spirit of the minds eye

To call a spirit into your home

Get up three hours before sunrise, and ring a bell. Say this to yourself three times: “I didn’t forget anything.”

Then walk through your darkened home with a black candle, looking every room over, and opening each window, except the room you started in, saying “Hallow’d Hobb, dost thou see through glass? Hallow’d Hobb, dost thou serve the earth and devil? Hallow’d Hobb, wouldst thou like to be thy house-guest?”

Then return to the room you started, and sit and stare out the window into the inky blackness, and close your eyes. Imagine that something new appeared in the inky darkness beyond the window. Say this to yourself: “It was there, I simply didn’t see it before”.

If you see a face in your minds eye, that is the spirit will now inhabit your home. Now go to sleep. Keep note of any dreams you have.

TOP TIP: Waiting for your exam results? Worried you might not have the grades you wanted? Console yourself with the knowledge that no matter how bad things may look, you’re not a grown adult writing a letter to a newspaper calling children pathetic for feeling stress.

(with many thanks to @helloserotonin right here on Tumblr for this one!)

Open yourself. Open your mind. Your soul. Your being. If you want a better life, a sense of freedom you have failed to ever have before, try it. See what happens when you allow yourself to just be open. Open to new people, open to past, their mistakes, their triumphs and your own mistakes and triumphs. Openness and willingness to accept is the only thing we have left now, we have each other and our ability to love, please don’t let this special ability go to waste.

Open yourself by Amy Kennedy 


Be obsessed with yourself. Be obsessed with your life. Be obsessed with your skin, hair, feet, hands, eyes, your mind, soul, spirit..Adore your flesh, kiss your scars, caress your imperfections. Some it comes easy to, other take time. Trust your own journey, happiness is in front of you. Eliminate comparison. Your life wasn’t designed to be lived wishing it was someone else’s. Grab your board and ride your wave. Live everyday to its fullest potential, no matter what life it is.
—  Kehlani