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did i tell yall i was at the entrance exams of my school and i was looking through the portfolios and one was just full of 

ok keep this in mind: we are a RADICALLY free-spirit-thing art academy, with the biggest focus on fire arts. we are a very anti-commerce school, i think half of my teachers are anarchists, etc

one portfolio was just ONLY animu drawings of jack scepticeye

this isnt even a joke it was so funny i dont think the teachers knew but i looked through it and i was like “yep YEP this is just..all of this is just youtuber fanart huh”

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How did mint die?

In a war. They got burned.
Fire Spirit was blamed but it wasn’t his intention to and it wasn’t his fault (he got temporarily blinded due to the sand in his eyes)
Wind Archer and Fire Spirit got PTSD because of what happened to this cookie in my canon, at least.

You know what fire elementals are made of, right?

Context, this was my first time playing pathfinder, I was a kitsune sorcerer, emphasis on sorcerer. Our party came across a Pyromancer who had summoned a fuckton of fire elementals.

Me(ooc): can I use my bite attack on the fire elemental.

DM: yes…but I really wouldn’t recommend it

I then proceeded to run ahead of the party, passing the tank of the group, and bit the closest elemental. I then proceeded to catch on fire for 2 turns, got surrounded by a bunch of the elementals, leaving me unable to be rescued, with our tank setting himself on fire trying to save me and I almost died.

DM(after the tank caught fire): You have the create water spell, why would you choose to bite it!?

Me(ooc): I have an Int of 6

DM: in game or out of game?

Me(ooc): yes

why i admire the moon signs
  • aries moon: you are so indipendent and brave. you always stand up for people you love and things you believe in. you proudly wear your heart on your sleeve and you are not ashamed of your inner fire. your spirit can move mountains.
  • taurus moon: there is a basic calmness to you that makes everyone feels safe and at peace. you are patient and kind even to those who hurt you. you manage to find beauty in everything, especially in the smallest things. you have the biggest heart.
  • gemini moon: your enthusiasm is contagious. you have such a way with words, i could listen to you talking for hours without getting tired of the sound of your voice. everyone admires you for your intelligence and curiousness. you make people appreciate life.
  • cancer moon: no one understands the profound depth of human emotions the way you do. you are so empathetic, selfless, nurturing. you always place the well-being of others above your own and try to put on a smile on everyone's face. you have the purest soul.
  • leo moon: you are majestic. the way you carry yourself inspires others to be strong, confident, free. you always strive to be the best, even though people are already aware of your brilliance. you love with your whole heart. you are radiant.
  • virgo moon: your mind is bright and insightful. you are constantly striving to reach perfection and never underestimate the details. you give great importance to small gestures. you are the person everyone wants to come home to.
  • libra moon: you are harmonious. you always have a kind word for everyone you meet and you deeply believe in the power of love. you are graceful, pleasant and charming. people adore your company because you bring them peace.
  • scorpio moon: you are magnetic and intriguing, you are a mystery everyone wants to unfold. your personality is addicting. you feel deeply and love intensely because you are not afraid to go beneath the surface. you have the key to the world of the unknown. you emanate power.
  • sagittarius moon: your spirit is adventurous, yet you manage to balance knowledge and entertainment perfectly. you have such a wide range of interests you can strike a conversation with pretty much everyone. the whole world is your home.
  • capricorn moon: you are a natural born leader. you inspire admiration.you are humble and disciplined. you take everyone's matters into your own hands and try to protect people with your wisdom and maturity. you are going to conquer the world.
  • aquarius moon: you are a rebel. you are not afraid to be yourself. you embrace your quirks. you have an unconventional approach to life and you take pride in standing out of the crowd. you are very open-minded and non judgemental. your ideas are going to change the world.
  • pisces moon: your creativity knows no limits. you have a kind, empathetic, spiritual soul, and a big, sensitive heart. everyone is amazed by the beauty and the complexity of your imagination. you can turn dreams into reality.
Calling all Witches!

I have yet to decide if I’m gonna go through with this, but let me propose an idea here.

A real school of witchcraft, here on tumblr. Tuition-free, no expenses needed. I understand the lack of an actual building may not be appealing, but this is the best I can do. It would be a four-year education system, similar to a college.

Here is a list I created of courses this school may* include. (*Courses may be added or removed due to level of demand.)

-Spellcasting/Spellcrafting (I,II,III, and IV, for each year.)

-The Origins and History of Witchcraft.

-Studies of Fire/Earth/Air/Water (One element for each year.)

-Studies of Wicca/Paganism (Probably an elective, each lasts a semester.)

-Curses and Wards(I and II)

-Spells and Charms (I and II)

-Spirits and Familiars

-Creating, Charing, and Casting Sigils

-Plants and Potions

However, we’d need some help to make this happen. This is getting long, so I’ll put our needs under the cut:

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Your Sarcasm is Not Appreciated

Context: This all happens in a Call of Cthulhu game where 2 characters (named Vanessa Evers and Matthew Dupain) have been canonically dealing with eldritch horrors for the last two years and have become close friends, whereas the other 3 “new” characters have no experience in that area. Everyone was in a bar doing their own things when an eldritch spider attacked.

Vanessa: “Seriously? We can’t even get one night off?”

Dupain: “Well that’s what this was supposed to be…”

Later after they’ve killed the monster the other shell-shocked characters are hurried out of the bar into a cab to be taken to a “safe house”, while the two of them are going to set the bar on fire to dispose of the monster’s body.

Dupain: “Dammit, I can’t find my lighter.”

Vanessa: “Sigh. Here, just use mine.”

Dupain: “Awww, look at you! You’re learning!”

Vanessa: “Your sarcasm is not appreciated.”

Dupain begins pouring flammable alcohol on the monster’s body / the wooden floor of the bar, and is about to start the fire when-

Vanessa: “Wait! Before you light this place up-”

She ducks behind the bar and takes a bottle of highly-flammable run and a bottle of very expensive wine.

Dupain: “Seriously?”

Vanessa: “Well I’m not going to let this go to waste! Now hurry up, I’ll meet you in the car.”

She then throws the rum which shatters against a wall before heading towards the car with the wine, though not before calling over her shoulder;

Vanessa: “And don’t you dare leave my lighter! I really like that one!”

Afterwards the cab peels away from the scene, the bar going up in flames as sirens come screaming from the distance, and the understandably confused “new” characters are asking questions.

Dupain: “…and that’s why we had to burn it down.”

Vanessa: “Speaking of arson; do you have my lighter, or did you manage lose yet another one?”

Dupain: “No, I have it in my coat pocket. Here.”

Vanessa: “Awww, you’re learning!”

Dupain: “Your sarcasm is not appreciated.”