls are far more readily combustible than anything else. Therefore, the fire will quickly burn up the spirit without even touching the rest of the body.

I wouldn’t go sticking your hand in it to test it, though.