Bellamy x Clarke au: boarding school

He’s making her late to class, and he gets a smug, warm feeling in his chest as he realizes she’s missing her beloved art elective for him. Hell, he’ll skip History of Ancient Rome every day if it means pressing her against the stone wall of the library like this. He pulls away to look down with satisfaction at his handiwork, smirking at her tousled hair and the intense expression in her blue eyes before she jerks him back down by his blazer.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: March 27th, 2015

NGC 2403 in Camelopardalis


Magnificent island universe NGC 2403 stands within the boundaries of the long-necked constellation Camelopardalis. Some 10 million light-years distant and about 50,000 light-years across, the spiral galaxy also seems to have more than its fair share of giant star forming HII regions, marked by the telltale reddish glow of atomic hydrogen gas. The giant HII regions are energized by clusters of hot, massive stars that explode as bright supernovae at the end of their short and furious lives. A member of the M81 group of galaxies, NGC 2403 closely resembles another galaxy with an abundance of star forming regions that lies within our own local galaxy group, M33 the Triangulum Galaxy. Spiky in appearance, bright stars in this colorful galaxy portrait of NGC 2403 lie in the foreground, within our own Milky Way.

Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh

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spiral-nebula asked:

Hi! I just left reviews to Baker's Dozen and the first chapter of Breaking In in ff (it's easy to recognize me from my username) and I was wondering about ATWFL. Are all the pieces you sometimes post here going to be included in that story? Because I haven't read them (except for the first time Robin saw Regina, that was more than lovely!) and if that's the case, I would prefer to read everything when you start posting the story in ff :)

The stuff that’s labeled as a sneak peek is almost certainly going to be in ATWFL. Things from Regina’s POV will not be, although the situations might be (there’s a snippet from when they’re visiting her hometown in the summertime that is from Regina’s POV, so that exact piece won’t be in ATWFL but we will see that vacation from his POV.. y’know?)

So if you don’t want to be spoiled for anything, I’d say don’t read any of the speak peeks or snippets and wait until it all starts going up on FFnet and Ao3 in the fall. Maybe after ATWFL is done I will collect any extraneous bits that didn’t make it in and publish them there as well…

Glad you enjoyed the stories, and thanks for leaving reviews! I saw them when I got up this AM and they totally made me smile. :)