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Lead up to my day in the life of a paranormal investigator, Larry Capostagno. Shot in Jpeg, at the Miller Mansion on State St in Brockport, NY.

I can see why the Bible warns about communicating with the spirit world. I’m not sure if I’m more of a skeptic or a believer [of paranormal activity] now that I’ve been on a public ‘investigation.’ It’s easy to find signs of other beings in the static, or for it to seem like the mag-lite is actually a paranormal microphone. There were times when I was fairly seriously in disbelief, and others when I wanted to believe the voice I heard or the feelings I had.

Tomorrow’s going to be a long, difficult day, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m here to tell stories.

daleofdeviant-deactivated201607  asked:

If video game companies were women (just roll with it) which one would FMI? And I'm wondering what you'd especially do to Bethesda?

Assuming game releases = sex.  And assuming American studios are American girls and Japanese studios are Japanese girls:

Bethesda is creative, free and likes moments to happen spontaneously.  But unreliable in the extreme, unstable and requires the attention of numerous friends just to function.

Bioware is the girl who peaked in high school but made some seriously stupid choices afterward.  She still acts like she’s a queen, keeps simpering people around her to inflate her ego and is quick to put you down if you dare speak out against her.

Valve is the girl too focused on her career, on making money, to ‘put out’.  When she does, its amazing but that happens once in a blue fucking moon.  She also has a habit of spending all your money on massive shopping sprees.

Square Enix is reliable and safe.  You know exactly what you’re going to get, reliably, but with very little experimentation.  Used to experiment more but then she went bankrupt for a while and after that she was never really the same.

Konami is the kind of girl who hangs on to her boyfriend, who kinda sponges off him.  He makes her seem smarter than she is, he’s the person who engages in deep and cool conversation and ideas and she’s just sorta along for the ride.  Recently they broke up, her future seems bleak because on her own she doesn’t have a lot going for her.

Pop Cap is fun, energetic but not good for a long term relationship.  You can’t really hold her attention for long and she’s somewhat the same way, not all that interesting once you scratch the surface.  But the experience is always fun when you meet up with her.

Team Sonic, another girl who peaked in high school.  From her behavior, seems like she got really hard into fucking drugs or something because she flung herself off the rails a long time ago and hasn’t really gotten back on track.

Rareware, the creative kid who was going places.  Ultimately, ended up getting locked into a marriage right out of highschool, seems to regret it ever since.  That spark she once had just kind of guttered out in the toxic relationship.

Blizzard, the girl who’s fun to hang around with in small doses.  Then she becomes clingy, dominating and all consuming.  Has an ego and basically lives off the success she once had a decade ago.

Gearbox, immature and self absorbed.  The kind of girl who does everything half asked and spends her days online spouting outdated memes and feminist tripe.

Double Fine.  Gold digger, mean spirited, will take your money and leave you with a broken heart.  Literally cannot stop spending money, even when she knows it’ll put her in the poorhouse.  Has good taste in music though.

Ubisoft  French girl who doesn’t take risks but doesn’t really invest herself in much.  Takes the safe approach and anything you ask of her will only be 75% done when you check back in.

Rockstar.  British.  Confrontational, crude but overall a good experience.  The kind of girl you take to a metal concert and burgers after, not a fancy dinner.  Can be a dick sometimes but heart’s in the right place.

Capcom, older lady who does nothing really nowadays.  Managed to alienate everyone around her and has since fallen into a slump.

Nintendo, an older lady who is a bit out of touch with your generation but seems to have her heart in the right place.  Can treat you like a child but at the same time can be really fun, especially if you just ignore what other people think.

From Software, has high expectations of you.  Like all the fucking time.  Into rough sex.  But predictable as she has a routine and doesn’t deviate much from it.

TellTale, a girl who is interesting but is a flight attendant so you’re not going to have to wait weeks, if not months, before you can actually get together.  Not really long term or serious relationship ready but fun to indulge and hang out with when she finally shows up.

Riot Games, something always on the go, something fresh, but hangs out with an absolutely toxic group that you can’t get her away from.  She has one area of expertise and doesn’t deviate from it but she does it well.  

Platinum Games, spontaneous, fun, always on the go.  Always up for something, always going at breakneck speeds, never slows down.  Has a habit of dressing sexy and owning it.

CCP.  Math nerd and accountant, obsesses over charts and numbers.  Expect a long ass relationship where she does her own thing and you do your own thing and only tangentially come together for interaction.

CD Projekt Red.  A Polish girl who requires a lot of work but worth it in the end because she puts in a lot of work in return.  Seems entirely willing to give as much as she gets, is humble.  Like Bioware without the ego or Bethesda without the psychological needs.

Obsidian.  Close friend of Bethesda and Bioware, seemed to fall down the same path but distanced herself from them and has started to make a recovery.  Has a fun, interesting outlook but seems to be the kind of person who becomes who you want her to be, rather than defining herself.


Fuck: Nintendo, Platinum and Bethesda
Marry:  CD Projekt Red
Ignore:  The rest