spirit cave

Padded Lament

How often
must we cry
in the caress
of aging moonlight,
to get points across
ever-widening divides
between intent
and actualization?

The sting
of brick & motor
against our backs,
pushed into corners,
reminds us
that a day’s work
is never finished.
This unrequited lust
shall remain unchecked
until the walls
of our chambers spirit
cave in.

Sifting through the rubble,
we’ll come upon pieces
of someone once known
deal, yet from a distance.
Maybe there
the clues on how to live
with what remains
will make the remainder
of our time here
a little more bearable.


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I don’t really take selfies 😁 I always feel really silly and vain when I do it. This is the most recent one I took, from October of last year. I tag everyone who wants to do this 🎉 yet off the top of my head @aletiel @bruisedplumkiss @i-want-to-hide-in-my-closet @dulcifera @lawndrae @yan-wo @cavalcade-of-perversion @empiregrotesk @rosievandoll @wike-wabbits @cave-spirit @slow-glider @seaymph @saturniidaeae @nightoftheghoulz @nightsinwhitesatin12 @nocnitsa @marscastle

kaiba-cave replied to your post “Does anyone have the exact quote from Turnabout Time Traveler when…”

It happens in the defendant’s lobby before the first trial part. Sorin says to Ellen “Come home soon. I’m lost without you.” And Maya says “Looks like showing your vulnerabilities is the fastest way to capturing a woman’s heart. You should take notes on this, Nick.” :3

Thanks! Not exactly a subtle hint-dropper, is she? :p

In the intro scene, we see the illuminated hole from which the human fell from. You can see the light pour in from that little hole, revealing all the stalactites. What many don’t notice, is that it’s also an angel, with spread wings, staring down with its robed hands on a cane.

Think I’m crazy? lets have a look at the image with my crappy outline of that angel.

even the outline looks like it. still think its pareidolia like those people that see Jesus in their toast? lets see some bumpmaps, sharpness scan, edge detect, and black and white, all done by the computer, not based on what my brain tells me my eyes see.

now, in case you still can’t quite imagine the angel figure, here is a slight edit I did coloring the cane handle, and finishing the lines and filling in the space around the head, and editing the eyebrow/hole. 

The delta rune, a prophecy of an angel from the surface who would come to the underground and free it of monsters… Whether it is by slaughtering them, or breaking the barrier, or leading the society to collapse. In the very intro to the game, your role and ending in the story is shown. It’s up to you which way you go about achieving your goal.

The fingers tensed, causing small fractures to split from the larger more ancient ones. Instantly the fog was upon it, picking at the seams and seeping into the freshly fortified wounds.

His heart beat frantically as he reeled against the sicking touch of the mist that came pouring in with each and every pulse, filling the cracks and settling in the spaces in between it.

Slowly the intensity of his struggles began to change, as the sickly green light stole across his features. Staining his flames, and illuminating him in a harsh in and unpleasant light.

Bobbing with the thrum of every heartbeat, the hand curled across the sleek and fractured surface, enjoying the strain as the specter struggled beneath its cold hard fingers.

One more crack…and it would have its prize.

Sooo the arm got a character sheet.

Which left me thinking waaay too much. And too much thinking leads to bouts of drawing-which ultimately leaves us here.

Arthur may be easy to possess, but I betcha Lewis isn’t. And occupying a measly limb is nothing compared to owning a full formed apparition.

So while I’m certain the cave spirit couldn’t subdue Lewis under normal circumstances-His heart wasn’t exactly whole after the events that took place in the mansion…

DEAN/CAIN WEEK Day One: Those old cliches
Fake dating AU

Swanky hotel bars aren’t usually Dean’s scene. He prefers dives with sticky floors, loud music, and cheap beer. But the hotel is near his office and he knows the bartender, and the guy makes a mean cosmo. He also doubts that at his typical haunts, he would meet a man like the one he’s been flirting with for the past fifteen minutes. He says his name is Cain, and he has a full beard speckled with gray to match his hair that Dean wouldn’t mind feeling against his thighs, and downright offensively blue eyes.

As it turns out, Cain has a room upstairs. There’s a gorgeous view of the city, but what Dean finds more important is sprawling out on the large bed with its plump pillows and clean white sheets, and shortly after he does that, he finds out that the scratch of Cain’s beard against sensitive skin feels even better than he’d imagined. What he couldn’t have imagined though was Cain pulling out his wallet afterward and asking “How much?” It’s not that Dean’s offended, exactly. It’s more that he’s sort of shocked. Shocked that this guy would ever need to pay for sex, and shocked that they made it this far without Dean realizing Cain thought he was a prostitute.

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OT3 Fluff

Arthur pulled his shirt over his head, expertly using his mechanical arm as though it were real. Looking in the mirror he could see the scars along his shoulder where his lost arm and new one met. They used to haunt his mind when he looked in the mirror, barely able to stomach his own reflection.

But things had changed, Vivi had gotten him to overcome his grief and with Mystery’s help he learned to love himself again. The scars no longer screamed at him in angry reds, they had cooled to soft whites, like melting snow slush.

Running his remaining hand over the mechanics he checked to ensure everything was attached and nothing had come loose or started to bow or chip. He’d have to find a new polymer to make a soft casing to prevent damage, but that was an afterthought that was soon buried under other ideas.

He looked to the mirror again, the dark circles he had been accustomed to over the last several months were nearly gone. His face looked happier, his goatee was fuller, his spiky hair full of life and color. The changes were all so foreign to him yet he felt better, more at home and peace than ever before. How could such a small change do so much?

Arthur puffed up his chest in the mirror, he was starting to put on weight again too, and he was liking the direction and results. He’d lost almost too much, and with Lewis (and his cooking) back, well that wouldn’t be a problem ever again. This time around, he wouldn’t skip going with Lewis to the gym, or avoid things that made him uncomfortable. If only I had confronted those feelings earlier.


In the master bedroom Vivi sat on the edge of the bed swinging her feet back and forth as the bathroom door clicked shut. She wasn’t sure if the door would click open before morning, but she was willing to wait as long as needed for him to come back out.

She was glad that both of her boys had agreed to her idea, and that neither of them found it strange either. It isn’t normal, they’ll probably never agree to it. She had told herself. She had all but convinced herself it was impossible or unlikely before she had even asked. Maybe it was just a fear of rejection or preparing for the worst, but her delight when she got a somewhat enthusiastic yes from Arthur nearly melted her heart.


When Lewis finally worked out that Arthur had lost his arm, granted it took a bit too long and the melted slag on the floor had freaked him out badly enough to finally ask what the fuck happened, he had settled down enough to talk things through with his still living friends.

It took a few weeks for Lewis to finally ask Vivi back out on a date, to which she flatly rejected since his eyes would cause a stir if anyone saw them. He moped around for several days before Arthur dropped a box into his lap, saying something about the mood of the mansion being dark enough already without Lewis making it more miserable than his goth phase where he’d still make rainbow cupcakes with his sisters.

The sunglasses hid his eyes perfectly, Lewis couldn’t find a brand on them anywhere but thought nothing of it. At least, until he asked Vivi out again and put them on to show that she couldn’t see his eyes behind them. She had made a small gasp and whispered a small thank you to Arthur. He asked her about it, and she said he had been working on something to hide Lewis’ eyes in public since they would give away his nature to other hunters and scare normal humans. She was impressed with the simple solution.

It was then that he realized just how much Arthur had cared about him returning to as normal a life as possible despite now being a ghost unable to pass on, not that he was going to complain about being around the living.

When Vivi asked Lewis how he had felt about Arthur before the cave incident, Lewis had difficulty being honest. Arthur had been his best friend since they were kids. They knew each other so well that most people in school had started to call them twins as they could always finish each others thoughts and sentences. They were even teased about how in their year nobody appeared between them in the yearbook. Seniors got a full page in the yearbook, Arthur was on the left page and Lewis on the right, smiling stronger than they had in years.

He and Arthur had been inseparable, at least until they graduated. That was when Lewis started to help more around the restaurant and Arthur had started to take college courses while still working at his uncle’s garage. Arthur even introduced Lewis to Vivi, a girl he been talking to at the local coffee shop for awhile, Lewis swore Arthur’s blood had to be half coffee by this point. She had convinced them to start a ghost hunting and paranormal investigation team with her boss as their mentor. It wasn’t long before Lewis and Vivi had started dating after that, leaving Arthur behind and not taking him with them on as many cases. The investigations began turning into date nights, and Arthur seemed to know it.

When Lewis finally sat down to think over everything Mystery had told him about the nature of the cave spirit, his history with Arthur, and Vivi’s question, it finally clicked together. How many hints have I missed? Lewis pulled out his old laptop and scrolled through his Skype history with Arthur. It was all there as plain to see, the words, the phrasings, the teasing. He had missed it all. He waited a few days before telling Vivi absolutely yes, a thousand times yes; he needed time to cool down and think.


Taking a deep breath Arthur opened the bathroom door, still shirtless and wearing only a pair of sweats the sagged a little too far down his hips, commando felt better in bed he told himself. Vivi smiled. Lewis scooped up their new boyfriend.

bloodredmoon87  asked:

Feel free to ignore this but if you have time, one more for the n + 1 meme! AU Steve and Bucky as BFF roommates: 4 times Natasha and Wanda bond during the middle of the night staying over at their boyfriends' and 1 time they finally meet each other during the day. (I just really want Nat and Wanda awkwardly running into each other while sneaking in/out of the apartment and sharing ice cream in the dark wearing their boyfriend's clothes while Steve and Bucky don't even know they've met. XD)

I’m always working on one of your prompts when you send me another one THAT NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN TOO

for my “n + 1” meme 


She can hear soft footsteps around the apartment, which is only alarming for a moment, before Natasha remembers that Steve does in fact have a roommate. He’s been best friends with Bucky since they were kids, apparently, and she’s fairly certain the only reason why she doesn’t see them together as often as it sounds like they are supposed to be is because she’s in the picture now. She wants to bring it up – she doesn’t want to be that girlfriend that keeps him away from his friends, though she knows the thought is silly. Steve spends so much time with her because he likes to, wants to, and his friends understand. She knows he wants her to get to know them more, but this thing between them is still really new and they barely have any time for each other between classes and their part-time jobs, let alone other people. Steve says there will be plenty of time later, and it makes her feel a little too giddy that he thinks about things like that. She knows he wants this, them, to be a thing, and she wants it, too. She really, really does.

She thinks that maybe she should’ve put on something other than Steve’s Superman shirt when she crept out of his room to get a glass of water, but whatever. Steve says that Bucky thinks she’s great, and she’s hung out with Bucky enough times that something like this wouldn’t exactly be awkward.

Except, the person stepping into the kitchen is definitely not Bucky.

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Ahahahahahaha somebody shoot me please, the Lewthur ship is gonna murder me! Cave spirit took Lewis’ body and deceived Arthur into becoming his puppet! (don’t ask me how arthur got his left arm back DEMONS AND MAGIC, ALRIGHT!?)
Corpse!Lewis’ design and idea is from themysterywat


*rolls out of the room*

“I’m sorry”

Well, this fic gave me a ton of trouble…I’m not even sure I like the end result, but I figured I’d share it in case anyone wants to read it. (At least I pushed through and finished it, these drabbles sure help me write when I don’t feel like I can because I want to write for the fandom. Though maybe next time I should work on a secret santa fic…xD)

This is a fic based on @meldy-arts picture of Sabine patching up Ezra after the events of Visions and Voices. I got a request for it, and I thought it sounded fun, even if it was being a pain to write.

Hope y’all like it!

Fic below the cut:

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What do Gaelic Polytheists Believe?

We’ve established that Gaelic Polytheism is new religion, attempting to rebuild modern versions of the ancient religions of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. But what does that entail?

As with most any religion, beliefs can vary from one practitioner to the next. That said, there are some basic, core beliefs that most Gaelic Polytheists share in common.

Gaelic Polytheists believe in a tripartite cosmology.
The world is made up of the Land, the Sea, and the Sky. Everything that is exists in these three realms – including the Otherworld, the dwelling place of the Gods and spirits. Gaelic Polytheism also recognizes at least seven (and occasionally more than twelve) elements (dúile) that make up the building blocks of all existence.

Gaelic Polytheists believe that the Gods are distinct beings, with their own power and agency.
The Gods are all separate and distinct entities with distinct personalities, spheres of influences, likes, dislikes, etc. Each God has a different birth, different relationships with other Gods, and is never referred to generically (except, perhaps, as a member of a group). The Gods have stories, history, and personality like all living beings do, and these elements weave together to make up their identities.

Gaelic Polytheists believe that places and objects have their own spirits.
From holy wells and fairy mounds to sacred trees, the landscape is alive with spirits that we can interact with. Some of these spirits are helpful, but many are neutral to humanity (at best).

Gaelic Polytheists revere the Dead.
The Dead survive in the Otherworld, and are occasionally able to act in this world. We remember and pray to them, forming and continuing relationships with those who have passed.

Gaelic Polytheists value the liminal.
Thresholds, boundaries, and transitions are powerful, and often act as paths into the Otherworld where we can encounter the Gods & spirits. Forests, river fords, caves, wells, bridges, crossroads; all occupy this space Between. In the same way, the center of a place is also sacred and powerful, such as the hearth of a home, or the symbolic center of a community.

So with the release of Mystery Skulls Animated’s second feature, I feel like I wanted to throw in some of my own two cents since I’ve been in love with this little story since Ghost. These are just some small observations and headcanons.

1.       As a few people have pointed out, it appears the ‘Cave’ may not be a cave at all, but likely a ‘spook-house’ that could be part of a broken down amusement park. The posts in the cross paths that look like guardrails to an attraction, the non-descriptive ‘???’ signs, and with the updated shots and quite honestly the biggest indication, the peeling wallpaper on the walls that shows the cave’s ‘stony walls’ are likely a farce. Which means, likely the team wasn’t far from civilization when they went on their mystery hunt. This isn’t extremely relevant to anything, but it does give more likelihood to Arthur surviving after having his arm ripped off if; rather than being in the middle of nowhere, they weren’t actually far from anyone at all.

2.       On that note, that means our little cave spirit… may possibly be a teenager or young child who died in the attraction. It could be that incident that closed it down, possibly getting it cited for being unsafe.

3.       We now seem to have a building hierarchy to our supernatural forces here. Our little green spirit seems to be at the bottom, Mystery above it, then Lewis and Shiromori. It’s unclear who of the latter two win out, but I’m leaning towards Shiromori, as there is no clear way to take her out, unlike Lewis, whose spirit seems tied to his locket. Why Mystery is below this may not be that strange however – stories with kitsunes in them seemed to be more aimed towards their shapeshifting abilities, wisdom, or faithfulness, rather than raw power. There also known to be tricksters… which possibly means Shiromori is after him because he, in the past, was a brat and did something he shouldn’t have.

4.       We seem to have a very amnestic crew here. As shown by the map on Arthur’s computer, the crew appears to be looking for Lewis, which means they have no knowledge of his death. It seemed pretty clear in Ghost that Lewis either accidentally or intentionally wiped or blocked out pieces of Vivi’s memory. Arthur, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten possibly due to a combination of physical trauma and guilt. This actually makes Ghost make more sense, as in the memory sequence, it’s Mystery who is remembering it, rather than Arthur or Vivi. Meaning Mystery is the only one who knows the truth but either is incapable of communicating this with them or is unwilling to expel the magic to do so. Becaaaause….

5.       It’s possible Mystery’s transformation in the cave is what put Shiromori on his trail in the first place. Not wanting to put his friend’s in further danger, he doesn’t risk the transformation again.

6.       With both Arthur and Vivi’s memories wiped out of the incident, it’s probable they concluded it was due to a paranormal attack that affected them all. They likely believe that Lewis, too, lost his memories, maybe more extremely since he’s not returning, and is out and about somewhere without a clue of who he is or where his home is and are determined to find him and bring him back.

As a side note:

Quite a few people are looking at the small sequence in Freaking Out which Arthur sees Mystery in Kitsune form for the second time as something that actually happens in the video. But take a close look:

After ‘jolting’ awake from Lewis stepping on his flower, Arthur slumps against the side of the van. Then Arthur glances at his laptop, reaches out to shut it, things get… weird, Arthur’s arm starts going crazy, Mystery transforms annnnd:

Arthur snaps awake and he’s leaning up against the van again. Arthur is very clearly being depicted as sleep deprived – I mean just look at those metric ton weighted bags under his eyes. So more than likely he fell back asleep only to have a night terror. Remember that while Vivi’s memory loss was due to magic, Arthur’s is all due to his own head - likely a form of PTSD with a nice side order of memory suppression. It’s not uncommon for those afflicted with this disorder to experience flashback-esque nightmares. To him, it’s all just a dream though; he doesn’t appear to understand that he’s actually seeing bits and pieces of what really happened.

Which means, as our story progresses, things are really going to get wild. So the question is, how is all going to end? Probably with a lot of heartbreak.

iopanosiris  asked:

Quite some time ago you had made a reference to caves or subterranean spaces, I believe in old Spain if I recall correctly, in which some would gather to study and learn black magic. Is any of this ringing a bell? I was wondering if you ever made any posts detailing this.

Oh, man. I think about that shit, like, once a week. I’ve only made slight amounts of progress in digging into it. Nonetheless, here’s a section from a manual of magic that displaced Reginald Scot’s The Discoverie of Witchcraft in the 19th century (it contained segments of Scot’s work, which had by then fallen out of print, and the cunning-folk bought copies of it like it was goin’ out of style):

“That witchcraft did exist, it is clear, and not a few believe in the same to this day. In Toledo, Seville, and Salamanca; and in various parts of Italy, there were public schools where the art of magic was disseminated to a select few who were ever ready to attend. They were commonly held in deep caverns, and in such dark and mysterious places as eluded the haunt of man, and where none but the pupils and fiends of despair ever trod. Hence it is derive its name of BLACK ART.”
- Witchcraft Detected and Prevented: The School of the Black Art Newly Opened.

For Basque witches, one of the terms used for the ‘Sabbat’ was the ‘Akelarre,’ which in and of itself refers to a meadow. However, ‘Akelarrenlezea‘ was a cave where witches were believed to gather. Additionally, we have a few scattered references that show up about a ‘Cave of Salamanca’ (which, I think, was seen as similar to the Sibyl’s cavern inside the ‘Sibyllenberg’). In American Folk Legend by Wayland Debs Hand, there’s even a reference that seems to indicate how far such legendary areas spread in popular culture:

“[…]Julia Vicuna Cifuentes notes that Chilean witches refer to their meeting place as “Salamanca” or the “Cave of Salamanca” in reference to the reputed academy of Spanish witchcraft and sorcery located there. […]”
(P. 113)

The other day I also came across this:

“Last night, my friend Megan and I searched google for free things to do in Salamanca and one site kept coming up: la cueva de Salamanca or the cave of Salamanca. The cave of Salamanca apparently was a cursed crypt of the Old Roman church San Cerbrain. The church itself was destroyed and the building materials used to construct the Old Cathedral. San Cerbrain was rumored to have a crypt in which the devil himself taught classes on dark magic to seven disciples. […]

Today in Latin America, the word “salamanca” means a place where witches and demons gather.”

There’s other scattered references, too. Irish Witchcraft and Demolonology by St. John Drelincourt Seymour has another reference point:

“This papal candidate was none other than the famous Michael Scot, reputed a wizard of such potency that –
When in Salamanca’s cave
Him listed his magic wand to wave
The bells would ring in Notre Dame
.‘” (P. 52.)

I am tempted to also compare being taught / initiated by spirits in caves existed in antiquity. There certainly was the Oracle of Trophonios at Delphi, where individuals went to have the Daimon who had been the Master Architect of Delphi reveal the future to them at his Katabastion (“Place of Descent”). However, amongst the Dacians and Thracians, we also have the Getae tribe who Herodotus tells us descended into the cavern of Zalmoxis to deal with their immortalizing Daimon-God. This practice existed within the range they wandered, from the Black Sea to North of the Danube. Additionally, in Witchcraft in the Middle Ages, I recall J.B. Russel mentioning that early witchcraft trials (10th century CE - 12th century CE iirc) involved ‘orgies in caves’ where ‘the torches were put out’ which sounds like it belongs to the same strata of mythology.

But Spain is strangely specific: the Cave of Salamanca is repeatedly mentioned. So, too, are mentions of such rites at Toledo. It is also connected to the ‘traveling scholars’ / ‘wandering scholars’ / ‘Clerici Vagantes’ in letters by the early Lutherans:

“Oporinus of Basle, formerly a disciple and companion of Theophrastus, narrates some wonderful things concerning the latter’s dealings with demons. Such men practice vain astrology, geomancy, necromancy, and similarly prohibited arts. […] This has been practiced at Salamanca in Spain down to this day. From that school came those commonly called ‘wandering scholars,’ among whom a certain Faust, who died not long since, is very celebrated.”
- From the ‘Epistolae Medicinales’ of Conrad Gesner. [Letter from Gesner to Johannes Crato of Kraftheim.] (The Sources of the Faust Tradition. P. 100 - 101. Italix mine.)

What I haven’t figured out is the whether or not the Spanish witchcraft ideas involving caves and ‘academies’ of black magic involve Moorish influence predating the Reconquista. There are no shortage of practices involving dealing with the Djinn / Genii in caves in the Middle East, and I really do suspect that the Moors may have had a hand in these very odd, but very interesting stories.

Furthermore, while scattered, the references are too consistent to entirely involve folk beliefs. I’m sure people were actually doing weird shit in caves in Spain. But I still need to dig more.

The “Avatar” Word Count

Well, after a bit of work, I finally finished this up with the help of the Avatar wiki, and Avatar Spirit (caved in and used them even though theycan be a bit inaccurate, but that’s usually more due to phrasing, and other minor issues that doesn’t really have an effect on the word counts that I’m doing). 

Expect some more of these in the future for other key words like “honor” and “destiny.” Layout will vary.


I don’t know what impresses me more: the fact that in the 13 episodes that Zuko has a speaking role in Book 1, there are 3 episodes where he  manages not to say “Avatar,” or the fact that Unalaq is very close to matching Zuko’s Book 1 score having mentioned the word “Avatar” in 9 of the 11 episodes where he has a speaking role.

Aang, and Zuko have matching scores for both Book 1 of ATLA, and for the end of the series, who knew!

Despite having 9 less episodes, LOK manages to win out against ATLA 438 to 413

Some other things of note:

  • For their combined ATLA/LOK scores, Zhao (26) beats Iroh (22) thanks to his appearance in the Fog of Lost Souls.
  • You’d think Zuko joining the Gaang would decrease his usage of the word “Avatar” in Book 3, but his Book 3 mentions of the word “Avatar” (prior to “The Day of Black Sun” (4) are less than his mentions of the Word “Avatar” after “The Day of Black Sun” (17).
  • I’m surprised to see that Katara actually doesn’t say “Avatar” all that much. Even in Book 1 she only says it 18 times. 
  • Toph says “Avatar” more times in LOK (8) than she does in the entirely of ATLA (2 times in Book 2, and 2 times in ATLA). I guess she was trying to catch up for all those times she didn’t say “Avatar” in ATLA.

Please don’t use this data to prove/disprove your ships. That’s just silly. .