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Inktober Day 9- Badger

Something inspirational for today! Plus a bit of Hufflepuff representation!

When it comes to protecting their young, badgers are known for their tenacity and ferocity. They symbolise persistance and determination in times of hardship.

So whatever you may be facing, be it big or small, endure and persist! 😬

Honey badger doesn’t love like basic badgers.
Honey badger doesn’t have time for fools.
Honey badger doesn’t love like basic badgers.
Honey badger doesn’t have time for you.
Honey badger doesn’t care for bees.
Honey badger doesn’t care for snakes.
Honey badger doesn’t care to cheat.
Honey badger doesn’t care for fakes.
Honey badger was born without fucks to give.
Honey badger will die just the same.
Honey badger doesn’t love like basic badgers.
Honey badger doesn’t have time for your game.

Honey Badger Spirit Animal

prompted by @rhiannonwinter

Folklore: River Spirits

(Ishlaun, Ishmet - Ishmein pluralized)

Created after a bet between Mernatha and Suriin went poorly, the Ishmein are a diverse, unique species within Clan mythology. Unlike mice or crows, no two spirits look alike, though all share a few common traits. Each river spirit is tangible yet translucent like the water they reside in, and can briefly guise themselves to bear the colors of the species their form takes after. Their calls sound much like the noise an amused human makes, and they always speak (when they can be bothered) through a trilling purr. And each only desires trickery and mischief, just like the cat their creator designed them after. 

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The Abbey is haunted.

Of all the ghost-Martin encounters, I think the eeriest one by far is the time he used Clarinna to slay Zwilt in The Sable Quean.
I don’t mean ‘used’ in the manipulative sense. Martin doesn’t play his creatures like pieces on a board game. It’s important to realize that he only ever awakens something in somebody that’s already there. He clears your head, snaps you into action, or even puts you to sleep for awhile to receive a helpful hint. There are some encounters that are downright sweet, like when he visited Martha in Great Hall and answered the question she put to him (whether or not he liked to read) even though it didn’t actually matter. But there are some encounters that are a little unnerving. One example is in Mariel of Redwall, when he more or less possesses Lord Rawnblade to throw the scorpion out of the pit and onto Gabool, killing him. I mean, nobody is complaining – the characters even agreed that it saved them an argument. But the fact that this ghost can not only travel outside of his home but also possess a grown Badger Lord and fight through him is terrifying to me. This is not a passive, happy little poltergeist who pops in to help you out with a riddle every now and again. Not even the great spirits of passed badger lords and ladies are reputed to do the things that this mouse spirit does.
That said, no encounter with Martin’s spirit throws me off more than the incident with Zwilt and Clarinna. This is a one-of-a-kind moment in the series. All the heroes have failed. The deviousness of the evil one has actually come through and is seconds from victory – through the murder of a child. There is nothing more anti-Redwall than that. In this moment, we see the very spirit of the Abbey coming to terms with absolute evil. And what comes of it? A little harewife, who is in copious amounts of grief, eliminates the darkest evil in a positively feral way: a sword in the back. It’s like all the rule have been erased. This is a moment not just of desperation, but of raw savagery. The unnerving thing is that it takes place in the very heart of Redwall. There’s no taking it outside this time. 
Does this moment strike anyone else as incredibly eerie and out-of-the-norm? Does anyone take issue with it? I’m so curious. 

The more I think about that episode, the more I see ignorance, overconfidence, and massive miscalculations on all sides.

  • Cold-Open Bully thought he had more power than Baby Styne.  Oops!
  • Dean went rolling openly into Styne-town, totally un-prepped for dealing with villains who owned the local constabulary and an arsenal larger than his own.
  • The local constabulary thought they were picking up the usual grade of trash, and got Dean instead.
  • Posh Styne thought Dean was a gift-wrapped lab rat, and nope!  Straight-up honey badger.
  • Sporty Styne was expecting manly fisticuffs, but Dean brought a gun.
  • Baby Styne was just plain out of his depth.
  • Crowley went to answer a distress call, and walked into a trap.
  • Rowena sent something that was supposed to kill her son, and it didn’t work.  It’s a bit hard to tell if she actually meant to kill him and miscalculated (like with Dean at the bar), or if killing what was left of Crowley’s better nature was the point.
  • Either way, Sam’s faith in Rowena was demonstrably misplaced.  But he still thinks that once he fulfills his part of the deal, she’s both competent enough and honest enough to hand him a sure-fire no-tricks cure for Dean.  He still thinks he’s in control of this tiger just because he has it by the tail.  (Either that, or he’s gotten too used to dealing with demons, who really are punctilious about meeting their contractual obligations.  Not like people.  Or angels.)
  • Sam still thinks that book is the answer to his problems.
  • Castiel thought he could talk (or hug) Dean down.  But Dean hadn’t had a blessed transfusion in months, so that didn’t work.
  • Dean thought getting revenge would make it better somehow.  And it did prevent a gang of murderous sociopaths from more murder, so that’s good.  But it doesn’t seem to have made anything better for Dean.

I think the short-order cook was the only person in the episode who was working from a solid estimation of both the world around him and his own abilities, and the only one to walk away clean.  What was he even doing there, anyway?

noctisignis  asked:

please explain Pitch Badger, it sounds hilarious

I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of it, since it only broke onto the Legacy scene recently. It aims to do this:

Turn 1, on the draw:
Exile Elvish Spirit Guide, Charging Badger.
Exile Simian Spirit Guide, Mass Hysteria
Exile Progenitus to Blazing Shoal
Exile Progenitus to Blazing Shoal

You can also play Hammerhand instead of Mass Hysteria because it’s better, but the downside is that then you can’t also call the deck Hysterical Badgers.