spirit animal of the video game world

au ideas
  1. fantasy/supernatural 
  2. fandom 
  3. school/college + student/teacher 
  4. super power 
  5. rpg/quest 
  6. spirit animals/animal transformation  
  7. circus  
  8. insane asylum 
  9. strip club 
  10. detective/investigation 
  11. thug/mafia/gangs 
  12. time period/location 
  13. pirate 
  14. sucked into a video game  
  15. dystopian future 
  16. soulmate 
  17. battle of the bands 
  18. celebrity  
  19. zombie apocalypse 
  20. alien invasion 
  21. rebellion/revolt 
  22. genderbent 
  23. expedition/new world discovery 
  24. end of the world 
  25. time travel 
  26. slice of life + jobs + seasons 
  27. mythology 
  28. deserted island/plane crash/lost 
  29. younger/older age 
  30. bank heist + masks 
  31. spies 
  32. futuristic 
  33. serial killer 
  34. haunted house 
  35. witches/warlocks 
  36. tv host 
  37. hollywood 
  38. lower class/upper class 
  39. neighborhood/suburbs 
  40. war 
  41. heavy government control 
  42. orphaned 
  43. run away/wanted 
  44. stalker 
  45. romance/bromance & womance 
  46. cowboys  
  47. medieval times 
  48. psychic/ghost whisperer 
  49. hackers 
  50. thief 
  51. problem child 
  52. disease/virus 
  53. bounty hunter 
  54. model/porn star 
  55. magical girl 
  56. vacation 

its really fun to combine multiple au's 

edit: part 2  

the-masked-fandomer  asked:

Song List! Let's Get Lost (CRJ) Boy Problems (CRJ) Store (CRJ) Cut To The Feeling (CRJ) For Sentimental Reasons (Sam Cooke) Sincerely, Me  (DEH) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston) Shut Up And Dance (walk the moon) Animal (neon trees) Video Games (the young professionals) Can't Help Falling In Love (Haley Reinhart) Photograph (Ed Sheeran) Heart Like Yours (Willamette Stone) A Teenager in Love (Dion and the Belmonts) 1/2

Song List Part 2! Rainbow Connections (Garfunkel and Oates) You Are Enough (Sleeping At Last) Under This Tree (snckpck) No Need For Dreaming (MisterWives) I’m Still Here (John Rzeznik) Stuck On You (Meiko) I Kissed a Boy (Jupither) Lucky (Jason Mraz) Cool Kids (Echosmith) The Middle (Jimmy Eat World) Nintendo (Todd Carey) Flaws (Bastille) Spirits (Strumbellas) Pride (American Authors) Bubbly (Colbie Caillat) Weak (AJR) Cecily Smith (Will Connolly) 2/2

ok just by skimming the songs i can tell u this is a wonderful playlist that i love very much thank u

meowdoglover  asked:

That axis s/o youtubers was great. Can you do one with the allies, plus Canada, please?

(Why would you include Canada that’s, like, cruel)

America/Alfred F. Jones: America would record videos about him talking about his passion. That’s right, movies! He’d focus mainly on movie reviews and critiques, although he does make parodies from time to time (Fifty Shades of America is his personal favourite). Although he jokes a lot in his videos and never fails to add in comical effects when editing them, he actually has quite a bit of good ideas and feedback, from things like casting to dialogue to lens flares. He’d have quite a large fanbase of loyal followers, most of them teenagers and young adults. 

England/Arthur Kirkland: England’s channel would have quite a wide variety of content. He has a series dedicated to tea, another to the occult and one more for history. While this may seem boring, many love his videos because of the interesting way he delivers educational content. For his ‘Teatime’ series, he mainly records videos at home, brewing and explaining the different types of tea and brewing methods. For his ‘Intrakantera’ series, although it’s a weird mix of creepy and cringey, fans of the occult love it because of his vast knowledge of curses and spells. Finally, his ‘History Mysteries’ series is the most popular, as he gives historian-level information on assorted events, people and relics from the past. His fanbase is varied, from old to young following at least one series.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France would host a craft channel, where he teaches his viewers how to DIY jewellery, charms, etc. He’d start off every video thanking his viewers and, depending on the day of the week he uploads the video on, encourage or congratulate them for working hard at school and work. His crafts are unique and cute, and he frequently makes seasonal specials (Valentine’s Day rings, Christmas tree decorations, summer-themed bracelets, etc.). His fans are mainly girls, especially students.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia would be a vlogger, recording videos on his daily life and on topics that he comes across during the day. He doesn’t really have a specific focus, and his videos range from discussion topics to challenges. Although he’s not highly popular, his cheerful smile in every video and pure innocence when performing some challenges endears him to his followers, who are usually devoted to him. He interacts with his fans a lot, from Q&A videos to answering comments. He frequently gets ideas for his new videos from comments on a previous video, and will always credit the one who came up with the idea.

China/Wang Yao: China would have two series: one on cooking, one on medicine. His cooking series would be the more popular of the two, where he teaches his viewers how to cook Asian cuisine (mostly Chinese). His main focus is on spice and vegetables, and his recipes would usually keep health in mind, so as a result, his videos are very popular amongst housewives and mothers. His other series focuses on traditional Chinese medicine, including herbal remedies and acupuncture. He does his best to bust common myths about TCM, while encouraging TCM practitioners to adopt more eco-friendly methods, all while keeping the spirit of TCM alive. His fans come from all around the world, as while he records in English, he adds captions for as many languages as possible (with the help of his friends).

Canada/Matthew Williams: Canada’s videos would be mainly animations voiced by himself, although there are a few rare live-action ones. His animation style is cute and smooth, while his voice acting is relatively good, although you can still tell that it’s the same person. His animations range from game theories to animal rights ads to original MVs and PVs of his favourite songs. Although his number of subscribers is small compared to the other Allies, they’re dedicated to him and will not hesitate to jump to his defence in an online war. Canada treasures every single fan of his, which makes him even more adorable to them.

colferbrien  asked:

Hi! Is there any ff with a major 'oh my god I may like dudes what is happening to me'? Both from derek or stiles? Something similar to 'No homo' :) thank you!

there sure is my friend

Couch Sessions by fruitstripegum (1/1 | 1,005 | G)

College AU where Scott, Stiles, and Lydia all attend the same college. Lydia and Stiles grew up together. Stiles met Scott in college and they became fast friends and roommates.

Stiles goes to Lydia’s apartment for some venting/advice and comes away with more than he thought he would.

If I Can’t Have You… by VincentMeoblinn (7/? | 11,041 | R)

Desperate to recover after Deucalion slaughters half his pack, Scott turns to the wealthy Hale Pack for help, hoping a merger between his small pack and theirs will give them protection. He has nothing to barter with until Derek picks a mate from the remains of his pack.

Date me or my brother by Hepzheba (1/1 | 2,560 | G)

For the prompt: Derek is straight and his usual grumpy self, Derek also has a twin who is Gay and a complete Player. Somehow, Derek finds himself filling in for his Twin because the Player has double booked himself on the dating seen. Enter Stiles… Maybe Derek’s not so straight.

Not Quite “Technical” Difficulties by Besin (16/23 | 90,935 | NC17)

Scott and Stiles had planned to spend the summer before their Sophomore year in a stress-free haze of video games and junk food. And sure, maybe there was some “drug experimentation;” nothing too serious. But then Scott got bitten by a strange animal in the woods. It was only a matter of time before they were introduced to a world of not just werewolves, but mermaids, tree spirits, and creatures from disappointingly poorly documented mythology.

Alternate Reality in which Scott is bitten two months sooner by a non-alpha Peter and the Nemeton was never cut down. All tags will be incorporated in due time.

Play Crack the Sky by WeAreTheCyclones (23/23 | 122,787 | R)

Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014
“Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” SPIN.com – Feb. 2015
“Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

30 Questions about Geek Stuff and Life

Send me some numbers/questions and I’ll get to answering!

1. What are your least favorite video games?

2. Who are your favorite comic book characters?

3. What fictional character do you most identify with?

4. What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?

5. Which video game world would you like to live in?

6. What are your favorite animes and/or mangas?

7. Do you collect stuff? If yes, what stuff?

8. What game has your favorite story?

9. What game character is your “spirit animal?”

10. Which do you prefer: Marvel, DC, or indie comics?

11. What game makes you the most nostalgic?

12. What are your top 5 favorite ________?

13. Which fictional character are you ashamed to like, but do anyway?

14. What do you think your D&D alignment is?

15. What are your favorite board/tabletop games?

16. What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

17. Do you believe in ________?

18. What is your favorite band and/or song?

19. What is one thing that you think helped shape who you are today?

20. If you were a RPG class, which class would you be?

21. What games have you been enjoying recently?

22. What is the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?

23. What is the highest compliment you have ever received?

24. How do you feel about ________ ?

25. Do you have any weird quirks?

26. Who do you think would win in a fight: _____ or ______?

27. Which do you like better: ______ or ______?

28. Which super hero do you think you are most like?

29. What is your favorite gaming memory?

30. How did you become a geek?