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Spent some time this am searching for and pinning djinni creatures to get some ideas about upcoming games. In addition to creatures, I’m also looking for exotic fashion, garb, and gear.

I pinned a few more than these but Tumblr will only let me do 10 at a time. Need the rest? The rest (and all the other monsters I pinned today) are in my NPC/Bestiary board on Pinterest.

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Your mythotutu gives me life! But I was wondering what exactly is Tutu's origin and how did she and Mytho meet?

In the translations of one page of The Prince and The Raven [I can no longer find it so you’re gonna have to take my word]

it says that Tutu did exactly what ahiru in the show did [minus collect pieces of heart], which is going around and consoling people in need before disappearing without a trace. [I think it also says that she’s never in the same place twice]

So it’s not unlikely that she met Mytho that way?

In the book Mytho says [as a kid] that he wants Tutu to be his princess so it’s also not unlikely that he would go looking for her too.

As for her origin, Tutu seems to be pretty long-living. Seeing as the old man telling kid Mytho the story says she’s a legend.

Tutu is probably close to what Pique describes her as in episode 14, “The God of Dance”. [Or rather a spirit]

Especially when taking Tutu’s consistent depiction as a wing armed glowing person into consideration: 

The reason I call her a spirit is because of her resemblance to the lamp spirit, both looking somewhat human but not quite + ethereal powers

Which makes it possible that spirits are pretty common in Mytho’s world? I mean if one can be born from something like a lamp just because people cared about it, it seems like that would be the case.

So in conclusion:

I think Tutu is the Princess of Spirits [the “Princess” title’s gotta mean something right?] 

who went astray, fell in love with a human [possibly breaking some kind of taboo as is common in fairy tales] causing her to disappear in a speck of light once she told him.

Hypothetical Spectral Training
  • Spender: Your feelings, your fears, your anger. You must learn to control them, focus them, concentrate them, and release them.
  • Max: As therapy?
  • Spender: No, as firepower!
  • Spender: Say something hideous and horrible jumps out at you. Something so disgusting that it simply must die...
  • [Spender brings out a very ugly, very tacky lamp.]
  • Spender: Ahhh, oh, so tacky... I... can't... look... directly at it!
  • Spender: [to Max] But, I control those feelings, focus them, concentrate, and...release!
  • [Spender fires a spec-shot at the lamp, destroying it] Spender: ...And the world is a better place.

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I see you're taking my advice about hinting that someone may die. Well done! I adore how authentic this is; CW would not be CW without the long dragging dread of nailbiting, incomplete teasers. Thumbs up!

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Oh, if I had the time and talent I’d totally do like a trailer, only with text, and find some hugely dramatic music, and it’ll be snippets that are wildly out of context and out of order and just picked to ramp up stress and anxiety. And EXCITEMENT!

From The Author Who Brought You Every Other Story In This Series, a big giant super-thrilling multi-part Civil War EVENT:


“How do we fix all of this?”

“With time and patience.”

“Do we have enough of either?”

“I surely hope so.”


“I’m trying to help you!” she shouted back. “I’m trying to help everybody. This has to stop. I cannot stand watching you guys tear yourselves apart. You think I’m going to sit by and let this happen? And I told you. I told anybody who’d listen that there was a war coming.”


Lost in grim thoughts she couldn’t shake, Darcy didn’t hear the beep of the keypad, but the heavy thump of the door locks retracting caught her attention. Reaching for the holster mounted under the desk, she pulled the pistol and rolled her chair back to the wall. Whoever entered wouldn’t have a clean shot on her before she had one on them.


Stark grabbed his shoulder, and Bucky threw his arm back, knocking the man away.


Bucky hunched his shoulders, braced for the blow, but he wasn’t ready for the weight of the armor hitting him in the ribs.


“SHIELD is a shell of itself, buried deep underground, and still you’ve needed a fallback position from your own agency. Good Christ.”


She’d sent Rico off to get some sleep a few hours earlier, and it was disgustingly late — or disgustingly early — when the phone on her desk at the Garage rang. Nobody had that number except Tony, Bucky, and Coulson. And if they wanted to reach her, they could always call her cell. Her stomach clenched; deciding to use a landline over the cell network wouldn’t mean anything good.

Shaking herself out of the funk of confused emotions and heartbreak, she answered, and her world went right straight back to the crazy place. 


Coulson stopped her next. “Are you ready?”

“I told you that I was. Are you?”

“Yes.” He glanced to Tony before looking back at her and giving her a firm, reassuring nod. “Go see to your asset, Agent Stark.”


Tony pursed his lips and glanced at Fitz, who’d watched the argument with an expression somewhere between pained and angry. He might look like a little lab geek, but Fitz was made of damned tough stuff and he’d probably been ready to tell her dad off, no matter how much he admired Tony. “Hey.”

“Hullo,” Fitz mumbled back, standing up, getting his leg caught on the chair before catching himself and straightening. He tipped his chin up and said, “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Stark.”


“It’s true enough. If we hadn’t have been arguing, if I’d just stopped and listened, or … geez, I don’t know. But, we took our eye off the ball, and everything else hit the ground hard.”


“Bucky! You gotta go now. Just go!”

Bucky clutched the phone more tightly, and turned his head to shoot a look at Agent Harris, who quirked an eyebrow back at him. For one second they were both frozen in that moment. Then Harris glanced down as his own phone chimed. 



The peach-purple glow of the city at evening seeped in around the blinds over the windows, casting moody shadows that suited the glumness in her spirit. The heavy desk lamp, with its green glass shade, was the only other light, and did very little to push away the shadows. The lamp illuminated a patch of floor, the scarred wood of the desk, the files and papers strewn about, then broke at the cut crystal glass by her elbow.


“Maybe it’s a fate to learn from the past in a way nobody else can. It’s a kind of painful fate, but here we are. And now, like Clint says, we can only do what we can do. And maybe there’s a lot we can do.”



Which Princess Tutu Character You Should Fight
  • Ahiru: You'd win but why
  • Rue: You are not allowed to fight Rue. She'd break at the thought of people hating her enough to fight her. I'll fight you, though. FIGHT ME
  • Fakir: He's less violent because of Ahiru, but he'll still fight you. He'd win.
  • Mytho: Depending on how much he likes you, he'll let you win or defeat you with 'Waltz of the Flowers'. But he doesn't want to fight you, please don't.
  • Heartless Mytho: You'll win but he'd give zero shits. You beat up someone completely defenseless are you proud of yourself
  • Tutu: No matter how violent you are, it will always end with gentle dancing. Do it, you'll learn something about yourself.
  • Kraehe: She can turn feathers into knives. Don't do it.
  • Drosselmeyer: FIGHT HIM. He might control your fate with his writing, but you tried and everyone will love you for it. You'd probably lose, but do it please.
  • The Raven: He'll eat your heart or chop you in half. Best if you don't.
  • Uzura: Why are you fighting the puppet toddler who wants things to be "lovey-dovey zura!", please reconsider your life choices
  • Femio: You'd win, but there is the potential of living forever knowing you will never outfabulous him. Fight with caution.
  • The Lamp Spirit: Why do you want to fight a lamp
  • Anteaterina: SHE'LL LICK YOU DON'T DO IT
  • Willi Maiden: She will dance you to death, do not fight her.
  • Pike & Lilliae: They are the founders of a ballerina mafia. Don't.
  • Autor: He's a dork. You'd win, easily.
  • Maleen: You'd win but.... what's the point????
  • Charon: His house is full of weapons, but he's not a fighter. He'd just look at you sadly until you stop.
  • Freya: You'd win unless she has some secret plant power hidden away.
  • Paulo and Paulamoni: what