spirit of a woman

The ‘one’ is of course one’s self, one’s conscience, one’s idea, the singleness of one’s aim. I think of that pure spirit as a man thinks of a woman he has in some detested hour of his youth loved and forsaken. She haunts him with reproachful eyes, she lives for ever before him.
—  Henry James, from “The Less of the Master,” Modern Short Stories: The Uses of Imagination, 4th ed. by Arthur Mizener (W. W. Norton & Co.,
Femme Poeme

Gay girls I adore. Look what I have become
In order to please you. I stand in front of the
Mirror and know myself as another. I would
Be a lover like an eagle is a lover to the sky.
Why not unleash me, all over you? I am true
And spirited: a woman with a saxophone to
Play wild jazz upon; a woman artist beginning
To understand what she can offer to desire.
Fire up my wild wonder. I am asunder until
You repair. All is fair when you stare into me.

your spirit
comes to me
this woman
that it sees
i simply long
to rest
in the warmth
of your embrace
your silhouette
I will trace
with imaginary
search for love
while it lingers
in this
our tiny universe
where these bodies
will converse
made of light
from the stars
that fill the night
our bodies blend
as they collide
there is nothing
left to hide
you search
my heart
my soul
my flesh
this is where
we come to mesh
enjoy the solace
that we do find
inside this home
within our minds


I was not a rich kid. My father was a waiter at Arnaud’s – and he was an immigrant, so his experiences were different. He had this philosophy where he would work for five years, and take one year off. And that’s how he lived his life. He wasn’t a career guy – he was a life guy. One year, we followed the Rainbow Festival and the Rolling Stones across the country. We lived in a van…

Sunrise Ruffalo: Free Spirit 

A great article on the woman I love and her  new project. What a woman…what a beauty, through and through.

Muma Pădurii aesthetic

Romanian folklore creatures series - VI

Muma Pădurii is an ugly and mean old woman living as a spirit of the forest . She is an evil witch, the opposite of fairies and literally means “the Mother of the Forest”, though “mumă” is an archaic version of “mamă” (mother).

She lives in a dark, dreadful, hidden little house or in the hollows of old trees, and sometimes goes to the huts of those living near the forest to scare them. If a brave man manages to catch and tie her, she will fulfill a wish. She is also thought to attack children, and because of this, a large variety of spells (descântece in Romanian) are used against her.

In the forest she is a sad mother, mourning, groaning, snorting, howling, because people are cutting her babies, the trees in the forest. She will punish every man whistling or singing through the woods, woodcutters who disregard the rules of the forest, those who collect berries, wild apples and pears, hazelnuts.

God doesn’t need highly skilled experts; He uses His power to accomplish great things through ordinary people to remind us that all the glory and honor belongs to Him alone, and never to men.

1st Corinthians 1:28