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peter pan imagine - love story

so i actually got two slightly different requests for something like this, but one as a niece and the other as the daughter, but if you would like me to write another as the niece, then please message me and i would be happy to<3


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“(Y/N), love, are you ready? A smooth, Irish accent pierces the quiet, ocean breeze, the seagulls chanting their melodies at day break, soaring aimlessly in the clear blue skies. Your father’s voice interrupts your daydream-filled thoughts as your eyes examined the beauty of the sea. You always loved sailing, but for different reasons than your father; you loved the nature, the adventure, the beauty. You never cared for the piracy and bloodshed your father forced on you, but he’s your father, and you have to support him and his crew.

“Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” You shrug your shoulders, a hint of apathy apparent in your voice. His hook reflects the sunlight into your eyes, a reminder of his interaction with the Dark One. You hate how your father picks fights with everyone, whether it’s for revenge or money. 

 "Remember, Neverland is extremely dangerous. Stay by me at all times. The fact that you’re my daughter makes you a target for Pan.“ Every story your father tells revolves around his journey in Neverland and his encounters with Peter Pan, all describing the horrors of meeting the boy, and though he constantly reminds you of how dangerous he is, he doesn’t seem bad, or evil. Rather he just seems lonely, who wouldn’t feel that way if stuck on an island for thousands of years with only the company of a bunch of teenage boys, but you comply with your father, after all, father knows best. 

"Do you understand me, (Y/N)?” He scolds, his gaze aimed right into your eyes. 

“Yes, I understand.” A slight eye roll escapes, but you manage to hide it from his sight. 

“Good. Now, back up.” Using his right hand, he pulls out a bean from his pocket, crystal clear and glimmering with magic. Quickly, he launches the object into the water, interrupting the smooth waves as a large, sickly-green vortex forms. 

 "Ready to sail!“ His voice echoes through the whistling of the spiral, reaching every crew member on deck, the ship slowly heading towards the portal, sails flapping in the heavy wind, as your father struggles to maintain his grip on the wheel. Before long, the green vortex sucks up the Jolly Roger, landing the ship into a dark and eerie ocean, a chilling wind biting at your skin as the dusky water reflects the pure, white moon, the only object giving off light. 

 "Neverland!” The blaring voice of your father cuts through the discord of rolling waves, as he steers the wheel towards a discreet island, barely visible in the darkness. 

 The ship reaches shore, landing with a huge thud as it meets the sand. You catch your breath and sigh, relieved to have made it alive on the well-feared island, though if you are being honest with yourself, you don’t fear Neverland. As a matter of fact, it appeals you: never-ending adventure, infinite youth. 

A cloud of green smoke appears, dissolving into the air, revealing a tall boy, an angry look on his face. His eyes pierce the darkness, showing his anger blatantly, and you figure this is the Peter Pan your father fears so much. You father places a protective arm in front of you, attempting to shield you from the boy, though you truly aren’t scared of him. Rather, you find him charming; his chestnut brown hair frames his face perfectly, and though he’s infuriated, there’s something about him that simply attracts you. 

 "What do you want, Pan? We’re just here for the dreamshade.“ Your father’s eyes matches Peter’s, bright, yet angered. 

 "Dreamshade? And why should I let you have that?” His voice is smooth, blaring into the wind.

“You have plenty on your island." 

 "Not very convincing, Hook.” You peek out from your father’s body, attempting to get a better look at the boy, “And who would this be?” His eyes widen, the previous anger washed away from his face, as your father states, “She’s no one." 

"Oh, is that so? Shame. I’d expect such a lovely lass to at least have a name.” You blush at his statement; you can’t help but find him alluring, even though your father demands you fear the boy. 

 "It’s (Y/N).“ You blurt, knowing your father won’t approve of you telling him your name, and his eyes show it, both orbs displaying his disappointment. Pan smirks and slowly meets eyes with you, allowing you to scan him. 

 "That’s enough, Pan.” Your father states, threatening Pan into leaving, as you find yourself more attracted to him. 

 "Alright, alright.“ He raises his hands up in surrender, and though cocky, you absolutely love it, "See you later, love.” He winks at you as the cloud of green smoke returns, and when it dissipates, Pan appears to be gone. Your father sighs, relaxing his grip on you, “(Y/N)! You can’t give any information about you to him!" 

"Father, you don’t need to protect me. He doesn’t even seem as bad as you say!" 

"That’s what you think! I’ve been here more than you have!” He pauses for a breath, calming himself down, “Now, it’s late, and you need sleep.” You begin walking down to your room, preparing for bed, still angry at your father trying to control you constantly. You want to be free, independent; you want to go on adventures. Gods, you can’t wait to have that freedom. You hop into your bed, attempting to recline on the creaking surface, and grabbing your book, you start to read. Even if you couldn’t experience adventure, you enjoyed reading about other people’s journeys across different worlds. 

As you keep reading, you attempt to fall asleep, but your eyes remain wide awake in the dreary darkness of the Jolly Roger. 

 "Hello, love.“ A familiar voice startles you, and you instantly recognize it to be Pan’s, the same smooth voice you heard earlier. And though you know he’s harmless, you jump at the surprise. 

 "Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” He chuckles, but keeps calm, confirming that your father could be wrong about the boy. 

“Oh, I’m not scared of you; its just, where I come from, people don’t typically appear out of nowhere." 

"Is that so?” His smile convinces you to tell him more, but you restrain yourself to follow your father’s orders. 

 "Yes, but you really shouldn’t be here.“ You mumble, though you would like to know the boy better.

 "And why is that?" 

"My father says I should stay away from you." 

"Well, I can assure you, I’m not as bad as your father says I am. Would you like me to prove it?” He holds out his hand, waiting for you to take it.

“I can’t, my father says I need to stay in my room.” You admit, though you desperately want to go with him; something inside of you tells you that you have to go, a thumping in your chest. 

 "Well, I’m not forcing you, love, but I can guarantee that your father won’t know a thing.“ You finally give in to that relentless feeling in you, and agree. 

 "Alright then, hold on.” He grabs you by the hand, grasping tightly as you do the same, and in an instant, the two of you appear outside the ship, a slight dizzy feeling arising. You can’t hide you feeling of excitement, within a second you crave more adventure, just after a single moment of teleportation, and your entire life seems hopeful, a feeling you can’t remember having with your father and his ship. 

“You alright?” Peter asks, an arm placed on your back to support you. 

 "Yeah, fine. Thank you.“ 

"Of course. Can’t get you injured with your father out to kill me.” You chuckle, 

“And why is that?" 

"It’s a long story. If you’d like, I can take you to Dead Man’s Peak, and I can share it." 

"Sounds scary.” You smile, though truthfully, the name intrigues you even more. 

 "Oh but that just adds to the adventure! Can’t take you somewhere boring. What’s the fun in that?“ 

"Of course.” You chuckle, his hand delicately grabbing yours, leading you into the forest.


The two of you arrive at your destination, a large stony mountain, pebbles dangling below you as Peter sits you next to him at the peak. The grass brushes against your legs, the cold, crisp air surrounding you. 

“Where shall we start, love?”

Peter goes on to explain every detail of his rivalry with your father, his story-telling intriguing you with every word. You learn a part of the story you’ve never heard before; instead of your father’s revenge fantasy, Peter explains his side. 

“So that’s what really happened, huh?”

He nods, smiling at you with those glistening green eyes you’ve grown to love in your short time in Neverland.

“Mmhm.” He mumbles under his breath, a sigh tumbling off of his lips.

A cold breeze fills the air, forcing a shiver out of you, your arms attempting to huddle against your body for warmth

“Cold, love?” He chuckles at you, his chestnut-brown hair swaying with the wind, “Come here.” His arm reaches over towards you, pulling you closer to his chest, his warmth radiating around you. You heart races at the thought of being in his arms, “Feel any better?” He smiles brightly at you, “Mmhmm.” You let out a tired groan.

“Good.” He presses a slight kiss on the top of your head, a small gesture, but you truly appreciate it; it comforts you, and even though you just met him today, you find your attraction to the boy growing with every second.

You spend the night bundled in Peter’s arms, watching the sunrise together, shades of pink orange entering the sky.

“Guess I should get you home, hm, love?” He stands, the cold soon taking over your body as he leaves, holding his hand out to you.

“Yeah, I guess.” You yawn, realizing your lack of sleep as you grab his hand.

Peter teleports the two of you to your father’s ship, the familiar sound of wood creaking, reminding you of your boring life with your father.

“It was nice hanging out with you.” You attempt to make small talk, wanting Peter to stay longer, “Can we do it again tomorrow?”

He chuckles, “Of course.”

“Bye.” You mutter, walking away from the boy, but he latches on to your hand, pulling you towards him. His chest hits yours and, before you can ask what he is doing, a warm kiss interrupts your thoughts. Peter’s arm wraps around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Your heart races faster at the contact, craving more of him as he pulls away. Gods, you wish you wrapped your arms around his neck to keep him there. 

“We spend the whole night cuddling and you don’t give me a goodbye kiss?”

“Sorry.” You smile at him and give him a quick peck on the cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, love.”

The next couple of months go the same, every night, while your father slept, Peter would take you on a new adventure: from Mermaid Lagoon to Skull Rock to the Pixie Tree. Every inch of Neverland brought excitement, and you wish you can stay here forever, even if it means abandoning your father’s ship.

You wake up to the sound of your father’s yelling, Peter’s scent surrounding your room and, walking up the stairs, your father packs up crates of supplies.

“We’re leaving Neverland.” He bluntly states, “We have what we need.”

“What?” The news comes as a shock to you, though you knew from the beginning that someday you would have to leave Neverland. Thoughts flow through your mind: what will happen with Peter? How will you keep in touch? You quickly gather them, realizing you have to see him, to say goodbye.

“Go get your stuff together. We leave soon.”

You sprint down the ship, running towards the sand, “Peter? Are you out there?” 

Not much time passes until he teleports in front of you, “(Y/N)! Are you okay? What’s wrong?” You jump on him as he embraces you in his arms, “What’s going on?”

“Peter, we’re leaving.” Tears brim your eyes, desperately wanting to stay with him.

“No…” He mumbles, his hold on you tightens, “You can’t leave. Please. I need you here with me. I love you so much.”

“I can’t, Peter. I wish I could, but…”

“(Y/N)!” A familiar voice echoes through the forest, and you soon recognize it to be your father’s. Your eyes widen in fear, and, when you let go of Peter, the boy steps in front of you, his arm remaining protectively in front of you. Your father’s eyes quickly turn into anger, his sword out and about to attack Peter.

“Get your hands off of my daughter, you bloody demon!” He steps closer, his sword only inches away from Peter.

“Father, stop it! I love him, and he loves me!” You scream at him, attempting to stop him from hurting anybody.

“You really think he loves you? I’ve known him longer than you, (Y/N)! He loves nobody!”

“You don’t know him; you’re too obsessed with your stupid revenge fantasy to know him!”

“Fine then. If you’re going to be that way, you can choose:

him or me.”


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