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Nickname: Jun or Sei. I have a lot of nicknames for jun tho.
Star sign: Scorpio
Height: 5′ 0′’  152.40cm cm
Time right now: 8:20pm
Last thing googled: Socrates influences (working on paper rn lmao)
Favorite Music/Artists: I listen to so many im not sure if i have any faves tbh. Halsey, Phoenix, Twenty One Pilots, Waggaki Band.

Song Stuck in Your Head: BTS - Fire
Last Movie Watched:Spirited Away
Last TV show watched: I d on’t really watch tv. I was watching S/carlet Heart: Ryeo with my friend tho its p interesting.
What are you wearing right now: A navy blue jacket and some pusheen pattern pj pants lmao.
When did you create your blog: November 2012
What kind of stuff do you post:  w h a t e  v e r I like man.
Do you have any other blogs: Yup just the art blog @xeraeus and a art dump blog @xeradump (doesn’t really post much.)
Do you get asks regularly: nope :’I
Why did you choose your URL: Its a reference to Q/row B/ranwen from R/wby since O/z calls him Dusty old Qrow.
Hogwarts House: Apparently Hufflepuff
Pokemon team: Instinct I’m a fucking memer. 
Favourite color: Mostly dark colors since those colors look best on me tho. I do like pastels 
Average Hours of Sleep: 4 - 3????? 

Lucky Number: 20

Favourite CHARACTER(s):  J/ihyun Kim (M/ystic Messenger), R/oy Mustang (F/MA: Brotherhood), 7/07 (M/ystic Messenger), E/lric Brothers (FMA: Brotherhood), Q/row (RWBY). so m a ny
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep with: 3
Dream job: art related not h app ening th o l ma o. 
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(Light white candle)
Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
Demons of the infernal realms
And spirits of the ancestors
(Light inscribed orange candle stub)
I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that he may fail utterly
That he may do no harm
To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea
Bind him so that he shall not break our polity
Usurp our liberty
Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair
And bind, too,
All those who enable his wickedness
And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies
I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them
As with chains of iron
Bind their malicious tongues
Strike down their towers of vanity
(Invert Tower tarot card)
I beseech thee in my name
(Say your full name)
In the name of all who walk
Crawl, swim, or fly
Of all the trees, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
In the name of Justice
And Liberty
And Love
And Equality
And Peace
Bind them in chains
Bind their tongues
Bind their works
Bind their wickedness

(Light the small photo of Trump from the flame of the orange candle stub and hold carefully above the ashtray)
(Speak the following loudly and with increasing passion as the photo burns to ashes)
So mote it be!
So mote it be!
So mote it be!
(Blow out orange candle, visualizing Trump blowing apart into dust or ash*)
(Pinch, blow, or snuff out the white candle, ending the ritual)

(Sourced from Huffington Post)

✨Have fun witches, let him have it ✨
Remember that if you don’t have certain components for this spell, you can always change it to fit your own craft!


Once upon a time, Chuck the Satyr miraculously didn’t die. We were fighting two gorgons, a task made more difficult as you look them in the eye and you become petrified. Our fighter actually blinded himself by gouging out his eyes to fight the gorgons. Everyone else simply blindfolded themselves.

DM: Ok, the gorgon sisters each use an action. Euryale splashes a bucket full of kerosene on the party. Stheno then casts Create Bonfire.

The entire party but me (OOC): Why?

Chuck the Satyr(OOC): The kerosene soaks into all cloth and the bonfire catches the evaporated kerosene lighting the whole room on fire for a few seconds, anyone wearing cloth continues to burn after the explosion. I’m betting the DM is going to say we are all dazed by the explosion.

DM: You know, you always were my favorite. Yes, Everyone take 1d8 fire damage and everyone with cloth clothing on is now on fire. Everyone is dazed for a combat. And don’t forget, your blindfolds are made of cloth.

The Fighter(OOC): Ha! You all are suckers! Blind knight wins!

DM: You are still dazed and on fire.

Fighter(OOC): Damn.

The Gorgons proceeded to take their second combat action, nothing eventful happened. Everyone takes their blindfolds off and smother the flames on themselves. The Gorgons get another attack in while we are trying not to die.

DM: Now that everyone has shed their blindfolds, everyone make a will check to not look at the gorgons. Since there are two of them, roll twice. Fighter, as you have no eyes, you are immune to the petrifying stare.

Fighter(OOC): Blind Knight wins again! Two Blind Knight, Zero Gorgons, Zero Party!

Chuck(OOC): I think that Chuck should be immune.

DM: Why would Chuck be immune?

Chuck(OOC): Well, Chuck is a hedonist and there are two ladies with their tits exposed. Chuck wouldn’t be able to take his eyes from the breasts. I dare say, it would be a will check to look anywhere but their boobs.

DM: You bring up a fair point and I you are no longer my favorite. Fine, Chuck is immune and the Gorgons are uncomfortable with the staring of your satyr. Happy?

Chuck: Heh, snek tits.

DM: This is why you never play intelligent characters isn’t it.

"Congratulations; you have officially done more damage to your allies in this one turn of combat than you've done to enemies over the entire campaign. Anyway, Jerry is unconscious now..."

- Me, the DM, paraphrased, in a custom game to our dragon mage-like character who: loves using powerful AoE attacks, frequently misses the enemy, and hasn’t picked up on the pattern of his allies failing dodge rolls. In this particular instance, he tried using a Spirit Bomb made of fire. No prize for guessing who failed to dodge.

✨ WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 5 ~ Witchcraft tool ✨

I just love how many different ouija board and planchette we can find and couldn’t resist to draw one myself~  

Guys the Stairs

Context! Party’s friend, a half orc barbarian, was kidnapped to a horribly built maybe cult clubhouse. They found the Elf Wizard in a Hole in the Wall, and are proceeding onward through the badly made/furnished areas.

Dragonborn Fighter: As he goes down the stairs, he’ll light the unlit torches with the lit one in his hand.
Elf Wizard: Can I take this painting with me? Like, pop it out of the frame and roll it up?
DM(me): Sure. It’s a properly made frame but no one seems to know how to properly put a painting in a frame so it’s out and rolled up without much trouble.
Gnome Ranger: I’m just going to start following Malthoruk (Dragonborn Fighter) down the stairs and keep my Broom safe.
Elf Wizard: Can I snuff out the torches as we walk with mage hand?

It takes a bit of time and debate, eventually allowing us to reach the conclusion that they may not be snuffed out, but they may be removed from the wall with mage hand up to 30 feet back.

Elf Wizard: I am going to stay at the back and knock the torches off the wall as we walk, and make sure that it stays thirty feet back.
Dragonborn Fighter: You want to knock the torches down… onto the WOODEN STAIRS…
Elf Wizard: And you don’t know it’s me.
DM: It’s true, you’d have to be looking back. So, this is happening behind you and no one’s really noticing.
Gnome Ranger: I’m going to glance back to see if everyone’s with us.
DM: You see the stairs catching on fire behind your group, and everyone is there.
Gnome Ranger: I’m going to run down the stairs.
Half-Elf Cleric: I am also running.
Dragonborn Fighter: I am not because I am fire proof.
Elf Wizard: Wait if you’re fire proof you can just put the fire out.
Gnome Ranger: Yeah! Stop drop and roll!
DM: You want him to stop drop and roll… up the stairs… to put out the fire…?
Elf Wizard: Yes.
Dragonborn Fighter: You don’t even know that I’m fireproof I’ve never shared it.
Gnome Ranger: (OOC) I love how this just stemmed from one guy wanting to be Petty.