My 18th birthday is later this year, and on that day I’m planning to get a navel piercing and tattoo of the Roman numerals for 7 and 9 (for reasons I can’t be bothered explaining here). I’ve been messing around with fonts and styles but I can’t decide on the one I like the most and am gonna use.

This picture shows some examples I’ve liked. They show Old English Text, Al Bhed and Spiran script from Final Fantasy X, Etro, Pulsian and Cocoon script from Final Fantasy XIII and Hylian script from Twilight Princess. Personally I think the Al Bhed script looks really cool but what do you guys think?

Seymour’s writing

Here’s a list of every legible word and phrase written by Seymour in Baaj that I found and translated (including error/nonsensical words):

~ Sin (4 times)
~ Fire (2 times)
~ Salam Jyscal Guado (2 times)
~ Mamn /// Flower (2 times)
~ Jyscal Guado
~ Guadosalam
~ Semour
~ Seymour (written with mirrored Y)
~ Semour Guado
~ Guado
~ ((A word that is plain to see but does not seem to match any Spiran script))

The /// indicates that there was a short word here but most of the stone it was written on had broken away.
You can observe many more words written across the walls and floors (especially in the stairwell) but they are either too distorted to read or have broken away or have been covered by debris.

Den lackerade vagnskuben skar Nevas linje: här hade husen nummer, här rådde trafik; här glimmade under klara dagar med bländande glans den gyllene, nålfina spiran på en kyrka, molnen, den purpurröda solnedgången; dimmiga dagar urskildes här — ingen, ingenting.
—  Andrej Belyj, Petersburg