@nerddrawsart Happy Birthday! (I know it’s not til a few hours technically) I realized I haven’t really given you a birthday gift and well we’ve known each other for about 10 years now. I’m saying 10 cause it makes it sound grander. (I still refer to you as Bloomy to this day)

And about 10 years ago we created Allie and Makine, about my favorite character pairings ever. (They will never die) So thanks for all these lovely years of friendship and rping.
(Plus me and you at the bottom. We will meet in person one of these days)

Happy Birthday!! @nerddrawsart

Welcome to the Leppy Corps.

What have I done. I took the face off cause I was going more based off the Attack on Titan corp badges look, which isn’t too much detail…and that face didn’t seem to match with the design…

Anyway enjoy this transparent badge and sorry for my signature thing sticking out. I had to put it some where.

All done with a mouse. I hand drew this all first and all that measuring took forever.

Enjoy and comment if you wish. ?

Um yeah. Finished it. The fanbase at some points in time.

There will be another version of this with actual people as them when I figure out who. This goes with the rest of the Nichijou late Night pictures I did a little while ago. I’ll probably do more like it someday.

I wanted to actually finish something. So Enjoy this until I finish something else.

Comment if you wish~