spirit of the competition

Huge summary of 2016/2017 season. Enjoy!

1.       Lack of Kenneth Gangnes, Phillip Sjoeen, Robert Krajnec, Severin Freund, David Seigel.

2.       The festival of crushes in opening contest in Kuusamo.

3.       Kot’s gf supporting him in the hill. <3

4.       Domen Prevc dominating WC in the beginning of the season.

5.       Manuel Fettner aka the  best Austrian in the beginning.

6.       Tande taken by Anja.

7.       America having its own ski flyer – Kevin Bickner.

8.       Live streams from parties by Tomas Vancura and other Czech.

9.       The new generation of Czech ski jumpers aka young wolves.

10.   This weird contest in Innsbruck with Johansson and Klimov on podium.

11.   Ski jumpers sickness epidemy during 4HT.

12.   The dramatic endings of the most important tournaments.

13.   Crying Tande in final of 4HT and Wellinger in final of Raw Air.

14.   Polish guys aka #teamgols in terms of results and team spirit.

15.   Three Prevcs in team competition.

16.   Tutorial of making paper planes by Tande.

17.   This godlike one-round contest in Oberstdorf aka big Brother and allt he gifs made after it.

18.   Lewandowski being the brightest star of Oberstdorf.

19.   Norwegians ski jumpers starting to follow Lewandowski on IG after Oberstdorf.

20.   DSQ of Forfang because his visibly too large suit.

21.   Esienbichler and his wild face expressions.

22.   Papryka team!

23.   Stefan Kraft aka double WC winner.

24.   Karel Nurmsalu – yeah, that guy from Estonia - being back!

25.   Bickner and MacKenzie performing regularly in WC.

26.   Polish anthem sang acapella by 40 k supporters in Zakopane.

27.   Wellinger posting Polish anthem on his IG story and being so excited about it.

28.   Skis which not need ski jumpers to jump – I mean Cene’s and Stjernen’s skis and Hofer aka ski savior.

29.   Domen Prevc dominating WC in the beginning of the season.

30.   Gregor’s come back!

31.   And his fall in Oberstdorf.

32.   Amman doing telemark.

33.   Ahonnen smiling.

34.   Noriaki on the podium of ski flying in Vikersund and Planica.

35.   Maciej Kot aka the king of Asia.

36.   Stoch aka king of Poland (3 wins in 3 individual comps in Wisla and Zakopane).

37.   Wellinger aka king of Willingen (Weliingen?).

38.   Ski jumping world in balance everytime Wellinger was 2nd, Kraft 3rd, Tande was 4nd and Kot 5th.

39.   Polish winning team comp in Germany and Germans winning in Poland.

40.   The new world record by Stefan Kraft!

41.   Robert Johansson and  his iconic moustache.

42.   Johansson being record holders twice but only for few minutes.

43.   Tande aka the leader of team Norway.

44.   Fucking long hair of Fannis and Fettner.

45.   Peter falling too many times.

46.   And allowing other guys to compete because he got all the splendor last winter.

47.   Polish commentator still misspelling names like Andre Johann Tande.

48.   Tellers aka main trophies in Raw Air.

49.   Stoch jumping about 240 m and still doing his perfect telemark in Viker.

50.   4 Polish  in top8 in Lahti,

51.   Koffler on the podium again!

52.   Austrian singing the song with Leo Abrerer.

53.   Zyla aka 2nd  jumper of 4HT.

54.   Tande reading a studentbook how to use bindings properly.

55.   Indestructible Stoch jmumping with 3 injuries.

56.   Ski jumpers fangirling about going to Poland.

57.   First podiums for Johansson, Klimov (in general) and Stjernen (this season).

58.   Jurij Tepes trying to mess up the final of 4HT. Not this time!

59.   Hayboeck playing with his lips just before his final jump in Wisla

60.   Andreas Widhoelz replacing Heinz Kutin in Wisla.

61.   Horngaher aka master of games theory (and strategic lowering start gates).

62.   Fannemel dealing some pills in Vikersund.

63.   Piotr Zyla making friends with Norwegians and dancing with Stjernen.

64.   Polish ski jumpers dancing in leader box Willingen.

65.   Cameraman showing Prevc reactions after each brother jump.

66.   Tande talking to his skis.

67.   Richi and Markus holding Andi tight while waiting for the final results in Willingen.

68.   Michi and Krafti drawing challenge.

69.   Kraftinger.

70.   This one fangirl with banner “Morgi we miss you” in tv.

71.   Eisi shaking his body up and down very fast.

72.   Everyone praying for Domen when he went for ski flying for the first time.

73.   Annoying jingle after each jump in Oberstdorf.

74.   pPero the great in Japan.

75.   Wellinger listening to 30 Second to Mars.

76.   Tande saying “kurwa” in Polish tv.

77.   Lack of accommodation and food in Korea.

78.   Haybeock with facial hair in Korea too.

79.   Krafti, Welli, Stoch – established podium squad.

80.   Germans claiming that Hannawald aka commentator is boring.

81.   New ski jumping babies for Hula and Hannawald.

82.   Tande’s mom being with him during 4HT.

83.   Domen inventing this crazy jumping style when his head is lower than his skis.



I suppose we both have a healthy dose of the competitive spirit… Some people can’t be around that energy. I, in turn, find it invigorating, as I’m sure your exes did as well. Lydia never complained. I thought you knew Lydia for a millisecond before your arranged marriage.

malec 2x06

rushes to his boyfriend thinking its an emergency 

magnus doing stocktake

face off after hearing magnus did this to get him to relax

alec stops his eyes close when he hears mangus say 
“Im not okay”

they open when magnus finishes his sentence
“Because your not okay”, for once someone puts him first 

magnus getting through to him

Alec happy!!

after alec takes a sip, magnus knows he doesnt like the beer

alec loosing so magnus can have a turn

magnus didnt need a free pass

realising his boyfriend is good

competitive spirit is awakened 

they both have a healthy competitive spirit

awkward conversation about alec’s ex’s

realising alecs had virtually none except lydia

now time to talk about magnus’s

alec’s happy hearing the number 

magnus’s face makes him realise it was thousands

i appreciated that they had a late night stroll back to the house (it was like the first date from the book even if silent) 

magnus saying alec was silent on the walk home, i love the way it sounded. as if its their home

alec about to walk away, magnus is going to let him

but alec cant

when alec comes back, steps up for their relationship - it takes magnus a second

alec’s eyes are focused 

there both in this 

look at his face, he’s met the one

about to go again but they are interrupted, love magnus’s hand placement

the disdain on magnus’s face

alec’s like wtf is happening I want to make out with my boyfriend

hearing jace wants to stay with magnus, 
magnus wiping his lip, alec’s like shit all the things i was about to do i cant

magnus is like fuck this shit, alec’s like okay wow alone times goign to be hard

ps. loved alecs husky voice after their kiss. boy was turned up 

YUZU DAYS, 6 Feb 2017.

–The reason for evolution, “the strength to aim for”–

Last season, Hanyu scored above 300 points in consecutive wins at NHK Trophy and GPF, and his GPF score was registered in the Guinness World Records. This season, he makes further evolution with the 1st successful quad loop in history and challenging 4 types of quads [t/n. should be 4 quads and 3 types] in his free programme. With a 4th straight GPF win which was a first in history, he prepares for World Championships coming up in March [t/n. and also 4CC coming in mid-Feb].  To Hanyu who continues to evolve, what kind of thing is “strength”? We interviewed him. ———

The ‘strength’ that I am thinking of is not just about abilities, it is also a bit different from strength of spirit; it is actual performance/competition strength….. strength with regards to the environment. Humans, when they face a change in environment, anyone will be anxious, and they cannot perform as usual. Any sports would be like that. Figure skate also, the competition is not in the same environment as the practice. The person who can perform as desired is really a strong competitor. For example, one can be affected when the body feels different due to jet lag or plane movements, or by the mood of the competition or the different feel of the ice. But in the midst of all that, to be able to perform like the usual practice, to perform as desired, to fully show your abilities, that person is really a strong competitor. In that sense, I still have a long way to go. To be able to do a perfect performance without being affected by changes in the environment – I think that is the real meaning of 'strength’.

During competition, to be under the most tension, to join it with peaking and to show fully your own abilities, I think it is necessary to become such a skater. In any case, that is what I want to aim for.
The reason why I admire/ look up to Plushenko is in there. I have watched him since I was little. When he jumps, even if he leans forward at times, he never falls, he does not make mistakes. I have almost never seen him fail in competition. HE is the undisputed champion.  I want to be like Plushenko;  no matter what competition, to show fully my own abilities without being shaken, I want to aim to become such a skater.

In various environments, the rink for example, the feel of the ice (or texture or quality of the ice) is different. In those conditions, when I jump, how do I get into the feel of the jump, all this becomes experience.  In the end, it is my own feeling, it is not something that someone can teach me, it is whether I can believe in myself or not. That moment before a jump, if you focus and believe 'I can do it’, then you will definitely be able to jump, there is such a thing for sure.

I like listening to interviews of various athletes and coaches.  They all have their own theories… a certain “thing that one can believe in”.  I think my own “thing that I can believe in” will change depending on changes in my mental state and physical condition. But how to respond flexibly to those changes, hereafter how much will I make into experience the “thing I can believe in”, I think that is the work I have to do.

–translated by me. Source: P&G myrepi.com 

For previous translations of YUZU DAYS: here

Happy monday heres some slang and stuff^^

꺽다리 tall/gangly
굼벵이 slow/lazy
승부욕 competitive spirit
~에게 굽실거리다 to suck up to someone
헛똘똘이 someone who pretends to be smart
붕가붕가 sex
싸가지 없다 rude
까놓고 말하다 speak frankly/speak without hesitation
깔창 shoe insoles
낑낑거리다 whine
눈에 띄다 catch sight of
꼬리치다 flirt with
언뜻 by chance, in an instant
과장하다 exaggerate

I Loathe You

I just recently hit 1700 followers, so this is my (albeit small) thank you for being so lovely! I hope to write another one-shot every time I hit another 100, and I really want to keep writing as much as I can so then I am able to show you all how much I appreciate you :) 

prompt: A competitive spirit between Lucy and Natsu’s bookstores brings a rivalry between the two that ends unexpectedly

pairing: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy

rating: general

word count: 722

After ringing out the thirtieth customer that hour, Lucy rolled her eyes and shook her head. The person had tried to guilt her into getting a discount, which was her biggest pet peeve about working in the industry. She liked working with people, but when customers decided they were owed a good deal just for shopping in her store it bothered her quite a bit.

She was bending down to pick up the mess of bags that had fallen down when she caught a glimpse of the other person working at the bookstore across the mall’s hallway. The guy working had attracted more customers than Lucy that day, which bothered her more than she’d like to admit. Her store sold the same kind of books but his were at a discount price. It was completely unfair. If she had it her way, she’d punch the mall gods for such rudeness. How could her store hope to survive when the bookstore just across the way was much cheaper?

With a sigh, she apologized to the mall gods and thanked them for the fact that her small store had a cafe inside. She was also a part-time barista that worked another barista’s shift whenever one got sick/  Lucy could mix up drinks that most of the baristas were in awe over and the customers came back just for them. But it wasn’t much consolation if someone wanted a cheaper price on a book when all she could offer them was a beverage they would also have to pay for.

Lucy hoped that she’d be able to catch a few more shoppers in the mall when she began making announcements in the mall to advertise her store.  Soon after, however, the guy began to make his own announcements while making a shit eating grin at her while he talked in his customer service voice. That did it. She was putting her foot down then and there–today was the day that she would get more customers than he.

This morning found her working her third barista shift this week when a voice startled her from her thoughts of her new book that she was writing. Lucy looked up to see the guy from the store across from hers walking up to where she stood stirring the soup for the other customers. She stifled a groan before putting on a wide and fake smile as he approached.

“What can I do for you?” she asked in her faux customer service voice, and he grinned at her.

“I’d like a hot chocolate, please,” he said, matching her annoying tone.

“Certainly. Would that come with some revenge or without? Because I just rang out my thirtieth customer for the day and your lovely store has been completely dead.” Lucy smirked as she began to make the drink.

“Revenge,” he began with a smirk of his own, “because about twenty of your customers called and said they would return the books you sold them and buy them from me at a cheaper price.”

“Oh really? Well, at least the people in my store know quality over a good deal.”

“So you think my store doesn’t have quality?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I know so. My store has a cafe, a quiet little nook where people can read, and a nice atmosphere to relax in. Some people enjoy destressing after a day of work,” Lucy replied, finishing his hot chocolate and practically slamming it down on the counter.

“If you know so, then why not come over and check out my store yourself? I’m sure someone who has such good taste can see that my store is better quality over yours,” he said as he paid, his grin becoming more annoying and attractive by the minute.

“Fine! And while I’m at it, I’ll bring over some scones so you can see how good my scones are!” She yelled, her face flushing with irritation.

“See you at three?” he asked, checking his watch.

“Three works just perfectly!” she answered, narrowing her eyes at him.

“See you then, Lucy. I’m Natsu, by the way. See you then, neighbor,” he said with one of those shit-eating grins again before walking off. 

Lucy growled and began to finish cleaning up her mess when she gasped.

“Wait a minute, did he just ask me out?” 

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Good afternoon folks, and welcome to this, my first statistical map of the ESC ‘17 season. It’s about something which I consider to detract from the spirit of the competition, and which has provided an unhealthily huge dose of drama this year: the lack of democracy in selecting each nation’s Eurovision representatives.

For once, I’m not talking about internal selections - though I do find it a shame that 17 countries do not engage their citizens in any way in picking the singer that will represent them, and a further two allow them only to pick the singer but not the song through a ridiculous process of elimination that picks the best karaöke singer, but not necessarily the best singer for the song chosen. I’m talking dodgy national finals where the people’s choice ends up secondary. Check out my analysis below:

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For those who don’t know, I’m part of the Super Smash Bros. community. Recently I got to watch the formation of “Smash Sisters,” a community effort to help women feel more comfortable at these male-dominated tournaments and foster a competitive spirit in women through specialized crew battles. It’s really awesome to see members of the community come together to help promote women in video games, and it was high time I created a tribute to something I speak so highly about. Perhaps I’ll make this a whole series of characters, we’ll see!


Korra kneeling down whenever she talks to the air kids. 


The City Dionysia is a yearly celebration in honor of Dionysos, God of wine and theater. In ancient Athens it was celebrated with a theatric competition every year. This blog serves to recreate the spirit of the competition but encouraging modern Hellenists to submit literary pieces in honor of Dionysos, to be judged by the mob.

Categories include:

  • Retellings of Classic Myths
  • Original Myths
  • Poetry

Submissions will open up February 1st and close on March 31st, allowing two months to write and submit your piece. 

Voting will take place from April 1st thru April 6th.

Winners will be announced April 7th.

At current there are no prizes for winning, it’s just a fun competition to bring the City Dionysia to life as a communal event for modern worshipers.

Rules for Entries

  1. Roleplay and fanfic are not allowed in submissions. This is a religious festival, please respect our faith and do not submit an entry if you are roeplaying or writing fanfiction.
  2. All stories, myths, and poems must be entered using the submissions button.
  3. All entries must be tagged for the category they are being submitted to.
  4. Entries must also be tagged for potentially triggering content and squicks.
  5. An entry may only be submitted to a single category.
  6. Each person may only submit one entry per category each year.
  7. Winners for each category will be decided by popular vote.

So the World Championships are coming up and making this fan video was my way of coping with the stress I guess, haha. I admire Yuzuru a lot and his competitive spirit and wish him luck at Helsinki!

Song: Unstoppable - Sia

Virtue/Moir phone call interviews (March 23) - Write up

Lois Elfman‏ @LoisElfman

Time for @tessavirtue @ScottMoir to talk #helsinki2017. They’ve been training hard. It’s been a great six weeks.

Seven teams from their rink are going to #helsinki2017. Can’t wait to compete two programs that we love, said Moir.

Virtue said they can’t quite put their fingers on how they feel. The competitive spirit never really left them, but it feels fresh and new.

“Our approach to the season has been quite different. We’ve gotten ready for each event in a very specific way,” said Virtue. #helsinki2017

They are still learning so much. Virtue said it feels great. Healthy and eager to compete. #helsinki2017

“It’s not a big secret we’ve come back with the Olympics in mind,” said Moir. “We’re surprised how much we enjoy it day to day.”

“We’re still enjoying it every day, probably more than we ever have in our career,” said Moir. Enjoy the moment. #helsinki2017

We have to show up hungry and ready to compete. Still not thinking about the results. #helsinki2017

We’re very pleased with the product that their choreographers have created. As an artist and athlete always want more. #helsinki2017

They watched last year’s Worlds as fans. We in awe of the technical ability. They know they have to bring their best. Virtue #helsinki2017

They don’t know if they’ll do worlds after Olympics in 2018. Remains to be seen. Moir. Hard to pass up the chance to do the programs again.

We have such a great training school. As athletes and artists you’re trying to draw inspiration. At 4C they watched the other events.

We always make our decisions based on what we want to do. We came back because we want to skate and have more to give. #helsinki2017

There are arts and culture everywhere in Montreal. Virtue joined a group at a local museum. Arts hv influenced their skating. #helsinki2017

Being in Montreal has given them the chance to take in the arts in many different ways – music, art, dance, etc. #helsinki2017

They’re working their butts off, and having a ton of fun. You have to be so prepared and on. Having a blast working hard. #helsinki2017

They’ve been working on changes to their skating throughout the season. Virtue #helsinki2017

Moir said he can see Papadakis & Cizeron are working intently and want to win. We watch with a more positive spin now. #helsinki2017

It’s exciting to watch younger teams excel. Moir. #helsinki2017

That’s a wrap. We return to the regularly scheduled programming. 😀

Lynn Rutherford‏ @LynnRutherford

On call @tessavirtue @ScottMoir: “Frankly this is the most prepared we’ve been for Worlds our whole career.” #helsinki2017 ½

More from @ScottMoir: “At times we miss training with @Meryl_Davis @CharlieaWhite. We did have a great run with them.” #helsinki2017 2/2


OKAY for a long time i really needed one particular au, and then i finally realized: if you want it, do it yourself
here you go
my beloved dance au
maxie and archie are in a dancing group, and they were chosen by the trainer to dance in pair. of course at first they hate it (both think they are better than the other and deserve a better pair), but they ended up being the best pair in group, because their perfomances are always filled with PASSION and TENSION and the SPIRIT OF COMPETITION 
yeah of course in the end they are having a huge crush on eachother 

anonymous asked:

First day of spring always comes with the camp getting covered in flowers, everyone being forced (pretending to be forced they secretly love it) to wear flower crowns and anyone dating a demeter kid is the luckiest person alive because their s/o is in a Very good mood that morning

There’s a maypole that all the nature spirits are dancing around and campers join in, there are archery and chariot competitions, everyone has a flower crown even Peleus and all the pegasi. One of the most fun and lighthearted days at camp.

(Jack Frost x Reader) - Until Next Time (Challenge)

Not a Daryl fic but a little story for @writingforweirdlings ‘s movie challenge!

Movie: Rise of the guardians

Pairing: Jack Frost x Reader

Warnings: none

Plot: Reader is the Spring’s spirit and it’s always in competition against Jack…however something is gonna change between them


20 March, last day of winter.

When this day come I feel super happy because it’s time to get back to work!

As the spirit of spring, I wait the end of the winter with trepidation, ready to fill the world with a lot of colourful flowers.

I think that a world without flowers, is really sad…or at least it’s what I feel right now.

The snow is almost disappeared, but gardens, streets and trees seem so empty without the magic of Spring.

“I know it’s a day earlier…but a little flower won’t hurt anybody”

With a little twist of my hand, a little purple flower came out from the bare garden.

That was enough to make me smile, it’s so cute!

“Well,well,well, aren’t you early?”
Turning around I notice a white haired guy.

Jack Frost.

“Oh c’mon Jack, winter is so boring and dull, I tried to decorate this little garden”.

Jack laugh at that: “Every year it’s the same with you; winter is so much fun! There’s snow, children play outside…”

“…you freeze to death and throwing snowballs isn’t funny! It’s annoying!” I interrupt him.

Jack just smile before disappearing.

“Jack? Where are you?”

“Right here”

He was right behind me and that made me squeal.

He starts to laugh loudly, almost falling down.

“It’s not funny Frost!”

“Actually, it’s hilarious” he says, wipping a fake tear away from his eye.

Once his laughs stop, he stare at me: “Actually, I thing there’s something you’d like to do in winter”.

I cocked my head to the left:
“Which is?”

“Ice skating!”

At first i was reclutant but I didn’t want him to think that I was a scaredy cat.

“C’mon (Y/n) I show you” he extend his hands to me, a little smile on his face.

I take his hands and I find myself in the middle of an frozen lake.

Squealing and almost falling I wrap my arms around Jack’s neck.

“(Y/n) relax!”

“I can’t, I don’t want to fall!”

“Hey…” his voice was so soft.

I lift my head, my face and lips are very close to his.

I’ve never notice how handsome he is.

“I’ll help you, I won’t let you go”.

Nodding I turn around and let him guide me.

“See? Move your feet like this…”.

I wasn’t paying attention…I was distracted by his closeness.

I didn’t know that Jack’s body could be so warm…having him so close to me makes me happy.

Suddenly I feel Jack’s body detach from me:
“Keep going like that (Y/n)!”

I move my legs and feet the way he told me to and, surprisingly I was skating! 

“I did it!” I say smiling, skating toward Jack.

“Yes you did it!”.

He brings me into an hug and start to spin me around, elicit giggles from me.

When he finally stops, we stare into each other eyes:
“So…are you having fun?”

“mmh..I don’t know” I answer cheekily.

At thatm Jack lean down toward me, and lay a sweet little kiss on my lips:
“What about now?”

Smiling and with a little hint of red on my cheeks, I push him away, skating away from him:
“Ok flower, I’m gonna get you!”He screams at me.

And so we spend all day like that, playing and laughing on that frozen lake.

Finally midnight came, meaning that Jack has to go…meaning that I’ll not see him again until the end of spring.

“So…it’s time” I say sadly


Suddenly Jack pull me into him and gave me a long and slow kiss:
“Don’t be sad…I’ll see you again, we have to wait just 3 months, then you’ll be free”.

“Why we have to realize our feelings just before we have to separate?” I sighed.

“Because we are idiots” He say with a smile.

“Well…until next time then” I say after giving him a peck on his lips.

“Until next time, my love”.

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