spirit lamp

A Haku I drew for an art raffle prize on Instagram!! I’ve always had a fondness for him and this film in general ;u;

Here is an art process GIF of the drawing!! :0

My part of the trade with @novaiiiiiiume and she asked for the Spirit of the Lamp
Which is awesome, i have no idea why i didn`t do anything with her before

i`ll definitely do more of her (i`ve gotten some fun ideas already), but it`ll take training, because the lighting of the light itself O_O

I hope you enjoy it though~ 

Thoughts I Had During the Sallie House (Rewatch)

  • Ryan looks great in grey
  • “Hey whaddup I’m takin a selfie with some demons yooooo” takin a Satan selfie, if u will
  • Ryan’s “disappointed in you” face is really heckin cute
  • “All they need is some WD40” same, my bedroom door creaks like that when i go out to the kitchen for snacks at 3am
  • What the heck is that ugly ass wallpaper border
  • “I just like to see ya squirm!” The amount of joy in Shane’s voice is ridiculous smh demon boi:/
  • Agnes Truuuuuuuuuu
  • Shane looks so excited to hang out with his demon friends
  • *dramatic flashbacks to Father Thomas in black and white*
  • The people outlines that they use to represent the family look HORRIFYING when brightened
  • Me tryna understand why Ryan seems to think pentagrams (even when upright) are inherently evil even though their original intent is to protect from evil spirits: ????
  • That lamp looks weird
  • Spoopy blue light
  • The teddy bears in the kids room were the OG Red Circle, they’re just keepin an eye on things it’s g
  • Shanes hair gets crazier every time we see him
  • The child’s eyes are unnerving
  • “Swell” Shane is such a grandpa??
  • I love the “whoosh” sound effect that goes w the light turning on, it’s so extra
  • Tag yourself, I’m Ryan losing his fucking shit
  • Those heart handles on the drawer are really cute
  • Genuinely, I know that Shane has debunked the flashlight turning on and off thing at Bobby Mackey’s, but the way it responds to their questions (with consistency, reiterating that the demons/ghosts in the house Do Not Like Them) is really creepy and should count more for the argument of ghosts or demons existing than it does.
  • It’s really funny to see Ryan losing his shit, but what a Bood.
  • At this point, the friend that I was watching this with said, and I quote, “Fuck that room, fuck that show, I Love Jesus. And I mean that.” (Also a Bood)
  • That drawing of the little girl makes me Really Uneasy
  • “Maybe it’s just that flashlights are funny like that.” Shut up, Shane.
  • Tony (who had multiple experiences including those where he was physically harmed, on camera) wanted to get out of the house, and Debra (who had not experienced anything) didnt share the sentiment. Sound familiar? I could swear I’m getting deja vu…. wonder why
  • I love the way Ryan says “fake” bc his voice goes down an octave n it’s Weird but Cool
  • Ricky Goldsworth possessed Tony, too. That’s the real tea.
  • “If you slit my throat tonight, I’m gonna have a hard time forgiving ya.” Yeah that’s kinda rude to slit someone’s throat tbh, even if it is Shane (JOKES)
  • “In some cases, demons will present themselves as humans who are physically flawed” UHHH SOMEONE TELL ADAM ELLIS HE GOT A MF DEMON (ayy if anyone else is reading the Dear David thread lmk)
  • Shane disrespecting demons seems to be a common theme
  • Three nyoots
  • Name the song I took the inspo for those lyrics above from n be awarded with uhhh shout out
  • *more flashbacks of Father Thomas as they directly disobey his orders*
  • Does Ryan have glitter in his hair or is that sweat shdjsks
  • The demon didn’t want Shane’s heart bc it’s Gone, it’s not there. Plus I bet since Ryan’s is so full of love n sunshine it’s mmmmm Tasty
  • Ryan’s voice crack rb if u agree
  • Poorito
  • More butthole jokes
  • Why does Shane have his glasses on when he’s trying to sleep??
  • Shane is so sleepy and precious what the f u c k
  • I wanna give Ryan a hug tbh, poor boy
  • Shane “Guilt Trip” Madej
  • Peace out bitch!
  • Need me some more Sleepy Boys
  • Idiot #1 Ryan Bergara, Idiot #2 Shane Madej fjdndksls
  • “You laid on a pentagram with your belly bared for the demon to smack” or perhaps rub gently like Ryan does after a meal #exposehim

anonymous asked:

Your mythotutu gives me life! But I was wondering what exactly is Tutu's origin and how did she and Mytho meet?

In the translations of one page of The Prince and The Raven [I can no longer find it so you’re gonna have to take my word]

it says that Tutu did exactly what ahiru in the show did [minus collect pieces of heart], which is going around and consoling people in need before disappearing without a trace. [I think it also says that she’s never in the same place twice]

So it’s not unlikely that she met Mytho that way?

In the book Mytho says [as a kid] that he wants Tutu to be his princess so it’s also not unlikely that he would go looking for her too.

As for her origin, Tutu seems to be pretty long-living. Seeing as the old man telling kid Mytho the story says she’s a legend.

Tutu is probably close to what Pique describes her as in episode 14, “The God of Dance”. [Or rather a spirit]

Especially when taking Tutu’s consistent depiction as a wing armed glowing person into consideration: 

The reason I call her a spirit is because of her resemblance to the lamp spirit, both looking somewhat human but not quite + ethereal powers

Which makes it possible that spirits are pretty common in Mytho’s world? I mean if one can be born from something like a lamp just because people cared about it, it seems like that would be the case.

So in conclusion:

I think Tutu is the Princess of Spirits [the “Princess” title’s gotta mean something right?] 

who went astray, fell in love with a human [possibly breaking some kind of taboo as is common in fairy tales] causing her to disappear in a speck of light once she told him.


Turnadette Tuesday

Turner Topics–Kisses and Hugs

Part 1–The One That Started It All

Happy Tuesday! Here I am again, with the first official installment of my “Hugs and Kisses” series, with this iconic scene. Where else could I start? I know this scene has been discussed a LOT in this fandom, and I’ve posted various thoughts about it before so I’m not sure how many “new” thoughts I can contribute. I may be repeating some previously expressed thoughts here, but I had to start with this scene. More thoughts follow:

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Hypothetical Spectral Training
  • Spender: Your feelings, your fears, your anger. You must learn to control them, focus them, concentrate them, and release them.
  • Max: As therapy?
  • Spender: No, as firepower!
  • Spender: Say something hideous and horrible jumps out at you. Something so disgusting that it simply must die...
  • [Spender brings out a very ugly, very tacky lamp.]
  • Spender: Ahhh, oh, so tacky... I... can't... look... directly at it!
  • Spender: [to Max] But, I control those feelings, focus them, concentrate, and...release!
  • [Spender fires a spec-shot at the lamp, destroying it] Spender: ...And the world is a better place.