Ask Responses - Vaganova

A compilation of questions relating to the Vaganova Ballet Academy graduation performances and general Vaganova questions.

You mean Elya has performed as Masha 10 times. Do you mean at the Mariinsky theatre? Does this mean as a student you get solo roles over the professional dancers hired by the company?

Elya danced the part of Princess Masha ten times with VBA. She’s been performing the role for two years at the Mariinsky, and she also took part in VBA’s 2016 tour in Japan.  

Is it just me or does ekaterina kuzmicheva look weirdly like a baby angelina vorontsova?

I guess they look sort of similar. I’ve never noticed that before.

Some of the graduation performance videos say they are exams. Is this the final exam for the 7th graders before graduation?

I saw that too and I’m not sure why they call them exams. VBA students do get extra credits for professional practice / professional performances, but I don’t think they are graded on their performance in the grad shows. 

No offense, but I can’t understand why Yulia Spiridonova is so featured in recent graduation performance though she is still 6th grade. She danced soloist variation in Paquita and she was one of leading in Classical Symphony. To be honest, her movement of arms and upper body is very awkward and her toe is dirty (especially arabesque) and she isn’t elegant. What do you think? Thank you.

I actually rather enjoyed her performance, despite the somewhat wooden arms and upper body. Her liveliness actually had me smiling. Sure, Yulia is rough around the edges, especially compared to the older girls featured in the grad shows, but this is to be expected of her age group. I’m glad that Tsiskaridze and the powers that be are giving the younger students the opportunity to dance little solos, even though it’s a pretty big gamble.

Hi Melmoth! What do you think of Alexandra Khiteeva and Julia Spiridonova? I saw them dancing solos or duets in both this grad performances and in Fairy Doll, and it seems like they aren’t so popular like other girls from Svetlana Savelieva’s class (obviously their exams were recorded) or Maria Khoreva, Daria Ionova etc. Do you know more about them?

I like both Alexandra and Yulia. I first noticed them in “The Fairy Doll” and I’m glad that they are getting more opportunities to perform. Khoreva’s, Ionova’s and Savelieva’s popularity is due to both their visibility (on social media, etc) and their individual gifts. I don’t think I need to justify Masha’s status as something of an insta celebrity… Her work speaks for itself. Dasha is quickly gaining popularity as more videos of her dancing in major VBA productions are starting to surface, and most people fell in love with Sveta after seeing her in the BalletFlowers videos. Yulia and Alexandra are not as visible and, as beautiful and talented as they are, not yet quite on the same level as some of these older girls. Give them time, though. In a year or so they should come into their own.


Daria’s got a double arabian for her first pass, and actually landed it!