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今日は祈りの日ですね。20年とは早いものですが、その頃にリリースされていたステキなアシッド・フォークで当時を想うのもよろしいかと♪ SPIRAL SKY-Same http://bit.ly/1AqoIsm

澄んだ女性ヴォーカルとストリングスが美しく、手作り感満載で手書きナンバー入りのジャケが「いかにも!」という自主制作アシッド・フォークのお手本のようなステキなアルバムです。およそこの手のサウンドは70年代と決めてかかっていたフォークファンを驚かせた94年のリリース!?ということで話題になりましたが、その後、震災やサリンを迎えるわけで、今日の祈りの日はあの頃を思い出しつつ当時のサウンドを聴かれるのもよろしいかと♪ SPIRAL SKY/Same (94 UK-ACME AC8002LP) 商品詳細→ 

Ian Shakhmatov - Dotwork Cloudscape


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  • where you are now
  • Julian

where you are now - julian

7 months I’ve slept cause my door won’t open

Feelin kinda stressed cause I’m tired of this broken

heart and my mouth it don’t say any words

and my dreams they’re filled with fireworks

I’ve got a lot of feelings about the economy

but they all left when you sat and talked to me

or I got fired up about the whole world

and the minimum wage it’s too damn low

I wish you didn’t wanna die when you died

and it’s fucked up it’s not alright

I’m bendin over backwards to say these words

and my hands are in the dirt…

Grass stained knees and the patches on your sleeves

in front of the trees that spiral upwards

into the sky

where you are now


hi sorry you’re gonna have to put up with me making these posts until these dragons are gone. selling them here, the imps are on the AH for flat rate of 50k each (because I’m lazy), the crimson/gold/gold fae is kind of just whatever you want to pay really, and the spiral (#2852259) and obs/sky/obs fae (#1090632) are old and bred a lot and I want them to go to a home that loves them because I’m a sap :’)

Campus -Vampire Weekend by jackiet0201 featuring photography wall art ❤ liked on Polyvore

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brightfallenstar asked:

send ♪ for a song that reminds my muse of yours | accepting

Cassiopeia - Sara Bareilles

Come in close now it’s time to tell the story
Long ago, and so many years before we
Ever were, ever dreamed we even could be
There was her and her very first heartbeat

All alone in a corner of the night sky
Spiral bones of a supernova starlight
Fell in love with another burning bright
She dreamed of a way to ignite she said

Come on, come on collide
Break me to pieces I
I think you’re just like heaven
Why, come on, come on collide
Let’s see what a fire feels like
I bet it’s just like heaven
Just like heaven
Just like heaven

sick and full of pride // nvnwildflower by universed featuring fabric home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

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