spirit of damascus

“Nowhere in my travels, not in the heart of the Imperium nor the streets of Orzammar, have I felt so much an outsider as in Rivain.” ()

The Return of the Eagle - Atli Örvasson // Spirit of Damascus - Jesper Kyd // Shanty for the Arethusa - The Decemberists // Merry Men - Mark Streitenfeld // The Cascades - Fleet Foxes // Dead Bird Hill - Gaelic Storm // The Sailor and the Sea - Xandria // The Islander - Nightwish // In This World or the One Below - Brian Tyler

Sinbad no Bouken/Magi fanmix up on my 8tracks! Feel the adventure.

the boy who changed the world. [listen]

 1. Should I Know You? - John Powell
2. Realm of Power - Thomas Bergersen
3. Merlin’s Arrival at Camelot - James Gosling
4. Sun - Thomas Bergersen
5. AC Revelations theme - Jesper Kyd
6. Scarborough Fair - Kavita Baliga
7. Journey Through The Desert - Harry Gregson-Williams
8. The Day After Tomorrow - Harald Kloser
9. Enfin Apparu - Shiro Sagisu
10. To The Spaceport - James Newton Howard
11. Long Way Home - Plastic
12. Spirit of Damascus - Jesper Kyd
13. Destiny - Harry Gregson-Williams

African masks have traditionally been shaped in highly abstract form, because they clearly distinguish the essence of a specific type of spirit from its looks. Free and careless of the worldly critics, focused on performing it’s task.

Here in it’s expanding form, is an energetic essence of the Damascus spirit. The black and white sides represent the interaction of opposites: male/female, future/past, digital/analog and the constant transitionary phase of our lives. The square, open eyes represent self-awareness and strength. A pure consciousness that searches for the truth.  The bold white lines represent the distinct paths of our past, while the mirrored thin black lines represent the multi-dimensional possibilities of our future.

We are happy to share this original piece with the world. Say hello to M4SK.