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It’s National Martini Day!

We took a little artistic GIF license with this vintage Cocktail Construction Chart:

As it’s not exactly your usual government record, this chart caused a bit of a stir when it was discovered in the Forest Service’s Engineering and Architectural Drawings series.  Read more about story behind the chart’s creation.

Want a copy of your own?  

See more records related to alcohol at the newest exhibit at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC: Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History.


Celebrating the Original National Beer Day

Prior to full repeal of Prohibition with the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, President Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, (aka the Beer-Wine Revenue Act), which amended the Volstead Act to allow the manufacture and sale of beer with a 3.2% alcohol content. Previously, the Volstead Act had prohibited the sale of any beverage with an alcohol content above 0.5%. 

Signed on March 22, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect on April 7, now observed as National Beer Day.

(Clips excerpted from: “Brewers All Set To Go As Congress Votes To Make Beer Legal,” Universal News, Volume 5, Release 128, Story #7. March 16, 1933)

Learn more about the U.S. Government’s changing approach towards alcohol at the newest exhibit at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC, Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History. The exhibit contains many records from NARA’s holdings, including films digitized by our colleagues in the Motion Picture Preservation Lab!

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Get Shaking!  Spirited Republic Closes This Weekend!

Patent Drawing for J. Gonzalez’s Cocktail Shaker, 10/18/1927 
File Unit: D73656 - Design for a Cocktail Shaker , 1843 - 1973Series: Design Patent Files, 1843 - 1973Record Group 241: Records of the Patent and Trademark Office, 1836 - 1978

There are only 3 days left to visit the exhibit: Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History, at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC! The exhibit closes January 10, 2016!