The Forest of Shadows: What is real?

I wrote this allegory a few years ago when I was first questioning the philosophical ideals of Movement Atheism. It expresses some of the frustration I was feeling at the time at the difficulties of a coherent and universally applicable epistemology. It’s not necessarily reflective of my current views (though parts are), but I didn’t feel comfortable editing it since it’s distinctly the product of that part of my life.

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The Coming Spiritual Revolution - Rainn Wilson

But in the West you have another kind of poverty, spiritual poverty. This is far worse. People do not believe in God, do not pray. People do not care for each other. You have the poverty of people who are dissatisfied with what they have, who do not know how to suffer, who give in to despair. This poverty of heart is often more difficult to relieve and defeat.
—  Mother Teresa