ok but:

  • in bullet points, because i get too fucking long-winded otherwise
  • history (in the sense of ‘the structure of outer time’) can, provably, be changed.
    • this much is obvious from the beginning, given how much the dr.who straight fucks the natural progression of history by showing up at the worst of moments and starting a revolution or stopping some war before it occurs or maybe just blowing up a couple average-sized planetary bodies
    • they do this constantly. just because the world is better afterwards doesn’t mean history hasn’t changed
      • notably, however, they only appear to do it so freely on other planets; they are far more touchy about earth’s history, and it turns out for good reason.
  • as of Head of State, while history was set-up and structured by Gallifrey, these machinations really make no difference to the larger Web of Time; it’s likely that, while the basic overarching shape is defined, and while there may be occasional anchor points (fixed points, perhaps?) that cannot be changed without bringing down history in its entirety, nobody really cares about the specifics
    • (why, then ‘you can’t change history, not one line?’, I hear you cry? I’m getting to it. pls.)
  • it follows that everything in between those theoretically fixed points (or, if they don’t exist, just everything in general) is changeable. and more than that.
    • there are time-travellers afoot, by now, in every corner of history; we can presume the vast majority have nothing to do with gallifrey, and instead travel by more primitive vortex-manipulation means, but they are everywhere
    • and we all know the butterfly effect; if there’s a time traveller around in your past, that means your past has just changed - maybe only very slightly, but memories make you who you are and if enough very slight changes happen, if enough time-travellers show up in the past, your very personality will begin to shift as well
  • here’s the thing, however: given the nature of inner and outer time, and also just time travel in general (discounting san dimas time because it’s a shitty model): all these time-travellers will be arriving at once, and all these changes will be happening at once, constantly and unrelentingly
    • to clarify, each time-traveller shows up at some distinct point in Inner Time, probably after each other, and they’ll be entering different points in history, but you are inside Outer Time and therefore incapable of experiencing the Inner Time distinction, so while the changes are technically happening one after the other it couldn’t matter less; from your perspective, they are all happening in simultaneity - a consequence of having two axes (axises? axii??) of time to exist in
  • also, you won’t actually notice yourself changing, because memories change right along with the history, but trust me; you are
  • we know, from the Book of the War among other sources, that a flux state in which every facet of your history and therefore your being changes at once is possible to achieve; what it fails to mention is that, functionally, we are all in such a state - every aspect of yourself is potentially changing at every moment
    • (practically, however, there is only so far we can change, because the overall structure has to stay intact, and that limits how far we can go somewhat - for example, no species that cannot survive in a gravitic environment would ever have evolved on earth, so no version of them exists. notably, the laws of physics are non-negotiable. mostly.)
  • if you’ll forgive me for the overused metaphor: we are all Shroedinger’s cat. alive and dead, happy and sad, here or there; at any given moment of Inner Time we could be anything and it’s impossible to tell which
  • until someone opens the box.
  • and the only being possibly equipped to do so would have to be one outside this constant flux of history - hailing from Inner Time - which is to say, of course, the Time Lords.
  • and here’s the thing: while Inner Time might, on rare occasions, be travelled through (it would quite definitely be breaking the law, but whether ‘the law’ in this instance means some ancient regulation stored in the Matrix or the laws of physics is arguable, and considering this is Gallifrey the two are almost the same anyway) it cannot be changed
    • if it could (among other things) the dr.who could have simply gone back and stopped the War ever beginning
    • yeah yeah i know this doesn’t always hold true but a) both river song and civitata are timeships and probably exempt from inner time anyway
      • (river is half timeship not half time lord meet me in the fucking pit)
    • and b) look i don’t know either but this makes more sense than any other model
  • once you meet a Time Lord, you become part of their history. or because inner time doesn’t have a history in that sense, you are remembered. you, the current version of you, the random you they happened upon, are now in the memory of a Time Lord - and memories make us who we are.
    • (and if it’s a non-renegade Time Lord, you’d be stored in the Matrix too, or maybe you were already, the Matrix is more than a little confusing)
      • (no okay fine more on that: the Matrix is built in Inner Time, and while it probably isn’t sentient enough to count as a conscious observer, it was built on the minds of dead Time Lords who inarguably were and possibly still are)
      • (this means, in all likelihood, that being stored by the Matrix has the exact same effect as meeting a Time Lord - probably it’s the Matrix that keeps the general shape of history intact, that first coastline that later was echoed in all the other, subtly different fractals - see Head of State again - and keeps any otherwise unrelated fixed points intact)
      • (this has some Implications but let’s stick to the topic for now)
  • so if you were to change further you would, however subtly, change the Gallifreyan. and they’re a being of Inner Time. they cannot be changed. consequently, you can no longer be changed either - or at least, not the aspects of you that they’d remember.
  • simply by coming into contact with a Time Lord, you have now been certainified; unlike all the other versions of you, unlike all the other, still flux-state people and planets yet untouched by Gallifrey, you are certain.
  • you are real.
  • (this applies equally, of course, to any experience; it doesn’t have to be physical seeing for it to work. if some random gallifreyan reads of your death tomorrow in a newspaper then you die tomorrow. no more room for change.)
    • well, or the newspaper has to be misprinted, or actually both, until proven otherwise, but that’s all besides the point
  • [colonel voice] look just trust me it makes sense i swear
  • hence: nothing is truly real (or at least not consistently so) unless a Time Lord was there to see it.
    • as for why the doctor’s so touchy about planet earth: they’ve been all over earth’s history, and anything they’ve seen or heard or experienced is now cemented in time, so if changes even a little it would change them and therefore fuck up inner time
    • actually by the way this may be the reason earth is so weirdly important to the spiral politic despite being so irrelevant: it’s tied into the dr.who’s timeline so deeply that if you fuck it up you fuck them up, and by connection probably gallifrey in general
      • or you can go the boring route and make something up about a second caldera but i don’t approve of it
    • also: shit like angels of manhattan, with things being set in stone as soon as they’re in the book? that’s inner time at work, not outer; same with the silencio fixed point etc.
    • more on that next post. maybe. probably.
  • this brings the number of time travel models that hold true in dr.who simultaneously up to… what, five? outer time is somehow eternalism and whatever you call the dynamic model simultaneously, the multiverse is already a thing, inner time is presumably possibilism (ehhhh… depends on whether you think free will is a thing i guess), and there’s echoes of the spiral model in the whole ‘fractals’ idea
  • no groundhog day yet though!! well, not consistently anyway. i think. i hope.
  • the great thing about this is of course that now there is no way that dr.who can fuck up its own physics model by bringing a different one in, because it’s already got both of them
  • all your physics model are belong to us
  • please please somebody let me yell @ them about how this intersects with the dr.who 3-d (alterwards, parawards, otherwards) multiverse model
  • or the implications of this and how they relate to pythian willpower-physics and also why this proves that time lords can change reality by hallucinating really loudly


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I've seen you mention an idol au a few times in your art, but I haven't seen an actual description of what it is. Mind elaborating?


idol au is a matsuhanaiwaoihina au that im making with @spacegaykj!! i originally came up with the idea while drawing this, but we built on it together and she’s currently writing it!

its in au in which mattsun, makki, iwa, and oikawa are a Really Popular Boyband and hinata is like their #1 fan and has been following them almost since they started. SO eventually he saves up enough money to go to one of their concerts finally!! and ofc during the concert he catches the eye of each of them and they like sing to him and wink at him and all that and hinata fucking Dies. 

so then after the concert is over hinata winds down at this diner when suddenly!! the Boys walk in!! and theyre like HEY ITS THAT CUTE KID FROM THE CONCERT and they just gather around him and flirt with him and its really gay and they all fall in love and its wonderful

also: kenma is hinata’s roommate, and he’s a filmmaker. he uses hinata as a silent actor for one of his films, which ends up winning an award and catching the eye of kuroo, who is a modeling agent. and so hinata is recruited as a model and spirals into a life of fame and glamour and its really overwhelming cuz this all happens in the span of a few months.

i love this au. so mu ch

Constructing Reality Pt.3 - Fibonacci and the Golden Spiral

If we want to understand the mystery behind reality, we have to take a look at its patterns. The language of nature gives us a rash of information on how the whole universe moves and grows. The same pattern can be noticed in blooming plants, evolving populations, crowd behavior, artistic and architectural expressions, and even in the movement of whole galaxies. Referring to the pattern that is all around us, Leonardo da Vinci spoke: “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

The human mind has a natural sense for artistic harmony, always feeling drawn to a very special kind of proportion. If we have to choose the most harmonic of the rectangles below, we intuitively choose the one based on the golden ratio Phi Φ, a mathematic term for two quantities, of which the ratio of the small part (a) to the large part (b) is the same ratio as the large part (b) to the whole (a+b). However, Phi is an infinite number, beginning with 1,618033…, which means that all visual images can only approach the golden ratio, but never fully reach it.

The golden ratio rectangle is the visual version of a specific numeric pattern. This pattern has been known for thousands of years, first mentioned as mātrāmeru in the Sanskrit treatise Chandahshastra by the indian mathematician Pingala around 400 b.c. Even though it has also been known in ancient Greece, the pattern is named after the italien mathematician Leonardo da Pisa, better known as Fibonacci. The Fibonacci sequence describes an infinite series of numbers, in which the sum of two consecutive numbers results in the proximately next number. Demonstrated and easier understood: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… The connection between the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence becomes clear when we continue to construct the golden ratio rectangle, or the Fibonacci squares, into a possible infinity. But again, since Phi is an infinite number, the Fibonacci numbers can only approach but never reach it.

While the Fibonacci sequence and the Fibonacci squares seem to be abstract geometry, the next step will make us comprehend the link to nature and mother earth. The so called Golden Spiral, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral, is the consequent result of the previously created basic pattern. The Golden Spiral is the model for a huge amount of natural designs and developments that exist in our dimension. While the typical Fibonacci Spiral expands its widths in 90 degree sections, another spiral we often find in nature expands its widths in 180 degree sections. Both spirals are golden.

We can see Fibonacci in many plants on our Earth. By following the Golden Spiral, leaves are provided an optimal light saturation and blossoms a promising seed dispersal, as imposingly seen in the Sun Flower. The same double spiral can be seen in the petals of the lotus flower, which is the best example of the nearly perfect Fibonacci creation. We also see the golden 180°spiral in animals, for example in snail and nautilus shells or in the curling of animal tails. Fibonacci does not only appear as the spiral in animals, but also in connection to reproductive dynamics, for example in bees and rabbits, where every generation increases its population by 1,6.
When it comes to humans, our whole body shows golden proportions, from our face, to our limbs and hands and even where we probably don’t expect it – our DNA molecules. DNA molecules spin according to the rules of the Golden Spiral, for a cycle of the double helix measures exactly 34 angstroms in length and 21 angstroms in width. Fibonacci is not only around us, but also inside of us.

Truth is that no visual construct that can be perceived with our senses could fully reach the exact golden ratio proportion, because we create our reality based on boundaries and not on infinite ideas. Yet, the approach to rediscover our own perfect harmony is a part of all of us, when we strive for enlightenment and peace.

Astrophysicists map out the light energy contained within the Milky Way

For the first time, a team of scientists have calculated the distribution of all light energy contained within the Milky Way, which will provide new insight into the make-up of our galaxy and how stars in spiral galaxies such as ours form. The study is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

This research, conducted by astrophysicists at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), in collaboration with colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany and from the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, also shows how the stellar photons, or stellar light, within the Milky Way control the production of the highest energy photons in the Universe, the gamma-rays. This was made possible using a novel method involving computer calculations that track the destiny of all photons in the galaxy, including the photons that are emitted by interstellar dust, as heat radiation.

Previous attempts to derive the distribution of all light in the Milky Way based on star counts have failed to account for the all-sky images of the Milky Way, including recent images provided by the European Space Agency’s Planck Space Observatory, which map out heat radiation or infrared light.

Lead author Prof Cristina Popescu from the University of Central Lancashire, said: “We have not only determined the distribution of light energy in the Milky Way, but also made predictions for the stellar and interstellar dust content of the Milky Way.”

By tracking all stellar photons and making predictions for how the Milky Way should appear in ultraviolet, visual and heat radiation, scientists have been able to calculate a complete picture of how stellar light is distributed throughout our Galaxy. An understanding of these processes is a crucial step towards gaining a complete picture of our Galaxy and its history.

The modelling of the distribution of light in the Milky Way follows on from previous research that Prof Popescu and Dr Richard Tuffs from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics conducted on modelling the stellar light from other galaxies, where the observer has an outside view.

Commenting on the research, Dr Tuffs, one of the co-authors of the paper, said: “It has to be noted that looking at galaxies from outside is a much easier task than looking from inside, as in the case of our Galaxy.”

Scientists have also been able to show how the stellar light within our Galaxy affects the production of gamma-ray photons through interactions with cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are high-energy electrons and protons that control star and planet formation and the processes governing galactic evolution. They promote chemical reactions in interstellar space, leading to the formation of complex and ultimately life-critical molecules.

Dr Tuffs added: “Working backwards through the chain of interactions and propagations, one can work out the original source of the cosmic rays.”

The research, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, was strongly interdisciplinary, bringing together optical and infrared astrophysics and astro-particle physics. Prof Popescu notes: “We had developed some of our computational programs before this research started, in the context of modelling spiral galaxies, and we need to thank the UK’s Science and Technology Facility Council (STFC) for their support in the development of these codes. This research would also not have been possible without the support of the Leverhulme Trust, which is greatly acknowledged

IMAGE….An all-sky image of the Milky Way, as observed by the Planck Space Observatory in infrared. The data contained in this image were used in this research and were essential in calculating the distribution of the light energy of our galaxy.
Credit: ESA / HFI / LFI consortia.

From Spiral Knights.
His model is a lot bigger than normal knights, so he must be very strong.

I used to play in Taiwan server, sadly it was shut down silently last year.
Recently I want to pick it up in US server, despite its lagness…
My in game name is Arkalpha.
* I… just noticed that there’s a serious structure miss, so reupload.

Model Train on a Spiral Track

Model train enthusiast James Risner used his collection of HO-scale railroad tracks and model trains to create this endless spiral on the floor of his living room. Powered by several HO-scale locomotives, Risner’s clever design (which can also work in reverse), allows the long train to enter and exit the spiral in a perpetual loop creating a hypnotic effect. 


Baby Mobile designed and made by Annalisa. In progress, finished, and then totally eclipsed by the adorableness of my niece.

The origami parts consist of 48 Japanese Brocade Balls (a traditional model) which are each made of 6 modules based on the sonobe unit. The larger balls use 7.5x7.5 cm sheets of chiyogami, and the smaller ones are made from 3.75x3.75 cm sheets of tant. The non-origami parts are plastic beads, thin fishing line, an embroidery hoop, yarn, and bits of my sanity.

Today is the day of Joan’s baby blessing (basically, a christening, for those of you unfamiliar with LDS/Mormon tradition), so it seemed appropriate to put up the birth present I made for her. I was pondering making something like this for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas, when one day Ben (my brother) called me and said, “Hey, would you mind making some kind of mobile/hanging thing for us for when the baby gets here?” Clearly we were all on the same page.

So, after a nice, specific request of “Some cool shapes or whatever you think would be good,” I went looking around the internet to find designs that I liked the look of and could actually do myself. I quickly discovered that my pet peeve was mobiles that looked cute from the sides, but terrible from the bottom. The point is for the baby to look up it; why would you make something that was least interesting from that angle?

Anyway, that narrowed down my list of models I could use, so I eventually decided to go with the brocade balls. Despite their simplicity (I memorized how to do these in about 10 minutes), they are beautiful and look interesting from every angle. In fact, the origami was the easiest part of this endeavor! The part that caused the most frustration was getting the fishing line to hang at exactly the right length to create the double helix effect. While I will probably do this again in the future for other family babies, I would like to find some way to standardize length so I don’t have to spend hours tying and re-tying knots.

But let’s face it, the most important part of this post is Joan. HOW CUTE IS SHE???

#42: He Says Something Mean And One of the Boys Defends You

Authors Note: Its been so long since I’ve updated, and I am soo sorry. I’ve just been so busy with school and other things. I really appreciate all of you that have stayed with me and have patiently waited. I love you all. xx

Ashton: You were sitting around with the boys, both you and Michael scrolling through different pictures of tattoos. You had wanted to get one, but you were unsure of what to get. “What about this one Ash?” You said turning your phone to show him the picture of beautiful flowers spiraling up the models arms. “Really? Everyone gets flowers.” Ashton said staring at the picture, his attention leaving your phone and resuming to his own. You sighed, you thought it was beautiful, was it that cliché? You kept scrolling, Michael watching you as you lacked the enthusiasm you had prior to showing Ashton the picture. You scrolled past more flowers, this time delicately interact roses on the shoulder blade, falling over the collarbone. You loved it, and for a brief moment you got that flutter in your chest knowing that it was perfect. “Ash, I think I found the one!” You said, victorious. Michael put his phone down to focus on you, as Ashton mirrored his actions. You showed him the phone, his eyebrows furrowing. “Its your body.” He said. You deflated, your heart dropping to your stomach. You slouched feebly into the couch, defeated. “What the fuck man?” Michael said, his voice shocking you. “Who the fuck cares if she gets flowers, its her bloody body. You should be honoured that she’s asking for your opinion. Last time I checked you weren’t the one getting the tattoo.” You quickly looked at Michael, his eyes squinted together in frustration, his chest rising and falling at a quick pace. You turned your attention to Ashton, to see him with his mouth slightly open, his eyes wide as his eyes darted between the two of you. He shook himself physically, and within an instant his eyes held sadness. “I’m sorry (Y/N), that was really fucking rude of me. I like them, a lot actually. I think it suits you. The only reason I hesitated is, I don’t know, everyone gets flowers, but I don’t know. I think it would work on you. Anything would work on you because you’re absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry.” He said, grabbing your hand on the cushion and giving it a brief squeeze. You sighed, a million thoughts swirling in your head. “I’m going to get it.” You said, taking a deep breath. You saw Michael smile from the corner of your eye, and you saw Ashton’s smile grow as you nodded your head. 

It was a few weeks later you stood in front of the mirror, a large bandage covering your left shoulder and part of your collarbone. You were giddy with excitement as Ashton stood beside you. You didn’t allow Ashton to see the tattoo because you wanted it to be a surprise. You were nervous though, when you saw it the skin was inflamed, and the tattoo looked a little gross. But, nonetheless it looked beautiful, and you loved it. You peeled back the tape, wincing as it stuck to your flesh, as the minutes ticked by you finally removed the bandage fully, a large smile etching itself onto your face. It was better then you had thought. The artist had paid so much attention to detail, it looked as if real roses were cascading down your shoulder. You heard Ashton let out a small gasp, and you faced him. “You like it?” You asked him tentatively. “I don’t like it.” He said, laughing. “I love it. Why would I ever doubt you? It looks beautiful, just like you.” He said, grabbing your hips and pulling you in for a kiss. You gasped as his t shirt pressed against the still fresh wound on your shoulder. “Sorry,” He said weakly. You shook your head, pulling him down to kiss him, his hand resting above the new ink that was permanently etched in your skin. 

Calum: “Cal!” You yelled in sheer excitement. You ran to find him sitting in the living room with the boys, immediately you regretted yelling at him so excitedly. He looked up at you laughing, the boys chuckling slightly as well. “Whats up? You sound excited to say the least.” You said. “It can wait until later, have fun with the lads!” You said, about to walk away. “No its fine, what’s up? I’m sure they’d like to hear whatever you were so excited about.” You smiled a little shyly at the lads on the couch. “You know how I applied to that modeling agency? Well I got a call back and they want me to walk in one of their shows! Can you believe it?” You said, the excitement back full force. This was your dream and you couldn’t believe that an agency had finally accepted you. You had the height, more or less the body shape as well. There was a chorus of congratulations and cheers. Calum smiled up at you, “You can barely walk in heels babe…how are you going to walk a catwalk?” He said, a teasing tone apparent in his voice. You were a little taken aback, he didn’t even bother to congratulate you, before he insulted you. There was an uncomfortable silence as you deflated, your shoulders slouching slightly. Before you could reply, Luke spoke up. “Dude, your girlfriend just got her dream job and you really just called her out in her lack of ability to walk in heels? She can easily learn, hell I could probably learn if I put my mind to it, but fuck man.” You were amazed at Luke’s comment. He was usually so shy and introverted, not really contributing all that often to conversations, especially uncomfortable ones like this. Calum’s face changed as he realized you hadn’t found that joke funny, he grabbed one of your hands in his. “I’m sorry (Y/N)…I thought I’d crack a joke…which clearly wasn’t funny. I’m sorry, I am really happy for you. I know how much you wanted to get a call back. I hope you’re prepared to see me at every show. And I mean every one, front row, so when you walk by I’ll yell out ‘thats my girl’ so the entire crowd knows that my beautiful girlfriend, that can walk in heels I may add, is a model.” He said smiling at you, your heart melting. “You’re an idiot, you know that? But you’re my idiot. Thanks Cal. I’m going to go practice in heels, you dork. Prove you wrong.” You said winking at him and sending Luke a bright smile. He returned it, before casting his eyes downward, a sheepish blush colouring his cheeks. You giggled softly before strutting out of the room, hearing Calum groan as you made sure to sway your hips on the way out. 

It was about a month later, that you waited behind the curtain of the fashion show. The catwalk was long, longer than you had anticipated but you were so ready. You had practiced relentlessly for weeks on end, the agency extremely proud with your progression. You smoothed your dress out as the last touches were added to your make up and hair. Your cue was signaled and you walked out from behind the curtain, your heels clacking on the floor as a melodic song played as you followed the girl in front of you. Push your hips out, shoulders back, one foot in front of the other, eyes forward, you chanted to yourself. You could hear a very loud cheer, knowing it was Calum, you broke your facade briefly as a smile curved your blood red lips up, before resuming your stern look as you kept your eyes in front of you. You posed for the flashes of the camera, before looping the catwalk and walking behind the curtain. Your heart was hammering, you had done it, and you couldn’t be happier because this would be the start of your modeling career. 

Luke: The fans were everywhere. Surrounding you, pressing against you trying to get a photo of Luke, or the rest of the band. You were terrified, already having claustrophobia, this was like the breath was being crushed out of your lungs as the screams echoed around you. You searched frantically for Luke’s hand, a panic attack beginning to take form as your vision began to dot black, your heart thundering in your chest, your breath coming in short shallow gasps and a cold sweat breaking out across your chilled skin. You felt a hand grab you, noticing that it was Ashton he put an arm around you, already registering what was happening. Shielding your shaking frame from the fans he pushed through the crowd, his thumb rubbing small circles on your shoulder. You finally went into the foyer of the hotel, the silence making your ears ring. You took a shuddering breath looking for Luke, and seeing him standing not to far away. “Thank you,” You said to Ashton, looking up at him. He smiled at you, but something in his eyes said something else. “No worries love.” He said, you both walked over to Luke, as he looked up at you. “Jesus, what the hell happened? You look like you got hit by a train (Y/N).” He said taking in your shaking frame, your pale face and your heaving chest. “If you hadn’t of run up farther, she wouldn’t be in this state.” Ashton said cooly from behind you. “What do you mean?” He said, looking past you to Ashton. “She had a panic attack from the crowd. Or did you fail to remember that your girlfriend is claustrophobic?” Luke’s eyes dropped to you, immediately pulling you into his chest. “I’m so sorry, oh my God. I can’t believe I forgot. I thought you would be fine. I knew there were a few more people there then normal but I didn’t even think of that…I’m so sorry.” He said holding you. “Its fine, I’m fine.” You were able to mumble out. “You’re not fine. You’re shaking, and I said that you looked like crap, I’m horrible. Oh fuck, I’m so sorry.” He said over and over. You pulled away, your body resuming its natural rhythm again as you began to calm down. “Its fine, its embarrassing that it happens,” You shrugged. “Besides, Ash helped me.” You said smiling at him. “I should be the one to help you, my God.” He said running a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry man, I’m such a dick.” He said to Ashton, he shook his head. “Its fine, I didn’t mean to make you feel like shit, just reminding you.” He said, patting his shoulder and walking away. He pulled you into a hug again, pressing you against his chest. “I’m not letting you out of my sight again, I’m so sorry. Fuck, I’m so sorry.” He said. “It’s fine Luke! As long as you’re there next time, I’ll be fine.” You said smiling up at him. He relaxed as you stood on your tip toes to kiss him, meeting his lips. 

Michael: You tried your hardest not to jostle the bed, rolling out of the warm confines of the blankets you silently gasped as your feet touched the cold floor of your boyfriends shared flat. You grabbed a sweater and a pair of socks, keeping your shorts on you made your way downstairs to the sound of voices. You ran a hand lazily through your hair as you walked to the kitchen, boiling the kettle for a cup of coffee. Leaning against the counter you looked out the window at the exquisite view. The ocean was right there, tempting and beckoning you to just dive in and swim. You sighed, pouring yourself a cup and walking to the sound of voices. When you rounded the corner, you were greeted with a chorus of hellos as you sat down next to Calum, pulling your knees up and taking a tentative sip from your coffee, flinching at the scalding temperature. “(Y/N), want to go to the beach today? We’re thinking of going in like an hour.” Ashton asked, as if he had read your mind earlier. Without a second thought you replied. “Yes, oh my god.” You said laughing as they all quirked a smile. “Dying to go for a dip?” Luke asked, winking at you. Michael wasn’t much of an outside person, nor was he the type to readily go into the ocean at his leisure and swim for countless hours. “Yeah, it just looks so nice.” You said once again, your gaze being drawn to the bay window that faced the crystal blue water. “What about Michael?” You asked. “He can come down if he wants, I’m pretty sure you don’t need him around all the time do you?” Calum said, playfully punching his arm. “Besides, we’ll protect you!” He said loudly. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips at his loud outburst. “I can’t wait,” You said smiling like a giddy child. 

The sun cast its warm rays on the hot sand, the water lapping at the shore as if it was taunting you. “Race you!” Luke screamed at you. You dropped your towel and ran as fast as you could to beat Luke. It wasn’t a fair race, his legs were exceedingly longer then yours were making it very difficult for you to out run him. Regardless, the warm water touched your toes and you let out a yip of excitement. You crashed through the waves laughing as it lapped against your thighs. “This is so nice!” You said to Luke. He smiled at you, splashing you. You laughed as you dove under the surface. It was quiet, the water warm against your skin as you surfaced. “I’m in love.” You said laughing. You and Luke spent a little longer in the water before you made your way to shore, your hair dripping with salt water. You sat down on your towel under the umbrella that they lads had set up, and admired the view. A few minutes passed before you heard Calum yell, “Oi! Look who’s up!” You turned to see Michael walking towards you guys. You got up and walked towards him, as he got closer. “Couldn’t even be bothered to wake me up?” He asked, taking in your soaking body and bikini. “You were asleep…and you’ve been working hard lately, I thought I’d let you sleep.” You said awkwardly. “Dude, you’ve been sleeping until like, three every day. You’ve been depriving the girl of the sea dude! She’s been dying to go for a swim, humour her.” You heard Calum say from beside you. Michael shot him a look before he looked at you. “I’ve been a real dick lately. Shit, I didn’t even think that you’d want to go swimming.” He said sheepishly. “Sorry babe, tomorrow why don’t just us two go for a dip in the morning. Wake up a bit earlier eh?” He said smiling down at you. You smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Ugh, you taste like salt.” He said laughing. A howl of laughter erupted from the three boys, as you laughed along. “Feel my pain.” You said winking at him before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the water.


For the new @luckypeach I wrote and illustrated a page on Russian breakfasts, thus finally fulfilling my lifelong ambition of having not one, but two credit lines on the same page. 

Big thanks to AD Walter and ED Chris, particularly for putting up with all my linguistic perversions…

Here’s a couple of paragraphs that we cut out:

(on food-to-go) There were a few failed attempts, now remembered only in folklore. My favorite among them is Vsezaraz, a bloated portmanteau of Everything-At-Once, much like Moidodyr (Wash-Until-Holes), Kornei Chukovsky’s terrifying sentient washstand. Vsezaraz was a spiral plate, seemingly modeled after Ubu Roi’s digestive tract, with salad on the rim, cutlets in the middle, dessert in the center. Workers were encouraged to consume the meal in three to five spoonfuls. This golf-like approach proved unpopular and Vsezaraz vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

[on soviet posters] One of them I remember vividly: it showed a stern man cradling a massive loaf as if it’d suffered immeasurable pains by my neglect, to which the caption readily attested: “Value our precious bread: our heart, our soul.” Two braidheaded maidens were draped over the man’s shoulders, and they too looked deeply disappointed. Even the loaf itself at times assumed demonic features.

Double standards shock me sometimes; Ed Sheeran can be caught stumbling out of a bar at 3am in the morning and paps can get a horrendous photo of him that then turns into a meme. But the SECOND a female celebrity stumbles out of a bar at 3am and paps get a bad photo she is automatically “on a downward spiral” “ a terrible role model” “her career is ruined”. 

Everything can be a piece of art if it could be top. I think costume play is getting into a category of art. Long time ago, costume play was just a culture for only nerds of cartoon or animation. But the culture has been growing up dramatically, it is not a maniac culture anymore. Halloween day is becoming a world wide festival and costume play is settling on many countries including Korea. We can find costume play easily in game show or festivals. Spiral cats is not only one of the most famous costume play team in Korea but also top artists. Models of Spiral cats are really gorgeous and they make their costumes by themselves. They make even ordinary people like me feel interested in costume play. It is really cool to make stuff or characters in fiction real thing exists in this world. #spiralcats #overwatch by artngineer


A team of astronomers is proposing that huge spiral patterns seen around some newborn stars, merely a few million years old (about one percent our Sun’s age), may be evidence for the presence of giant, unseen planets. This idea not only opens the door to a new method of planet detection, but also could offer a look into the early formative years of planet birth.

Though astronomers have cataloged thousands of planets orbiting other stars, the very earliest stages of planet formation are elusive because nascent planets are born and embedded inside vast, pancake-shaped disks of dust and gas encircling newborn stars, known as circumstellar disks.

The conclusion that planets may betray their presence by modifying circumstellar disks on large scales is based on detailed computer modeling of how gas-and-dust disks evolve around newborn stars, which was conducted by two NASA Hubble Fellows, Ruobing Dong of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Zhaohuan Zhu of Princeton University. Their research was published in the Aug. 5 edition of The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

“It’s difficult to see suspected planets inside a bright disk surrounding a young star. Based on this study, we are convinced that planets can gravitationally excite structures in the disk. So if you can identify features in a disk and convince yourself those features are created by an underlying planet that you cannot see, this would be a smoking gun of forming planets,” Dong said.

Identifying large-scale features produced by planets offers another method of planet detection that is quite different from all other techniques presently used. This approach can help astronomers find currently forming planets, and address when, how, and where planets form.

Gaps and rings seen in other circumstellar disks suggest invisible planets embedded in the disk. However gaps, presumably swept clean by a planet’s gravity, often do not help show the location of the planet. Also, because multiple planets together may open a single common gap, it’s very challenging to estimate their numbers and masses.

Ground-based telescopes have photographed two large-scale spiral arms around two young stars, SAO 206462 and MWC 758. A few other nearby stars also show smaller spiral-like features. “How they are created has been a big mystery until now. Scientists had a hard time explaining these features,” Dong said. If the disks were very massive, they would have enough self-gravity to become unstable and set up wave-like patterns. But the disks around SAO 206462 and MWC 758 are probably just a few percent of the central star’s mass and therefore are not gravitationally unstable.

The team generated computer simulations of the dynamics of a disk and how a star’s radiation propagates through a disk with embedded planets. This modeling created spiral structures that very closely resemble observations. The mutual gravitational interaction between the disk and the planet creates regions where the density of gas and dust increases, like traffic backing up on a crowded expressway. The differential rotation of the disk around the star smears these over-dense regions into spiral waves. “Although it had been speculated that planets can produce spiral arms, we now think we know how,” said Zhu.

“Simulations also suggest that these spiral arms have rich information about the unseen planet, revealing not only its position but also its mass,” Zhu said. The simulations show that if there were no planet present, the disk would look smooth. To make the grand-scale spiral arms seen in the SAO 206462 and MWC 758 systems, the unseen planet would have to be bulky, at least 10 times the mass of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

The first planet orbiting a normal star was identified in 1995. Thanks to ground-based telescopes and NASA’s Kepler mission, a few thousand exoplanets have been cataloged to date. But because the planets are in mature systems, many millions or a few billion years old, they offer little direct clues as to how they formed.

“There are many theories about how planets form but very little work based on direct observational evidence confirming these theories,” Dong said. “If you see signs of a planet in a disk right now, it tells you when, where, and how planets form.”

Astronomers will use the upcoming NASA James Webb Space Telescope to probe circumstellar disks and look for features, as simulated by the modeling, and will then try to directly observe the predicted planet causing the density waves.