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Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" Book Cover Design

Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” Book Cover Design

For this years Holiday Campaign with my agency The Bright Group, they asked a few of us to come up with an illustration or book cover design for the classic Christmas ghost story
Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”   Ive always love ghost stories, so I was excited to do my piece for the campaign.

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#Tarot #Meditation // Miracle Making + Death + 10 of Brooms + Judgement + Lovers + Fearless

We have repeating characters showing their faces once more to drive in a deeper meaning over the importance in ridding ourselves of excess weigh, invaluable habits, behaviors, beliefs & people.

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anonymous asked:

You were saying Octavia will play a big role in Bellarke plot? Idk I could be mistaking the person but I agree w this theory. Octavia is part of this story. 1x08- "You are just gonna leave Octavia?" "Octavia hates me, she'll be fine" O's the first thing that comes to her mind and she uses it to reach him. 2x05- epic line w no point other than to express their development. 3x13 "Clarke, I've lost her" "Give her time" Maybe s4 has something even bigger? +

… Also, in 2x14, when Octavia confronts Clarke, I’ve seen many Bellarke shippers saying that “I did it to save Bellamy” was because she couldn’t lose him etc but as much as I wish, I think Clarke was really thinking of business, he couldn’t die so the plan would work. Also funny Octavia was the one to call her on that and remind her Bellamy would’ve done differently. Perhaps now Bellarke can remind Octavia she can do better?

Well I think she’ll play a role in the Bellarke plot that is actually the long term plot of the narrative. Not so much about romance or shipping as it is about their leadership and partnership and creating a new world together.

The scene after TonDC, “I did it to save Bellamy.”  I think it is about her personal feelings for Bellamy, but also about the mission. I mean part of their bond is their common goal of taking care of their people. I think it becomes more and more intertwined in her mind here that Bellamy IS her goal. Her goal cannot be separated from Bellamy. Without Bellamy she can’t do it, because he is part of it. Not only does he support her, but he keeps her from going to far, from losing her humanity. And she does the same with him, reeling him back when his emotion takes over. They are two sides of the same coin and, while they are complete in themselves as people, it’s when they come together that they become the leaders that humanity needs. 

Where does Octavia factor into this? I think she reminds them of what they have to fight for, she gives them purpose. She’s the spirit to their head and heart. She always gave Bellamy something to fight for, but Octavia also was the one to come into Polis and call Clarke back home. She was also the one who told all the delinquents that they could do it, together. Octavia is the fight. 

You know, with season 4 being about the characters either giving up or fighting, or questioning whether anything is worth it with only 6 months left, or whether they deserve a spot in the lifeboat, all coinciding with Octavia’s breakdown and possible division from the delinquents and Bellamy, that symbolic interpretation does actually fit. It’s like the delinquents can’t fight or believe in hope until Octavia is back with everyone. They can care for each other. They can have a vision for what should be done, but do they give up? It’s a question that maybe will be linked to Octavia. If that’s so, then that means Octavia is DEFINITELY coming back from the dark side.