spirit board

I still need to add the numbers (gotta find a stencil for those) but I just wanted to share with everyone this page in my grimoire! It’s the center of my grimoire, so it lays out flat and becomes a portable spirit board. I’m just using a quartz heart for it, but you can use what you like. I just thought this would be great to share for any DIY witches or those who travel a lot. I also plan on using my pendulum with it and seeing what feels better.
Anyway! Let me know what you guys think



Well, spring is practically over and I only just finished this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Who says seances have to a nighttime affair? This is for laying on your stomach in your back-garden, in the sunshine with two glasses of lemonade (one for you and one for the ghost).

I used the same base pattern as last time, but all of the spring-themed changes and the planchette are my own 💖

~my last cross stitch ouija board~

~for people wondering about the pattern~   

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witch tip

Spirit workers, listen up! Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint a human spirit’s time period. Dates and years can become foreign concepts to them. A good way to find out this information is by simply asking “who is the president?” If you’re not American, asking about any country leader will work.

I’ve done this via Ouija board and spirit box. Works every time! Remember to be safe when doing spirit work 💜