“Are you proud of me, dad? Are you proud of the monster your son has become? Don’t look at me like that…please don’t look at me…”

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whos tab and serge

tab and serge are my spiral knights ocs! i have A Lot of info on them (theyve kinda been brewin around in my brain for…. years now) but most of it’s locked up tight. i’ve been thinking about them a lot recently so that’s why i’ve been drawing them

here they are

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henry cheng is the Ultimate Person he legit was like "hey gansey we are meant to be together. i know you're dating blue but i would love to date blue too as a matter of fact i already asked and she said yes. also, i would fucking die for you. right here right now. i love you"

right?? he’s? such a Good? he works perfectly in the relationship dynamic because blue would also die for them and gansey literally did die for them and that’s. True Love. henry is Soulmate Material and he knows it and they know it and wow. i love them???

Golden Ghosts (20/20)

Summary: After months of planning and preparation, the five kings finally embark on their quest to the Nether to retrieve Geoff’s soul. At the same time, worlds are beginning to collide as Midas sets about his mission to return from the End.

A developing relationship promises peace between the kingdoms - but when old fears return to haunt them, it threatens to set the kings in conflict with each other once again.

Part 1  Part 19  AO3


Ray stepped through the portal into the Plains with practiced ease. His stomach no longer lurched at the transition - he moved as easily as if he was stepping into another room rather than travelling thousands of kilometres into an instant.

He emerged into the throne room of the Plains castle just as Gavin arrived through the Wild portal opposite him. Their eyes met as they appeared at the same time, and they shared a smile.

“Hey,” Ray called out, “I wondered when you were gonna come. You know what Geoff wants us here for?”

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