spirit catches you and you fall down

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omg can i get a ghost! woojin au pleaseee in the bulletpoint format

[sure, anon! not sure how you wanted this but?? lol this just wrote itself tbh i apologize for the LeNGth and the ANGST i did not intend for this to reach over 1k words]

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pairing: park woojin x reader
summary: Park Woojin is the shyest, sweetest, and most talented ghost you’re ever going to meet.

  • ever since you moved to Busan, things have been a little strange
  • you settled in easily enough, joining the school newspaper’s tiny staff as its sole photographer
  • when they unveil the new arts building where the old gardens used to stand, you’re one of the three students present
  • the new caretaker offers to give you a tour, and you’re the only one who takes it
  • within minutes of unlocking the building, the caretaker grows bored and asks you if he can go take care of something
  • you’re tempted to report him because you know he just wants to smoke on the grounds, but this is an important chance to explore before everyone else
  • you’ve run out of battery on your camera and your phone, but it doesn’t matter since nothing exciting is likely to happen anyway
  • you’re climbing the stairs when you get a prickly feeling at the back of your neck, a wave of light-headedness hitting you, and you KNOW there’s something there
  • you see something in the corner of your right eye and follow the faint sound of music that grows louder as you near the end of the hallway
  • the door’s ajar and you see a bulky old radio, R&B from the early 2000s booming from its speakers
  • in the room is a young man dancing with his back to you, his form graceful and fierce. you’re watching him with wide-eyes because??? you were expecting something as dumb as a ghost sighting and instead you find something moving and beautiful
  • you enter the room as the song finishes, and he turns around, revealing one of the gentlest faces you’ve seen in a while, prompting you to say, “hey, you’re a really great dancer!!” with a smile
  • then he smiles a snaggletooth smile and blushes and FUCKING DISAPPEARS
  • you were always a cautious believer in the supernatural; back in Seoul, your aunt would warn you about which alleyways to stay away from, when to apologize to an errant spirit, and how to pay due respects
  • when you moved to Busan to live with your no-nonsense grandfather, he dismissed everything spiritual as ridiculous, and soon you came to agree with him
  • sure, you enjoy reading scary stories till late at night, freaking out at the smallest noise at three in the morning
  • and yes, you may be known as the paranormal “expert” in your class because of how well you know all the different superstitions
  • okay, you may have nearly burned down the gardens because you lit a candle to make sure the guard dog that had chased a truck wouldn’t come back
  • but you definitely considered yourself a retired paranormal believer, so seeing and talking to an honest-to-goodness spirit has you reconsidering your life choices
  • the next day you return with a fully charged camera, prepared to catch at least his dancing on film for you to send to your aunt, and you wait hours and hours after school in dance studio B but nothing happens
  • you’re curled up in a ball and nearly fall asleep when the radio clicks on, and you scramble to get either your phone or your camera but they’ve both run out of battery
  • the boy doesn’t appear anyway, so you get up to leave, and you stretch while closing your eyes, and when you open them he appears, shy and shimmering in the sunset’s light
  • his name is park woojin; he’s seventeen years old; and those are pretty much the only two things he can tell you for sure
  • you try to make a lame-ass twilight joke—“how long have you been seventeen?”—and he just looks confused, so you ask him about dancing instead
  • and he tells you he’s glad to have found this space because it feels right for him to be dancing here, but also that for the first time he has an audience
  • woojin blushes when you ask him to dance for you, but readily agrees, his smile morphing into what you’ll soon call his “killer dance face”
  • you mean dead dance face? he jokes, and your hand goes right through his arm when you try to slap him
  • dance studio B becomes your regular hangout after school until the school’s dance troupe begins to use it, and you’re worried you’ll never see woojin again until he appears by your side as you’re walking home
  • that becomes part of your daily routine: you and woojin at the edge of school grounds, with you watching him dance by the light of the fading sun, his lithe body casting no silhouettes
  • he walks you home, and after talking about anything and everything under the sun, you say your goodbyes at your gate, your school day not complete without the sight of his smile
  • “woojin,” you say once, fiddling with the settings of your camera, “don’t you ever want to move to the next life?”
  • and he looks at you, the leaves’ shadows covering all but your bright eyes and fond smile, and his heart aches, but all he says is, i don’t know how
  • you look up and mistake the longing on his face for sadness, so you tell him, “we can fix this,” and call up your aunt as soon as you get home, and she says you need to find his story to find out what’s keeping him on earth
  • and you start to read through the school newspaper’s physical archives, searching for a mention of his name
  • woojin doesn’t know how to tell you he wants to stay, that you’re the first person who’s made him wish he were alive again, if only to find out if your hair is as soft as it looks, if your nose against his would tingle as he imagines it would, and he wants to say all of this but can’t find the words
  • day by day, his dancing grows more impassioned, the movements precise but desperate, and one day you cry while watching him, promising him you’ll help him soon
  • and you feel guilty because you’ve been going slowly at the archives, not wanting to lose your new friend, not thinking about how he’s the brightest part of your day
  • you finally find out the details of his death, an awful construction accident that left him in a coma for a week, which your aunt says is easy enough to fix with blessed spring water and the right prayer
  • and you tell woojin and he smiles sadly
  • tomorrow, woojin says, not able to say no when you’ve worked so hard
  • and he asks to come in when you arrive at your gate, and after dinner, you find him sitting at the foot of your bed
  • jokingly, you take a picture of him, telling him it’s an image you’d like to save forever, and he makes a face at the camera
  • you get under the covers and pat the space at your side, and the two of you lie face to face, and you swear you can feel his slightly translucent arm draped over your shoulder, and you close your eyes so he doesn’t see your tears
  • the next afternoon, the two of you decide you’ll perform the ritual as he dances, a fitting goodbye for the both of you
  • and you’re crying as you chant, the repetitions forming a rhythm he dances to, the setting sun growing clearer behind him as he fades away
  • before he disappears, he reaches over, and you feel a whisper of a kiss against your lips
  • i’m glad i met you, you hear
  • you cry and cry and look for him everywhere, but woojin is nowhere to be found
  • months later you’re going through your camera roll and you find something that makes you smile
  • and whenever your friends ask about the unfamiliar face among your photos, you tell them
  • “oh, that’s park woojin, my first love.“
Medblr Book Club: Vote for Your Favorite!

Thank you all for your submissions! I’ve narrowed our submissions down to 6 books with the help of @eclipperton and @emergencypharmd . I tried to copy and paste the titles with their descriptions from Amazon, but unfortunately, I went over the character limit for a single blog post (didn’t even know there was one tbh.) So instead I’ve included the link to the Amazon page so you can read the reviews, description, etc. After reading about each book, please vote here. Google login is required only because I want to limit voting to one per participant but your e-mail is not collected for the survey. Here are your choices:

1. When Breath Becomes Air- Paul Kalanithi

2. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness

3.  The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures- Anne Fadiman

4. Turtles All the Way Down- John Green

5.  The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales- Oliver Sacks

6. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers- Mary Roach

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May I request a scenario in which kirishima's fellow hero fem s/o finally captures the villains that killed her family? She's really having a lot of intense emotions and even tho she's a hero she is so caught up that she is on the verge of doing something bad to them but kirishima talks her down? Would kirishima feel differently about her seeing that side of her do you think? Thank you!

I hope this is what you are looking for. I hope I didn’t write Kiri too out of character for this.

It’s over. It’s finally over.

Kirishima breathes, wiping at the blood rolling down the cheek. He almost can’t believe that man is in front of you. No more nightmares. No more terrors. No more screaming because you wake up and can’t remember what happened to your family. You can finally sleep and move on and live the life that your boyfriend has been hoping to live with you. No more revenge plots. No more dreaming of this day because it’s finally here. You are free. 

But that man … that man who took everything from you is sitting in front of you, captured … bound … weak … defenseless. Kirishima looks over at you. The shield in your other hands unravels, returning to its form as wrist guard.

But the spear in your other hand does return to its jewelry form. It shifts again. You hold a long bladed sword in your hand. You take a step forward, slowly bringing your blade into a striking stance. Your eyes are wide, almost trancelike. 

You wouldn’t.


You blink, feeling Kirishima’s hardened skin scraping against your steel blade. He is bleeding slightly as you force through his defenses. He didn’t have time to fully harden. Kirishima only had time to react and protect you from yourself. His fingers twitch as the pain from your blade rings in his head, but his eyes are unwavering.

His eyes are unwavering. You are trembling as you look up at your father. The room is thick with the pungent iron scent of blood. It’s everywhere. Everywhere. Your eyes flicker over to the limp body lying only feet away from you. That body. That bracelet on the left wrist. That long (h/c) hair. That-

“(Name)-chan,” your father says as his large warm hands cover your eyes, “Everything will be fine. Trust your Daddy.”

“Trust Daddy?” a voice sneers, “Just look where trusting Mommy got you.”

A dark chuckle rumbles through the room, bouncing and echoing off the walls and burrowing into your nightmares. Mommy. 

“Don’t listen to him, baby girl. Listen to me,” your father’s voice his low and hoarse, “When I take my hands away, run. Don’t look. Just run. Run like you’ve never run before all the way to your auntie’s house.”

“Daddy, what about—”

“Don’t you worry about me. I’ll be right behind you. I promise, but you have to run. Can you promise me that?”

“I promise, Daddy.”

You aren’t going to run today. And that man, that damn monster, isn’t going to have that opportunity either. You add more pressure, forcing Kirishima back. He stumbles a bit before regaining his stance in front of your prisoner, your victim, your prey.

“Red Riot, move.”

“If I move, what will you do?”

“I’m going to kill him. So move before I move you.”

“I can’t do that.”

You narrow your eyes at his defiance, “Fine then. Be moved.”

Grabbing him by his face mask, you throw him into the ground with all your strength. Dusts plumes from the small crater holding Kirishima’s body as he groans slightly. He tries to stand, but a monstrous kick from you sends him rolling on the dirt like a ragdoll. Kirishima coughs, looking up at your form. You are looming over the man who is covering underneath you. Where is that laugh of his now? Where is the laugh that drove you to the brink of insanity now?

You raise your sword above your head. You will kill him, he who took everything away from you. You will rectify the wrongs that have been done by taking his life. An eye for an eye. 


You flinch.

“You’re a hero, aren’t you? (Name), don’t do it!” Kirishima is screaming at you, “You can’t! (Name), don’t-“

“(Name), don’t you want to be a hero like Daddy?”

You nod your head, beaming up at your father. He takes you into his arms, sitting you on his lap. Taking off his steel bracelet, you watch him create different shaped before your eyes. Your Quirk hasn’t manifested yet, but you hope it’s just like his. 

“If you wanna be a hero, you have to have a hero’s heart.”

“What does that mean, Daddy?”

“You have to answer that yourself, but every hero needs that,” he kisses you on the cheek, tickling you with his stubbly chin, “But I’m not worried about you. You’re a (Last Name), after all.

Kirishima slowly walks over to you, holding his side.

“I hate him, Eiji … I hate him so much … he stole everything from me …”

“He didn’t steal your hero’s spirit,” he says, “Your hero’s heart, but if you go through with this  If you kill him, then he will have taken everything from you.”

You look to him. His arms are still bleeding, but he is looking at you like you are his entire world … like he would be desvastated if you went through with what you were thinking of. Tears fall down your cheeks as your sword slips from your hands. Just as you fall to your knees, Kirishima catches your, holding you against his chest. Sobs are wracking through your body. You can’t control the sounds of your screams. How could you be so cruel to Kirishima?

“Eiji, I’m so,” you begin, “I’m so sorry. I-I hurt you a-and I—”

Kirishima holds your face in his hands, “Don’t worry about it. It’s over. It’s finally over.”

First Hunt

Word Count: 1600ish

Warnings: very brief mentions of blood

Author’s Note: This was written for the wonderful @beckawinchester​ whose birthday is coming up in a week and a half! She hosted a birthday challenge and I chose the location of an Amusement Park and the quote “What the hell did you do?!” and ran with it.  

As if a rundown abandoned theme park and the giant models of clowns outside the fun house weren’t creepy enough themselves, you of course had gotten sucked into going on a hunting trip to track down a vengeful spirit in this lovely location.

“Dean, wait up.” You hissed in the darkness, jogging a few steps to get even with the significantly-taller-than-you man.  

“No, you hurry up princess! We gotta find the ride that crashed and killed this guy to track down what to burn.”

Frustrated at how your smaller frame always held you back just keeping up with the giant Winchesters, you trudged on, senses on high alert for any sign that the spirit itself was nearby.

“Remind me again why Sam couldn’t just help you with this one? I’m still in the middle of my training.”

Dean sighed, “Sam doesn’t do so well with clowns, and this should be an easy salt and burn. It’s good practice for you, so enough whining.”

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Miraculous Ladybug - There is something familiar about this...

Ok, so first thing first I’m kinda sure that someone has already pointed this out but no can do, doing it again. Also can bet that that there is many in the ML fandom/audience that is somehow familiar with the productions of Japanese mangakas/animators. Especially when series’ promo was kinda anime styled. But yea, after watching/reading sh!t tone of mahou-shoujo series long time ago it was pretty obvious to run in something familiar in this show. Two particular series stood up in my memory. And have to say that the first one that I’m gonna mention isn’t the one that I thought about first, but let’s say it’s more obvious one :)

But anyhow! The first series that ppl connect Miraculous Ladybug to is Shugo Chara. And no wonder! Since there is same “lil creature that follow you everywhere” themed companion system who helps our hero’s to transform into their “real character” themed hero form or so I remember (I bet I’m totally wrong here). Amu, the main heroine of the series, is slightly younger than Marinette and has also crush on blonde prince like boy in her school. She and her friend Guardians go around looking for mysterious Embryo battling with other youngsters who have been crushed down by negative emotion or turned evil by someone else, and Amu being about only one to able to clean up their hearts. Then there is Ikuto, the Cat Boy who is the fan service of the series, teases our main heroine but doesn’t feel like being all into her, but it changes with a time~ Also they don’t hide their identities form each other and are not so of city heroes.

But then there is me who remembered Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Maron being Marinette - cheerful and balanced, and Chaki being Adrien - handsome prince in white limousine. They both have little companions (angels Fin and Access) who helps them transform using rosaries. You see, in both cases they have secret alter egos that they hide from each others, not knowing who they really are with or without the masks even though they are in the same class. In KKJ there is plot twist that Chiaki knows who Jeanne is but you get the point. They are not open about it. Jeanne and Sinbad hunts down evil spirits that hides in pieces of art’s and possesses people from there. And most of the time it’s the heroine who makes the purification.
Maron has a friend, Miyako who is always after Jeanne trying to catch her. You know, like Alya who ties to catch Ladybug on camera. In they class you can also find one time villain Minazuki who has crush on our main heroine (Nathaniel). She however is kinda no-no about any kind of love. However Maron slowly is falling for Chiaki anyway, but keeps Sinbad on distance. Also real big bomb for me was when in the Pharaoh episode Tikki mentioned how there has always been Miraculous users through the History. In KKJ Kami says to Maron that she is reincarnation of Eve, the first woman he ever created, being born before as Jeanne D'arc too. Chiaki is mentioned to have Adam’s characteristics~ 

I bet there is a lot of other series that have same characteristics and plot point but KKJ is pretty much the biggest one to me. SC coming right behind even thought those two have more in common for being same type of shows. Some might not understand my points but I don’t think this is even a matter to spend a time on… What I just did… ayyy damn it xD

  • Slade: Focus on the sound of my voice. And clear your mind.
  • [As Raven does so, her mind flashes back to when Slade was dangling her off the edge of the building. Raven is struggling.]
  • Slade: Let it play out…
  • Raven: I can’t!
  • Slade: You can! Accept what happend to you. Don’t fear what might’ve been.
  • Raven: I have no control!
  • Slade: Don’t be afraid. Hold on!
  • [Raven’s mind flashes back to when she was falling down. Instead of Robin catching her, she continues downwards until she crashes into the ground. When she opens her eyes, she’s in the spirit world.]
  • Raven: I made it… and you led me here. Do you know where Robin and the others are?
  • Slade: No. But you do.
  • [Slade vanishes. Raven’s eyes light up.]
  • Raven: White Raven… I missed you. Where have you been?
  • White Raven: I have always been inside of you.

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Woah, you really know about early medicine and it's history!!! Do you have any readings recommended? Or books? By the way what course did you take?

I don’t know anywhere near as much as I want to know! I’m always learning :D

I studied Biology and Dairy Science in school.

For some interesting History of Medicine stuff, the National Library of Medicine has a good site - check out their collections and education resources for some really quick and fun lessons.

If watching things is your bag, “Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery“ is one of my favorite BBC documentary series.

My favorite authors that you guys might love:

Everything by Mary Roach, especially Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Also everything Carl Zimmer, especially Parasite Rex

I’ve liked everything I’ve read by Richard Preston, too, especially The Hot Zone. Haven’t read every single one of his books, though.

Amy Stewart has the best bugs, plants, drinks…and illustrator. Wicked Plants is great.

Other good books:

Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA

Women in Science: Then and Now

Madame Curie: A Biography (by Eve Curie)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Zooborns (…shush)

A Little Book of Sloth (…stay shushed)

For fiction, Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore (especially Fluke and Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove), Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Marion Zimmer Bradley are my favorites.


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FACE family cheering up their sad s/o?

(omg yeeees gimme all the FACE families imagines)

France/Francis Bonnefoy: A frown would form on Francis’ face when he saw you in your gloomy state.  He would do everything in his power to make you feel better—make your favorite foods, shower you in affection, crack some silly jokes, and of course make it very well aware that you can always talk to him if something is bothering you or making you upset.  His ears are always open to listen and his heart is always open to love.

America/Alfred Jones:  Alfred absolutely hates seeing you upset and he does everything in his power just to see you smile or laugh.  He started by simply sitting by your side, occasionally making dopey faces.  If that doesn’t bring a little grin to your face the next step would be to crack some cheesy jokes.  If all of his plans were to fall through he’d straight up tell you that he absolutely hates seeing you so down and if there was anything he could he would do it in a heartbeat.

Canada/Matthew Williams:  Matthew would catch onto your sullen attitude fairly quickly.  Quietly, he’d make his way to your side and ask if anything was bothering you.  If you wished to talk of it—he would listen.  If you didn’t—he wouldn’t grill you.  He’d lend you his company until your spirits were lifted or until you wished to share what was wrong.

England/Arthur Kirkland:  Arthur wouldn’t ask you what was bothering you at first, in case you needed some time in silence, but rather gently laced his fingers with yours.  He wanted you to know that he was always by your side.  After some time, he’d leave and come back with two piping cups of tea.  Handing one to you, he’d finally ask if there was any particular reason behind your change of mood and if he could make you feel better by doing anything. 

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I have this headcanon that when Hiccup and Astrid dance in their wedding, Hiccup's leg slips but Astrid catches him in the last minute, smiles at him teasingly and then kisses the hell out of him. If you feel like writing this scene, I will be the happiest girl ever <3

A/N: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. It was nice to get to sit down and write out this story, honestly. I miss having free time. :’) Thanks for the request! I hope you enjoy it! <3 


 The ceremony for their wedding had concluded a few hours past, and all of Berk was in high spirits as they rejoiced with the Chief and his beloved. Both Vikings and Dragons alike were involved in the festivities, and suddenly, the months of preparations completed by the entire village were being celebrated with a bounty of mead and jovial dancing.

His wife, Astrid Haddock, was partaking in the latter activity of the two with him.

With both of his hands holding hers, the two moved around the open space of the Great Hall with ease, letting the beat of the (somewhat off key, but wonderful all the same) singing happening around them guide their steps. Hiccup held his arm up and she spun beneath it to lean her back against his chest, not once losing touch with his hands. From beneath the swishing hem of her cascading dress, her feet nimbly moved about beneath her, assisting in the way she danced with such elegance

Maybe he was putting too much effort and thought into not accidentally stepping on her feet.

Maybe he was too busy reveling in the reality of being married to Astrid.

Maybe it was the warmth of mead buzzing through his system.

Or, maybe she- his wife- just tripped him on purpose.

Either way, he was falling for her all over again- this time in a more literal sense.

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Are there any essential reads that you feel that every aspiring med student should take a look at? Also, I'm a high schooler pretty interested in medicine but I feel scared when thinking about the journey to becoming a doctor, with the pressure, stress, competition and what not. I don't know if I can even get into med school. Any suggestions?

Medical school is difficult and stressful, and it can be easy to get so overwhelmed by the possibility of stress that you talk yourself out of doing it before you’re even really begun your journey to medicine.The key is to take things day by day. Leaping over hurdles as they are presented to you and developing hobbies and stress management techniques that will help you along the way. You might not feel like you are able to do medicine right now, but that’s okay! You’ve got years to decide if you are up for the challenge. Volunteering at a hospital or shadowing a doc might be a great way to chat with people and see if the career is really for you. 

As for books 

The Year of the Intern by Robin Cook 

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman 

The Lost Art of Healing by Bernard Lown 

Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Remen

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

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Hello :) Can you help me with some cool gifts for my boyfriend (med student) Thanks

I love nerd gifts! 

For more ideas see this post by Diarymedstudent

I know a few others blogged about this too, but I can’t seem to find them at the moment. So if anyone wants to share the links that’s be great, then we can create a massive med gift post of awesome. 


Sometimes in life, I find myself becoming overwhelmed and full of anxiety. Everything seems like a bad dream and I feel like I want to just disappear.

I start to panic and implode. Shut down, hide away and cry.

But my saving grace has been my friends. They know when I am in such states. They come to my aid without question.

I may fight them and try to hide from their help.

But they help me swallow the necessary truths and bring me back to reality and far away from my inner demons.

When It comes down to it, I know one thing for certain. When ever I feel like I am falling,

I always know there will be a hand there to catch me.

I am eternally grateful for everything my friends have ever done for me. I love you guys more than anything in the world.

anonymous asked:

So I have a question about medical anthro and biological anthro? What exactly is the difference between the two? And is there such a thing as bio-med anthropology or a bio-med anthropologist? Thank you!

Medical anthro is really cool, and I wish I were personally equipped for it.  As a bioanthropologist I have chosen to specialize in modern human skeletal biology, but others go into primatology, or medical.

Medical is an intersection between cultural anthro and medicine.  You certainly aren’t required to have an MD, but almost definitely a PhD.  I’m not sure what kind of medical training they have, but they work toward improving world health and access to food, water, and medicine.  They also serve as cultural mediators when during a health crisis where the cultural barrier between the healthcare providers and victims is particularly high (like with the Ebola outbreak - I’m not sure if medical anthropologists got involved in the most recent outbreaks, but it’s sure the place for them).  If you’re interested in a more detailed description, I highly recommend the book Dancing Skeletons by Dr. Kathy Dettwyler (that’s the link).  It is beyond fantastic.  Another one is The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.  I haven’t read it yet but I bought it for a class during college that I ended up not taking.  For a closer-to-home perspective, I’ve read some really great chapters from Fields of Combat last semester (keep meaning to go back and finish it, but this semester is kicking my ass).

I don’t think a distinction between medical and bio-med anthro would be necessary.  I feel it’s kind of assumed.  They do a lot of lab work as well.  It’s amazing stuff, and I love reading about it!

“You will always have a part of my heart, Calum Hood” Part 2

Requested: Yes

Part 1

A/N: A lot of you wanted a happy ending to this imagine and asked for a part two.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a “happy ending” but it’s not as emotional as the last part.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, so I just finished my M1 year and I kind of feel a little lost without the constant studying and anxiety over my head. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for good books to read related to med school or medicine or really anything to distract me from the impending doom of step 1 studying.

Ooh, yes! I’m currently reading In the Land Of Invisible Women, by Qanta Ahmed, which is about her experiences as a UK/US raised/educated woman of Saudi heritage who goes to work in Saudia Arabia for a year. Not medicine heavy, but an interesting read for sure.

Some more good reads and thinkers include:
The Spirit Catches you and You Fall Down
Mountains Beyond Mountains (Tracy Kidder)
Stiff (Mary Roach)
the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot)
the Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Oliver Sacks)
Medical Apartheid: the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans…