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Opening Limited Commissions!

Alrighty, guys! Here’s the scoop!!
Put simply, I want Stormblood and a potion (until they open to buy more), another subscription, but I need help getting it since I’m A) switching to PS4 and B) tight on $ after…well, you know how life can be. 

So I’m opening up screenshot editing commissions. 5 of them. For 35$ each. A person gets one per order until I have time again to open it up to a wider audience. 

Things you’ll need?

1. Screenshot of your character. (Ok, maybe that was silly)

2. What is your characters personality? Any details you feel are unique to them? Things that stick out? (themes, favorite animal, spirit animals, history, etc)

3. Mood. Gotta love that mood.

4. Any area/landscape you think they should be in.

5. Tell me if you want me to just surprise you. 

PM me if you’re interested and we’ll talk there!

Commission slots:





anonymous asked:

Hey so like for a vessel can I use like any object and what would you recommend to use as a vessel. How do I make friends with a spirit and have them become my companion

For a vessel I’d recommend you use an object both you and the spirit like, and have in mind if you want to be able to take the vessel with you on the go or if you are okay with letting it sit on a desk, etc.

Now as to how to make friends with a spirit, I’d start communicating with spirits known to be beginner friendly, like plant spirits, crystal spirits, animal spirits, etc.

I’d recommend reading our FAQ if you haven’t already: https://spiritconnect.tumblr.com/post/157206848229/faq

Good Luck! 

~ Mod Void



So it’s not confirmed that the doe is Rachel Amber/Rachel’s spirit animal/etc, but people are speculating that it /is/ based on the clues given. The fact that it disappears after they find Rachel’s body, and the fact that it’s standing where Rachel is buried when you see it in Episode 2 is making lots of people believe that the deer is a spirit of Rachel in some way.

In episodes 2-4, whenever you see the deer, it’s a ghost. You can’t take a photo of it, and only Max can see it. It’s not actually there.If you take the Rachel being the doe theory, it makes sense that the deer is a ghost because Rachel is already dead.


At the end of episode 1, right at the beginning of the cutscene when you follow Chloe up to the lighthouse, what do we see?

A deer.

An alive deer.

It’s solid. It doesn’t have a ghostly fade. It makes the leaves rustle so we know it’s alive.

What if that means Rachel is still alive when Episode 1 takes place?

What if we can go back to that day and save her from being killed since we know where she’s being held now??

The Divination Community Speaks:

This is a list created from submissions and asks today.

  1. Not a lot of information or fresh posts, mainly a lot of reblogging.
  2. Hate being sent to diviners
  3. Blogs that post little to no divination, or only aesthetics
  4. Content Theft
  5. Newbies aren’t bringing questions, and there aren’t resources other than how to read cards.
  6. Little to no representation for People of Color or Minorities
  7. Talking in Absolutes (you have to do…you must cleanse…etc)
  8. Diviners not being respected while doing readings
  9. Other Forms of Divination besides Tarot not represented
  10. Too much saying something is wrong, but no explanation as to why.
  11. Not a lot of community events, like tinychats, or Skype sessions
  12. Addiction to divination-clients more than readers
  13. CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Too much public bickering, people using confessions blogs rather than speaking directly to the people they have a problem with, Too much fighting that pushes out newbies, Not letting things go. 
  14. People who guilt trip others who charge for readings
  15. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: Using G**sy, Smudging, Spirit Animal, N**ga, Bindhi, etc, or other cultural beliefs from closed religions/cultures.

These were the main points, the bolded were received several times.