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Aquarius (wodnik, vodnik,vodyanoy) was a male water spirit, when angered, the vodyanoy breaks dams, washes down water mills, and drowns people and animals. He would drag down people to his underwater dweling to serve him as slaves.

by Marta Kubiczel Behance

The Snake and the Charmer: Aquarius ( Female) Libra ( Male )

The snake and the charmer, Aquarius and Libra an Air/Air couple of immense possibility and potential. This couple will amaze and be amazed by the shocking similarity between one another as well as the cataclysmic differences.


Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Nature: Cardinal

Energy: Masculine


Planet: Uranus ( and Saturn in some circles)

Element: Air

Nature: Fixed

 Energy: Masculine


The pairing of The Fixed Water-bearer and The Cardinal Scales will be smooth and natural, if not a bit vexing from time to time. Attraction will be more prevalent than rain in Maine and an innate sense of peace will settle over these two lovers as they complete their intensive search of the perfect mate. In the beginning it won’t be nearly as smooth though. The Libra males attempts at romance will come across as smothering to the free spirited water-bearer, lots of hugs and a plethora of kisses. The Fixed Water-bearer doesn’t want to be tethered down by the carnal affections and needs of another, so this may cause her to become distant, and cold, sending deluges of mixed signals upon the valiant Libra. The Cardinal Scales will take this as a cue to assess the relationship ,and see if he truly found the right girl, seeing if she is worth it. Just as it seems this couple has lost its momentum, a miracle happens. The Water-bearer comes around and returns the affections, with even greater ardor and intensity than The scales could imagine. The Sex between The Scales and The Water-Bearer will be passionate and romantic, new things will always be tried in this coupling as air is constantly changing. This coupling has major potential and if pursued will inevitably lead to a deep meaningful relationship, even if the chiming tolls of marriage bells don’t go of instantaneously.


The Scales ruled by Venus The Goddess of love and Beauty ,situated in the seventh house, the house of partnerships and marriage. Paired with Aquarius ruled by Uranus God of the sky and rebellion and Saturn God of misfortune tasks and judgment. Make for a beautiful pairing of equality and revolution. Be prepared to be swept of your feet Aquarian Maidens, the Dashing Libra male will indeed be a lovely suitor for you. The Snake and the Charmer have my seal of approval. 

You walked with me when I was all alone
With so much unknown along the way
Then I heard you say
I promise you, I’m always there  - Leona Lewis, Footprints in the sand

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Dearest Applejack.~ -The tall regal spirit approached her Bearer of Honesty with soft smile- It is wonderful to see you again after so much time passed.~

Whoa. This was some powerful pony, she could tell. The magic was radiating off of her, and she felt it physically. It was also… Familiar. She can’t place her hoof on it, however.

“… Ah’m sorry but… Who are you? Ya seem familiar an’ all, but ah just can’t place it…”

Deception and Truth: A Team Villain Fic

Sunset washed the desert in its crimson light. It cast the towering sand dunes in sharp relief. Bright light turned one side a blinding white while the other lay in the deepest murk. The sun itself was a great wounded eye in the west, spilling its blood-colored rays across the land and the fortress at its heart.

From where it hid in the shadows, a single eye as red as the bleeding sun stared intently. It scanned the sandstone parapets and outer walls of the citadel. In focused most intently upon a slim, white-garbed man and his masked companion striding alongside him on the causeway.

The two appeared to converse for a few moments before touching their lips to one another’s in a kiss. A farewell passed between them, and then the pale man disappearing in a flurry of red-and-gold diamonds. The other lingered a few moments longer before striding back into the torch-lit fortress. Meanwhile the eye kept ever watchful - especially on the masked one - not once blinking.

Wizzro watched - and hungered.

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Juvia's Charm?

I’ve noticed that Juvia tends to get along with, and is well-liked (and even loved) by FT characters that are either cold, gruff, and/or downright scary/anti-social. 


Gajeel - Gajeel was really cruel, brash, and outright violent when he first showed up in the story. And yet, Juvia has been calling him Gajeel-kun (a suffix she only uses for him, and which intimates closeness and a level of comfort) since their Phantom Lord days, and she was the one who recommended him for FT. It’s likely that she saw in him the loneliness that she herself felt for so long.

She has also been shown to reprimand him at times, and she was the one who originally urged him to try to fit in when they both first joined FT. And most of all, despite his harsh, lone-wolf persona, he listens to Juvia, takes her advice, and overall seems to respect and genuinely like her.

Aquarius - Lucy’s water-bearer spirit has been bad-tempered from the start. She one of Lucy’s most powerful keys, and yet she could also be seen as one of her least helpful, since she doesn’t care who ends up affected by her attacks. She is arguably the most hostile towards her own owner, and has shown to pretty much dislike everyone who isn’t her boyfriend Scorpio.

And yet, when Team Natsu visited the spirit realm, Juvia and Aquarius really seemed to hit it off, which is certainly a first for Aquarius’ character. It’s likely because they are both water users, and Juvia shares her opinion of love (and boyfriends) being important. When we saw the two meet again during the naval battle, Juvia didn’t show the slightest sign of intimidation against Aquarius, and Aquarius too wasn’t her usual violent self, and instead seemed surprised that Juvia was matching her power in the water, and predictably bowed out (to go on a date) when Juvia wouldn’t budge.  

Lyon - he is Gray’s senpai and has a similarly cold/cool disposition to Gray himself, except he’s more arrogant/pompous in nature. In fact, Lyon too had his own fangirl in Sherry, who seemed to have pined away for him for ages. And just like Gray, he seemed either oblivious to, or completely uninterested in having any kind of romantic relationship with her, to the point that Sherry gave up, and fell in love with Ren instead. And yet, after catching just a glimpse of Juvia, Lyon fell head over heels in love with her.

Lyon’s guild card mentions that those around Lyon found it surprising that he’d pursue Juvia in this way, since he’d never acted like that before. So, Juvia turned a normally cool and collected ice mage into a lovesick puppy, who tried desperately to win her over, and to no avail, since Juvia was completely unswayed by the handsome mage’s advances.

Gray - he has a traumatic past, but overall he’s grown up to be a pretty friendly, good-natured guy. However, like Lyon, he tends to be cold, and even distant at times. It’s been shown time and again that when he is suffering he tends to lock his feelings away, and bottle everything up, rather than talk it out. He still clearly has a lot of pent up and compounded pain and guilt that continues to eat away at him. He has a habit of pushing people away, or withdrawing in such times.

Gray also considers himself close to only a couple of people within the FT guild, and even those few, are people he rarely, if ever shares his deepest sorrows with. And certainly not if he can help it. And yet, it has been shown that not only does Gray consider Juvia someone who is both important to him, and that he’s close to/works well with, but that she is doing the one thing no one has been able to do for him, and that is, to ease some of that heavy sadness that has taken hold of his heart all these long years.

Gray has also been quite tender and caring with Juvia, in ways he has never been with anyone else, and has not only saved her many times now, but has also sacrificed his own life so that she may live. Juvia can also manage to crack Gray’s icy-cool exterior in ways no one else can with her romantic implications and affectionate behavior, and even when Gray does get harsh with her, these days, it doesn’t seem to faze her at all.  Also, the only time Juvia herself reprimanded Gray over something, he immediately perked up, admitting she was right.

My question is, why is Juvia well-liked and respected by these kinds of people? In my opinion, it’s because she, too, is ultimately like Gray, Gajeel, Lyon, and even Aquarius in many ways. Before she joined FT, and even afterwards, her core characteristic is still quite serious (when Gray isn’t involved) and fierce. That’s what she was like when we first were introduced to her. She seemed very cold and emotionless, and whenever Mashima draws her on her own, or without Gray, she almost always has a sullen look on her face. She also is someone who is powerful and confident in her own abilities. So, there are those likenesses that she can relate to, and is likewise not intimated by those same characteristics in other people.

Yet, Juvia is also earnest, empathetic and loving. She wears her heart on her sleeve, always says exactly what she thinks/feels, and is true to herself 100% of the time. Basically, she’s honest to a fault haha. But, that’s what makes her so charming IMO. And it’s that warmth she herself had been searching for (and found in Gray and FT) that she exudes in such quantities, and what I think Gray, Gajeel and Lyon especially are drawn to. ^__^  

Also, I wanted to touch on her relationship with Erza for a bit (even though I don’t think she fits into the similar character mold as the others). As we saw during the GMG when Erza brought up Juvia’s feelings to Gray, and during the Gruvia special, where Erza supported, comforted and advised Juvia, it’s clear Erza too has a lot of respect and affection for Juvia. I think this is partly based on Juvia’s initial help during Erza’s TOH arc, as Erza was disappointed that Juvia had gone on ahead alone to join FT, since she had wanted to put in a good word for her. But I also think that Erza is so supportive of Juvia, and her feelings for Gray. because she was one of only two people who witnessed just how deep and true Juvia’s feelings were during the Tenroujima arc.

There’s also the fact that Juvia has since been rejected, and yet she still perseveres, and as Erza said, is always optimistic in the face of this rejection. I think Erza admires this quality in Juvia, and especially in light of Erza’s own troubles in love, as she too was rejected in a way. I think she relates to her, even if their approach is different, their aim is the same, and they are both dealing with people who aren’t being 100% honest. ^__~