spirit horses

what the fuck theres a spirit.. remake? spinoff? on netflix??? spirit as in the horse movie?? theres like eight fucking non-voltron dreamworks cartoons on netflix and ive never heard of any of them

This shot from Spirit is endlessly hilarious to me, because it’s clear that it was a last-minute fix to not traumatize the kiddos.

Look at the big square-ass block above Spirit’s eye. It’s clear that his eye was supposed to flop shut in an attempt to look “dead”, but this scared kids who couldn’t tell he was pretending, so they added his eye opening as a quick fix and overlapped his mane by mistake.


Corre Libre! Corre en Libertad!
Basándome en la película #spirit realizado esta pequeña animación, espero os guste tanto como a mí hacerla :)

Por todos esos animales que merecen correr libres

“Nunca nadie me va a dominar
yo voy a pelear
no me rendiré, nunca yo me rendiré

Atrapado estoy
pero no me montarán
jamás lo verán
no me rendiré, nunca yo me rendiré

Mi libertad buscaré…

SI!! soy libre…!” #animal #animalliberation #vegan #horses #animation #animationart #art #freedom #manueljiniesta #brianadams #drawing @elhogarprovegan @santuarioespiritulibre @santuariowingsofheart @micabravegana @silviavr.eco @joseiniesta5 @emeartdsg (en Málaga, Spain)

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you all know the drill by now
we have this movie on vhs. i should watch it again
you all know the drill by now

i have no idea what 99% of my thought process is either, but at least this isn’t my heart will go on