spirit cave

It is difficult to say all things are well,
When the worst is about to arrive;
It is fatal to woo yourself,
However graceful the posture.

     Loved heart, what can I say?
     When I was a lark, I sang;
     When I was a worm, I devoured.

     The self says, I am;
     The heart says, I am less;
     The spirit says, you are nothing.

Mist alters the rocks. What can I tell my bones?
My desire’s a wind trapped in a cave.
The spirit declares itself to these rocks.
I’m a small stone, loose in the shale.
Love is my wound.

The wide streams go their way,
The pond lapses back into a glassy silence.
The cause of God in me—has it gone?
Do these bones live? Can I live with these bones?

Theodore Roethke, from “What Can I Tell My Bones?,” in The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke (Knopf Doubleday, 2011)


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In the intro scene, we see the illuminated hole from which the human fell from. You can see the light pour in from that little hole, revealing all the stalactites. What many don’t notice, is that it’s also an angel, with spread wings, staring down with its robed hands on a cane.

Think I’m crazy? lets have a look at the image with my crappy outline of that angel.

even the outline looks like it. still think its pareidolia like those people that see Jesus in their toast? lets see some bumpmaps, sharpness scan, edge detect, and black and white, all done by the computer, not based on what my brain tells me my eyes see.

now, in case you still can’t quite imagine the angel figure, here is a slight edit I did coloring the cane handle, and finishing the lines and filling in the space around the head, and editing the eyebrow/hole. 

The delta rune, a prophecy of an angel from the surface who would come to the underground and free it of monsters… Whether it is by slaughtering them, or breaking the barrier, or leading the society to collapse. In the very intro to the game, your role and ending in the story is shown. It’s up to you which way you go about achieving your goal.

Ahahahahahaha somebody shoot me please, the Lewthur ship is gonna murder me! Cave spirit took Lewis’ body and deceived Arthur into becoming his puppet! (don’t ask me how arthur got his left arm back DEMONS AND MAGIC, ALRIGHT!?)
Corpse!Lewis’ design and idea is from themysterywat


*rolls out of the room*

so this is what you signed up for by following this blog: introducing the monster au which i have toiled over for many months bc im unoriginal trash

Aatxe is a spirit in the folk mythology of the Basque people. His name is literally translated as “Young Bull”. He is a cave-dwelling spirit who adopts the form of a young red bull, but being a shapeshifter, sometimes takes the shape of a man. At night, more so in stormy weather, he arises from the hollow which is his lair and attacks criminals and other malevolent people.


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The “Avatar” Word Count

Well, after a bit of work, I finally finished this up with the help of the Avatar wiki, and Avatar Spirit (caved in and used them even though theycan be a bit inaccurate, but that’s usually more due to phrasing, and other minor issues that doesn’t really have an effect on the word counts that I’m doing). 

Expect some more of these in the future for other key words like “honor” and “destiny.” Layout will vary.


I don’t know what impresses me more: the fact that in the 13 episodes that Zuko has a speaking role in Book 1, there are 3 episodes where he  manages not to say “Avatar,” or the fact that Unalaq is very close to matching Zuko’s Book 1 score having mentioned the word “Avatar” in 9 of the 11 episodes where he has a speaking role.

Aang, and Zuko have matching scores for both Book 1 of ATLA, and for the end of the series, who knew!

Despite having 9 less episodes, LOK manages to win out against ATLA 438 to 413

Some other things of note:

  • For their combined ATLA/LOK scores, Zhao (26) beats Iroh (22) thanks to his appearance in the Fog of Lost Souls.
  • You’d think Zuko joining the Gaang would decrease his usage of the word “Avatar” in Book 3, but his Book 3 mentions of the word “Avatar” (prior to “The Day of Black Sun” (4) are less than his mentions of the Word “Avatar” after “The Day of Black Sun” (17).
  • I’m surprised to see that Katara actually doesn’t say “Avatar” all that much. Even in Book 1 she only says it 18 times. 
  • Toph says “Avatar” more times in LOK (8) than she does in the entirely of ATLA (2 times in Book 2, and 2 times in ATLA). I guess she was trying to catch up for all those times she didn’t say “Avatar” in ATLA.

Please don’t use this data to prove/disprove your ships. That’s just silly. .